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#sugar-meeting, 2017-07-03

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13:32 llaske_ is now known as llaske
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13:52 Walterbender <Walterbender!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:52 zeecoder Hi walterbender
13:54 Walterbender on a tenuous connection
13:55 Tabs16 <Tabs16!uid157594@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-bcwfdqyufeuoislg> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:55 Seetarama <Seetarama!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:55 Walterbender Zeecoder any headway?
13:56 zeecoder As is said yesterday set_nr_pieces is the only method which is used to display the slider puzzle widget and then the game starts.
13:56 this method is called when both the image is clicked and the 9, 12, 16 button is clicked
13:58 I figured out how to display the slider puzzle widget But I think after the panel is created other things just dont work.
13:59 pragr07 <pragr07!9d310045@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:59 zeecoder So first I have to make sure other things works after the panel is opened.
14:00 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:00 devAb <devAb!~qicruser@2405:204:8589:e6da:b5f:6a32:aa0a:39d1> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:00 llaske Hi Walterbender, do you #start-meeting ?
14:00 Rishabh42 hey everyone
14:01 Hrishi Hi
14:01 pragr07 Hello everyone
14:01 jatindhankhar Hello
14:01 cristinadp <cristinadp!1806e524@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:02 llaske Walter have a limited connection, so he asked me to launch the meeting.
14:02 As usual the idea is that each student could say few words about its project.
14:02 cristinadp hi everybody
14:02 Hrishi Hi cristinadp
14:02 llaske Please for each of you: explain what you've done last week, what you plan to do for next week and any issue you have.
14:03 Who start ?
14:03 zeecoder should I?
14:03 llaske sure
14:03 tarunsinghal92 yeah Z to A
14:03 Seetarama hi everyone
14:03 llaske :-)
14:03 Hrishi Hi Seetarama
14:03 Seetarama hi Hrishi
14:03 llaske So we hear you zeecoder
14:03 zeecoder I have replaced all the old buttons of the slider puzzle with the toolbar buttons and they are working as they are supposed to. I also designed a scrolling window panel which contains all the images.
14:03 cristinadp hi Hrishi
14:04 jatin_ <jatin_!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:04 zeecoder Right now I am focusing on connecting the image icons with there functions.
14:04 llaske I've seen that you didn't update your blog recently
14:05 zeecoder yes Because I was stuck on the panel creation
14:05 jatin_ has quit IRC
14:05 zeecoder I will surely update my blog after I complete the UI.
14:06 llaske It's interesting to post about your problem too :-)
14:06 jatin_ <jatin_!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:06 zeecoder Ok then I will update it today itself :D
14:06 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
14:07 llaske Cool. Any other thing to share with us ?
14:08 zeecoder Actually I need some help regarding the panel Because after it is opened nothing else works.
14:08 jatin_ has quit IRC
14:08 llaske Do you talk to it with Walter and/or Ignacio ?
14:08 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:08 zeecoder After this the Ui will be finished and the porting will be a lot easier.
14:09 tharangi <tharangi!~dinuka.ja@2402:4000:bbfe:d61d:d0ca:f95e:79bc:326> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:09 zeecoder yes I did But I could not fix it.
14:09 llaske What are the current ways you're exploring ?
14:10 zeecoder The panel I created is similar to the load samples panel in the turtleart activity.
14:11 So I am looking in the turteart.
14:11 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
14:12 zeecoder I think the problem is in the gtk.fixed container. which is used to put the scrolled window in it.
14:12 llaske Ok I guess you could talk of that with Walter after the meeting
14:13 zeecoder yeah sure.
14:13 llaske So, who is next ?
14:13 tarunsinghal92 Me?
14:14 llaske Let's go Tarun
14:14 tarunsinghal92 sorry it should be Tharangi
14:14 according to Z to A rule
14:14 Walterbender has quit IRC
14:15 tarunsinghal92 ok i am starting then
14:15 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:15 tarunsinghal92 Previous week I have worked on checking the compatibility of client side with the new API… Results are pretty good and everything seems to be working fine.
14:15 dashboard mockups are also done. They can be viewed on the following link http://sketch.cloud/s/Awrr. They might vary as per further discussion
14:15 I have also started the dashboard code and implemented the login screens using the new API. Code is available at https://github.com/tarunsingha[…]/master/dashboard.
14:15 More information is available at the recent blog 5 & 6 https://github.com/tarunsingha[…]izer-backend/wiki
14:17 llaske Nice. What's planned for next week ?
