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#sugar-meeting, 2018-05-11

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14:06 divyanshu hey
14:07 rdrsadhu Hi!
14:07 divyanshu hey rdrsadhu is issac here?
14:08 rdrsadhu is anybody else here? we would be starting the discussion of our gsoc project
14:08 divyanshu, i don't know
14:09 divyanshu rdrsadhu: then start the meeting
14:09 #startmeeting
14:09 meeting Meeting started Fri May 11 14:09:25 2018 UTC. The chair is divyanshu. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:09 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:09 rdrsadhu okay.
14:09 this week;
14:09 divyanshu rdrsadhu: let me know if you have any commitments in upcoming weeks?
14:10 rdrsadhu: sure
14:10 rdrsadhu I wrote a blog describing the WHY && HOW of the project:
14:10 https://rdrsadhu.github.io/blo[…]-project-details/
14:10 divyanshu rdrsadhu: Great :)
14:10 rdrsadhu also, Looked through the diverse content of the wiki-pages
14:11 and, Decided on an order to proceed:
14:11 * In plan to start with the Tutorials of Turtle-Art         (because turtle-art/turtle-blocks is an important activty and there are a lot of tutorial pages for it)
14:11 I plan
14:11 next,
14:11 divyanshu rdrsadhu: okay
14:11 rdrsadhu pages for other activities, which currently work with the latest sugar
14:12 and at last rest of the pages
14:12 divyanshu rdrsadhu: no problem you can proceed in any manner as you want.
14:12 rdrsadhu thanks
14:12 divyanshu migrating turtle-art/turtle-blocks sounds good.
14:13 rdrsadhu also, I was wondering if we could decide on the deliverables (monthly) for the gsoc period
14:13 There are a total of 345 pages
14:14 divyanshu rdrsadhu: and 345 pages belongs to how many activities?
14:14 rdrsadhu I plan to be migrating 100 by the first evaluation period
14:14 I haven't counted.
14:15 then around 250-300 by the 2nd evaluation date
14:15 and all(345) within the 10th week.
14:16 divyanshu rdrsadhu: cool that sounds good then for the first phase of evaluation you will be migrating 100.
14:16 rdrsadhu yeah.
14:16 divyanshu okay No problem Go ahead and start working.
14:16 rdrsadhu nothing more.
14:16 thanks :)
14:17 you want to ask anything?
14:17 divyanshu rdrsadhu: Any commitments in upcoming weeks?
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14:18 rdrsadhu nothing. I'll be working just on this project
14:18 divyanshu walterbender: welcome :)
14:18 walterbender: so you have any Questions?
14:18 rdrsadhu: cool.
14:22 walterbender: are you in meeting?
14:24 rdrsadhu: are you here??
14:24 rdrsadhu yes,
14:24 assuming no one else to be present, we could end the meeting and share the logs then
14:25 divyanshu rdrsadhu: sure
14:25 #endmeeting
14:25 meeting Meeting ended Fri May 11 14:25:45 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:25 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-11T14:09:25.html
14:25 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-05-11T14:09:25
14:26 rdrsadhu thanks divyanshu
14:26 divyanshu rdrsadhu: so will you share logs with the community?
14:27 rdrsadhu: welcome :)
14:27 rdrsadhu and, we are meeting again next week. same place, same time.
14:27 divyanshu sure :)
14:27 rdrsadhu yes, I'll share the logs with the community.
14:29 divyanshu rdrsadhu: thanks.
14:29 rdrsadhu: bye
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15:07 iamonuwa_ Hello rdrsadhu
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15:36 unimauro hi all
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16:00 Abdul Hello everyone
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16:22 pikurasa hello. our meeting is to begin in 10 minutes
16:22 mankirat_ <mankirat_!uid287388@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-ofgjhvcrmgxwdtpk> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:23 rishabh42 hey pikurasa
16:23 hey everyone
16:23 riyalohia Hii :)
16:23 pikurasa hi rishabh42
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16:23 samsongoddy hello
16:23 Pro-Panda Hey everyone :-)
16:23 samsongoddy meeting start in 7 minutes
16:23 meeting samsongoddy: Error: "start" is not a valid command.
16:23 jaskirat Hello everyone
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16:25 vipulgupta2048 Yolo !!
