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#sugar-meeting, 2018-03-02

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16:32 jkridner 3.5 hours to meeting time for GSoC?
16:41 walterbender yes
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18:27 Unimauro Hi friends
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18:53 walterbender hola todas
18:56 rishabhnambiar[m Hi :)
19:04 samsongoddy Hello
19:04 56 minutes to go
19:33 Quozl_ g'day.
19:48 samsongoddy Hello
19:52 walterbender making a beet cake... just pulled it out of the oven. yum.
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19:56 samsongoddy is thinking on how to clone walter's beet cake 🤣
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19:57 dzho sugarlabs/beetcake-activity
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20:00 walterbender show of hands please from SLOB memnbers
20:00 I see samsongoddy and llaske here
20:00 CanoeBerry2, are you here?
20:01 ignacio, ?
20:01 sverma, ?
20:01 samsongoddy 👐👐
20:01 walterbender We can get started...
20:01 #start-meeting
20:01 meeting Meeting started Fri Mar  2 20:01:39 2018 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
20:01 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
20:02 sverma Here
20:02 walterbender Welcome to the monthly SL oversight board meeting
20:02 A few quick topics to begin
20:02 #topic GSoC
20:02 We have been accepted into Google Summer of Code
20:02 elverma <elverma!~sverma@2607:fb90:9cbf:c637:db07:854:f94b:1677> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:02 llaske yes
20:02 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:02 walterbender We will be accepting applications from students beginning 12 March.
20:03 llaske Nice news
20:03 We've got work to be done on the project list
20:03 walterbender At the end of the month, we'll convene the mentors to decide which proposals look worthwhile
20:03 llaske Some projects are still HTML/CSS only: Making a Beginner Guide, Sugar Labs Social. James explain here : http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/055050.html, how to transform it
20:03 walterbender llaske, yes... that is an ongoing process
20:04 llaske We need to do the process before student application
20:04 Claudia_ Hello
20:04 walterbender hi Claudia_
20:04 llaske hi
20:04 Claudia_ So happy to be here.. finally
20:04 llaske I'm sorry to say also that because it's more about packaging than  development I think that Sugarizer Primero is not a good candidate for a GSoC project.
20:04 Claudia_ but I won't be here the entire time
20:05 I am on a cab... and will get to the airport in 25 min
20:05 walterbender We should consider our own summer program down the road, because we have many pressing needs beyond development
20:06 elverma +1
20:06 walterbender and if we cannot use GSoC for addressing them, then we should find another way
20:06 llaske yes good idea
20:07 walterbender FWIW, I am more interested in attracting strong candidates to our project than the specifics of the proposal.
20:07 sverma has quit IRC
20:07 walterbender But we must work within the Google rules for this program
20:07 llaske May be we could do a separate project page
20:07 walterbender The good news is we have some strong contributions already.
20:07 llaske with projects not only with development
20:07 walterbender llaske, yes... we can make a separate project page
20:08 but we'll need to think about how to fund those projects...
20:08 samsongoddy +1
20:08 walterbender Perhaps after the goals discussion we can touch on this
20:08 llaske Another point on GSoC
20:08 There is an inflation about number of mentors. It seems that everyone could add freely its name in the Mentor column and have a chance to win a free travel to San Francisco :-)
20:09 Of course, everyone is welcome to help but mentoring is a serious task implying very good knowledge of technical stuff and working one to one with mentee, it's not as simple as that to be a GCI mentor.
20:09 walterbender llaske, I don't think a "free trip" is what is motivating people
20:10 but that said, once we have the projects confirmed, we'll hone the list
20:10 llaske Of course.
20:10 I suggest that at end the "official" mentor for each project will be only the first name of the column.
20:10 walterbender two or three mentors per intern
20:10 who are committed
20:10 llaske, you mean on the wiki list?
