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#sugar-meeting, 2017-05-27

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01:03 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-133-213.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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01:42 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-133-213.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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06:38 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@2406:e00:120:40bb:5cf9:6ad0:110f:ad79> has joined #sugar-meeting
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07:54 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@2406:e00:120:1330:e42:10e9:7a39:632b> has joined #sugar-meeting
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08:38 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@2406:e00:120:f2cd:e215:2801:da31:db3d> has joined #sugar-meeting
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09:08 HrishiP <HrishiP!uid200307@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-plthjyckydrwwown> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:02 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:00 Rishabh42 <Rishabh42!~Rishabh42@> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:03 abhijitp <abhijitp!0e8b7a78@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:03 abhijitp hey HrishiP, Rishabh42
12:03 HrishiP Hello
12:03 Rishabh42 lets get started
12:04 HrishiP okay
12:04 Rishabh42 HrishiP, did you try running that repo?
12:04 on schroot
12:04 HrishiP Rishabh42 : Yes, inside schroot, but it didn't work, says it needs root permission
12:05 Rishabh42 did you install sudo on it?
12:05 abhijitp wbu Rishabh42 ?
12:05 HrishiP no, I was just doing that, then I will try sudo -i
12:05 Rishabh42 abhijitp, it was giving me some errors initially, have fixed most of them but one still persists
12:06 abhijitp hm.. ! my apt-get is giving me error :(
12:06 HrishiP 404?
12:06 Rishabh42 wait, I'll tell you the exact error
12:06 abhijitp nope some dependencies of multiarch
12:07 HrishiP starting my laptop will take about 5 mins, I have a battery problem :D
12:07 abhijitp multiarch depends upon libgcc1 and vice versa !!
12:07 HrishiP Rishabh42 : Did you install sudo?
12:07 I am using Ubuntu 17.04
12:07 Rishabh42 HrishiP, yes
12:07 and git too
12:08 and this is the error I get: E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
12:08 HrishiP try this schroot -c oneiric_i386 -u root
12:08 Rishabh42 and 4 packages need to be installed
12:09 HrishiP First of all, we need to know that if we are going the correct way or not, if this takes too much time and doesn't work, we should find alternative methods
12:09 Rishabh42 HrishiP, that command didn't work :/
12:10 HrishiP, true that, I also found another repo yesterday
12:10 abhijitp could u share the link Rishabh42 ?
12:10 Rishabh42 this: https://github.com/TheSin-/rpi-img-builder
12:11 there are many alternatives out there, we need to check which one works best
12:11 HrishiP This one seems to do the work, it says it can make images compact
12:12 Rishabh42 yes, I read that
12:13 so we can test this one too. And the rpi23-gen-image does run if I simply double click the rpi23-gen-image.sh but I'm not sure if that's how it should be done
12:15 HrishiP okay
12:15 I can't intall sudo on schroot, says permission denie
12:15 Rishabh42 And we should also fix a meeting with Quozl soon to discus if the path we're following is correct
12:16 HrishiP Yes, definitely we should, ASAP
12:16 Can we open a mailing list, us four in it?
12:16 Rishabh42 yeah, that would be great
12:16 abhijitp +1
12:17 HrishiP I can't install sudo
12:17 Rishabh42 will save me the effort of forwarding each mail I get from him ;-)
12:17 HrishiP +1
12:17 Rishabh42 HrishiP, which command are you using to install sudo?
12:17 HrishiP apt-get install sudo
12:18 abhijitp Rishabh42: u could cc us in the thread :)
12:18 Rishabh42 HrishiP, I guess that worked for me
12:18 HrishiP permission denied here
12:18 "su -" won't work
12:18 Rishabh42 abhijitp, yeah, I was talking about the old mails and the ones he sends
12:19 HrishiP, which guide did you follow to setup schroot?
12:19 HrishiP https://wiki.debian.org/Schroot
12:19 Rishabh42 HrishiP, did you put your username under the users with access to the system in schroot.txt?
12:20 HrishiP yes
12:20 *schroot.config u mean?
12:21 Rishabh42 HrishiP, well, I just installed sudo using that command
12:21 HrishiP, yeah, but even I didn't make changes in that file
12:21 HrishiP you didn't add the wheezy-test block
12:21 ?
12:23 Rishabh42 i just followed the instructions on that page
12:23 copied the contents of the schroot.config that was recommended on that page
12:24 abhijitp could u guys share ur schroot.conf?
12:24 HrishiP wait
12:24 Rishabh42 HrishiP, check your /etc/apt/sources.list file
12:25 deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian wheezy main
12:25 deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu trusty main universe
12:26 these are the two links that I have in my sources file
12:26 HrishiP sources.list isn't connected to apt-get's permission
12:28 Rishabh42 try running 'nano /etc/apt/sources.list'
12:30 any success with sudo?
12:30 HrishiP Noe
12:31 Rishabh42 may I suggest you to try setting up schroot from scratch again and then install sudo
12:33 HrishiP I will now
12:34 Rishabh42 abhijitp, what sort of an error do you encounter when you tried to run that repo?
12:36 *did
12:36 abhijitp actually i have to fix my apt-get!
12:36 i am trying to setup schroot from scratch again
12:37 Rishabh42 HrishiP, abhijitp , I also wanted to discuss about how to proceed with publishing a new release of Browse
12:37 abhijitp, okay, take your time :)
12:37 HrishiP You followed the steps I gave?
12:37 Rishabh42 HrishiP, the one on that website?
12:38 HrishiP yes
12:38 ASLO
12:38 Rishabh42 no, have been trying to run this
12:38 and also my exams :(
12:38 HrishiP you have the activity package ready?
