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#sugar-meeting, 2018-01-09

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22:00 Quozl #startmeeting
22:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Jan  9 22:00:07 2018 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
22:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
22:00 Quozl #topic quorum
22:00 anyone here?  sorry for late notice.
22:01 yashagrawal3 Hi
22:01 Quozl #topic what we have been working on
22:02 walter released music blocks bundle, james tested it and reported problems, walter reported something is wrong with the license metadata filter on activities.sugarlabs.org, james worked on measure and clock activities.
22:02 yashagrawal3: hello, what have you been doing?
22:03 yashagrawal3 I am currently solving logged issues in
22:04 [03:33]  I am currently solving logged issues in multiple activities and porting it to gtk+3
22:04 Quozl 'k.  anyone else here?
22:05 yashagrawal3_ <yashagrawal3_!8ba784a6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
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22:06 Quozl i'll give it five minutes in case anyone else says anything, then i'll move to close the meeting.  thanks for being here, yashagrawal3_
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22:06 yashagrawal3_ Quozl: my pleasure!
22:07 samson__ Hello
22:07 Samson here
22:07 Quozl samson__: hello.
22:08 yashagrawal3_ samson: hello!
22:08 samson__ Concerning music blocks, i wonder if Scratch v3 can use the same process
22:09 Quozl samson__: embedded with browse?  very likely, yes.  have a look what walter did and see if you can do it.
22:10 dzho checks in
22:10 Quozl dzho: welcome!
22:10 dzho thanks!
22:10 is getting ready to teach humanitarian free and open source software development (aka "HFOSS") again starting next week.
22:11 last year, XOs were default, but optional.
22:11 this time, if all goes to plan, VMs will be default, with XO being an option.
22:12 Quozl dzho: have you used Sugar Live Build?
22:12 dzho Quozl: each student will be getting a SoaS VMWare VM instance accessed through a web console, but at my insistence they should also be able to run VirtualBox with the ability to change images on the fly.
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22:12 dzho Quozl: so, I mention this because I think we can throw Sugar Live in there.
22:13 Quozl dzho: problem we face at the moment is that SoaS is released without testing, and ends up with some really fundamental bugs that were fixed in git but not released as fedora fixes because they weren't logged with fedora bugs.
22:13 dzho each is meant to bring a USB keychain drive on which we should be able to put a few ISOs and a few VMs.
22:13 Quozl dzho: Sugar Live Build short circuits that process somewhat.
22:13 dzho nods
22:13 Quozl Okay, any other "what have we been working on" updates?
22:14 dzho was just looking at https://wayland.freedesktop.org/xserver.html
22:14 in re: #778, not that I think I can contribute much.
22:15 but no
22:15 Quozl dzho: #778 just needs someone who cares; and as for myself, i don't need wayland yet, so i put it out there.  it is likely something really simple and silly, and someone just needs to read logs.
22:15 dzho oh, wait. I did get docker-the-Markdown-to-HTML-renderer installed and tried it.
22:16 Quozl thanks.  moving on.
22:16 dzho nods.
22:16 Quozl #topic progress of GCI 2017
22:16 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satel@2601:602:880:1907:5908:3eb2:30a1:d41b> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:16 Quozl how are we going with GCI?
22:17 for myself, i've seen a lot of good work, reviewed a lot of patches, tested a lot of code.  the most amusing moments happen when a task says to do something that there isn't general agreement on, and the contestant works for days only to find out they were ill-advised.
22:17 ... which at heart is likely task creation haste.  ;-)
22:19 dzho :(
22:19 Quozl sugar-docs pr #137 was the most surprising in that respect.
22:20 satellit_ has quit IRC
22:20 dzho is unclear as to the purpose of sugar-docs vis-a-vis the wiki
22:20 kipply has quit IRC
22:20 dzho especially now that we're seeing it move from nearly all Markdown to HTML
22:20 Quozl dzho: sugar-docs is developer.sugarlabs.org originally, and that's where it is rendered.
22:21 dzho understood
22:21 Quozl agree that html is less accessible for edits.
22:22 anyone else want to comment in gci 2017 (the topic) before we close the meeting?  i'll give a couple of minutes.
22:24 dzho waves so long, bows out to walk the dog
22:24 Quozl now, have i got everyone's first name captured for my report?  if you don't want to be reported by your nick, say your name.
22:24 motion to close meeting; all in favour?
22:26 yashagrawal3_ +1
22:26 Quozl samson__: ?
22:27 samson__ +1
22:27 Quozl #endmeeting
22:27 meeting Meeting ended Tue Jan  9 22:27:15 2018 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
22:27 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-09T22:00:07.html
22:27 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]18-01-09T22:00:07
22:27 Quozl thanks for turning up!
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