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#sugar-meeting, 2017-07-24

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13:56 walterbender hi cristinadp
13:56 llaske <llaske!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:57 cristinadp hi walter!
13:57 hi everyone!
13:57 llaske hi all
13:57 Hrishi hi
13:57 jatindhankhar hi
13:58 zeecoder hi!
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14:00 Tabs16 hello all
14:00 pragr07 hi Tabs16
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14:01 walterbender #start-meeting
14:01 meeting Meeting started Mon Jul 24 14:01:06 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:01 walterbender hello everyone
14:01 Tabs16 hi walterbender
14:01 mohayon2 Hello :)
14:01 zeecoder hi walterbender
14:01 Rishabh42 Namaste :)
14:01 jatindhankhar hello walterbender
14:02 walterbender quick note to mentors: please let me know if you are interested in the mentor summit (by email)
14:02 sanjay_ <sanjay_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 Tabs16 Rishabh42: namaste :D
14:02 walterbender shall we begin with jatindhankhar ?
14:02 mohayon has left #sugar-meeting
14:02 jatindhankhar Sure
14:02 Rishabh42 Tabs16, :)
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14:03 mohayon2 <mohayon2!~mohayon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 samsongoddy <samsongoddy!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 samsongoddy Hello
14:04 jatindhankhar This week we added support for large set of activities, activities that use old toolkit, those which don't have po files and a license extraction module to extract license information from LICENSE and COPYING file incase same is not available in the activity.info
14:04 tharangi <tharangi!~dinuka.ja@2402:4000:bbfd:e84d:3821:16d1:f66c:8a0d> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:04 walterbender jatindhankhar, any sense of what percentage of activities are not covered now?
14:04 jatindhankhar In the frontend, screenshot support was added.
14:04 llaske no activity.info ? it's possible ?
14:05 walterbender llaske, no license field in activity.info
14:05 llaske aj oka
14:05 jatindhankhar Mostly activities that don't have `setup.py`
14:05 llaske okay
14:05 jatindhankhar Vast majority of activities work.
14:06 walterbender jatindhankhar, that is great. seems we are getting a much more consistent database from all of this
14:06 jatindhankhar http://aslo.jatindhankhar.in:5000/, contains more activities now :D. Suggestions on UI are always welcome
14:07 samsongoddy Nice
14:07 walterbender is that server running? I get page not found
14:07 samsongoddy It is very similar with the website UI
14:07 Mine is working
14:08 Hrishi not working
14:08 jatindhankhar walterbender: Yes. It's a small droplet (512 mb)
14:08 Hrishi just loaded after trying again
14:08 walterbender hmm. i cannot access it.
14:08 maybe a security issue
14:08 tries a different browser
14:09 jatindhankhar Maybe traffic is high.
14:09 walterbender works now :)
14:09 jatindhankhar :)
14:09 walterbender looks nice
14:09 samsongoddy Yeah i just left
14:10 jatindhankhar Thanks, UI needs more improvement.
14:10 walterbender jatindhankhar, will there be the various category searches, etc.?
14:10 llaske What's the red cross is for ?
14:10 jatindhankhar For the next week Samuel and I decided following tasks
14:10 1Test core activities 2. Add Search 3. Improve UI 4. i18n
14:10 walterbender jatindhankhar, sounds great
14:11 jatindhankhar llaske: Red crosses signify whether activities supports that feature or not
14:11 walterbender any other questions for jatindhankhar ?
14:11 jatindhankhar walterbender: Yes search by bundle_id and activity version
14:11 I am thinking to use cateogories as a tags so we can search by tags
14:12 Any feature that seems missing ?
14:13 walterbender jatindhankhar, nothing I can think of
14:13 but I think the red x is confusing
14:14 jatindhankhar walterbender What should we use instead ?
14:14 walterbender seems if there is a binary choice, it should just indicate: e.g., Web Activity vs Deskop Activity
14:14 GTK2 vs GTK3
14:14 tarunsinghal92 <tarunsinghal92!453a669c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:14 jatindhankhar Okay. Nice idea
14:14 walterbender jatindhankhar, and may a red x to indicate deprecated features?
14:15 otherwise, it is simple and clean
14:15 jatindhankhar, where does the developers list come from?
14:16 jatindhankhar walterbender: didnt't get this, which deprecated features? Use of old gtk ?