14:18 tarunsinghal92 To implement users and activities module in dashboard and finalize the journal screens if they need any further changes
14:18 llaske okay. Thanks.
14:19 Who is the next letter ? :-)
14:19 Raphael ?
14:19 Raphaelt[m] S ? Or R ?
14:19 Yeah, I can
14:20 llaske Let's go
14:20 Raphaelt[m] Ok
14:20 Tabs16 I am left :/
14:20 :'(
14:20 Raphaelt[m] So, Ih ave worked on adding some new instruction like Click/LongClick/Swipe/Key Input/TetInput
14:20 llaske Sorry, just after Raphael, you should be quick
14:21 Raphaelt[m] Every of this action have different UI to input paramter, like X / Y / Duration
14:21 I also worked on linked the menu with dirrefent varaible to see which tab is in work or which device are connected.
14:22 llaske It's just UI or you worked on action too ?
14:22 Raphaelt[m] And I'm currently working on a window for the details of one device
14:22 Logic is done too
14:22 llaske ok cool
14:22 Raphaelt[m] So after this meetings I will update my blog
14:23 llaske Good. Thanks.
14:23 cristinadp We missed tharangi and Tabs16
14:23 Tabs16 Shall I ?
14:23 llaske Next is Tabs16
14:23 Raphaelt[m] And this week I will finish what I'm doing right now (Device details) and  see with my mentor what is important next
14:24 Tabs16 Ok, this week I am done with the envelope block wrt UI as well as logic
14:24 A small bug is there though
14:24 I will solve it today
14:24 llaske What was the bug ?
14:25 Tabs16 When I am connecting the envelope block to the widget and then use some other envelope block already existing
14:25 to the widget, then changes are made to the first block that is now removed from the widget
14:25 not the second one that  I have just inserted to the widget
14:26 llaske ok
14:26 Tabs16 I will update my blog tomorrow and then proceed to Effects widget
14:26 llaske Yes please, it's important to see progress on the blog
14:27 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:27 llaske Do you have any other thing to share with us ?
14:27 Tabs16 No :) I think things are fine as of now re code
14:28 tharangi Shall I start?
14:28 llaske So Tharangi, you're next
14:29 sure
14:29 tharangi  Fixed the palette overlapping issue in when using block menus. (https://github.com/Tharangi/Mu[…]0e89d64327f1e548)
14:29  Created two GIFs for Hot cross buns with duplicate notes blocks.
14:29 With animation:https://ibb.co/g3QrV5
14:29 Without animation:https://ibb.co/cWKPiQ
14:29  Added the quick start to code as in the content created in the document I shared.
14:29 devAb has quit IRC
14:30 abhijitp <abhijitp!0e8b7a72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:30 tharangi Redid the content and  re-added quick start to the Github as per Devin’s suggestions on Friday. (https://github.com/Tharangi/Mu[…]ee652e1c7c6ff6fc)
14:30 I need to talk with walter and devin where it seems they have different ideas on Quick start :(
14:31 llaske Your animation is nice
14:31 cool tho do a short video
14:31 tharangi It took time creating GIFs and arranging images
14:31 llaske do you publish it on your blog ?
14:32 tharangi i though of writing the blog article after this content creation pocess on next week since I do not have much to share.
14:32 thought*
14:33 llaske ok. Do you plan to do a dedicated meeting with Walter and Devin regarding Quick start ?
14:33 tharangi I need to show some example usages of blocks, in such cases I tried to make the example by combining blocks and then download the image. but the problem is image quality is not good.  I used samples in the existing guide, get the svg of that and the  using an online svg editor, removed unnecessary parts. I should find a better way to add images.
14:34 I should do that
14:34 may be this wednesday
14:34 till then I will work on other components
14:34 llaske Please send date proposal to them
14:35 tharangi ll do
14:35 llaske Cool
14:36 Rishabh42, you're the next ?
14:36 Rishabh42 sure, thank you..
14:36 This week I tested the image build after fixing the wifi issues and also uploaded it to my account on Sunjammer(we might not have to use Gdrive any more :) ). Discussed other problems with my mentors, worked on fixing automatic login issue and finally, we fixed it today :)
14:37 llaske So the WiFi works now ?
