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#sugar-meeting, 2017-05-25

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01:14 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-133-213.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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14:17 Tabs16 <Tabs16!uid157594@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-vixnjsnvnugyfldy> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:18 Tabs16 hi walterbender
14:27 walterbender hi Tabs16
14:27 Tabs16 hi walterbender
14:27 walterbender Tabs16, I have not looked at your modifications to the PR
14:27 Tabs16 walterbender: was distortion working for you?
14:28 walterbender after I changed a few things I got it working somewhat
14:28 same with tremolo
14:28 but not the way you had coded it before
14:28 I need to look at your new code
14:28 Tabs16 I am not sure, distortion worked for me
14:28 but tremolo wasn't working
14:29 walterbender Tabs16, let me grab your new bits and test
14:29 Tabs16 can you check for phaser?
14:29 I haven't made any changes to distortion
14:30 please check for phaser
14:32 walterbender I did try it just now.
14:32 does something
14:32 not sure I understand it exactly
14:33 chorus is nice too
14:33 Tabs16 honestly walter, I know how to code it, but I am not sure about the musical technicalities
14:33 Everything needs to be tested so that it is perfect
14:34 walterbender Tabs16, we should map the parameters such as rate to go from 0-100
14:34 Tabs16 yes yes, I will do that
14:34 walterbender is depth in terms of half-steps you think?
14:34 Tabs16 even in synth, some fine tuning needs to be done
14:35 walterbender Tabs16, it may be instructive to look at the range of the parameters in the tone.js examples
14:35 devin will have to help us come up with "musical" defaults
14:35 Tabs16 walterbender: I have seen the range, for depth it's 0-1
14:36 it's how much the amplitude gets modulated
14:36 a depth of 1 modulates the amplitude from 0 to 1
14:38 walterbender Tabs16, for anything that is not, say, a Frequency, or Ocatve, it should be 0-100
14:38 in the UI
14:39 the delay time? what are the units there? milleseconds?
14:41 will look at the code and speculate as to why distortion and tremolo are not working as I would expect
14:42 oh... and one point of coding style
14:42 please use a space after commas
14:43 Tabs16 sure walterbender ,  delayTime is in milliseconds
14:43 walterbender: anything except frequency and octave should be b/w 0-100?
14:44 walterbender Tabs16 and delay time
14:44 anything were we have a known unit we leave alone
14:44 but ranges should be 0-100
14:44 instead of 0-1
14:44 in the UI
14:44 Tabs16 +1
14:44 I will do the changes
14:44 walterbender delayTime should be delay (MS)
14:45 Tabs16 in the UI?
14:45 walterbender as the block label in basicblocks.js
14:46 Tabs16 +1
14:46 walterbender: Apart from making these changes, what shall I do now?
14:46 I am not satisfied with the current work because it lacks testing
14:46 walterbender Tabs16, why do you hardwire A1 in distortion?
14:47 Tabs16 that was the problem i stated in the comments
14:47 when I write "notes" , it doesn't seem to work according to me
14:48 so i wrote a default which ain't correct for general purpose
14:49 walterbender OK. I will explore
14:49 Tabs16, another thing
14:49 Tabs16 yes
14:50 walterbender the way you have this written, you cannot embed one effect inside another
14:50 if else if
14:50 was that deliberate?
14:50 cannot you chain together more than one effect?
14:51 Tabs16 walter can you refer the code?
14:51 walterbender performNotes
14:51 it is if, else if, else if...
14:52 so if you have both vibrato and tremolo, you only get vibrato
14:52 is there a reason?
14:53 Tabs16 walter the performNotes is called for each effect
14:53 walterbender Tabs16, but if you embed one inside another, your code won't apply both
14:53 Tabs16 If i dont have tremolo , i cannot chain it into synth as it will be null
14:54 but it will be called separately for the effects
14:54 walterbender Tabs16, let's get it working as is and we can come back to this issue.
14:55 Tabs16 Okay, walterbender what shall I do next?
14:55 firstly, we should be testing the effects, we can do it tomorrow and take Devin's help
14:57 walterbender: for example,
14:57 https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/KzbECQLS/
14:57 walterbender Tabs16, you can make the changes we just discussed
14:58 Tabs16, I was just playing with distort
14:58 Tabs16 I am not sure whether these parameters would be OK for duoSynth
14:59 walterbender where did you get those numbers?
15:00 Tabs16 tone.js docs
15:00 but this i think from existing code
15:01 walterbender Tabs16, then why do you think they are wrong?
15:01 Tabs16 I am not saying it's wrong, but maybe some better alternative?
15:02 walterbender Tabs16, let's get the code all working and then we can fine-tune parameters with Devin
15:03 Tabs16 Ok
15:03 I will make the changes today
15:03 one suggestion walter
15:04 Why dont we integrate the effects as it is , because we would be needing the effects just like we have for vibrato
15:04 then for timbre widget we will inculcate them as the user chooses the effect?
15:05 walterbender I don't follow what you are saying
15:06 Tabs16 I mean the PR should be merged as it, initially we thought that only after the timbre widget usage , we should get these effects
15:06 we should have these effects in the TOne palette
15:06 walterbender Oh. I assumed we would merge them as is (once the bugs are fixed)
15:08 Tabs16, once we have everything working then I may make some coding-style suggestions
15:08 but lets get it working first.
15:10 Tabs16 Okay,not an issue
15:11 one more thing
15:12 I dont know how to implement this
15:12 walterbender what is "this"?