14:16 walterbender jatindhankhar, yes
14:16 jatindhankhar walterbender: Github API https://developer.github.com/v3/repos/statistics/
14:16 Okay
14:16 walterbender jatindhankhar, Gtk2 and old toolbars should be flagged
14:17 samsongoddy If i can come in.  i think it would be awesome to adjust the UI to look like the next website
14:17 walterbender jatindhankhar, the list of contributors for Turtle is incomplete
14:17 samsongoddy https://geekrypter.github.io/s[…]sWebsiteRedesign/
14:17 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@c-71-232-12-24.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:17 pikurasa hello, sorry to be late today
14:18 jatindhankhar Yes, if it's a web activity then we don't need to show information like gtk and toolbars and nice versa.
14:18 samsongoddy: UI Of aslo-v3 ?
14:18 samsongoddy Yeah
14:18 Hrishi samsongoddy : in that case we can ask seetarama to add some shadow effects and change button style
14:18 samsongoddy Just a thought
14:18 walterbender we should move on
14:18 jatindhankhar, nice progress... thank you
14:19 jatindhankhar walterbender: Maybe because aslo is using forked repos https://github.com/sugarlabs-test
14:19 :D
14:19 walterbender pragr07, I think you are next?
14:19 pragr07 ok
14:19 jatindhankhar samsongoddy: Thank you for the suggestions :)
14:19 pragr07 so, I am done with testing the synth code for voice samples
14:20 samsongoddy +1
14:20 pragr07 Also i included effects in the set-timbre block
14:20 and it works
14:20 walterbender pragr07, nice
14:20 pragr07 I have changed the set-timbre block to flwoclamp type
14:20 walterbender perfect
14:20 pragr07 walterbender: it does really help in testing :)
14:21 currently i am in midway testing it over the drum samples
14:21 post that, the testing will be over
14:21 walterbender pragr07, as soon as that is working, we should merge your new musicutils code
14:21 pragr07 currently certain blocks are behaving strangely as pointed out by pikurasa
14:21 walterbender: sure
14:22 probably because of the new synth code
14:22 i have to fix that
14:22 pikurasa pragr07: I am not sure if it is something you did. I seem to remember that bug from before
14:22 Tabs16 pragr07: that can be due to if the value you are passing is a string
14:22 pikurasa It could be something that you did pragr07, but maybe not
14:22 Tabs16 walterbender: pikurasa  I have experienced that bug
14:23 pragr07 pikurasa: i checked the console, and there it showed some error with the "loadSynth" menthod
14:23 it might be something else too
14:23 pikurasa has seen a lot of bugs since the start of MB
14:23 walterbender writes perfect code... never any bugs :)
14:24 Tabs16 in block.js it is var label = value.toString(); and the blocks come without the labels if the value passed to it is a string
14:24 pikurasa walterbender: and if there is a bug, I am sure it is on purpose--like an easter egg for the students to discover, right?
14:24 ;)
14:24 Tabs16 I changed it on my branch and haven't experienced it since then
14:24 walterbender pragr07, so the goal for this week is testing drums (samples) and debugging in prep. for merging
14:25 pragr07, any progress re volume control?
14:25 pragr07 walterbender: yes
14:25 pikurasa pragr07: +1
14:25 pragr07 no , for volume control :(
14:25 pikurasa yeah for volume...
14:25 oh
14:25 :(
14:25 pragr07 drum testing shouldn't take much time
14:25 walterbender pragr07, maybe you can add that to your to do for this week?
14:25 pragr07 walterbender: yes i will do that
14:25 pikurasa volume control will liberate us!
14:25 walterbender great
14:26 pragr07 pikurasa: i didn't understand the "musical slide" concept
14:26 that you mentioned about in the mail
14:26 pikurasa pragr07: slide pitch
14:26 pragr07: have you tried the pitch slider widget?
14:26 pragr07 pikurasa: no
14:27 pikurasa That has a certain element of what we want, but a slide block would be more intentional
14:27 i.e. slide between pitch A to pitch B
14:27 perhaps a clamp
14:27 pragr07 ok, i'll look into that once
14:28 pikurasa pragr07: check out pitch slider widget, then read my email again
14:28 pragr07 pikurasa: sure
14:28 pikurasa pragr07: if you have questions after that, please ask
14:28 pragr07 ok
14:28 walterbender any other questions for pragr07 ?
