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#sugar-meeting, 2018-06-15

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16:28 walterbender hi everyone
16:28 rdrsadhu hello!
16:28 walterbender this week is an A->Z meeting :)
16:28 amanharitsh123__ Hello
16:28 vipulgupta2048 Hi
16:29 Yes
16:29 a-ritwik Hi
16:29 riyalohia Hi
16:29 Rishabh42 Namaste
16:29 iqra Hello
16:29 Pro-Panda Schönen Tag
16:31 vaibhavdaren <vaibhavdaren!~vaibhavda@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:31 walterbender shall we begin?
16:31 #start-meeting
16:31 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun 15 16:31:21 2018 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:31 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:31 walterbender Congrats. Everyone passed the first checkpoint
16:31 a-ritwik, shall we start with you?
16:32 a-ritwik Yes
16:32 I further worked on issue 523. It is now giving correct output except when there are two or more pitch/drum blocks are used at the same time, I am working to fix it.
16:32 I added some corner cases in meter in rhythm ruler.
16:33 I also looked into code of software keyboard and would like to work on it next week.
16:33 walterbender a-ritwik, you saw my patch and comments re 523?
16:33 Pratul1997 <Pratul1997!2f08dab5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:33 a-ritwik walterbender: yes, they were helpful.
16:33 walterbender good
16:34 I can look latter to help find the problem with chords.
16:34 same branch in your repo?
16:34 looking forward to the keyboard widget
16:34 a-ritwik yeah, issue523 branch
16:35 walterbender and the pitch tracking widget :)
16:35 I will look later today.
16:35 Any questions for a-ritwik ?
16:35 a-ritwik walterbender: I will send mail about software keyboard design.
16:36 walterbender maybe write it up in an issue?
16:37 a-ritwik walterbender: okay, will write on GH issue itself. and tag devin as well.
16:37 Hrishi Hi
16:37 walterbender thx
16:37 who is next? aman?
16:37 amanharitsh123__ yeah
16:37 Hi Everyone , So finally scratching my head and testing images rigorously for the whole week we have a working rpi image. All the hotspot issues have been fixed , https://github.com/amanharitsh[…]school-box/pull/6 and right now we are working to optimize the image.
16:37 Documentation for the project has been updated https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Amanharitsh123.
16:37 Nowadays I am trying to optimize the image to avoid the long waiting period during the first boot.
16:38 walterbender sounds like nice progress
16:38 amanharitsh123__ Yeah :) , although optimizing seems a tedious task :-/ , but I will try to optimize it as much as i can
16:39 walterbender amanharitsh123__, interesting exchange with Quozl over ifconfig :)
16:40 amanharitsh123__, anything else we should know about?
16:40 amanharitsh123__ Lionel Agreed to help me with
16:40 url rewriting using nginx
16:41 also we are having a partition size bug , which seems to be the priority to solve right now :)
16:41 https://github.com/amanharitsh[…]ool-box/issues/11
16:42 walterbender good luck with all of that... /me needs to read up on nginx
16:42 iqra, I think you are next?
16:42 amanharitsh123__ thank you , hope I will wrap the RPi part of the project by next week :)
16:42 iqra Hi!Work done in this week:  1. Added dots and numbers in design of MathStiX activity. 2.made some changes to memorize activity. 3.made changes to the UI of maze activity. 4.Changed the color of the stop button 5. Wrote this week's blog 6. Fixed some issues related to homeview of primero
16:42 Tasks for next week include:  1.Changes to the clock activity for primero 2. Changes to memorize activities depending upon the mentor feedback.
16:43 My blog includes github repository link and other details to what I did during this week can be found on my blog  https://iqragsoc.wordpress.com[…]14/gsoc-8th-week/
16:44 walterbender busy week... you finished cuisenaire rods
16:44 ?
16:44 iqra yes, Still need to work on subtraction with the rods
16:44 walterbender is that the same as MathStiX?
16:44 iqra Sorry, we changed its name
16:44 walterbender that is fine. I imagine cuisenaire is TM
16:45 anything we can help with?
16:45 iqra not at the moment. everything seems going well so far
16:46 walterbender great. keep at it
16:46 Pratul1997, ...
16:47 Pratul1997 yes I am ready
16:47 Hello Everyone, This week Work: I corrected the previous error of issues collector script, currently everything in it is working fine. Looks good in Mobile first approach too, Some custom UI work is left which I have shifted for July.
16:47 https://murmuring-sierra-49278.herokuapp.com
16:47 Future Week Work: Try to improve the codebase of current script and remove callback hell, Further also be working on Dashboard.
16:48 Difficulty: Currently not any, everything going well.
16:48 walterbender nice to see the bug list like this...
16:48 rdrsadhu +1
16:48 Pratul1997 I wanted to ask something
16:48 walterbender sure
16:49 Pratul1997 Currently In the link you will see that  "This issues was opened at 2018-05-31 by walterbender"
16:49 So should I link user's github profile too or not?
