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#sugar-meeting, 2018-05-10

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Time Nick Message
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14:01 samsongoddy iqra, ping
14:02 iqra Hello.
14:02 Caryl and Perrie here yet?
14:03 perrie <perrie!~perrie@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 samsongoddy perrie is here
14:04 iqra Ok, so you saw the different logo samples earlier. Which of them should I select?
14:04 perrie hi
14:04 iqra Hello, Perrie.
14:04 samsongoddy I think if we should use them randomly
14:05 Like how the Sugar Labs website changes logo on reload
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14:05 iqra like on every reload , the color should change. Okay, noted.
14:06 perrie yeah, we should.
14:06 samsongoddy what are you working on currently
14:07 iqra Main home page
14:07 Facing a bit of issues
14:07 when the window is resized
14:07 samsongoddy what issues?
14:08 iqra *When I tested my gridView in chrome developer tools, the icons are suppose to stack on each other but they dont.
14:08 I will correct it soon
14:09 *mistakes with my code logic
14:09 I would also need to make different color schemes for the main page background too then
14:12 *Perrie, the candy background of the main page, should I have different color schemes for it?
14:13 there?
14:14 perrie yeah you should
14:14 iqra ok.
14:15 perrie Don't forget to increase the size "XO" ICON
14:15 iqra ok, noted.
14:17 perrie iqra, how did you test for gridView in chrome
14:18 iqra I have my local host running, I test the whole app on it.
14:19 perrie okay
14:20 iqra Can we have a google hangouts meeting arranged this weekend, where i can share my screen for you guys?
14:21 samsongoddy sure
14:22 that will be nice
14:22 iqra Are you available on Saturday?
14:22 samsongoddy Sure
14:22 perrie yeah, regular time.
14:22 samsongoddy 13:00 UTC
14:23 iqra *Perrie, 13:00 UTC works for you?
14:23 samsongoddy sure
14:23 llaske <llaske!~llaske@2a01cb00074daf00d810d9bc91c​b510d.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:23 samsongoddy llaske, ping
14:24 llaske Hi Samson,
14:24 samsongoddy we have our Primero student here
14:24 iqra
14:24 llaske Ok cool. Hi Iqra
14:24 iqra Hello.
14:25 samsongoddy Hi iqra, llaske is the main developer for Sugarizer
14:25 he is available for you to ask for any technical support
14:25 laske, we have a meeting by 13:00 UTC on saturday, care to join?
14:25 it going to be with Google hangout
14:26 llaske Ah okay, last time I was on sugar-meeting but you was not here
14:26 BTW I will try to be there
14:26 to the next one
14:26 samsongoddy Sure
14:26 that will be nice
14:26 llaske Iqra, did you had done the Sugarizer Development Tutorial ?
14:27 jaskirat Hi guys
14:27 iqra Yeah, I did.
14:27 llaske This one: https://github.com/llaske/suga[…]/docs/tutorial.md
14:28 iqra Yes. I have followed the whole tutorial.
14:28 llaske Cool. It's very important to have a good understanding of how Sugarizer works
14:28 samsongoddy =1
14:28 +1
14:29 iqra +1
14:29 llaske BTW you're welcome to ask me any question by IRC or e-mail
14:30 iqra yeah, sure. I have a couple of questions that I will email you soon. Thanks.
14:30 llaske Okay, nice
14:34 jaskirat llaske: hi
14:34 llaske Hi Jaskirat
14:34 jaskirat llaske: how are you ?
14:34 How's everything going ?
14:35 llaske Fine and you
14:35 jaskirat Yeah m good just had surgery today !!
14:35 Now needs to head for meeting with one of the ecucator regarding TB
14:36 Educator*
14:36 llaske Ok. Seen photos of the Walter conference. Look nice.