14:29 thanks pragr07 ; Raphaelt[m], I think you are next?
14:29 pragr07 :)
14:29 Raphaelt[m] Yes
14:29 So
14:30 Last week, I have done some code cleaing, remove thing...
14:30 Added db integration
14:30 But not totally implemented
14:30 We have a meeting Thursday with Lional and Micheal to review the UI
14:31 And this week, I need to continue to clean the code, and fix some bug on the primary view, to make it totally fonctionnal
14:32 walterbender mohayon2, any comments?
14:33 mohayon2 The technical parts are working but we need to simplify the ui, we will remove the unused or too complicated ui elements and focus on what the user will want to do
14:34 walterbender any test users ?
14:34 mohayon2 Soon, Lionel and I are trying it first but the goal is to make the teachers test it asap
14:35 llaske Plus: a first deployment should use it in september...
14:35 walterbender +1
14:35 thanks Raphaelt[m]
14:36 Rishabh42, can you please give an update?
14:36 Rishabh42 walterbender, sure
14:38 walterbender, last week I worked mostly on making automatic login reproducible, tested the alternative activities to Write for a word processor and have also short listed the best one, please read my blog post here for a more detailed update: https://sugaronraspberrypi.wordpress.com/
14:39 walterbender, I also tested turtleblocks and measure from the activities store but neither of the 2 worked :/
14:39 walterbender Rishabh42, what did the logs say?
14:40 pikurasa discovered that his RPi is a RPi 1
14:40 Hrishi pikurasa : I might later try to make an image for zero and 1
14:40 walterbender pikurasa, it should work on RPi1 but very slow
14:40 Hrishi walterbender : it won't
14:40 walterbender oh
14:40 Rishabh42 for turtleblocks, it gave an error saying: 'no module named pygtk found', which was fixed after installing a package
14:40 walterbender I was thinking zero
14:41 Hrishi Probability for zero
14:41 Rishabh42 : I suggested to do something, did you install it?
14:41 walterbender Rishabh42, what package did you need to install?
14:41 Hrishi it was python-gtk2 maybe
14:41 walterbender Rishabh42, the latest turtle bits are gtk3
14:42 can you please test those?
14:42 Rishabh42 walterbender, it was python-gtk2
14:42 walterbender and there is a gtk3 version of Measure too
14:42 both may need GST 1.0
14:42 Rishabh42 walterbender, I will do that in this week and update you on the same, I was currently working on physics
14:43 walterbender OK
14:43 Rishabh42 walterbender, thanks for the info, I'll try both
14:43 walterbender anything else for Rishabh42 ?
14:43 samsongoddy Yes
14:43 Rishabh42 walterbender, should I focus on physics or turtleblocks currently?
14:43 samsongoddy Documentations
14:44 Hrishi walterbender : I and abhijitp discussed something about this today
14:44 walterbender Rishabh42, as we discussed last week, turtle and measure are priorities
14:44 Rishabh42 walterbender, I do remember that
14:44 walterbender Rishabh42, I don't exactly understand what needs to be done re Physics other than encourage upstream to pull the latest bits
14:45 you need to do the packaging for them?
14:45 Rishabh42 walterbender, the fix for physics is there in the dfsg branch, and as suggested by Quozl the best way to go about this would be if Debian devs could package it
14:45 walterbender you will need to do the same with Turtle, although Alan JAS may be able to help you.
14:46 Hrishi Rishabh42 : but currently doing it locally will save our time
14:46 Rishabh42 so that's why I contacted the Debian team and wanted to help them with the packaging
14:46 Hrishi ^^walterbender
14:46 Rishabh42 Hrishi, I'm still not sure whether running setup.py will fix it
14:46 walterbender I don't understand what it means to "do it locally"
14:46 Rishabh42 this approach seems pretty vague
14:46 Hrishi walterbender : use the xo to deploy physics while building
14:47 walterbender the xo???
14:47 Hrishi yes it is, no point of saying it vague when we already discussed
14:47 yeah, the .xo
14:47 I mean use setup.py in short
14:47 "setup.py install"
14:47 walterbender OK. Got it.
