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#sugar-meeting, 2018-06-05

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10:57 Quozl_ .
10:57 Pro-Panda :-D
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11:00 Quozl_ #startmeeting
11:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Jun  5 11:00:01 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl_. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
11:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
11:00 Quozl_ #topic what we have been working on
11:00 walterbender hi
11:00 vipulgupta2048 Hi
11:00 Pro-Panda Hi all
11:00 I was working on porting Sugar-Datastore to Python 3
11:00 Quozl_ i've been working on the record activity some more, and it is nearly ready for release.  today i added a mirror view button, added back the live viewfinder, and did flake8 fixes.
11:01 walterbender had a busy week on a project... only got some work on pie menus done but most of it is landed/merged
11:01 Quozl_ hi walter, vipul, rahul.
11:02 vipulgupta2048 I been working on my script (bugs detected) and some other tasks indirectly related to Sugar Labs. (Mentoring in GSSoC)
11:02 rdrsadhu Nothing much sugar. Added READMEs and improved documentation of chat, calculate, browse. Busy with exams.
11:02 walterbender is back from traveling, so he can look for the repos for amazonas et al.
11:03 Quozl_ hi Rudra.
11:03 rdrsadhu Hello everyone!
11:04 Quozl_ Pro-Panda: did you get your laptop working again?  kernel updates will apply automatically, this may change things.
11:04 vipulgupta2048 walterbender: did you have a chat with Yash ?
11:04 Pro-Panda Yes, its working, thanks :D
11:04 walterbender vipulgupta2048, yesterday
11:05 Pro-Panda Firmware Update solved the issue :-)
11:05 Quozl_ Pro-Panda: good.
11:05 Pro-Panda is back to work ;-)
11:05 Quozl_ any other what we have been working on responses?  half a minute, and i'll move to next agenda topic.
11:05 vipulgupta2048 Yes, I need to confirm with you. By my knowledge, we have 3 people as mentors in that program.
11:06 Me, Jasikrat and Yash
11:06 walterbender Quozl_, there is a another topic
11:07 some of the GSoC students signed up to mentor for a Python coding project
11:07 Pro-Panda I would also like to mentor
11:07 walterbender they will help students with GTK 2-->3 conversion
11:07 I told them I was worried about the mentoring burden
11:08 and reviewing immature patches
11:08 vipulgupta2048 Pro-Panda: I checked, I think the registrations are no closed. Sorry. I informed the same in an earlier meeting.
11:08 walterbender most of the students have some experience in this space.
11:08 mtd_ <mtd_!~mtd@2605:a000:f620:c500:5512:1b0:528b:63fa> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:09 Quozl_ #topic another mentoring opportunity (inserted into agenda by popular demand)
11:09 Pro-Panda vipulgupta2048: no worries
11:09 mtd__ <mtd__!~mtd@2605:a000:f620:c500:7576:7ec4:4345:a921> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:10 walterbender with all of these projects: GCI, GSoC,... it is the mentoring I worry about
11:11 Quozl_ walterbender: some of the mentoring i've observed is very hands-off.  it surprises me how little can be done and still call it mentoring.
11:11 walterbender Quozl_, yes...
11:11 Quozl_ ... on the other hand, what we can't see we can't discern.  there could be private mentoring happening.
11:12 walterbender Quozl_, I doubt it...
11:12 although in the case of at least 1 project, that is most certainly the case
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11:12 Quozl_ walterbender: yes, i doubt it too; if there were private mentoring, i'd have seen results of it in terms of skill growth.
11:13 walterbender Quozl_, the is a fair amount of chatter in PRs and issues for some projects
11:13 Quozl_ walterbender: yes.
11:13 #topic ongoing suitability of GitHub after purchase
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11:14 Quozl_ i've looked at the announced plans of GitHub and Microsoft and don't yet see any conflict with Sugar Labs code of conduct, licensing, or governance.  so i expect we'll keep using it.
11:14 walterbender I am in the wait and see camp, but I have had good experience with GitLab (inkscape)
11:14 I expect more advertising is coming our way :)
11:14 vipulgupta2048 Me too ( with Debian )
11:15 Quozl_ yes, i've touched gitlab with debian, fedora, freedesktop.  it's the scale of deployment that would hurt us; we don't have enough systems@ volunteers to do that.
11:16 any other topics?
11:16 walterbender not from me
11:16 Pro-Panda None from me
11:16 Quozl_ #topic record activity testing
11:16 vipulgupta2048 Not from me.
11:17 Quozl_ if you have a camera, and sugar, then quozl/record-activity branch gtk3 needs testing.  let me know if you test.