12:38 (.xo)
12:38 Rishabh42 but is that how a new activity is published?
12:39 HrishiP, have to generate that, I have modified the activity.info file
12:39 this was being done on the RPi locally
12:40 HrishiP AFAIK, that also contained method to submit patches
12:41 Rishabh42 i had a discussion with walterbender the other day regarding this, will send you the screen shot
12:41 HrishiP what did he tell
12:41 Rishabh42 he had guided me with steps
12:41 can you access our old chats on the slack channel?
12:42 I had shared 2 images a couple of days ago
12:42 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-133-213.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:42 HrishiP https://sugaronrpi.slack.com/m[…]A/search/walter/?
12:42 hello walterbender
12:43 walterbender hi HrishiP
12:43 Rishabh42 hi walterbender
12:43 HrishiP that link Rishabh42?
12:43 Rishabh42 HrishiP, will share them again
12:44 HrishiP walterbender, do you have experience with schroot?
12:44 abhijitp hey Rishabh42, i have fixed my apt-get issue :D
12:45 could u note the steps u followed to run that rpi23--- script?
12:45 and send that to me?
12:45 Rishabh42 HrishiP, just posted on the slack channel, please check
12:45 abhijitp, awesome!
12:45 abhijitp Rishabh42: try writing a silly blog with steps :)
12:45 and send that link to me asap
12:46 Rishabh42 abhijitp, have to do that, was working on that this morning
12:46 abhijitp, I can tell you the steps to be followed right now btw
12:46 HrishiP Rishabh42 : that's all you have to follow. I am not ASLO maintainer
12:46 abhijitp ok! did u added the dependencies given in readme first?
12:47 Rishabh42 the ones found in the readme file?
12:47 abhijitp yep!
12:48 Rishabh42 well, that command didn't execute properly
12:48 abhijitp have u noted the errors?
12:48 Rishabh42 it said that the package debootstrap couldn't be found
12:49 will try running it again, just a sec
12:49 abhijitp could u check this http://www.linuxquestions.org/[…]strap-4175465295/
12:50 Rishabh42 now it was giving me an error saying that dosfstools wasn't found
12:50 I'm installing dosfstools currently
12:51 abhijitp okay!
12:51 Rishabh42 abhijitp, still getiing that error, E: No such script: dosfstools
12:52 abhijitp, did you try running it?
12:52 abhijitp i just installed the dependencies listed 1
12:52 !
12:53 successfully ran the command apt-get update
12:53 *trying to clone and run the script
12:53 HrishiP schroot seems sensitive
12:53 abhijitp *script running :P
12:54 hope it works :)
12:54 Rishabh42 abhijitp, all the best with that :P
12:54 abhijitp, is there a way to upgrade whezy to jessie inside schroot?
12:54 *wheezy
12:55 that might fix the dosfstools problem
12:55 abhijitp i tried debootstrapping new schroot with jessie
12:56 HrishiP I am hoping to work for custom raspbian soon. I've got some methods to make the image look less like raspbian
12:56 abhijitp first i tried wheezy.. but it has some multiarch-support issues !
12:56 Rishabh42 abhijitp, can you please share the link of that page?
12:56 abhijitp so now i just started with jessie from scratch.. its working fine till now
12:56 which page?
12:57 Rishabh42 i was asking for the steps to setup debootstrap with jessie instead of wheezy
12:57 HrishiP Rishabh42 : I will use Raspbian lite first
12:58 Rishabh42 was assuming that you would be following instructions found on some 'page'
12:58 HrishiP, okay
12:58 HrishiP Rishabh42 :" was assuming that you would be following instructions found on some 'page'" me?
12:58 abhijitp sending u the command on slack Rishabh42
12:59 Rishabh42 HrishiP, no, that was for abhijitp :P
12:59 abhijitp, yeah, that would be great, thanks :)
13:06 abhijitp, HrishiP , anything else?
13:08 abhijitp nothing! Rishabh42 HrishiP just ping when u build an image :)
13:09 HrishiP okay abhijit
13:09 Rishabh42 : No
13:09 currently downloading raspbian lite
13:09 Rishabh42 abhijitp, HrishiP we should have 2 weekly meetings on IRC except the friday conference over hangouts
13:09 please suggest a suitable time
13:10 HrishiP 10IST?
13:10 walterbender has quit IRC
13:10 Rishabh42 the IRC one? HrishiP
13:10 HrishiP yes
13:10 Rishabh42 sounds cool
13:10 days?
13:11 HrishiP Rishabh42 : That's a hard question, I have a meeting or two everyday
13:12 Rishabh42 tuesday and sunday?
13:12 and conference on friday, total 3 in a wek
13:12 *week
13:13 abhijitp, ^?
13:15 HrishiP Rishabh42 : I might not be able to meet on Sun
13:17 Rishabh42 second option is: monday, wednesday same time
13:17 HrishiP okay
13:18 bye!
13:18 abhijitp i fear i wont be able to attain all 3!
13:18 Rishabh42 HrishiP, and please fix up a meeting with Quozl, asap
13:19 abhijitp, we can adjust our timings, what would be suitable for you?
13:19 abhijitp yep cool!
13:20 Rishabh42 the monday, wednesday meetings would be anout providing updates mainly, and we can discuss major plans every friday
13:20 *about
13:25 HrishiP, abhijitp please confirm the time on slack, I have to go somewhere urgently
13:26 HrishiP, abhijitp thanks for all the info, was great interacting with you guys :)
13:26 Rishabh42 has quit IRC
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14:07 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-133-213.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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