14:37 jaskirat Yeah ...l
14:37 Now planning some big ....!this year
14:38 samsongoddy sounds nice
14:38 jaskirat Haha i have been quite active since many months regarding tb
14:39 Now we are writing a book for indian market
14:39 samsongoddy: i hope it would help for nigeria people too !!
14:39 llaske Doing conference is a nice thing, the real challenge is to convert attendees into contributors
14:39 iqra has quit IRC
14:39 jaskirat llaske: thats true ....!
14:39 samsongoddy that is what I am doing llaske
14:40 here and trying to make it bigger
14:40 jaskirat llaske: we are trying for that !!!!
14:41 llaske: once i shared doc with you regarding competitions , etc did you get a chance to look into it ....!?
14:41 iqra <iqra!b6baa0af@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:41 llaske nice. it's the performance indicator we need to follow: measure number (and quality) of new contributions
14:41 samsongoddy I agree
14:41 llaske jaskirat: don't remember
14:42 jaskirat llaske: okay will share it again ...! If you say ..!
14:42 llaske sure
14:42 perrie iqra,llaske: do you have anything else to say?
14:43 i actually thought we started the meeting
14:43 so sorry if i was misunderstood
14:43 llaske perrie: sorry, I didn't know it was an official meeting
14:43 perrie llaske: it wasn't
14:44 I just realized
14:44 iqra Sorry. I disconnected due to connectivity issues
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14:45 jaskirat llaske: i just DM you ....!
14:45 The link
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14:46 llaske jaskirat, seen
14:47 jaskirat llaske: ahh okay ...!
14:47 llaske The idea is an online competition ?
14:47 jaskirat Yes
14:47 This was great approach i guess so to outreach more
14:47 llaske Why not. Do we need a platform to manage the competition ?
14:47 jaskirat Yes ..!
14:48 llaske Do you know one ?
14:48 jaskirat I even asked Walter that if we can also get this website made from any professiobal
14:48 He is only worried for maintaince
14:48 Nothing else
14:48 llaske What's the target of the competition ?
14:49 jaskirat llaske: 1.) To outreach more about Sugar and its resources
14:49 2. To attract more user through achievements
14:49 llaske Who is the target of the competition ? Developer, Students, Young students, ...
14:49 jaskirat 3. To have good impact on education for students like that how it can be beneficial with this competition
14:50 Students
14:50 Till 16th year of age
14:50 llaske Are we looking for contributors or users ?
14:50 jaskirat Tgis will help to include both
14:50 Did you see the quize concept ?
14:51 Quiz*
14:51 That was the way we can have
14:52 llaske Yes I see it. BTW I think the most important target is more teachers than students. At least, it's currently our main target here in France
14:52 jaskirat llaske: unless we make the interest of students everything cannot work
14:53 So we can also have same thing quize concept with teachers
14:53 Where they can be awarded with achievement like
14:53 Badges, certificates etc
14:53 Which will motivate them also to make this program carry forward
14:54 llaske I understand the concept, it's nice. But in my opinion, the most important actions we should do is toward teachers. Because without teacher, Sugar/Sugarizer will not be deployed in classrooms
14:55 jaskirat Okay
14:55 So if we could begin this with teacher then ??
14:55 llaske It's my personal experience in deploying Sugar and Sugarizer
14:55 jaskirat llaske: yeah i can understand ...!
14:56 llaske Then we have to found teachers where they are and found ways to introduce them to Sugar
14:57 jaskirat Yes ...!
14:57 But i think we should also include this in order to start ....!
14:58 I really think if we could attract users directly
14:58 Students
14:59 As we are now in touch with thousands of students ....! So keeping some tasks for them can help us to carry forward to more people
14:59 I guess so ...!
14:59 llaske Yes sure. But it's an education project and I don't believe in self-education. So teachers should be inside at a moment
15:01 jaskirat Yes of course but i am saying that once we start with this we are open to teachers ....!
15:01 The thing is that should we start? If start then how ?
15:02 I am just wondering this ...that what we should do for website concept
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