16:50 like link to walterbender github profile
16:50 walterbender I suppose it would not hurt...
16:50 there are lots of places where adding some links would help
16:50 e.g., a link to the README...
16:50 plus we need to do some copy edits
16:50 Pratul1997 Ya that is currently left
16:50 walterbender This issue (singular) :)
16:51 Pratul1997 I didn't got you?
16:51 octamois just arrived, greetings
16:51 walterbender This issue was open at...
16:52 not This issues was open at...
16:52 llaske has quit IRC
16:52 Pratul1997 Oh!!
16:52 Ya, that a mistake
16:52 Any more such errors, Kindly let me know
16:53 walterbender I will give it a close read
16:53 Pratul1997 okay, Sure :)
16:53 walterbender anything else to report/ask?
16:53 Pratul1997 Nothing more , Thank You
16:53 walterbender thx
16:54 octamois, your turn
16:54 octamois Sure
16:54 Thank you everyone for patiently, My this week blog goes here “      https://medium.com/@anmolmishr[…]2018-33f75b02b95e   “, I ported the AEIOU activity this week, there was initially building env error thus the activity was not starting.
16:54 For next week : I plan to port some activities and look to resolve the autotools conflict. As per suggestion from Mr James ( Quozl ) I have joined autoconf and automake GNU mailing lists. I have reached to a possible solution, I communicated it to Quozl and If everything goes well, there will be a solution submission this week.
16:54 I am looking for some of the GTK ported activities so that I can port them to Python3. I look forward to yash for that. I missed this week development meeting because My mailbox has a delay. Look forward to come in next meeting on Tuesday.
16:54 thinks a lot is there to catch up now!
16:55 GNU people are collaborative tbh
16:56 mohayon has quit IRC
16:57 Pro-Panda octamois: a suggestion, there are already many activities ported to GTK3, which can be ported before others. for eg: the Fructose set
16:57 walterbender Yes.. we should finish Fructose first
16:57 octamois Pro-Panda: +1
16:58 But few are in already progress Pro-Panda?
16:59 Pro-Panda octamois: most of them are complete, and are waiting for the Py2/3 version of toolkit to be released
16:59 octamois: Pippy, TurtleArt, etc are still left
17:00 octamois I will start with fructose set first
17:00 walterbender thx
17:00 any other comments for octamois ?
17:02 Pro-Panda none from me
17:03 shall I begin ?
17:03 walterbender Pro-Panda, please
17:03 Pro-Panda Sure, Hi everyone
17:03 What I did last week:
17:04 - Made debian packages for sugar artwork; tested
17:04 octamois nips out
17:04 Pro-Panda - Trying to make the jarabe patch for fixing the toolkit to jarabe dependancy; While the code for making the window modal is similar to other instances, it doesn't work
17:04 https://github.com/Pro-Panda/sugar/pull/1
17:04 - Trying to fix Python Extension in C in sugar-datastore; trying to use gdb to debug
17:04 https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]-datastore/pull/8
17:05 Plan for next week:
17:05 - Another attempt at making the window modal
17:05 - Continue setting up remote gdb, and trying to debug extension
17:05 - Probably start again with telepathy porting
17:05 EOF
17:05 walterbender seems like some nitty gritty
17:06 hopefully you'll get to the bottom of the modal issue
17:06 Pro-Panda +1
17:06 walterbender has not used gdb is a while :P
17:07 thx Pro-Panda
17:07 Pro-Panda Thank you
17:07 walterbender rdrsadhu, your turn
17:07 rdrsadhu yes, Hi!
17:08 (1) what I did during the week:
17:08 * Moved and updated documentation of 'Pippy', 'Jukebox'.
17:08 Fructose is now complete.
17:08 walterbender I was about to ask :)
17:08 rdrsadhu * Studied the report by Tony Anderson
17:08 and created a list of activities to be migrated next,
17:08 (which works with both Ubuntu 18.04 and Sugar 0.112)
17:08 * Also, updated documentation of 'Chart'
17:08 .
17:09 walterbender that is the right priority
17:09 rdrsadhu (2) what I plan to do in the coming week:
17:09 Move pages from the above list.
17:09 .
17:09 (3) any concerns/roadblocks/issues:
17:09 None
17:09 thanks :)
17:09 walterbender rdrsadhu, sounds like you are on track
17:10 riyalohia, your turn
17:10 riyalohia walterbender, sure
17:10 This week I fixed the existing issues in circle of notes. Also, I have implemented the numbers in circle (pitches) in such a way that pitches that are closer together look visually closer and pitches that are farther apart are spaced farther.
17:10 Rishabh42_ <Rishabh42_!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:10 riyalohia Also, I continued working on table of notes. I have added note, frequency, pitch number, ratio and interval columns in the table of notes.