16:25 jaskirat Namaste
16:26 divyanshu heyy
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16:26 amanharitsh123 hello everyone
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16:28 vipulgupta2048 Hallo
16:28 perrie <perrie!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:29 vaibhavdaren hello :D
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16:29 samsongoddy #start-meeting
16:29 meeting Meeting started Fri May 11 16:29:48 2018 UTC. The chair is samsongoddy. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:29 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
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16:30 samsongoddy Hello
16:30 everyone
16:30 Pro-Panda_ Hi
16:30 perrie hi
16:30 amanharitsh123 Hello samson
16:30 manki11 Hi
16:30 samsongoddy https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code/2018
16:30 iqra hello
16:30 octamois Hello
16:30 jaskirat Hi guys once again .....!
16:30 rdrsadhu Hello!
16:30 Abdul Hello
16:30 pikurasa hello
16:30 mohayon Hi everyone
16:30 riyalohia Hii!
16:30 pikurasa samsongoddy: is chair of today's meeting
16:30 samsongoddy yes
16:30 vaibhavdaren hello :D
16:31 samsongoddy walter is away
16:31 ibiam hi
16:31 rishabh42 Hola
16:31 samsongoddy so Let begin with Pro-Panda
16:31 yashagrawal3 <yashagrawal3!~androirc@2405:204:a382:841f:ac8e:9654:f093:ccb6> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:31 samsongoddy would you like to go first
16:31 Pro-Panda_ Sure. I had my University exams for the past week
16:31 Abdul Hope it was good?
16:32 Pro-Panda_ I will be free by 15th and start work then
16:32 Abdul: Yeah  :-)
16:32 samsongoddy Nice
16:32 Pro-Panda has quit IRC
16:32 vaibhavdaren Pro-panda:all the best
16:32 samsongoddy It seems like Pro-Panda left
16:32 vaibhavdaren for exams :D
16:32 Pro-Panda_ I am here
16:32 samsongoddy Okay
16:32 pikurasa Pro-Panda_: what did you work on this week?
16:33 (other than exams)
16:33 any progress toward gsoc?
16:33 Pro-Panda_ pikurasa: Nope. I did work in the the previous week though
16:33 pikurasa Pro-Panda_: what are your plans for next week?
16:33 rdrsadhu_ <rdrsadhu_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:34 Pro-Panda_ pikurasa: I will start working on my project directly. I have discussed the timeline with my mentors already
16:34 Abdul Cool
16:34 samsongoddy cool
16:35 jaskirat Pro-Panda_: sounds good ...!
16:35 samsongoddy So we can move forward...
16:35 rdrsadhu has quit IRC
16:35 pikurasa Pro-Panda_: maybe you could report on specifically your plan for next week
16:35 divyanshu pikurasa: yes he did discussed the timeline.
16:35 pikurasa then go to next person
16:35 Pro-Panda_ pikurasa: I will complete the port of Sugar Toolkit to six
16:36 (Python 2 and 3 compatible version)
16:36 samsongoddy sounds like a good plan
16:36 pikurasa Pro-Panda_: okay, thanks.
16:36 specifics are helpful
16:36 jaskirat Pro-Panda_: this will be nice ..!
16:37 Pro-Panda_ pikurasa: I will keep that in mind. Thank you ;-)
16:37 samsongoddy So we should move to the next person
16:37 divyanshu samsongoddy: +1
16:37 Abdul +1
16:37 pikurasa samsongoddy: who is next?
16:37 samsongoddy Iqra, would you want to share to the group what you are working on
16:38 iqra Hi! Its Iqra. During the 3rd week of GSoC, my mentors suggested some changes on the logo animation of the app. I also completed working on the homepage of the application. The code and links for the homepage of the app and animations can viewed on my github repository.   Plans for next week: I will work on paint activity in sugarizer primero.  https://github.com/iqraceme/Su[…]imero/tree/master  https://iqragsoc.wordpress
16:38 Abdul Brilliant
16:38 samsongoddy Awesome
16:38 pikurasa https://iqragsoc.wordpress.com/
16:38 divyanshu iqra: awesome
16:38 samsongoddy Any challenges?
16:38 yet
16:38 jaskirat iqra: i like your concept ...!