14:37 Rishabh42 yes llaske
14:38 I also tried testing Fedora SoAS as suggested by Quozl but it didn't boot up, moreover with the autologin fix, we might not need to switch to Fedora SoAS
14:38 llaske cool
14:39 Rishabh42 one more downside of using SoAS is that it's 4.6GB in size after extraction
14:39 llaske ooch
14:39 Rishabh42 and my mentor, Hrishi , has suggested that we keep it less than 2GB
14:39 llaske Sounds better
14:40 So what do you plan for this week ?
14:40 Rishabh42 llaske, our image is close to 1.3gb
14:40 llaske nice
14:40 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
14:41 Rishabh42 llaske, have to first find a way to make the autologin fix reproducible, I'll start working on fixing the broken activities after that(physics&write).
14:42 I will also update my blog in this week
14:42 llaske okay cool
14:42 Seetarama ?
14:42 Seetarama yes
14:43 llaske you're the next
14:43 tony37 Rishabh42 is the 1.3gb size include Raspbian. Is this image a zip that can be copied to an sd card and booted on the RPI3?
14:43 Seetarama ok
14:44 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:44 Seetarama This week: major work was on adding a loader for the website so it involved selecting one loader out of various others, integrating it into the website, making it responsive, etc. Along with that simultaneously i have created a new page for the website which talks about booting soas, and also worked on the optimization of the website.
14:45 Issues currently tackling: The loader is not working properly for safari browser so I am working on solving this issue.
14:45 Goals next week:Fixing the above mentioned issue, working on optmization and testing, and adding more content to the website.
14:45 llaske What's the problem with the loader ?
14:45 Seetarama its getting stuck sometimes
14:46 Rishabh42 tony37, no, it doesn't include Raspbian, it's a custom Debian build and it's an img file so you can flash it directly. I have compressed it into a zip file and uploaded that to my page on Sunjammer, the zip file is around 400mb
14:46 llaske okay
14:47 you have to update your blog too
14:47 Seetarama yes
14:47 tony37 Rishabh42 What is the url for the image - I would like to try it
14:47 llaske cool
14:47 Seetarama will do in by tomorrow
14:48 llaske Sanjay, are you here ?
14:48 zeecoder has quit IRC
14:48 tony37 llaske I don't see him on the list. He needs to communicate more frequently. He has four or five of his 'tricks' working but the uri needs some help
14:48 Rishabh42 tony37, sure thing, will share the link..
14:49 llaske Okay, so Jatindhankar, I guess you're the next
14:49 tony37 *meant ui
14:49 jatindhankhar Sure
14:49 So this week we worked on creating a naive crawler for po files,so as to get all the translated entries in single pass and store them into a dictionary for subsequent translations. scg and I discussed the idea of storing images and we reflected upon various choices ranging from gridfs to local file system and finally settled on using Imgur
14:50 Plus imgur have a nice python client
14:50 pragr07 Illaske: I am left :(
14:51 jatindhankhar I hope to finish most of the backend by the mid of next week and pick up frontend. cjl and scg helped a lot in pointing me into right direction
14:51 llaske cool jatindhankhar
14:51 jatindhankhar :)
14:51 tarunsinghal92 has quit IRC
14:51 llaske sorry pragr07
14:51 Rishabh42 tony37, here's my page: https://people.sugarlabs.org/rishabh/
14:51 jatindhankhar All the details are on the blog as well jatindhankhar.in/posts
14:51 tony37 Rishabh42 Thanks
14:51 llaske Yes, seen it. Cool
14:52 jatindhankhar :)
14:52 Rishabh42 tony37, my pleasure :). I'll upload another one with the autologin fix soon
14:53 llaske pragr07, you will be the last today
14:53 pragr07 ok
14:53 shall I?
14:53 llaske sure
14:54 pragr07 okay, so this week I mostly edited the Synth code
14:54 so as to specify the source of the instrument
14:54 currently I am testing it
14:55 I have a meeting scheduled with walterbender for tomorrow
14:55 as needed by the voice and drum samples
14:55 where we will be discussing major test cases
14:55 so this week will mostly go on in testing
14:56 llaske okay, your last update is very old...
14:56 on the blog
14:56 pragr07 yeah I have to update it
14:56 llaske yes, please
14:56 pragr07 I will do this by tomorrow
14:56 llaske cool
14:57 pragr07 :)
14:57 llaske Do I miss someone else ?
14:58 Guess no
14:58 So thanks to all to be here
14:59 tony37 bye
14:59 tony37 has quit IRC
14:59 llaske #end-meeting
14:59 #endmeeting
14:59 bye
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