20:11 llaske yes
20:11 walterbender llaske, that is just project ideas
20:11 it is not specific to what the students write in their proposals
20:11 it has no real meaning except as a place to ask questions
20:11 llaske but at end we need to have pair: 1 mentor / 1 mentee
20:12 walterbender yes...
20:12 based on the projects we accept
20:12 GrannieB Huh? why?
20:12 walterbender here is how it works:
20:12 perrie <perrie!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:12 walterbender 1. we advertise ideas in the wiki and have mentors who can talk about these ideas listed
20:13 2. we work with the students on their proposals
20:13 3. we vet the proposals, and assign relevant mentors
20:13 4. we propose our list to google
20:13 5. they tell us how many slots we get
20:14 6. we make our final assignments
20:14 GrannieB Do they ever let 2 interns work on different parts of one project?
20:14 walterbender so the mentor list today in the wiki is only loosely coupled to what we will end up doing
20:14 llaske No GrannieB, it's not possible
20:14 walterbender GrannieB, that is up to us
20:14 llaske One student by project
20:14 walterbender llaske, It depends
20:15 llaske If we want two students, we need to split the project into two projects
20:15 Claudia_ Do you have the  wiki link?
20:15 walterbender yes... but that is natural
20:15 Claudia_ I am connecting from my phone
20:15 walterbender https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code/2018
20:16 llaske, GrannieB was explcit: "different parts"
20:16 llaske ok, in that case, it's okay
20:16 walterbender we should move on... lots of other topics today.
20:16 llaske let's move
20:16 perrie has quit IRC
20:16 walterbender #topic ombudsman
20:17 Claudia_ Thanks
20:17 walterbender I am very close to convincing someone really great to take on the position
20:17 llaske great
20:17 walterbender I don't want to name her publicly until she agrees
20:17 llaske sure
20:18 walterbender but we have been discussing it and I think she will say yes.
20:18 Also, FWIW, she is fluent in both English and Spanish
20:18 samsongoddy Awesome
20:18 GrannieB +1
20:18 llaske Very cool. Thanks to you for that
20:19 walterbender #topic Education Team proposal
20:19 perrie <perrie!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:19 walterbender GrannieB, samsongoddy you guys wanna lead this discussion?
20:20 GrannieB Walter, I am not good at typing fast, but will help as much as I can
20:20 samsongoddy Okay
20:20 Our goal is to create a team of eductors
20:20 Claudia_ cool!! I like it
20:20 samsongoddy That will help organize sugar activities
20:20 GrannieB Did everyone get a copy of the doc with the proposals
20:20 ?
20:20 perrie Nice!
20:20 walterbender did the link to the proposal get sent out?
20:20 samsongoddy Yes
20:20 elverma +1
20:20 samsongoddy I did
20:21 walterbender https://docs.google.com/docume[…]/edit?usp=sharing
20:21 Claudia_ +1
20:21 perrie Yeah
20:21 walterbender My personal reaction was that it was a bit of a mash up of education and marketing
20:21 both are important
20:21 GrannieB right!
20:21 perrie is now known as perriefidelis
20:21 samsongoddy Yes
20:21 llaske yes, i don't like the fund part: The Sugar Labs Oversight Board may vote to support this participation by providing them with reimbursement for registration (if needed) and reasonable travel expenses
20:21 walterbender and it is important that both mesh well
20:22 samsongoddy That the idea, lets the Educators talk to the Educators
20:22 GrannieB Educators are the best people to do marketing to other educatorw!
20:22 educators!
20:22 samsongoddy So we are looking into diversity
20:22 At least someone form each continent
20:22 GrannieB Both ethnic and geographical diversity
20:22 samsongoddy At have some skills in teaching
20:22 walterbender It would be good if we had more educators on the team -- @ you claudia
20:23 Claudia_ unpack good teaching
20:23 samsongoddy We will create a channel for them
20:23 For communication
20:23 Something i hope the Sugar labs social will do
20:23 GrannieB but, hopefully not on irc!