14:47 That seems to be pretty straightforward
14:48 Rishabh42 Hrishi, how will running setup.py install it in the activities folder is what I find a bit vague
14:48 Hrishi, but I'll try it anyway
14:48 Hrishi Rishabh42 : don't worry about that
14:49 Evals just got started
14:49 Rishabh42 another thing is, that setup.py will run on linux's terminal and not the sugar one
14:49 so I'm a bit skeptical that it might produce errors
14:49 Hrishi will probably work the same way, it is different than any linux machine
14:50 Rishabh42 samsongoddy, can you please tell me which documentation are you referring to?
14:50 Hrishi Rishabh42 : for website
14:50 samsongoddy Yes
14:50 Rishabh42 Hrishi, it did give me the 'No module named sugar3.activity' error
14:51 Hrishi Give it a try, i will explain it (at slack)
14:51 walterbender Rishabh42, setup.py should run fine in either place as long as the correct libraries are available
14:51 Rishabh42 Hrishi, okay, I will, thanks :)
14:51 Hrishi +1
14:52 Rishabh42 walterbender, +1
14:52 Hrishi samsongoddy, Seetarama : please explain more about docs
14:52 walterbender in any case, you guys should sort this out.. it has been dragging on for way to long.
14:52 Rishabh42 I believe I'll have to install certain libraries then
14:52 Hrishi samsongoddy: what are our needs?
14:52 walterbender we should move on
14:52 samsongoddy Installation
14:53 Like Soas
14:53 Hrishi and also for devs
14:53 Seetarama Hrishi: maybe it would be better to discuss after this meeting
14:53 Hrishi okay
14:54 walterbender Rishabh42, thanks. nice blog, BTW. sanjay_, can you please give an update?
14:54 sanjay_ Sure.
14:55 Firstly I apologize for not being able to complete the blog with math explanation for all tricks to send you. I am still drafting it and will send soon.
14:56 The test game link is, https://sanjaykumarr.github.io/MindMath/ And the Repo corresponding to the test game: https://github.com/SanjayKumar[…]ath/tree/gh-pages
14:57 There are few problems with UI. I am fixing it one by one. And on the explanation part, I have added it for sqaure of number ending with 5. Tony gave me a feedback that it is too mathematical and need to like more text. I am changing it
14:57 And also will add the explanation for the other tricks on the same lines.
14:58 Rishabh42 has quit IRC
14:59 walterbender sanjay_, It is easy to get lost in the UI
14:59 but let's get the functionalilty complete
15:00 Hrishi sanjay_ might add a previous step button
15:00 sanjay_ Sure. Yeah. That will help. I will add that
15:02 I used Phaser Inputfield library for the input field to answer fields. It has brought in many problems. I have listed two of them in the issues. I am searching for an alternative else will find a work around.
15:03 Rishabh42 <Rishabh42!~Rishabh42@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:04 walterbender sanjay_, what is the plan for this week?
15:05 Rishabh42 got disconnected because of some network issues. Hrishi can you please tell me if I missed anything important?
15:05 Hrishi Rishabh42 : stay after the meeting, we will have a mini meeting with samsongoddy and Seetarama
15:05 sanjay_ I have to add the explanation for all the math tricks in good text. Need to complete the other little parts of the game and make it functional with better UI
15:06 Seetarama Hrishi: +1
15:06 pikurasa Tabs16: pragr07 tharangi BTW, did you write blogs this week?
15:06 walterbender sanjay_, thanks.
15:06 Rishabh42 Hrishi, sure thing
15:06 walterbender Seetarama, can you please give an update
15:06 Seetarama sure
15:07 Work done: 1)Integrating Google Analytics 2) Integrating email subscription feature 3) Further optimisation and testing 4)Improving responsiveness 5) Adding more pages and more content to the website 6) Code clean up 7) Documentation addition
15:07 walterbender: your content was categorized into 3 categories(students, sch admin, parents) Then I created 3 seperate pages for each of them and added your content into the website. Also created another page for sugar lesson plans found from GCI dump and added that content to this page.
15:07 walterbender Seetarama, great
15:07 Seetarama, I owe you a few pictures
15:08 Seetarama yes :)
15:08 mohayon2 has quit IRC
15:08 walterbender Seetarama, do you have links handy to these new pages?
