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#sugar-meeting, 2017-06-26

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13:49 walterbender zeecoder, any progress on slider?
13:49 zeecoder I went through the things you mentioned in the last mail
13:50 I was trying to figure out the replacement of the colorbuttons with the toolbar buttons
13:50 Sanjay Hello Walterbender. I am in between Eid celebrations with friends and family. Will you please let me have my update earlier today ?
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13:51 zeecoder And I also I checked the cairo surface for the drawing.
13:51 walterbender Sanjay, we can start with you in just a few minutes
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13:51 Hrishi Hello everyone!
13:52 walterbender zeecoder, I think we can reorganize the app to use toolbar buttons (with icons and tooltips)
13:52 it will be easier to maintain that way
13:53 zeecoder Thats a good idea
13:53 walterbender zeecoder, we can use a panel like we use for the Turtle Blocks examples for the sample images
13:53 triggered from a toolbar button
13:53 that way you can get rid of all of that specialized code
13:53 it should make things much easier in the long run
13:53 and much more standard
13:54 zeecoder I have to look for the panel like that in the turtleblocks.
13:54 Thats a good idea
13:54 But there is a prblem
13:55 I am not able to run the old Gtk2 activity it is giving the Abiword error
13:55 abhijitp <abhijitp!0e8b7a72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:56 walterbender zeecoder, that is because of abiword
13:56 zeecoder Should I remove the dependency of Abiword in old Gtk2?
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13:57 walterbender zeecoder, If you comment out the import of the abviword canvas in the notebook code and put a return in the init before it tries to create a canvas, then it will launch
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13:58 cristinadp Hi everybody!
13:58 Tabs16 hi everyone
13:58 zeecoder Ok then that way I can look at the old buttons in Gtk2 and can think on ways to replace it.
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13:59 tharangi Hello everyone!
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13:59 Rishabh42 hey everyone
13:59 pragr07 hi tharangi
13:59 abhijitp hi Rishabh42
13:59 tarunsinghal92 hi everyone
13:59 pragr07 hi Rishabh42
14:00 Rishabh42 hey abhijitp , pragr07
14:00 walterbender we should begin so Sanjay can get back to celebrating
14:00 #start-meeting
14:00 meeting Meeting started Mon Jun 26 14:00:19 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:00 walterbender Sanjay, please give us your update
14:00 Sanjay Hello all, Thank you Walterbender
14:00 1) Three more tricks were implemented last week.  2) Learning a trick + Practising the same as a complete module for a math trick will be available to play by tomorrow evening/Wednesday afternoon on the same link I have posted last week. (https://sanjaykumarr.github.io/MindMath/)  I have requested Tony to share his expectation on how much is being expected to be completed before the evaluations happen. Hoping to complete tasks as per t
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14:01 walterbender Sanjay, did you add the link to your blog?
14:01 Sanjay Also now, we have made it relatively very simple to add any number of tricks by following the flow to the game. So adding new tricks shall be easy hereafter.
14:03 walterbender Sanjay, I will play with it again
14:03 good start to the summer
14:03 go back to your family and friends
14:03 Sanjay Oh I am sorry. I haven't added it to the blog. As it was a prototype and can change, I left that not adding.
14:04 walterbender Sanjay, I would prefer you solicit feedback...
14:04 so making it easy to find your work is better
14:04 please add a link (with the caveat that it is a prototype that will change)
14:05 Sanjay Sure. I will do it from now on.
14:05 walterbender thx
14:05 zeecoder, (going in reverse ABC order today) please give us an update
14:05 Sanjay Thank you walterbender.
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14:06 Seetarama <Seetarama!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:06 zeecoder I have been working on the slider-puzzle, there were some roadblocks regarding drawing and port to cairo.
14:06 But I think now it would be easier to port to cairo.
14:07 walterbender zeecoder, I think the degree to which we eliminate all the specialized code the better
14:07 zeecoder, this app was one of the very early ones in Sugar
14:07 and hence it didn't use much of the toollkit
14:07 which was not finished at the time
14:08 using the toolkit will make the UI more similar to other apps too
14:08 which is a plus
14:09 zeecoder Ok then I will work on the buttons now.