16:39 Abdul The second link isn't working iqra
16:39 Pro-Panda_ is now known as Pro-Panda
16:39 iqra oh sorry
16:39 Abdul Okay, never mind, saw it
16:39 pikurasa Abdul: add .com
16:39 iqra No challenges so far, Samson
16:39 samsongoddy Nice
16:40 iqra Jaskirat: thanks
16:40 pikurasa iqra: thanks for blog
16:40 blogs are helpful
16:40 divyanshu Nice
16:40 samsongoddy Seems she was ready
16:40 iqra +1
16:40 samsongoddy as she gave a full reports
16:40 Anyone have any question for iqra, before we move?
16:41 Abdul iqra, you should add screenshots to your github repo
16:41 When possible
16:41 It'll be nice
16:41 iqra okay sure
16:41 samsongoddy mankirat_: you are next
16:42 Could you give us update of what you have been working on?
16:42 for these past days
16:42 unimauro <unimauro!~unimauro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:43 unimauro hi
16:43 manki11 Hi everyone, this week my mentor (lionel) and i continued work on the sprint math activity, i am currently in the process of integrating presence and final bugs of the activity. I am also tasked with developing detailed mockups for the sugarizer exerciser activity
16:43 ibiam hey unimauro
16:43 pikurasa unimauro: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eting/2018-05-011
16:43 http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eeting/2018-05-11
16:44 samsongoddy Good job manki11
16:44 Any questions for him?
16:44 Abdul mankill: good amount of progress
16:45 manki11 thanks
16:45 ibiam manki11: any challenges?
16:45 manki11 not any as of now
16:45 samsongoddy good
16:45 jaskirat I guess it would be nice if students keep on updating on sugar-devel along with some screenshots
16:45 samsongoddy +1
16:45 vipulgupta2048 +1
16:46 perrie +1
16:46 Abdul +1, definitely screenshots would be really nice
16:46 jaskirat I see blogs are helpful ....! But it would be nice if we also have pictorial represenetation too
16:46 Yeah
16:46 pikurasa pictures inside the blogs
16:46 samsongoddy octamois: you are next
16:46 divyanshu jaskirat: +1
16:46 jaskirat pikurasa: yeah thats also a good idea ...!
16:47 octamois For past week: I have ported the Nutrition activity to python3 and made a pull request.
16:47 For next week: I am having university exams in that week so I will mail be focussing there, Though I plan to work on an activity for this weekend, possibly "finance-activity".
16:47 I will also update my blog with entry "Week1-Coding period" by next-meeting, My mentors are very helping and cool ;-) , Thanks divyanshu:
16:47 Challenges faced: Thanks to Quozl, He helped me with sugar-toolkit install, autoreconf package on ubuntu is what I am struggling but I will find a way.
16:47 I have not discussed about the activity name with walterbender: and divyanshu: , I will let you know the name of upcoming activity which will be ported once they will approve it. :-)
16:47 divyanshu octamois: Thanks :) +1
16:48 samsongoddy great
16:48 ibiam octamois: thanks
16:48 jaskirat octamois: planning looks perfect ....!
16:48 divyanshu jaskirat: +1
16:48 unimauro buu thank you for the minutes
16:48 jaskirat unimauro: hi
16:48 samsongoddy rdrsadhu_: you are next
16:48 yashagrawal3_ <yashagrawal3_!~yash@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:48 Abdul Love the amount of detail octamois
16:49 rdrsadhu_ yes, Hi!
16:49 (1) what I did during the week:
16:49 a) wrote a blog describing the Why && How of the project: https://rdrsadhu.github.io/blo[…]-project-details/
16:49 octamois Thanks Abdul: , Welcome ibiam , divyanshu.
16:49 rdrsadhu_ b) looked through the content of different wiki-pages, and decided on an order to proceed:
16:49 unimauro hi jaskirat
16:50 rdrsadhu_ i) I plan to first migrate the tutorial pages of turtle-art
16:50 (because turtle-art/turtle-blocks is an important activty and there are a lot tutorial pages of them in the wiki)
16:50 ii) then, pages for other Activities which work with the latest Sugar
16:50 iii) rest of the pages
16:50 .
16:50 (2) what I plan to do in the coming week:
16:50 Migrate the tutorial pages for Turtle-Art
16:50 .
16:50 (3) any concerns/roadblocks/issues:
16:51 None
16:51 .
16:51 thanks
16:51 jaskirat rdrsadhu_: nice ...!
