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#sugar-meeting, 2018-05-30

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02:21 walter__ <walter__!~walter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
02:23 walter__ is now known as walterbender
02:23 a-ritwik <a-ritwik!7bc9c221@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
02:24 a-ritwik walterbender: Hi
02:28 walterbender hi a-ritwik
02:29 a-ritwik, please catch me up on what you are doing
02:29 a-ritwik Meter block in rhythm ruler was taking some time due to its complexity hence I started working on small bugs on PTM parallely.
02:30 walterbender OK...
02:30 a-ritwik Issue 1173 and issue523
02:30 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
02:31 pikurasa hello.
02:31 long day
02:31 a-ritwik pikurasa: Hello
02:31 pikurasa a-ritwik: are you well?
02:32 a-ritwik Yes, I was stuck in meter block in rhythm ruler.
02:32 pikurasa how so?
02:33 a-ritwik Could not understand a few things, that Walter suggested
02:34 pikurasa a-ritwik: is the discussion on GH? If so, please send link.
02:34 If note, please describe.
02:34 walter__ <walter__!~walter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
02:35 walter__ oops... lost my connection for a sec
02:35 a-ritwik the discussion is not on GH. He told it in previous week meeting.
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02:36 a-ritwik pikurasa: I will mail you the discussion.
02:37 pikurasa a-ritwik: Sure, but what are your specific questions?
02:38 (and please do not wait a week to ask questions--no reason to wait)
02:39 a-ritwik I understood the procedure he described, but could not undestand how that will give us meter.
02:41 pikurasa how what would give you meter
02:43 a-ritwik He described a long procedure. I understood each of the individual steps, but could not not understand how these steps combined would gitve us meter.
02:44 * I am not from musical background
02:45 pikurasa I have log from last week in my client
02:45 looks
02:46 walter__ has no recollection of the discussion
02:47 pikurasa a-ritwik: I recommend drawing some mockup designs and mockup case scenarios
02:47 Sachiko <Sachiko!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
02:47 pikurasa walter__: I think there are published logs. I am looking at what my client saved
02:48 Sachiko: you made it! :)
02:49 a-ritwik If you divide by meter, you have a decent palce to start. you can make longer notes and further divide.
02:49 walter__ Sachiko, have you seen https://github.com/sugarlabs/m[…]locks/issues/1204 ?
02:49 Sachiko Oh! Thank you! I finally made it... and sorry really that I could not attend the previous some meetings...
02:50 No, sorry! I am now checking this.
02:51 pikurasa a-ritwik: no need to retype the whole thing
02:51 a-ritwik okay
02:52 pikurasa a-ritwik: I sent it out in an email to you and walter
02:53 a-ritwik Thanks, I will ask doubts in the mail.
02:54 pikurasa it has to do with multiple meters
02:54 a-ritwik: please do not hesitate to ask questions
02:54 if you do not ask, I assume that there are no questions
02:55 a-ritwik * I am afraid, some questions may seem stupid.
02:55 pikurasa a-ritwik: please rid yourself of that thinking :)
02:55 riyalohia <riyalohia!6acf96fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
02:56 a-ritwik Okay
02:56 riyalohia walter__ , pikurasa , hii!
02:57 walter__ hi riyalohia
02:57 pikurasa riyalohia: hi
02:57 Sachiko Hi, riyalohia! Sorry that I missed some previous meetings...
02:58 riyalohia Hii Sachiko
02:59 pikurasa a-ritwik: Please send questions. Again, I recommend drafting some mockups.
02:59 The process of doing so may answer your own questions.
02:59 And, if you still have questions, at least gives us a place to start from.
03:00 a-ritwik pikurasa: okay, I will ask any doubts.
03:01 pikurasa look forward to hearing from you soon, a-ritwik
03:01 Sachiko: riyalohia has been super productive with the temperament widget
03:02 She has implemented a few temperament possibilities--and they seem to work.
03:02 riyalohia pikurasa , thank you :)
03:03 pikurasa By placing a block into your code, you can change temperament for the proceeding notes.
03:03 riyalohia: what are your next steps?
03:03 Sachiko Wow... great! I have to catch up!!! (As for what Walter sent, it seems Walter has been also super productive these days!? sounds great!)
03:04 pikurasa Sachiko: Yes, we have a much better pitch selector
03:04 walter__ pikurasa, I think I have completed all the open issues on v1 of pie menus
03:04 pikurasa and that selector has been extended to other areas
03:04 riyalohia pikurasa , my next step is to work on circular representaion of notes.
03:04 pikurasa walter__: +1
03:04 riyalohia But I am not well, it might take some time :(
03:05 pikurasa walter__: BTW, does clicking C, D, E, etc still select the note? (if not--and if difficult--willing to give it up. It was quick, especially in days of dropdown)
03:05 walter__ riyalohia, when you are feeling better... let me walk you through how to use wheelNav
03:05 riyalohia walter__ , okay.
03:05 pikurasa riyalohia: oh, yes... hopefully not to sick right now. We can end early so that you may rest
03:06 walter__ pikurasa, you mean typing?
03:06 pikurasa I was just wondering what you plan to do next
03:06 walter__: yes
03:06 walter__ pikurasa, I didn't change that
03:06 pikurasa tests
03:06 riyalohia pikurasa , yes. I have got doctor's appointment in about an hour.
03:07 a-ritwik has quit IRC
03:07 pikurasa riyalohia: when do you plan to start coding for the widget?
03:07 that is all I am wondering
03:07 riyalohia pikurasa, I have already started. The basic layout of widget is ready.