15:08 Seetarama one min
15:09 pragr07 pikurasa: no, i didn't
15:09 pikurasa pragr07: please do
15:09 pragr07 ok
15:09 pikurasa BRB in 5 min
15:09 loves student blogs
15:09 Seetarama https://geekrypter.github.io/s[…]gar_lesson_plans/   https://geekrypter.github.io/s[…]ign/for_students/   https://geekrypter.github.io/s[…]sign/for_parents/   https://geekrypter.github.io/s[…]l_administrators/
15:10 also created a another page for sugar stories whose content was taken from your sugar stories section in your doc
15:10 link for sugar stories page: https://geekrypter.github.io/s[…]gn/sugar_stories/
15:10 Hrishi seetarama : the lesson plans looks great. Great anim effects.
15:11 Seetarama Still changes to the above pages are to be made, wanted to release a basic version first
15:11 Hrishi; thanks
15:11 Hrishi Seetarama : maybe add PDF versions too
15:11 samsongoddy +1
15:11 walterbender Seetarama, we need to find more lesson plans
15:11 Seetarama Hrishi: which PDF files?
15:11 samsongoddy Yeah and pictures
15:11 Toi
15:11 Hrishi walterbender : GCI is coming
15:11 samsongoddy Too
15:11 walterbender Seetarama, a few places the paragraphjs seem to run together... a css issue?
15:12 Hrishi Seetarama : for lesson plans
15:12 walterbender Hrishi, that is the tip of the iceberg
15:13 Seetarama_ <Seetarama_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:13 Seetarama_ sorry got disconnected
15:14 did i miss anything?
15:14 Hrishi no
15:14 walterbender Seetarama, I will try to run through the whole site this week
15:15 Seetarama_ just saw the log
15:15 samsongoddy walterbender, about the email subscription. Any luck with the research?
15:15 walterbender any other questions for Seetarama ?
15:15 Seetarama_ walterbender: ok
15:15 Also I have written the blog post for this week
15:15 pikurasa is back
15:15 walterbender Seetarama, what are the goals for this coming week?
15:16 Seetarama has quit IRC
15:16 walterbender meanwhile ....
15:16 Seetarama_ has quit IRC
15:16 walterbender Tabs16, can you please give an update?
15:16 Seetarama <Seetarama!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:16 Tabs16 Okay
15:16 this week went quite fine
15:17 Seetarama walterbender: will have to discuss this week's goals with Hrishi and samsongoddy
15:17 Tabs16 I have finished the working prototype of all the components, i.e. synth, oscillator, effects, filter and envelope
15:17 Just fine tuning effects components, auto generation of blocks :P
15:18 rest I have implemented the update feature for all
15:18 my goals for next week :
15:18 1) merge with pragr07 's code regarding tone.js
15:19 2) clean and optimise code
15:19 3) Improve UI further
15:19 4) Testing (always )
15:19 I will update my blog by tomorrow
15:20 walterbender Tabs16, did you add the warning for when there are multiple redundant blocks in the timbre clamp? e.g., two envelopes?
15:20 Tabs16 yes walterbender , I have taken care of the multiple issue blocks and it generates a warning
15:21 walterbender nice
15:21 any headway on the Chart?
15:21 Tabs16 and updates are made to the last added block
15:21 walterbender: I am reading the docs of Chart.js
15:22 I was thinking shall we make a graph which plot the points as chosen by the user through the slider?
15:22 sanjay_ has quit IRC
15:23 walterbender Tabs16, sounds about right
15:23 Tabs16, not sure how fast we can update?
15:23 Tabs16 I need to fine tune some defaults
15:23 walterbender: Even i was thinking th same
15:24 walterbender Tabs16, lets find out this week
15:24 Tabs16 since the slider values will change very frequently
15:24 and calling the graph that many times will be troublesome
15:24 walterbender maybe just when the mouse is released on the slider
15:24 any other questions?
15:24 thanks Tabs16
15:24 tarunsinghal92, can you please give an update?
15:25 pikurasa no questions for Tabs16
15:25 thanks Tabs16
15:25 tarunsinghal92 okay walterbender
15:25 Tabs16 thanks :)
15:25 tarunsinghal92 Journal module is complete and we can now launch a journal entry directly from dashboard.