16:51 Seetarama_raju <Seetarama_raju!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:51 pikurasa rdrsadhu_: interesting how your plans are in "code-like" form
16:51 unimauro nice
16:51 samsongoddy lolz
16:51 rdrsadhu_ :)
16:51 vipulgupta2048 Hi rdrsadhu_ , I wanted to see your migration process of what it does and how it does. It would be very helpful in my project. Do upload anything that you would have.
16:51 octamois afk
16:52 rdrsadhu_ vipul, sure
16:52 samsongoddy yashagrawa13: you are next
16:52 Abdul Thanks rdrsadhu
16:52 yashagrawal3_ Hello! I have been working on designing a proper workflow that I'll follow while porting activities to gtk+ 3, will be publishing it most probably tomorrow.
16:52 yashagrawal3 has quit IRC
16:53 samsongoddy still there?
16:53 yashagrawal3_ plans for next week: will be porting activities mentioned in my proposal, will be aiming for 5 activities this week.
16:53 samsongoddy, yes!
16:53 unimauro yashagrwal3 leave the meeting he had exams this week
16:53 samsongoddy any challenges?
16:54 Abdul yashagrawa13_: where will you be publishing your workflow tomorrow?
16:55 There?
16:55 yashagrawal3_ samsongoddy, Not all activities follow same structure, so it is a bit challenging to write a common post but I tried my best.
16:55 Abdul, Yeah! hopefully :P
16:55 Abdul Okay cool
16:55 samsongoddy great
16:56 unimauro please yasharawal3 try to split the work in phase too
16:56 divyanshu unimauro: +1
16:56 samsongoddy pratul1997_: You are next
16:57 pikurasa yashagrawal3_: where is your post?
16:57 Pratul1997_ Hello Everyone
16:57 pikurasa (sorry, am I missing something... did you send?)
16:57 Pratul1997_ I looked for Github API for the organization, found information for a User profile for Github, but still looking for a methodology for Organisation, As I need issues from a different repository of Sugarlabs, did not found any Npm module.
16:57 llaske has quit IRC
16:57 ibiam pikurasa, he did
16:57 Abdul Hello Pratu11997_:
16:57 Pratul1997_ Doing research for same,if did not found then would be required to do coding for Scratch, also working on Dashboard.
16:58 yashagrawal3_ we will also be having a meeting tomorrow, so anyone interested can join us. Time details : I will post on devel-list after discussing.
16:58 pikurasa, I am working on it, will post tomorrow.
16:58 Pratul1997_ https://github.com/pksunkara/octonode
16:58 pikurasa Pratul1997_: yashagrawal3_ thanks
16:58 vipulgupta2048 Pratul1997_, Why do you need it, i have a lot of experience with GitHub API ?
16:58 jaskirat Pratul1997_: will help you ...been busy today ....! So apology !!
16:58 vipulgupta2048 I can help if you want.
16:58 Pratul1997_ https://github.com/github-tools/github ,Discussed the status with my mentors Abdul, Divyanshu, Jaskirat, we all are looking forward to it.
16:59 unimauro nice yashagrawal3_ i will be there
16:59 Pratul1997_ Hello Vipul
16:59 jaskirat Pratul1997_: sounds perfect
16:59 Pratul1997_ Thanks I was looking for someone as such
16:59 Plans for the upcoming week: need to work on Dashboard and Github API for Sugarbot.
16:59 jaskirat Pratul1997_: sounds good ...!
16:59 Pratul1997_ Vipul Are you free this week?
17:00 jaskirat Try to Frame a rough dasboard plan coming week
17:00 divyanshu Pratul1997_: discussed github api working with me and I believe he will resolve it soon although pratul you can access issues of different repo. by fetchin value issue_events_url: in the github api.
17:00 jaskirat Pratul1997_ It would become easy to move further
17:00 samsongoddy yashagrawa13: any blog?
17:00 jaskirat divyanshu: +1
17:00 vipulgupta2048 Pratul1997_, pinged on PM
17:01 Pratul1997_ sure Vipul :)
17:01 yashagrawal3_ samsongoddy, yes, wrote my first blog a few days ago. link: https://medium.com/@yashagrawa[…]labs-2d9bc733cf59
17:01 ibiam Pratul1997, blog?
