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#sugar-meeting, 2018-05-01

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00:17 Pro-Panda <Pro-Panda!0e8bf312@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:21 walterbender hi Pro-Panda
00:21 Pro-Panda hi walterbender :-)
00:22 Quozl: hi
00:22 octamois Hello walterbender
00:23 walterbender hi octamois
00:25 Pro-Panda I'll ping Divyanshu to see if he can join us
00:26 yashagrawal3 <yashagrawal3!6725c961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:30 Pro-Panda No response from Divyanshu. Should we start ?
00:31 walterbender sure
00:31 Pro-Panda #start-meeting
00:31 meeting Meeting started Tue May  1 00:31:50 2018 UTC. The chair is Pro-Panda. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
00:31 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
00:32 Pro-Panda #chair walterbender Quozl
00:32 meeting Current chairs: Pro-Panda Quozl walterbender
00:32 Quozl hi.
00:32 octamois Hey Quozl
00:32 yashagrawal3 Hi!
00:32 Pro-Panda Hey everyone
00:32 Quozl hi hi hi.
00:33 Pro-Panda #topic schedule
00:34 Quozl listens politely
00:34 Pro-Panda So, My University Final exams just started. I'll be free before the "Coding Period officially begins" (15 May) of GSoC
00:35 I have no plans that could be a cause for absence for the next 3 months after that
00:35 walterbender that works
00:35 octamois I would like to mention few of my plans!
00:36 I will be working slow in the first week of coding.
00:36 I will to cover up before time for that
00:37 I will be unavailable on 28,29,30 to attend any meeting, if held.
00:37 (I have a interview for a research university, thus I will be consumed)
00:38 Quozl listens
00:38 Pro-Panda Quozl: Should we discuss the project timeline in this meet in the Devel meet ?
00:38 octamois Rest, I will be always available. Irrespective of anything happens.
00:38 Pro-Panda * or in the Devel meet ?
00:38 yashagrawal3 My university exams will be over by 5th of may. I will posting my first blog by then. Sorry for delay!
00:39 Quozl Pro-Panda: there's no time schedule for the Sugar Labs project; it will be done when it is done, so whatever you decide as a schedule for your GSoC project should be fine.
00:39 Pro-Panda Quozl: cool
00:40 Quozl Pro-Panda: there are issue interdependencies though, which may help you understand what things to do in what order in your GSoC project.
00:40 octamois Pro-Panda: , walterbender: Will be have separate meeting for project distribution?
00:40 Quozl octamois: what's project distribution?
00:41 Pro-Panda Quozl: Yes, Sorry, I meant to discuss the amount of time which I intend to spend on each port.
00:41 walterbender we need to get the toolkit working first as it is a dependency for the activtities and suagr
00:43 Quozl Pro-Panda: an estimate seems unlikely to be useful; you might instead spend time where it is needed, in the dependency order.
00:43 walterbender: it looks like the toolkit is working with python 3; is that right Pro-Panda?
00:43 Pro-Panda Quozl: yes
00:44 Except that I haven't been able to yet fix the critical dependency to jarabe
00:44 :(
00:44 octamois listens
00:44 Quozl Pro-Panda: octamois: so in planning your work, figure out if there are any goals in the Sugar Labs project issues that you need help with or expect others to do, and begin those communications.
00:45 Pro-Panda Quozl: Sure
00:45 octamois Quozl: Definitely
00:46 Pro-Panda Can we move to discussing regarding the port of Sugar Toolkit ?
00:46 Quozl If you've finished discussing your GSoC projects, sure.
00:46 Pro-Panda Anything else we might have to discuss on schedules ?
00:47 octamois What are project expectation before Phase 1 evaluations ?
00:47 Pro-Panda Quozl: The overlap is really fine :D
00:47 Quozl Pro-Panda: in my mind is a venn diagram, with a clear intersection.  ;-)
00:48 Pro-Panda Quozl: +1 :-D
00:48 #topic Sugar-Toolkit port
00:49 Quozl #link https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]t-gtk3/issues/382
00:49 Pro-Panda I have been able to port the Sugar Toolkit to six (compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3). Except that I couldn't yet figure out a way to fix the dependency to jarabe
00:49 Quozl Pro-Panda: hang on a minute.  walterbender: can you answer octamois question about phase 1 evaluations?
00:50 Pro-Panda octamois: Sorry, and +1
00:50 walterbender I will answer it based on whatever we decide in terms of the work
00:52 Quozl Pro-Panda: the dependency on Jarabe was made, somewhat against my wishes, by a previous GCi or GSoC project participant.  It's uneconomic because it forces us to provide both a Python 2 and Python 3 build of jarabe (repository name sugar).  So to avoid that uneconomic outcome, it is better to fix it.
00:52 walterbender +1
00:53 octamois +1
00:53 walterbender doesn't recall when the dependency was made
00:53 Quozl Pro-Panda: I've not looked at it in detail, but the _functionality_ provided by jarabe.model.shell needed by popwindow.py should be moved to the toolkit.