14:09 walterbender great
14:09 zeecoder, once you get this one done, the other Mamamedia apps should be easy
14:10 tharangi, can you please give us an update?
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14:10 zeecoder yes because there were many things I found different in this app. I will try to port it completely.
14:11 tharangi Finalized the representation of Getting Started section after discussing with mentors, Drafted the Quick Start page for two contexts, Drafted the Introduction content, Spent some time playing with some tools to create GIFs and Lilypond software to create solfège. Added content for Palette Tool Bar to the source code - Pen, Boolean and made some CSS changes to block menu bars in those pages, Added content for Introduction
14:11 ource code.
14:11 walterbender, what is the song you prefer to go for quick start... Twinkle Twinkle or Hot Cross Buns?
14:12 walterbender tharangi, I think hot cross buns for two reasons
14:12 (1) the phrases are short so they fit on the screen w/o scrolling
14:13 and (2)
14:13 well, there is not a #2
14:13 tharangi Here you all can see a GIF i created for quick start on Hot Cross Buns - https://thumbs.gfycat.com/Easy[…]ze_restricted.gif
14:13 walterbender we can do some simple graphic
14:13 tharangi hehee.. okay. I also prefer going with Hot Cross Buns. Cristina also has replied to mail thread that she also prefer Hot Cross Buns.
14:13 walterbender maybe just draw a triangle?
14:14 cristinadp walterbender: tharangi I have a question: Will the guide support multilanguage? I would love to help with the spanish translations
14:14 walterbender cristinadp, we'll have to hand craft the gif animations
14:14 tharangi so I will go with that then. walterbender: yeah, we can.
14:14 walterbender but everything else should be easy enough to translate
14:15 Hrishi tharangi : nice work there
14:15 walterbender cristinadp, I have a pyhton script for translating all of the svg files
14:15 Hrishi the GIF is good too, we are including moreGIFs like that?
14:15 tharangi hmmm... translating would be nice to have.
14:15 walterbender tharangi, everything you do with SVG is easy to translate
14:16 just the gifs are difficult
14:16 tharangi, what tool did you use to make the gifs?
14:16 tharangi I will finish the content in coming two weeks first and in the next step with PDF generation let's look into translations too.
14:16 cristinadp tharangi: Sounds good
14:17 walterbender thx tharangi
14:17 tarunsinghal92, can you please give an update?
14:17 Hrishi tharangi : are we still majoring in PHP?
14:18 tarunsinghal92 ok walterbender
14:18 Hrishi walterbender^^
14:18 tarunsinghal92 Api part is done. The blog https://github.com/tarunsingha[…]gramming-Phase-II has details about the changes to journal API…Also there is some "time out" issue in the API which i am trying to fix right now. Hopefully documentation should be completed by tomorrow. Will start mockups after API documentation.
14:19 walterbender tarunsinghal92, how do these changes impact activity authors?
14:19 if at all?
14:20 tarunsinghal92 i dont think it would have any impact
14:20 walterbender OK
14:21 tarunsinghal92, you pull fields like activity_id from the activity.info files in Sugar?
14:21 tarunsinghal92 yes
14:21 walterbender OK
14:21 sounds right
14:21 Seetarama <Seetarama!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:22 Hrishi hello Seetarama
14:22 Seetarama Hi, everyone!
14:22 hi Hrishi
14:22 walterbender anything else for tarunsinghal92 ?
14:22 Seetarama Sorry, had a internet connection problem from my side!
14:23 walterbender Tabs16, are you ready to chime in?
14:23 tarunsinghal92 i think that's it for now
14:23 Tabs16 Yes
14:23 walterbender tarunsinghal92, thx
14:23 Tabs16, please tell us your update
14:24 Tabs16 Right now, I am almost done  with envelope option of the widget, the envelope block is working properly as an individual entity
14:24 I am getting a glitch while updating the UI values to blocks
14:24 walterbender Tabs16, I can look at you code after the meeting to help you debug
14:24 Tabs16 Idk right now why the upodateEnvelope function is not getting recognised :/
14:25 walterbender Tabs16, does the envelope block do anything when you use it outside of the widget at the moment?