17:11 Link to the PR: https://github.com/sugarlabs/m[…]cblocks/pull/1220
17:11 Currently I am working on playback feature.
17:11 Rishabh42 has quit IRC
17:11 riyalohia In the upcoming week, I will continue working on table of notes and would probably initiate the functionality of add button.
17:12 walterbender riyalohia, I had no idea you could tweak the positions that way in wheelnav. nice find.
17:12 Pro-Panda has quit IRC
17:12 riyalohia walterbender, thank you :)
17:13 walterbender any outstanding questions?
17:13 chimed in on the mode issue
17:13 riyalohia walterbender, no questions.
17:13 walterbender thx
17:13 vaibhavdaren, your turn
17:15 vaibhavdaren This week I have started making the stages for turtle blocks interactive tutorial
17:15 i have made 5 of them
17:15 1)fw100
17:15 2)back100
17:15 3)rt 90
17:15 4)lt 90
17:15 5)set the background
17:15 Mentor walterbender helped with the basic outline of the stages.
17:15 Jaskirat has tried to play with them and gave them an initial screening.
17:16 current roadblock
17:16 1) readpixel block is not working.the first piece of action should be to make it work so that I can implement the "checking logic of the more complex  stages" .
17:16 walterbender vaibhavdaren, can you share them with me... did you fix the right 90 one based on my feedback?
17:16 vaibhavdaren, re readpixel, maybe you can look into whether easel.js is interfering?
17:17 vaibhavdaren waltebender,yes ill zip and send them
17:17 walterbender the behavior is very strange
17:17 I will also try to look at the plugin issue this weekend
17:18 vaibhavdaren "i could not solve the issue on my own, stackoverflow is a no help,  so i am waiting for my mentors assistance"and i tried to solve other issues on the repo
17:18 current Tasks+next week task
17:18 1)make the readpixel block work by tuesday max
17:18 2)complete at least 10 stages till next meeting covering contents from
17:18 (https://walterbender.github.io[…]blocksjs/guide/)+
17:18 walterbender vaibhavdaren, I don't think stackoverflow will help much with Turtle :P
17:19 good luck with readpixel. it will be great to have it working reliably
17:19 vaibhavdaren i was searching about javascript behaviour
17:19 walterbender vipulgupta2048, I think you are up :)
17:19 vipulgupta2048 Hi, since last time. There wasn't much progress. Hence I tried to catch up for that and do someother stuff.
17:20 What did I do this week
17:20 1. Working on the activities (Stats: 5 Done, 10 in progress, 7 more in pipeline) By the end I am thinking of a neat 25.
17:20 2. Implemented and starting working with licensecheck; researched about mutual compatiblity, .xo bundles, making an activity.
17:20 3. Made an .xo bundle, through setup.py and listed out licenses that were being used, checked for compatiblity. If okay, then make a PR, if not mail the person who made it. Pro-panda and Octamois helped me with some stuff.
17:20 4. Blog for 6th and 7th week, also about a quick recap of Google Cloud Summit - https://mixstersite.wordpress.[…]gle-cloud-summit/
17:20 5. Resolved bugs in the script, made it better by accepting keys from user instead of supplying them.
17:20 6. Re: some previous unresolved issues, since I am now confident with GitHub API, i am thinking of building a Repo analyzer which Quozl needed some time back.
17:20 7. Deployed ASLO on my local. Started working on the other end of the wire, by making ASLo accept other values if some aren't available.
17:20 ASLOv3 .. :)
17:21 not the old one.
17:21 walterbender +1
17:21 sounds like more progress than you suggested to start
17:21 vipulgupta2048 In the summit, i looked for some new solution which could help Sugar Labs.
17:22 Next week
17:22 1. 50 activities is a goal that I have set. Ambitious but good enough. The bottleneck is the help pages of some activities are not there. Hence Rdsadhu have predecided a format for activity pages. So removed that as well.
17:22 2. Implement licensecheck in script.
17:22 walterbender vipulgupta2048, don't let help be a roadblock
17:22 we should be able to add it after the fact
17:22 vipulgupta2048 Yes, I will consult with him about his list
17:23 walterbender but licensecheck is critical
17:23 vipulgupta2048 See what he has come up with
17:23 It is.
17:23 walterbender anything else to report?
17:23 vipulgupta2048 Nope
17:23 walterbender thank you.
17:23 everyone should be hitting their stride at this point...
17:24 keep up the hard work
17:24 thanks mentors as well (and Quozl, our unofficial ubermentor)
17:24 #end-meeting
17:24 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun 15 17:24:43 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:24 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-15T16:31:21.html
17:24 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-06-15T16:31:21
17:24 Pro-Panda[m] Au revoir
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17:26 vipulgupta2048 I don't think both of my mentors are available. Hence postponing the mentor meeting for SugarPort
17:26 Good Night
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