00:53 Pro-Panda Quozl: agreed. I tried making a fix earlier, I will continue the same immediately as my exams are over
00:54 Quozl Pro-Panda: if anyone else fixes it, i'm fine with that too.  no reason to force you to do it.
00:54 walterbender maybe that is something we can have octamois look into while you are working on your exams
00:55 Pro-Panda Quozl, walterbender: Sure
00:55 walterbender seems if we get that done, we unlock a lot
00:56 octamois +1
00:56 Quozl a803876fbffaa5b36897a2d4dbeceb35d5b671de Copyright (C) 2016 Abhijit Patel committer AbrahmAB <abhisandhyasp.ap@gmail.com> on 2016-04-05.  Probably worth CC'ing them both in a post to sugar-devel@ seeking opinions.
00:56 Pro-Panda walterbender: +1
00:57 Quozl: Sure, I'll do it :-)
00:58 Quozl Oh, it looks easy.
00:58 Pro-Panda "sugar3.graphics.popwindow" isn't used in any of the activities, so their port can also be done simultaneously.
00:58 Quozl ShellModel.push_modal and pop_modal only increment and decrement a counter.  It looks like the author assumed the counter would be shared with the shell, but as the shell is in a different process it achieves NOTHING.
00:59 So it looks like the calls and the import can just be ripped out.
00:59 Pro-Panda also assumed the same :(
00:59 Quozl Good.  Rip it out and test.  Commit.  Push.  ;-)
01:00 yashagrawal3 leaves for last minute revision, has to give examination in an hour.
01:00 octamois afk, I have early class to attend and going to get ready and then travel, I will look the logs
01:00 Pro-Panda Quozl: Sure :-D
01:00 Quozl Let this be a lesson to you; if I say something looks like a problem, it might be not much of a problem at all.
01:00 octamois Can I take the leave?
01:00 Quozl octamois: bye.
01:00 yashagrawal3: bye.
01:00 Pro-Panda Quozl: Lesson learnt :-)
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01:01 walterbender If the patch works, then the toolkit is working and we can (1) start porting activities and (2) port sugar
01:02 Pro-Panda The only thing that _hopefully_ will remain is to remake the make files.
01:04 Quozl I've nothing further to add.
01:05 Pro-Panda I also wanted to discuss my timeline and planning for GSoC. Can we move ?
01:05 walterbender me neither
01:05 well...
01:05 re evaluations, we can make a plan re activities and have some tangible metrics that way
01:06 but the bottom line is the interaction with the community
01:06 Pro-Panda walterbender: Sure. Also, I was planning to increase the time I plan to give on porting Sugar, by a week
01:07 walterbender OK
01:08 Pro-Panda I have nothing further to add for today...
01:08 walterbender OK
01:08 we are off to a good start...
01:08 let us know if the patch works
01:09 Pro-Panda walterbender: Sure, also, "sugar3.graphics.popwindow" isn't used in any of the activities, so their porting can be continued without the patch
01:10 Should we end the meeting ?
01:10 Quozl Pro-Panda: i'll write my comments on the issue.
01:11 Pro-Panda Quozl: sure, I'll go through them
01:13 Should we end the meeting ?
01:14 walterbender yes
01:14 Pro-Panda #endmeeting
01:14 meeting Meeting ended Tue May  1 01:14:26 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
01:14 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T00:31:50.html
01:14 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-05-01T00:31:50
01:14 walterbender thanks all
01:15 Pro-Panda Thanks all. I will post a summary to Sugar-Devel as well
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20:58 walterbender hola todos
20:58 Pro-Panda Hi :-)
20:58 yashagrawal3 Hello!
21:00 Quozl #startmeeting
21:00 meeting Meeting started Tue May  1 21:00:08 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
21:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
21:00 Quozl #topic what we have been working on
21:00 walterbender has been working on syncing up the Python and Javascript versions of turtleblocks
21:01 Pro-Panda I have been busy with my exams preparation.
21:01 was studying microprocessors if that counts ;-)
21:02 yashagrawal3 exams/Making a personal blog website.
21:02 Quozl hi guys.  i've been working on the gtk+ 3 port of the record activity.  also updated the ubuntu install docs for sugar and evaluated the impact of the very late change by ubuntu to remove the rsvg library just before final release.
21:03 walterbender did it break calculate?
21:03 Quozl Pro-Panda: cool, if you have any questions on microprocessors, just ask.  my favourites are Z80, VAX, 8085, ARM, AVR and PIC.
21:04 walterbender: no, it was the static gtk+2 variant of the library that was removed, the pygobject gtk+ 3 variant of rsvg remains.