14:25 Tabs16 After its get connected, I need to connect it to Prachi's code
14:25 walterbender: I need to redirect it to Prachi's code since we are changing the envelope parameters there
14:25 walterbender OK
14:26 Tabs16, what are your goals for this week?
14:26 Tabs16 right now we dont have a separate method to change ADSR separately
14:26 finish off with envelope entirely
14:27 After this, I think rest will be following the same path
14:27 re the coding
14:27 except filter which needs more knowledge in terms of music
14:28 walterbender Tabs16, sounds good.
14:28 Tabs16, any other questions/issues?
14:29 Tabs16 in terms of coding, I am trying to debug the current issue
14:29 just another question, will we be having a "formal" gsoc evaluation ?
14:30 I think most of us have this ques in mind
14:30 walterbender I think the mentors have to submit the first round of evaluations this week
14:30 checks the schedule
14:31 abhijitp 26 - 30June i guess
14:31 Tabs16 Yeah abhijitp
14:31 Hrishi Tonigh 9PM IST
14:31 Rishabh42 Tabs16, hi, what do you mean by "formal evaluation"?
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14:31 walterbender we have all week to submit them
14:32 Rishabh42 Hrishi, 9:30pm, I reckon. If it's 1600UTC
14:32 Tabs16 Rishabh42: Like any specific date between 26-30 kind of
14:32 walterbender it is important that you contact me if you have any issues regarding your mentors
14:32 or you could contact llaske if you prefer
14:33 but I think in general things are on track
14:33 Hrishi Tabs16 : https://slack-redir.net/link?u[…]elp%2Fevaluations
14:33 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: shall I update all about my week ?
14:34 walterbender JatinD[noreply], we are going in reverse ABC order this week
14:34 Seetarama, is next
14:34 Seetarama sure, walterbender
14:34 walterbender: I have worked on the following things: 1)Added new pages 2)Added content 3)Code clean up 4)Added documentation(added more content to the README file of repository) 5)optimization and testing 6)changes suggested. Goals this coming week: 1)Adding more new pages 2)Adding more content 3)Further Testing 4)Further Optimization 5)changes suggested
14:34 JatinD[noreply] Okay :sweat_smile:
14:35 walterbender Seetarama, seems there is a slight disagreement regarding the target browser
14:35 Tabs16 thanks Hrishi :)
14:35 Rishabh42 Tabs16, okay, thanks
14:36 walterbender Seetarama, I think you need to accommodate both audiences: those with Sugar and those interested in Sugar
14:36 Seetarama, it can be a subset of the website for the Sugar browser
14:36 Seetarama, do we know how to detect the Sugar browser?
14:36 Seetarama we actually trying to make the website work for all browsers, but some features like the IRC chat window is taking up many request calls so we thought we could disable some features to make it simple for some browsers
14:37 Hrishi walterbender : Refering to tony's comment, there are some website features supposed to be used by people who already have Sugar (browse acivity)
14:37 like IRC, and it's brief knowledge
14:38 walterbender Seetarama, do keep tabs on how changes (in code and content) impact performance in any event
14:39 Seetarama ok, walterbender
14:39 walterbender Seetarama, what analytics do you use?
14:39 Seetarama for now, we are concentrating on the testing
14:40 so once a basic level of testing is done, we would like to integrate analytics into the website
14:41 walterbender Seetarama, I am a bit wary of that approach
14:41 I think you need to be measuring the impact of changes as you go along
14:41 Seetarama ok sure
14:43 walterbender Seetarama, there are lots of tools out there:
14:43 https://techbeacon.com/web-per[…]ce-tools-consider
14:44 Seetarama walterbender: i thought you meant data based analytics like google analytics tool..if you meant by performance based analytics, i am using https://gtmetrix.com for testing the performance of the website
14:44 walterbender Seetarama, I meant performance
14:45 I agree the data analytics can wait
14:45 Seetarama i was using that website mentioned to work the optimization
14:45 walterbender +1
14:45 Seetarama i have been working on the optimization and performance for the past week
14:45 walterbender Seetarama, goals for this week?