15:25 Tabs16 pikurasa: I will update my blog tomorrow :)
15:25 tarunsinghal92 Added graphs on dashboard's home screen. Demo is available on
15:25 Blog 8 is available at https://github.com/tarunsingha[…]gramming-Phase-VI
15:26 Next thing remaining is event statistics which should be done in next couple of days
15:27 walterbender my ISP must be violating net neutrality. /me is having trouble accessing non-commercial sites today :(
15:27 llaske, any comments?
15:28 tarunsinghal92, I will run the demo as soon as my ISP decides it is OK :(
15:28 pikurasa walterbender: one of these days, we may all be forced to meshnet :p
15:28 tarunsinghal92 just 1 min
15:28 pikurasa I cannot see either
15:28 tarunsinghal92 maybe try now
15:28 walterbender works!!
15:28 pikurasa works now
15:29 tarunsinghal92 yeah node process crashed
15:29 pikurasa that looks cool tarunsinghal92
15:29 tarunsinghal92 thanks pikurasa
15:29 Hrishi tarunsinghal92 : looks brilliant!
15:29 tarunsinghal92 thanks Hrishi
15:29 walterbender reminds me a lot of the system Tincho built for OLPC OZ
15:30 looks good
15:30 samsongoddy Awesome
15:30 tarunsinghal92 we can launch an activity from this module
15:30 walterbender llaske, is this opt in for Sugarizer users?
15:30 tarunsinghal92[…]febf&type=private
15:30 thanks walterbender, samsongoddy
15:31 Hrishi samsongoddy : ASLO and this backend has similar UI, we might reconsider the website UI, what say?
15:31 samsongoddy Maybe for the menu
15:32 Navigation
15:32 tarunsinghal92 yeah.. it will be modified to black and white similar to sugarizer webclient
15:32 Hrishi and buttons
15:32 walterbender Hrishi, we can track raw numbers, but not individual users
15:32 we are running very late. Let's move on to tharangi
15:32 thanks tarunsinghal92
15:32 tarunsinghal92 thanks walterbender
15:33 tharangi As I said in the last meeting, first I tried PDF generation with FPDF PDF generator(http://www.fpdf.org/). But there were some issues when using that including CSS related issues. Then I tried some other PDF generators and found TCPDF generator(https://tcpdf.org/). There weren't any issues in using that and did PDF generation using TCPDF library and committed the PDF generation to  the source code.- https://github.com/Tha
15:33 icBlocksUserManual-GSoC-2017. Pikurasa has updated the sandbox with the PDF generation code and you can find it from here. - https://sandbox.musicblocks.ne[…].php?page=welcome. There are some minor changes I made after that update today. By clicking the 'Download User Guide' button the PDF will be generated. That can be downloaded and printed. Table of Contents can be added and Header, Footer and Fonts
15:33 ustomized.
15:34 In the currently generating PDF, there are some issues with image sizes. But those can be fixed and once tested successfully I will commit the latest changes to the code.
15:34 walterbender tharangi, all sounds great
15:34 tharangi I will publish my blog article within next 30 minutes.
15:35 walterbender tharangi, thx
15:35 tharangi, other than the images, what is next?
15:36 pikurasa tharangi: I just updated the sandbox
15:36 HEAD is now at 0612d5a... Adding http://www.musicblocks.net/ to header
15:36 so we are at most up-to-date version
15:37 tharangi: ^^what is next?
15:38 tharangi pikurasa: thanks. Content :(
15:38 pikurasa content is next?
15:38 walterbender tharangi, please let me know if there is anything I can help with re content
15:39 pikurasa tharangi: me as well. walterbender, tharangi and I met last week and discussed content a little bit
15:40 we discussed a "concept-based approach" to the lessons
15:40 walterbender Seetarama, collaborative (with an o)
15:40 pikurasa, we need to keep the construtionist approach alive too
15:41 tharangi no I am bit stucked at this content creation process. I will fix PDF generation issues and will start working on next step.
15:41 walterbender tharangi, +1
15:42 tharangi Next is 'Improve Documentation' section. Create guidelines for user guide documentation - Create user guide documentation templates. When users contribute to the user-guide using a relevant template, new pages/sections will be generated automatically in the system.
15:42 pikurasa walterbender: I did not mean to suggest that they are mutually exclusive
15:42 Introduce a concept, play with and create doing the concept
15:42 then onto the next concept
15:42 walterbender +1
15:43 pikurasa I just want to avoid too many concepts introduced all at once
15:43 tharangi pikirasa: Where can I include what we discussed. Play with Music Blocks section?