17:02 Pratul1997_ https://medium.com/@pratulkuma[…]nity-ed47e04e3051
17:02 Abdul it's a nice post yashagrawa13
17:02 yashagrawal3_ Abdul, Thanks! :)
17:02 Abdul I will be leaving to go have my dinner at the food court
17:02 Pratul1997_ Yes ibiam , Above is the link
17:02 samsongoddy pratul1997_: nice blog
17:03 any more questions for him
17:03 unimauro nice yashagrawal3_
17:03 jaskirat Pratul1997_: its good
17:03 Pratul1997_ Thanks Samson:)
17:03 samsongoddy if none, vipulgupta2018 you are next
17:03 pikurasa remember that these blogs can be a nice place for reflection: What went well? What could I do better? etc.
17:03 yashagrawal3_ unimauro, thanks! :D
17:04 jaskirat pikurasa: +1
17:04 samsongoddy vipulgupta208
17:04 my bad
17:04 vipulgupta2048 Gotcha, Hi everyone
17:04 samsongoddy what to share with us what you have been working on?
17:05 for the past week?
17:05 vipulgupta2048 What I have been doing ?
17:05 1. Exams finished on 10 May
17:05 2. Working on the script - I have completed 2 out of the decided five parameters that were need to be found and fixed in the activity repositories.
17:05 3. Had problems with configparser; solved them.
17:05 4. Read about some new methods to parse Config files and markdown files, configobj seems promising.
17:05 5. I wrote a blog post on a way to not lose messages while away on IRC using bouncers. Please do give it a read - https://mixstersite.wordpress.[…]eek-that-went-by/
17:05 What will I do next week
17:05 1. Finish the analysis script
17:05 2. Post a summary of my analysis for the community to check and attain insights
17:05 2. Use the summary to move on to my next tasks of fixing activities (specifically activity.info files).
17:05 3. Finished reading the documentation for configparser. Will write a blog post about it with updates for week 3.
17:05 pikurasa vipulgupta2048: great!
17:05 vipulgupta2048 No challenges so far.
17:05 samsongoddy great!
17:06 jaskirat vipulgupta2048: amazing
17:06 vipulgupta2048 Also, everyone if you need to analyse something on all activity repos on SugarLabs Github
17:06 Abdul vipulgupta2048 +1
17:06 unimauro vipulgupta2048 very good
17:06 vipulgupta2048 Do tell me about it. I am making a script for the same, I will add a parameter for that too.
17:06 mohayon has quit IRC
17:06 samsongoddy riya, want to share with us what you have been work on?
17:07 vipulgupta2048 Github API is easy to configure that way
17:07 jaskirat vipulgupta2048: pratulwas in a need of similar help
17:07 samsongoddy riyalohia, want to share with us what you have been work on?
17:07 jaskirat vipulgupta2048: it would be appreciable ☺
17:07 riyalohia samsongoddy : sure!
17:07 vipulgupta2048 jaskirat, Sure I can help. I pinged him, will discuss further after the meeting
17:07 riyalohia This week, I am finalizing the designs with mentors.
17:08 There are some major add ons in the designs.
17:08 We are thinking to show the 12 step system in a circular form and the user can add more steps according to his choice.
17:08 jaskirat vipulgupta2048: sure
17:08 riyalohia I will probably initiate the UI part next week.
17:08 ibiam riyalohia, nice
17:08 mohayon <mohayon!~mohayon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:08 riyalohia ibiam : thank you :)
17:08 samsongoddy nice
17:08 manki11 has quit IRC
17:08 jaskirat riyalohia: nice
17:09 vipulgupta2048 riyalohia, What activity are you working on?
17:09 perrie nice
17:09 pikurasa riyalohia: has done some good work for MB. Maybe
17:09 riyalohia samsongoddy , jaskirat , thank you:)
17:09 samsongoddy any blog post?
17:09 pikurasa create a blog that has where you are at so far?
17:09 riyalohia: made a nice chart
17:09 riyalohia vipulgupta, I am working on music blocks
17:10 pikurasa MB = musicblocks, btw (when I type it)
17:11 samsongoddy any challenges?
17:11 mohayon has quit IRC
17:11 pikurasa is a-ritwik here (maybe by another nick?)
