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#sugar-meeting, 2017-12-19

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All times shown according to UTC.

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22:00 Quozl #startmeeting
22:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Dec 19 22:00:40 2017 UTC. The chair is Quozl. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
22:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
22:00 walterbender hi
22:00 Quozl #agreed quorum
22:00 #topic what we have been working on
22:01 walterbender the usual: GCI and Music Blocks
22:01 Quozl I've been testing Sugar 0.112 and activities on Fedora 18 on OLPC OS on XOs, and on Ubuntu 18.04 beta on a VM.
22:01 walterbender GCI is beginning to transition into the next phase
22:01 Quozl There's a next phase?
22:01 walterbender where some of the students are beginning to dig deeper
22:02 Quozl Ah, I see.
22:02 walterbender there are some students digging into real bug now
22:02 getting deeper into the code
22:02 Quozl I've also tried answering some questions put to the community by Tony on sugar-devel@, but nobody else chimed in, so my guess is that nobody else has those questions or has answers.
22:02 walterbender Quozl, I found your explanations helpful
22:03 and I am also glad that the documentation for sugar-live-build is coming together
22:03 It has helped having the background page in the wiki for GCI in better shape as well
22:05 Quozl I've added someone as collaborator on sugar-live-build, and there's a possibility they are a GCI contestant, but without introductions I wouldn't know.  I've nothing further to add.
22:05 walterbender I think it is a GCI student
22:05 I've not much else for today except lots more bug fixes in the works
22:06 Quozl Okay, I'm fine to finish the meeting if you are.
22:06 walterbender and some pick up on GTk2->GTK3 tasks
22:06 OK
22:06 Quozl #endmeeting
22:06 meeting Meeting ended Tue Dec 19 22:06:17 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
22:06 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-19T22:00:40.html
22:06 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]17-12-19T22:00:40
22:06 walterbender goes back to fixing his POT generator for JS
22:06 Quozl heh.
22:06 eohomegrownapps oh
22:06 evidently missed the meeting...
22:47 llaske <llaske!~llaske@2a01cb00074daf00b92c5ee033c​010f0.ipv6.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
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22:59 Quozl walterbender: shall we skip 26th meeting date and move to week after?  the 2nd.
23:00 oops, wrong channel
23:35 emilyo11 <emilyo11!uid200311@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-zmpxconscrfwlgnq> has joined #sugar-meeting

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