15:43 pikurasa which is so easy to do
15:43 Seetarama walterbender: didn't get you
15:43 pikurasa tharangi: that is where it looks like it should be
15:44 walterbender Seetarama, you have a typo on the landing page
15:44 pikurasa in your interface
15:44 tharangi any suggestion for the Examples section? we alreadt have Hot Cross Buns
15:44 Seetarama walterbender: oops sorry, a blind mistake
15:44 walterbender tharangi, there a lots of examples here:
15:44 Hrishi pikurasa : did we have any MB creation this GCI? for music?
15:45 ^^walterbender
15:45 pikurasa tharangi: maybe you could list the "play with music blocks" by concept?
15:45 walterbender https://github.com/walterbende[…]e/master/examples
15:45 Hrishi worth including with HCB?
15:45 pikurasa walterbender: 's examples should be the start
15:45 Hrishi like a folk song maybe
15:45 pikurasa Also, those examples have unique qualities as well, which would be nice to highlight
15:45 walterbender I would choose some scales.
15:46 maybe should different ways to create scales?
15:46 pikurasa it would be nice to highlight which examples introduce which blocks for example
15:47 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
15:47 walterbender +1
15:47 pikurasa (thinking big here, but) would be nice if there were a database of which blocks are used
15:47 maybe that could read the .tb file and automate the process
15:47 so someone could search for code that uses x,y,z block(s)
15:48 tharangi hmm...okay,,,
15:48 pikurasa alternately, they could be uploaded with tags, I suppose
15:48 but I am sure walterbender has advice on this idea
15:49 does the idea make sense?
15:49 since we have PHP a database is possible
15:49 walterbender we could at least index the examples that way to start
15:49 pikurasa walterbender: yes, that is the most obvious way to begin
15:50 tharangi: maybe you could send us an outline of how you plan to organize examples?
15:50 It could either be in email or in a new branch of your code
15:50 walterbender: and I can edit it if need be
15:51 walterbender sounds good
15:51 tharangi okay, will send
15:51 pikurasa tharangi: thanks
15:51 walterbender tharangi, thx for the update
15:51 zeecoder, your turn (finally)
15:51 zeecoder yes sure
15:51 In Jigsaw-puzzle activity, I completed the UI, replaced the pixmaps with the cairo surfaces, the port to Gtk3 Is almost finished. There are some errors in which I need some help.
15:51 tarunsinghal92 has quit IRC
15:52 zeecoder Also the puzzle pieces are not getting displayed.  So I will try to solve it and make it work.
15:52 walterbender zeecoder, please share your latest bits with me afer the meeting and I will try to help
15:52 zeecoder yesterday I mailed you regarding the problem.
15:52 Ok
15:52 walterbender zeecoder, which repo?
15:52 and which branch?
15:53 zeecoder I will send you the link
15:53 walterbender thx
15:53 zeecoder, presuming we get jigsaw working, what is next for you this week?
15:54 zeecoder any mama media?
15:54 if you could suggest me ?
15:54 walterbender maybe you can finish those up, yes
15:55 zeecoder which mama media app should I proceed with?
15:56 walterbender and then perhaps the rest of the http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]S/sugar/user/2246
15:56 activities
15:56 I have done 4-5 of them already
15:57 zeecoder Ok I will go through the activities.
15:59 walterbender zeecoder, re mamamedia I think http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4037
16:00 and http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4044
16:00 any questions for zeecoder ?
16:00 if not, time to end the meeting :)
16:00 I think we are a 2-hour meeting, not a 1-hour meeing
16:00 thanks everyone
16:00 zeecoder No sir thats it.
16:00 walterbender #end-meeting
16:00 zeecoder thankyou
16:00 meeting Meeting ended Mon Jul 24 16:00:53 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:00 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-24T14:01:06.html
16:00 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]17-07-24T14:01:06
16:01 Seetarama bye
16:01 walterbender zeecoder, your repo link?
16:01 Seetarama has quit IRC
16:01 pikurasa BRB
16:01 zeecoder I havent committed the changes on github. I will send you the link in few minutes.
16:02 walterbender please let me know.
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