03:08 pikurasa riyalohia: any questions about my previous email?
03:09 riyalohia pikurasa, no.
03:09 pikurasa the one where I relayed feedback from my composer friend?
03:09 riyalohia: ok, great. What did you think of the octave tool? Put that in different tab?
03:10 walter__ pikurasa, another aside: on Thursday, I will see Jean Piche. Do you know him?
03:10 riyalohia pikurasa, I think that should be in a different tab.
03:11 pikurasa riyalohia: yes, I think so, too. Great!
03:11 riyalohia pikurasa , maybe I can send a mockup.
03:11 pikurasa riyalohia: please rest and take care of yourself!
03:11 riyalohia: sure, when you are feeling better
03:11 riyalohia pikurasa , thank you :)
03:11 pikurasa Does anyone else have questions/comments for riya?
03:11 does not
03:12 Sachiko take great care of yourself, riyalohia! excited to see the mockup when you feel better...
03:12 walter__ not yet. I need to spend more time reviewing her code
03:12 has a busy work week
03:13 pikurasa riyalohia: I see the widget branch now
03:13 sorry, did not know you started it already
03:13 okay, see you later riyalohia -- have a great day and feel better soon
03:13 riyalohia thank you :)
03:14 walter__ , I will ping you when I feel better.
03:15 we will discuss about wheelNav.
03:16 walter__ riyalohia, +1
03:16 pikurasa walter__: I do not know Jean Piche. I am reading this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Pich%C3%A9
03:16 riyalohia Bye :)
03:17 pikurasa walter__: I am showing MB at an elementary school in somerville on Thurs mid-day, then teaching guitar in evening
03:17 Sachiko riyalohia, Bye!
03:17 pikurasa riyalohia: bye
03:17 walter__ pikurasa, the meeting is in Montreal :)
03:17 at the university
03:17 riyalohia has quit IRC
03:18 walter__ pikurasa, he is the creator of the Tam Tam suite for Sugar
03:18 pikurasa walter__: My student just one first place at the Montreal international guitar competition!
03:19 walter__ oh... I will mention it to him. Congrats!!!
03:20 pikurasa but Canada gets the win as the US would not let him return for about a year now... :(
03:20 I wrote a letter to various senators to see if they could look into it, but to no avail
03:20 Sachiko Great! Walter, what Jean Piché has been exploring seems quite inspiring. BTW, what is TamTam, ...? Sorry for lack of my knowledge!
03:23 maybe this? https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/TamTam
03:23 and http://wiki.laptop.org/go/TamTam
03:24 pikurasa walter__: this is post of student's success: https://www.facebook.com/guita[…]/2102678860010047
03:26 walter__ Sachiko, yes... that tamtam
03:28 Sachiko Actually, we Japanese are also interested in revising MB for younger infants like age: 2-5... It seems TamTam mini was for 2 years old!?
03:29 walter__ 2 to 200 :)
03:29 Sachiko Also, just to let you know that Gakken has submitted the proposal to METI yesterday... As for some more details, I would email you later. 2 to 200!!! Great!!! :)
03:29 walter__ Sachiko, nice...
03:29 pikurasa Sachiko: great
03:29 walter__ pikurasa, should I hit merge on the pie menu code?
03:31 pikurasa tests again
03:32 walter__ pikurasa, I can give you more time to test...
03:32 and we can also continue to evolve it
03:32 finds it much easier to work with
03:32 pikurasa walter__: When pie menu is open, clicking the keys for the pitch name with keyboard creates new note blocks, but does not select the clicked pitch
03:32 walter__ is working on another long composition
03:33 yes... that is true. I can probably fix that
03:34 pikurasa walter__: other than that, I think it is okay to merge as version 1
03:34 the pitch preview for mode is a nice improvement
03:35 Sachiko: when do we know the results
03:35 ?
03:35 walter__ pikurasa, the arrow keys work in the widget for the pitch names
03:36 pikurasa which widget?
03:36 the pie selector? walter__ ?
03:36 Sachiko Just to ask you very simple things... but once you merge it, can I test that on MB itself?  >pikurasa, I am not really sure, but I think we can hear the update on 6/7. Every detail is to be finalized during June.
03:38 walter__ pikurasa, the pie menus all have arrow keys enabled... unless I break it now trying to fix the typing bug
03:38 Sachiko, yes... you'll be able to test it
03:38 pikurasa Sachiko: okay, knowing that is helpful. The proposal are for the same dates? (7/31 - 8/3)?
03:39 Sachiko Sorry but as I have some things to do before 1PM JST, can I leave here and continue some discussions on emails? Thank you for various things, and sorry that I have not been able to catch up various updates on MB... (including mentoring...)! I would test that later, once merged! Thanks!
03:39 pikurasa Sachiko: yes that is fine
03:39 walter__ OK
03:39 pikurasa we all need to get some sleep... well, I do
03:39 walter__ needs to call it a night too
03:39 pikurasa I think walter just lives off coffee
03:39 walter__ bye everyone
03:39 pikurasa :p
03:39 goodnight!
03:40 Sachiko: thanks for joining!
03:40 walter__: yes, the arrow key functionality is nice.
03:40 bye all!
03:40 pikurasa has quit IRC
03:41 Sachiko The summer workshop is to be held just on 8/1 (7/31: preparation)! So, if you could be there during 7/30-8/2, or 7/31-8/3, that would be great! If OK, we would book the hotels/airplane tickets, once METI gives us go.
03:41 Oh, sorry! Bye!!:)
03:45 walter__ Sachiko, you can test now... it is merged
03:45 enjoy
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