14:46 Seetarama walterbender: Goals this coming week: 1)Adding more new pages 2)Adding more content 3)Further Testing 4)Further Optimization 5)changes suggested
14:46 walterbender Seetarama, tnx for the update
14:47 Seetarama walterbender: my mentors recently suggested https://developers.google.com/[…]gespeed/insights/ for performance testing
14:47 walterbender Rishabh42, please give us an update
14:47 Seetarama which i will be trying out from now on
14:47 Rishabh42 walterbender, sure..
14:47 Seetarama you're welcome, walterbender
14:49 Rishabh42 walterbender, I've updated my blog with the update: https://sugaronraspberrypi.wordpress.com/ , in addition to that I also wrote a method to reproduce my work to create an image, please see this link: https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Debian/Raspberry_Pi , created an image for the RPi 2 too( yet to test). I'm currently uploading my latest build which fixes WiFi issues in sugar.
14:50 walterbender Rishabh42, sounds like great progress
14:50 and I see that the communication channels are much improved too
14:50 very good
14:51 Rishabh42, what are your goals for the week?
14:51 Rishabh42 walterbender, thank you, I have decided to have a meeting with my mentors regarding future plans too
14:52 abhijitp walterbender: me and Hrishi are discussing it
14:52 walterbender Rishabh42, seems that soon it may be time to start investigating how to get the image more prominence in the RPi community
14:53 abhijitp will let u know asap
14:53 Rishabh42 walterbender, I'm working on a fix to make Sucrose select sugar as the default window manager after first boot, so will continue to work on that, will probably start with fixing activities or writing a script which will be based on the rpi23-gen-image so that people don't have to clone the whole repo
14:53 but as I said, have to discuss that with my mentors^^
14:53 Hrishi walterbender : +1
14:54 Rishabh42 : did the image got uploaded?
14:54 walterbender Raphaelt[m], thanks for the update
14:54 pragr07, I think you are next?
14:54 Raphaelt[m] I didn't post my update yet
14:54 :D
14:54 walterbender sorry
14:54 Raphaelt[m],
14:54 Rishabh42 Hrishi, 24 mins left
14:55 Raphaelt[m] I go next after pragr07 ?
14:55 walterbender Raphaelt[m], you can go now
14:55 Raphaelt[m] Ok
14:55 So, last week, I was working on the loading of instructions, it's done, need further testing and I change the look of the menu. I will post a blog about that today or tomorrow. And next thing to do is to prepare the "install apk" feature for test in a school. That what I'm going to do this week, add some options, and change how do we pick apk file, make a selection instead of choosing a folder containing some apk.
14:55 That's it
14:57 walterbender Raphaelt[m], any open issues?
14:57 Raphaelt[m] That's pretty much it, I will have a meeting with my mentors for the release to see if a teacher can understand what to do with the software
14:58 walterbender sounds like a good plan
14:58 Raphaelt[m] Right now, no but if I have one, I ping my mentor
14:58 mohayon :-)
14:58 walterbender Raphaelt[m], be interested to hear about the teacher feedback
14:59 Raphaelt[m], thx for the update
14:59 pragr07, are you here?
14:59 pragr07 yes walterbender
14:59 walterbender please give your update
15:00 pragr07 walterbender: as for the testing of the synth code that I wrote
15:00 i made the required changes in the design
15:01 but the code doesn't seem to work
15:01 I am planning to alter the "createsynth" method a bit
15:01 walterbender pragr07, I can take a look with you
15:02 please share a link to your branch after the meeting
15:02 pragr07 I haven't pushed the code on github
15:02 yea, i will share the link
15:02 walterbender thx
15:02 pragr07 one more thing
15:02 for the testing part
15:02 walterbender yes
15:02 pragr07 i am facing some issue with block creation
15:03 like for that "automated" options
15:03 in the timbre clamp
15:03 walterbender pragr07, I can help with that too
15:03 you'll need to use "macros"
15:03 pragr07 should i make that block or simply enter certain values for the testing purpose
15:03 walterbender: ok
15:03 walterbender which are a bit tricky
15:04 pragr07, anything else?
15:05 JatinD[noreply], sorry to keep you waiting so long :P
15:05 pragr07 walterbender: nothing much, I will also the update the long pending blog :P
15:05 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: No problem :)
15:06 walterbender thx pragr07
15:06 JatinD[noreply], please give us your update
15:10 JatinD[noreply], ??