21:04 Pro-Panda Quozl: Sure :D, although our academic curriculum is a bit old :"(
21:04 Quozl Pro-Panda: so am i.  ;-)
21:05 Pro-Panda Quozl: hehe ;-)
21:05 Quozl Pro-Panda: i meant your understanding, not your test questions though.  ;-)
21:07 Pro-Panda Quozl: Alright :)
21:07 Quozl Pro-Panda: anyway, what we do with sugar does _eventually_ map onto microprocessors.  the intel i386 and x86_64 platforms are based on microprocessors.
21:07 anyone else here with a "what we have been working on?"
21:08 #topic possibly move next meeting time
21:09 walterbender My preference is the 7AM ET slot
21:09 Pro-Panda I am equally comfortable with any of the slots.
21:10 Quozl yashagrawal3: your preference?
21:11 okay, moving on, any other topics?  or general discussion?
21:11 yashagrawal3 I am also comfortable with both
21:11 Quozl yashagrawal3: thanks.
21:14 i've a small question; has anyone seen a problem with a GStreamer 1.0 xvimagesink or autovideosink inside a GTK+ window which is then moved and resized?  it used to follow the resize, now it does not.
21:15 (for the moment, if i can't fix it, the tiny thumbnail sized live view overlay will be removed in the port).
21:15 walterbender this is for record?
21:16 Quozl yes, i don't know of another activity that uses video or camera as a source, display as a sink, and yet resizes the display window.
21:17 I'm going to try the GStreamer Webcam example to see if I can make it work.
21:17 walterbender nope... but maybe on of the old .UY activities? But they were not ported to 1.0 AFAIK
21:18 Quozl no worries, thanks.
21:18 i've nothing further for the meeting.  any other questions?
21:18 Pro-Panda None from me
21:18 walterbender You can resize the camera capture in turtle and move it around
21:18 I have a request from satellit
21:19 he is concerned about a SoaS Fedora 28 bug
21:19 https://bugzilla.redhat.com/sh[…]ug.cgi?id=1519042
21:19 opens in Journal
21:19 Quozl it's not a fedora bug.
21:20 walterbender is it a Sugar bug?
21:20 Quozl https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]t-gtk3/issues/368
21:20 yes, it's a toolkit and gtk+ interaction.  possibly in gtk+, possibly in toolkit, not yet sure.
21:20 but as it reproduces outside sugar, and outside fedora, it has nothing to do with the shell or fedora.
21:21 it affects every distribution that updates gtk+.
21:23 anyway, it's a lovely problem that has a clear plan, and i'll get onto it by december, so if anyone is interested in it before then, try the plan.
21:24 walterbender :)
21:24 Pro-Panda will give it a try after exams ;-)
21:24 yashagrawal3 will also look into it
21:24 Quozl when i drop a big plan like that, it means there's a good chance i won't get onto it soon.  ;-)
21:25 amanharitsh123 reacted with a confused emoji.  great.  that tells me nothing.  ;-}
21:26 #topic sugar3.activity.iconify does not work, sugar starts to journal not home view
21:26 Pro-Panda: yashagrawal3: thanks, any questions use the issue.
21:26 Pro-Panda Sure
21:27 Quozl i've nothing further for the meeting. any other questions?
21:27 walterbender Quozl, yes
21:27 a quick question about Browse
21:28 I am unable to get the new version of Music Blocks to run in Browse but I see nothing relevant in the logs.
21:28 Is there some other location for console output I should be looking at?
21:29 Quozl walterbender: i don't know, sorry.  i've not debugged a javascript application yet with browse.  i think there is something in webkit that can be enabled, and it might already be in browse, but i don't remember how to use it.  might you git bisect music blocks instead?  does browse run music blocks on web?
21:30 unimauro <unimauro!bee82f82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:30 walterbender It ran the old verison
21:30 but not the new version
21:30 Quozl so that's great, you've got a hash for "git bisect good" and "... bad".
21:30 walterbender but I updates lots of libraries: Easel, Tone...
21:30 Quozl you'll be able to isolate to a commit.
21:31 walterbender will give it a go...
21:31 Quozl maximum number of tests is roughly log base 2 of number of commits
21:31 walterbender I have the usual gang of suspects which should reduce the search space
21:32 Quozl in my experience with kernel commit logs with tens of thousands of commits, sometimes the answer is found more quickly.
21:33 i've nothing further for the meeting. any other questions?
21:33 walterbender not from me
21:33 Pro-Panda +1
21:33 Quozl #topic browse vs music blocks
21:33 okay, let's close the meeting, all in favour please +1, walterbender yashagrawal3 Pro-Panda.
21:34 Pro-Panda +1
21:34 yashagrawal3 +1
21:35 walterbender +1
21:35 Quozl #endmeeting
21:35 meeting Meeting ended Tue May  1 21:35:12 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
21:35 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T21:00:08.html
21:35 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-05-01T21:00:08
21:35 walterbender thanks everyone
21:35 ttyl
21:35 Pro-Panda Thanks all
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