20:23 samsongoddy Similar to Scratched platform
20:23 Jaskirat__ has quit IRC
20:24 samsongoddy Where Educators cab helo create lessons plan
20:24 *can
20:24 *help
20:24 GrannieB ;)
20:24 samsongoddy GrannieB wanna add?
20:24 walterbender llaske, I think the budget needs to specified in more detail but in theory, there is no reason to dismiss the idea of funding
20:24 llaske I don't see the interest to detail rules for funding travel expanse. It's the general way of working of SugarLabs. No need to repeat it here.
20:25 elverma Step in the right direction
20:25 GrannieB If teachers are attending regional conferences where they can show Sugar they should be able to apply for funding
20:25 elverma +1
20:25 llaske Sure
20:25 Hrishi has quit IRC
20:25 walterbender GrannieB, I agree... we just need a clear set of guidelines and a budget
20:25 llaske But it's what we're doing for SugarLabs members when they ask for
20:26 samsongoddy So we will soon make an open call
20:26 To Educators
20:27 walterbender let's not get tangled in the weeds. the important thing is we have the beginnings of a education team again.
20:27 GrannieB We would like to start recruiting right away. The funding and other stuff can come later. We just need to have a rough idea of what the team will be doing
20:27 elverma Funding is available through grants if the teachers can show this work as part of professional development
20:27 Claudia_ has quit IRC
20:27 GrannieB Sometines people can get funding from other grants... sometimes not
20:27 walterbender I propose we appoint Claudia_ as the liaison from SLOB (as samsongoddy is already the defacto marketing team liaison)
20:28 elverma I second
20:28 walterbender and then let the team meet and come up with some more detailed plans
20:28 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:28 Claudia_ here again
20:28 sorry
20:28 walterbender Claudia_, we just nominated you as the liaison to the education team
20:29 GrannieB ??? OK, help me understand... Samson and I can do recruiting and Claudia will be the SLOBs contact?
20:29 Claudia_ taken
20:29 walterbender GrannieB, hopefully she'll do more than just liaise :)
20:29 GrannieB Actually, she can help recruit too ;)
20:30 walterbender GrannieB, I would like to participate as well, but not in my role as a SLOB member
20:30 samsongoddy Yay!
20:30 elverma has quit IRC
20:30 sverma <sverma!~sverma@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:30 walterbender anything else we need to do here?
20:30 Claudia_ we aork as a team
20:30 GrannieB Our first goal is to get at least one key person from each continenet and then to get people from various countries
20:31 samsongoddy Yes, travel support
20:31 yashagrawal3 <yashagrawal3!6725c95f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:31 Claudia_ let's connect and decide hpw we work together
20:31 walterbender knows a teacher who has spent time in Antarctica :)
20:32 samsongoddy Antarctica? Wow
20:32 GrannieB People do live there.,.. so I guess they do have schools
20:32 I know someone who lived there several years, but she was a firefighter
20:32 walterbender let's move the Education Team discussion to the iaep and sur lists?
20:32 llaske I don't think one guy could represent the diversity of a whole continent
20:32 GrannieB Sounds good
20:33 walterbender and move to the next topic?
20:33 Claudia_ llaske: agree
20:33 GrannieB Thats why we will fo for countries too
20:33 Claudia_ but we can think about this off line
20:33 GrannieB +1
20:33 llaske yes
20:33 walterbender was tongue and cheek about Antarctica
20:34 samsongoddy +1
20:34 walterbender #topic travel request
20:34 samsongoddy, this one is you...
20:34 samsongoddy I have been called upon
20:34 To attend two conferences
20:34 In two states in Nigeria
20:34 walterbender https://docs.google.com/docume[…]vLt6-dvAXWQY/edit
20:35 samsongoddy So I will be asking for travel support to make this trip happen, as to help strengthen my outreach
20:35 Within Nigeria
20:36 I have already in talk with the Riverstate Government for the past 6 months and we will be doing TA day soon
20:36 In Port Harcourt
20:36 walterbender As per your email exchange, the travel of course will be done within the constraints of the SFC guidelines
20:36 samsongoddy Noted
20:38 walterbender any other comments ?