15:11 JatinD[noreply] Sure
15:12 ISP issues
15:12 Both my isps failed :(
15:12 So scg redactored the  app
15:12 And we moved from a couple of loosely paired scripts to a sane architecture
15:13 Scg and I had video chat where he described the overall structure and future plans
15:13 We now support both multi asset and source releases
15:14 I contacted Chris Leonard about his views on translation and new aslo can be used for the translation part
15:14 Most of the details can be read on my blog
15:14 jatindhankhar.in/posts
15:14 walterbender JatinD[noreply], I was speaking to scg
15:15 JatinD[noreply] Latest code is in the refactor branch
15:15 walterbender seems things are coming together
15:15 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: yes
15:15 walterbender this will be a major win when it is done
15:15 JatinD[noreply] :)
15:15 walterbender JatinD[noreply], any issues we can help with?
15:15 JatinD[noreply] We are discussing the schema translation for monoengine
15:16 Translation is one part
15:16 walterbender JatinD[noreply], did cjl get back to you?
15:16 JatinD[noreply] Where I might need help
15:16 Waiting for Chris's reply
15:17 walterbender JatinD[noreply], In general, if there is a POT file for the project, we can get it into the translation workflow
15:17 JatinD[noreply] In the mongoengine we have support for Dynamic Documents
15:17 Mainly for storing translations
15:17 walterbender JatinD[noreply], but also, if there are new strings we want included per activity we should discuss it
15:17 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: Yes I looked at  polib
15:18 walterbender JatinD[noreply], we generally need to somehow convert to/from po files
15:18 I run some scripts on my JS code to generate the POT file
15:18 JatinD[noreply] So it could be like
15:18 name : { en_Us : "content", en_IN : " content " }
15:18 walterbender and then convert the PO files to .ini
15:19 maybe we need to run a script on the PO files to create your dictionary
15:19 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: Sure thanks
15:19 Issue would be for pre built xo files
15:19 walterbender JatinD[noreply], this would be something in the activity.info file?
15:19 JatinD[noreply] Where we would have to run extra check to find locale and po folder
15:19 Not a big issue though
15:20 walterbender JatinD[noreply], we can modify the setup.py scripts if necessary
15:20 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: didn't get you?
15:20 Your last point regarding activity.info
15:20 walterbender JatinD[noreply], currently we use setup.py to create the xo bundles
15:21 JatinD[noreply] We have most of the meta data there but not all activities have common attributes
15:21 walterbender JatinD[noreply], the dictionary is in your ASLO database? Not in the activity bundle?
15:21 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: Yes setup.py
15:22 We might need to agree upon must have attributes for activity.info else it would be considered invalid
15:22 walterbender JatinD[noreply], we might have to have a sprint to update the activities with missing fields
15:22 JatinD[noreply] We are parsing activity.info then storing info in the db once we validate the information which includes translations
15:23 walterbender: Count me in :D
15:23 walterbender JatinD[noreply], in that parsing phase, we can also access the PO files if need be
15:23 JatinD[noreply], let me know if you don't hear back from cjl in a few days
15:24 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: Okay
15:24 walterbender JatinD[noreply], anything else?
15:24 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: I will look into po files more deeply
15:24 Thanks
15:25 walterbender did everyone get a chance to give their update?
15:25 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: We also reverted from Python-minimal image to fedora since most activities are tested on Fedora
15:25 Talking about the Docker image used for building packages
15:25 walterbender JatinD[noreply], +1
15:27 we should wrap up the meeting
15:27 thanks every one for updates
15:27 and everyone (including mentors) please do your reviews this week.
15:28 #end-meeting
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15:28 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]17-06-26T14:00:19
15:28 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: Thank you for waiting  for me in middle of my connectivity problems
15:31 pragr07 has quit IRC
15:31 walterbender JatinD[noreply], it happens :)
15:31 llaske has quit IRC
15:32 JatinD[noreply] walterbender: happens with me more than often and that too when it shouldn't
15:32 Also apologizes for any typos
15:32 Typing from mobile
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