17:12 riyalohia_ <riyalohia_!dfbd57d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:12 ibiam i think he's not here
17:12 pikurasa is certain that "design" would be a considered challenge. riyalohia, I am sending over some updates very soon.
17:12 riyalohia_ sorry, I lost the connection.
17:13 pikurasa riyalohia_: did you create recent blog post?
17:13 riyalohia_ pikurasa, I'll soon create a blog!
17:14 samsongoddy okay
17:14 riyalohia_ pikurasa, I also wanted to finalize the timeline, we can do that after finalizing the designs.
17:14 samsongoddy any questions for riyalohia_?
17:14 pikurasa riyalohia_: please post link to your chart here
17:14 riyalohia has quit IRC
17:14 pikurasa so that others may see it
17:14 riyalohia_ okay!
17:14 pikurasa (otherwise, they are kinda in the dark right now)
17:15 samsongoddy if none, I think we should move to rishabh42
17:15 riyalohia_ https://docs.google.com/spread[…]dit#gid=499551928
17:15 pikurasa Is Ritwik here?
17:15 amanharitsh123 samson , I think its my turn now ;)
17:15 riyalohia_ Link to the designs : https://docs.google.com/docume[…]YY9U2OgzRlZs/edit
17:15 unimauro has quit IRC
17:15 rishabh42 samsongoddy, I'm a mentor this time :p
17:15 pikurasa riyalohia_: thanks
17:15 Abdul has quit IRC
17:15 rishabh42 it's amanharitsh123 's turn I reckon. He's my menti
17:16 pikurasa rishabh42: that was my mistake, I gave samson incorrect nick info
17:16 riyalohia_ pikurasa, welcome :)
17:16 rishabh42 pikurasa, no issues :)
17:16 amanharitsh123 Hello Everyone ,  I was not able to complete any task this week as I am having exams and will also be occupied in the coming week . I will back be back to work from 21 May and will be available 6-8 hours a day to work . So will be able to catch  up with the timeline.
17:16 If possible , I will write a Docker on Rpi blog this week.
17:17 rishabh42 amanharitsh123, also include a report of everything you've done so far please
17:17 amanharitsh123 Till now , I have successfully build a RPI docker ready image , so the next step now would be to embed sugarizer and server docker images to build script.
17:18 samsongoddy any questions for amanharitsh123?
17:18 amanharitsh123 Also will be adding some more detailed documentations
17:18 :)
17:18 jaskirat amanharitsh123: nice
17:18 ibiam has quit IRC
17:18 vaibhavdaren amanharitsh123: nice :D
17:19 amanharitsh123:all the best :D
17:19 amanharitsh123 vaibhavdaren: thanks :)
17:19 unimauro <unimauro!~unimauro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:19 amanharitsh123 same to u :D
17:19 samsongoddy nice
17:19 divyanshu amanharitsh123: all the best :)
17:19 ibiam <ibiam!~ibiam@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:19 samsongoddy I want to be sure, I am not missing anyone
17:20 rishabh42 samsongoddy, I think we should create an account for amanharitsh123 on sunjammer to host his build images
17:20 amanharitsh123 divyanshu, Thank you :)
17:20 vaibhavdaren me:
17:20 samsongoddy +1
17:20 perrie +1
17:20 ibiam rishabh42, nice idea
17:20 amanharitsh123 +1
17:20 rishabh42 thanks ibiam
17:20 ibiam amanharitsh123, send an email to systems and request for one
17:20 samsongoddy he should send email to systems@sl
17:20 vaibhavdaren +1
17:20 unimauro has quit IRC
17:21 amanharitsh123 ok , will do that ibiam
17:21 samsongoddy who are we missing? I think we are good
17:21 vaibhavdaren samsongoddy:+1
17:21 jaskirat samsongoddy: i guess we missed vaibhavdaren_
17:21 vaibhavdaren yes :P
17:21 rishabh42 amanharitsh123, try contacting Samuel Cantero, he helped me create an account last year :)
17:22 samsongoddy lol
17:22 my bad
17:22 Want to share what you have been working on?
17:22 vaibhavdaren hi
17:22 This week I have been working on understanding the codebase of TurtleBlocksJS.
17:23 Though it has been a little promising for me, I have used the technique of reverse commit order.
17:23 Though most of the work I have to do depends on the functioning of some of the javascript files.