11:17 not suitable for fedora 18 though.  valid for ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 so far.
11:18 Pro-Panda will try to
11:18 Quozl_ thanks.
11:18 motion to close meeting, all in favour?  rdrsadhu?
11:18 rdrsadhu +1
11:18 Pro-Panda +1
11:19 Quozl_ #endmeeting
11:19 thanks all.
11:19 meeting Meeting ended Tue Jun  5 11:19:08 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
11:19 Pro-Panda Thanks all
11:19 meeting Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-05T11:00:01.html
11:19 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-06-05T11:00:01
11:19 rdrsadhu Thank you.
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11:28 vaibhavdaren <vaibhavdaren!~vaibhavda@> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:31 walterbender hi vaibhavdaren
11:31 shall we begin
11:32 vaibhavdaren yes sir
11:33 walterbender vaibhavdaren, I am enjoying seeing the old turtle examples getting new life
11:33 vaibhavdaren thankyou :D
11:33 walterbender I see you occasionally struggle with a project
11:33 and I want to give you some tips on debugging
11:34 vaibhavdaren much needed :D
11:34 walterbender there is a debugging page somewhere for turtle... have you seen it?
11:34 looks for the link
11:35 vaibhavdaren I have been  using  old school method  of "printing the values"
11:36 however i have seen the debugging aids provided in the guide present in the repo
11:36 walterbender cannot find the debugging guide, which suggests that most users cannot either
11:37 we should make it easier to find
11:37 https://github.com/sugarlabs/m[…]ster/Debugging.md
11:37 probably because I put it in the music blocks repo :P
11:38 vaibhavdaren, maybe you can copy the guide into the Turtle Blocks repo?
11:38 vaibhavdaren yes
11:38 walterbender and make any necessary changes/improvements
11:38 vaibhavdaren ill also add examples
11:39 walterbender vaibhavdaren, I noticed you were debugging using the comment block in some cases
11:39 mtd__ <mtd__!~mtd@2605:a000:f620:c500:7576:7ec4:4345:a921> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:40 vaibhavdaren walterbender,i use print mostly
11:40 walterbender vaibhavdaren, I find using the play slow option particularly useful since it displays the values of lots of blocks as the code runs
11:41 that is how I debugged the cardiod project
11:41 vaibhavdaren yes running step by steps helps a lot
11:41 walterbender have you tried the status widget?
11:42 You can print anything in the widget and it will show you the values as the code runs...
11:42 boxes included
11:42 vaibhavdaren There is also a Status widget that can be programmed to show various paramters as per the figures above
11:42 https://turtle.sugarlabs.org/i[…]01761720&run=True
11:43 this is the link of status widget example in the TBJS guide and its not working
11:43 walterbender let's make it point to a working example then...
11:44 vaibhavdaren yes :D
11:44 walterbender maybe something like a spiral (where the turn is !== 90) would be a nice example... so you see x, y, and heading changing
11:45 vaibhavdaren candyvortex :D
11:45 walterbender OK
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11:45 walterbender vaibhavdaren, so what else do you have planned for this week?
11:46 vaibhavdaren https://github.com/sugarlabs/t[…]ocksjs/issues/426
11:46 i was trying to add the enhancement
11:46 walterbender OK
11:47 vaibhavdaren my idea was to load a new blank example
11:47 walterbender vaibhavdaren, I wonder if we might want to add more than a start block for a new project
11:47 vaibhavdaren on clicking of button , whose id i have
11:47 walterbender maybe the code for drawing a square?
11:48 staring at a blank screen is intimidating
11:48 vaibhavdaren ok
11:48 like in visual studio code
11:48 we have "hello world"
11:48 walterbender you need to modify turtledefs.js to change what is loaded by default, as I recall
11:48 vaibhavdaren always present in new file
11:49 walterbender to square is hello world for turtle art :)
11:49 vaibhavdaren we will have a square at start of program
11:49 got it :D
11:50 walterbender vaibhavdaren, work on these four things then and let's touch base on Thursday at the latest.
11:50 vaibhavdaren ok sir :D
11:50 walterbender I am tied up much of Wednesday
11:50 but I will be available for a quick question or two
11:51 vaibhavdaren yes you always reply :D
11:51 ok sir
11:51 ill complete these
11:51 walterbender to review: (1) add debugging guide to Turtle Repo (and modify it appropriately) (2) fix the status block example (3) work on the new projects behavior (4) make to square be the default
11:53 vaibhavdaren ok
11:53 walterbender anything else for right now?
11:53 vaibhavdaren no
11:53 walterbender OK. TTYL
11:53 gets more coffee
11:57 vaibhavdaren is afk for 30mins
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