15:12 Tabs16 for example , for duosynth we might need two parameters vibratoAMount and vibratoRate
15:12 I dont know how to inculcate it into the current set synth block
15:13 walterbender Tabs16, I assumed that the output of the widget would be a "custom" synth
15:14 and that custom synth would have its parameters stored internally
15:14 the the UI need only say, set_synth custom
15:14 Tabs16 and where we will put  custom?
15:15 walterbender maybe the widget outputs a "define synth" block that takes parameters
15:15 and we run than block (really a clamp) to define custom
15:15 Tabs16 Okay, we can do that
15:15 walterbender (or whatever the user decides to name it)
15:15 then we plug that name into set synth
15:16 so set synth stays simple
15:16 Tabs16 +1
15:17 let's proceed step by step
15:18 i will make the changes today
15:18 shall I make a filter block too ?
15:18 devin had asked me to work on it later
15:20 walterbender let's do this batch of changes first
15:21 Tabs16 okay
15:21 walterbender: any success for distortion?
15:22 walterbender sort of
15:22 I switched back to notes
15:23 and multipled the distortion amount by 10
15:23 something is happening
15:23 Tabs16 what was the error?
15:23 walterbender no error
15:23 just not what I expect to hear
15:23 louder with a bit of buzz
15:24 but not really distorted
15:24 Tabs16 but distortion range is [0,1]
15:28 walterbender Tabs16, I will poke around some more
15:28 Tabs16 Okay
15:28 walterbender also, looking at the documentation for tremolo, we may need to do it a but differently
15:28 see https://tonejs.github.io/docs/#Tremolo
15:29 maybe chain the oscillator?
15:30 Tabs16 I thought we had the synth
15:30 because tremolo and vibrato needs to be done in the same way
15:30 so if it works for vibrato, then it should also work for tremolo
15:32 walterbender Tabs16, I am not sure that they need to be done the same
15:33 Tabs16 do we have an existing oscillator?
15:34 walterbender try emulating the code in the doc I pointed you at
15:34 Tabs16, I need to run to a meeting. back in a couple of hours
15:34 Tabs16 Okay
15:34 bye walterbender :)
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17:54 malverick <malverick!Elite19590@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-skwkkmxhguhxrthz> has joined #sugar-meeting
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17:58 walterbender Tabs16, ping
18:19 Tabs16 walterbender: pong
18:19 walterbender Hi
18:19 Tabs16 hi
18:19 walterbender I just did some playing around and got both tremolo and distortion to work
18:19 I put a comment in your PR with my code
18:20 Tabs16 ok, just seeing
18:22 basically , connect instead of chain
18:22 just giving it a try in my PR
18:24 walterbender note I added a start() to the tremolo too
18:29 Tabs16 distortion is working
18:29 but not tremolo
18:29 and I am wondering why it is good for lower octaves
18:32 walterbender: are you sure distortion is working correctly?
18:33 because even if i play it without the distortion block, the sound is produced same, just less loud
18:33 walterbender try passing it a3 b3 c3
18:33 should be lots of distortion
18:35 did tremolo work for you?
18:36 Tabs16 no, tremolo doesn't seem to work at all
18:36 it works for you?
18:36 distortion seems to work
18:36 but it doesnt seem evident
18:36 walterbender did you drop in my code? exactly?
18:37 Tabs16 yes, same
18:37 copy paste
18:43 walterbender hmm
18:46 Tabs16 any spcific test case for tremolo?
18:53 walterbender I was usiing 10, 0.75
18:53 on sol4 mi4 sol4
18:56 Tabs16 no success
18:56 it is working for you?
18:57 walterbender yes
18:57 let me fpaste my code
18:57 Tabs16 ok
18:58 walterbender https://paste.fedoraproject.or[…]dIGYhyRLivL9gydE=
19:01 my test project: https://paste.fedoraproject.or[…]dIGYhyRLivL9gydE=
19:05 Tabs16 no effect
19:05 I dont understanf why it is not working for me
19:08 walterbender I don't think I changed anything else in your code.
19:09 Tabs16 it is working perfectly on urs?
19:19 walterbender seems to work.
19:19 let's try this: make all your other changes and drop in my code for these two blocks.
19:19 then I will make try your PR again on my machine
19:19 maybe something else is changed
19:21 Tabs16 I have made all my changes , I will drop in your code too :)
19:23 done +1
19:34 walterbender looks
19:39 tremolo works for me with your code
19:40 distortion too...
19:40 since you are / 100 now, I had to pass in 75 to tremolo
19:40 (freq 10)
19:40 it definitely works
19:43 back in 5
19:43 Tabs16 ok
19:51 walterbender I'll think about how we can clean this code up a bit...
19:52 I am not a big fan of passing so many args to functions
19:52 too easy to mess up
19:52 But otherwise it is looking good
19:52 Tabs16 Even i was thinking about the same thing
19:52 too many args
19:54 walterbender maybe use a schema like: this.set_distortion
19:55 so you maintain some internal instance variables and set the ones you need
19:56 Tabs16 under performNotes?
19:57 i think of disintegrating performNotes to this.setDistortion and others
20:03 gtg now , extremely sleepy
20:03 Rishabh42 has quit IRC
20:04 Tabs16 goodnight walter, I will clean the code tomorrow
20:06 walterbender OK. I just added another comment to the PR
20:06 TTYL
20:33 walterbender has quit IRC
22:07 Tabs16 has quit IRC

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