17:23 I have discussed with my mentors Walter about the exercises which should be included in the tutorial and we decided on that basic exercises from turtleblocks guide will be the good place to start as they work as the official introduction and are complete in themselves.
17:24 I have also pointed out some of the bugs in Client side code of planet which have already been taken care of by walter in a pull request.
17:24 samsongoddy nice
17:24 jaskirat vaibhavdaren: looks good ...!
17:24 vaibhavdaren Walter Bender that I have my final end-semester examination from 14 may-21 may. I have explained them my situation and they have agreed to be little flexible on the timeline.
17:24 wherein I squeeze my work from the period of 14-21 may to the succeeding week.giving 6-8 hrs a day.
17:25 jaskirat vaibhavdaren: make sure you keeps on updating with your blog too
17:25 vaibhavdaren yes i write blog every sat
17:25 after meeting :D
17:25 samsongoddy nice
17:25 jaskirat vaibhavdaren: sounds good
17:25 divyanshu vaibhavdaren: nice
17:25 vaibhavdaren I have been trying on different ide's for development I thought they would be useful and help increase convinience and productivity which has not been the case for netbeans and eclipse.I am using atom for now.
17:25 Any suggestions for the same would be very valuable.
17:26 jaskirat vaibhavdaren: this week will plan out regarding excersies website
17:26 samsongoddy any questions for vaibhavdaren?
17:27 vaibhavdaren jaskirat:+1
17:27 :D
17:27 amanharitsh123 rishabh42 , alright :)
17:27 samsongoddy No questions?
17:28 I guess we are good
17:28 Anyone with comments?
17:29 pikurasa vaibhavdaren link to blog, please
17:29 samsongoddy: Question to all: Are you having fun?
17:29 vaibhavdaren yes sure: vaibhavdaren.wordpress.com
17:29 pikurasa Are you having at least more fun than your exams?
17:29 :p
17:29 rdrsadhu_ :D
17:30 pikurasa No fun?
17:30 Yes, fun?
17:30 samsongoddy good meeting everyone
17:30 pikurasa Or all gone?
17:30 vaibhavdaren yes
17:30 riyalohia_ pikurasa, yes
17:30 Pro-Panda I am having fun
17:31 samsongoddy #end-meeting
17:31 meeting Meeting ended Fri May 11 17:31:04 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:31 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-11T16:29:48.html
17:31 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-05-11T16:29:48
17:31 Pro-Panda I have been having fun since January itslelf :-D
17:31 samsongoddy lolz
17:31 sound nice
17:31 iqra has quit IRC
17:31 rdrsadhu_ thank you everyone :)
17:31 Pro-Panda Thanks all
17:31 samsongoddy I have SATs
17:31 ibiam thanks all
17:31 samsongoddy coming month and October
17:32 Pro-Panda looks forward to start coding
17:32 pikurasa samsongoddy: good luck!
17:32 Pro-Panda samsongoddy: All the best
17:32 pikurasa Okay, thank you everyone!
17:32 vaibhavdaren all the best :D :)
17:32 riyalohia_ samsongoddy : All the best :)
17:32 pikurasa special thanks to samsongoddy for chairing the meeting
17:32 I gotta' go now. Bye!
17:32 rdrsadhu_ yes, and good luck :)
17:32 samsongoddy thanks for the support
17:32 pikurasa has quit IRC
17:32 vaibhavdaren bye :D
17:32 samsongoddy Have a nice weekend
17:32 perrie bye
17:33 samsongoddy has quit IRC
17:33 riyalohia_ has quit IRC
17:33 vaibhavdaren has quit IRC
17:33 rishabh42 has quit IRC
17:33 Pro-Panda has left #sugar-meeting
17:33 rdrsadhu_ has quit IRC
17:33 sammeister Samson Goddy is still here
17:33 Pro-Panda <Pro-Panda!uid227@beta.alwyzon.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:33 sammeister But with different nick
17:35 jaskirat had a surgery yesterday so leaving for a nap
17:35 Thanks everyone
17:35 vaibhavdaren_ has quit IRC
17:36 divyanshu Thanks everyone
17:36 divyanshu has quit IRC
17:47 vipulgupta2048 has quit IRC
17:51 Pratul1997_ has quit IRC
17:53 perrie has quit IRC
17:53 perrie <perrie!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:54 ibiam has quit IRC
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