20:38 samsongoddy I thought there will be votes?
20:39 walterbender samsongoddy, I will make a motion
20:40 Claudia_ we should have a budget for outreach... i don;t know if there is
20:40 sverma I'll second
20:40 Claudia_ wondering
20:40 walterbender #motion: to approve a travel budget of up to US $500 for Samson Goddy to travel to the Open Source Way to Go conference.
20:40 sverma, second?
20:41 sverma Yes
20:41 walterbender thx. +1 from me
20:43 any other vote?
20:43 perriefidelis has quit IRC
20:44 walterbender ping???
20:44 perriefidelis <perriefidelis!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:44 walterbender is anyone there?
20:44 hola? hello?
20:45 GrannieB I am
20:45 Quozl_ i'm seeing your "is anyone there?" walter.
20:45 Claudia_ has quit IRC
20:45 walterbender while we are waiting...
20:45 a tip of the hat to Quozl_ for leading regular devel team meetings
20:46 not sure if SLOB is aware that those are happening
20:46 perriefidelis has quit IRC
20:46 samsongoddy Quozl_ a plate of Jollof rice
20:47 🙌🙌🙌
20:47 perriefidelis <perriefidelis!~perriefid@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:47 walterbender sverma, are you still here?
20:48 sverma Yes
20:48 walterbender since we have stalled out on the vote, I'll continue it by email
20:48 meanwhile, can you lead the discussion of the goals for 2018?
20:48 #topic goals for 2018
20:48 sverma Sure.
20:49 walterbender thx
20:49 sverma We now have submissions from people that amount to a little over 20 ideas
20:49 I sent out a list yesterday
20:50 https://docs.google.com/spread[…]/edit?usp=sharing
20:50 walterbender how do we proceed from here?
20:50 sverma It's a open for another week
20:50 walterbender OK...
20:50 lots of nice ideas
20:50 sverma After that, we'll tag the items into different categories and get back to the community
20:50 samsongoddy Thanks sverma
20:50 I will add more ideas
20:51 sverma The idea being that those categories will help us formulate goals with specific time lines
20:51 GrannieB +1
20:51 walterbender and maybe some in time to impact GSoC
20:51 sverma I think so
20:51 walterbender or SLSoC, if we decide to go down that path
20:52 samsongoddy Yay!
20:52 That an idea
20:52 sverma I would like to see these clusters love on the wiki as starting points
20:52 Live
20:52 GrannieB !
20:53 sverma Please submit more in the next week
20:53 walterbender sverma, maybe another email reminder?
20:53 samsongoddy +1
20:53 sverma https://goo.gl/forms/PV3SV8opzBnb1eqw2
20:53 samsongoddy sverma can i make open on Social Media?
20:54 sverma Yes
20:54 samsongoddy Like to reach out to members and contributors?
20:54 Alright
20:54 I will do that this week
20:54 sverma Yes please
20:54 walterbender anything else for today?
20:55 samsongoddy Not that I know of
20:55 walterbender will work on the feasibility of SLSoC
20:55 samsongoddy Let's work on that idea
20:55 As it re Marketing
20:55 walterbender?
20:55 walterbender ok
20:56 well, I think we made some headway today.
20:56 thanks everyone for coming.
20:56 I will follow up with an email.
20:56 GrannieB bye all
20:56 sverma Thanks everybody!
20:56 samsongoddy Thanks all
20:57 Good meeting
20:57 sverma has quit IRC
20:57 samsongoddy The best so far
20:57 walterbender #end-meeting
20:57 meeting Meeting ended Fri Mar  2 20:57:07 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
20:57 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-02T20:01:39.html
20:57 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-03-02T20:01:39
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