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#sugar-meeting, 2017-05-22

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13:56 walterbender hello everyone
13:56 jatindhankhar hello
13:56 Raphaelt[m] hello
13:56 Rishabh42 hey everyone
13:58 Tabs16 hey
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13:59 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@50-247-198-205-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:59 walterbender shall we get started?
14:00 #start-meeting
14:00 meeting Meeting started Mon May 22 14:00:06 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:00 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:00 walterbender This is the last week of "community bonding": coding begins next week.
14:00 I hope everyone is on track with their mentors?
14:01 Anyone having trouble connecting with their mentors?
14:01 Tabs16 No
14:01 Raphaelt[m] No
14:01 walterbender sees more mentors than interns on line right now :P
14:01 Rishabh42 not me
14:01 llaske :-)
14:02 walterbender Maybe a quick round of updates?
14:02 Tabs16, wanna start things off?
14:02 llaske My student is missing, he's on trip to India this week
14:02 Tabs16 yes sure
14:02 walterbender llaske, as long as he let you know...
14:03 Tabs16 second week of community bonding went really good,wrote my first blog re GSOC and working on Tone.js interface
14:03 tarunsinghal92 <tarunsinghal92!~Mutter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 llaske @walterbender he does, we plan to meet on Wednesday
14:03 Tabs16 Good communication with the mentors as well
14:03 llaske Oops he's here :-)
14:03 tarunsinghal92 Hi
14:04 Tabs16 hi tarunsinghal92
14:04 walterbender Tabs16, I merged a couple of your PRs
14:04 but I was confused by your comments one of them
14:04 Tabs16 Yes, finally github is notifying me :P
14:04 re distortion?
14:04 pikurasa Tabs16: Are you on the SL-devel mailing list yet?
14:04 walterbender yes... https://github.com/walterbende[…]icblocks/pull/683
14:04 Tabs16 hi pikurasa
14:05 yes pikurasa
14:05 walterbender You said it does not work?
14:05 pikurasa Tabs16: Good.
14:05 cristinadp <cristinadp!1806e524@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:05 walterbender hi cristinadp
14:05 Tabs16 walterbender: distortion effect was working
14:05 walterbender it is working... great
14:05 Tabs16 but when I put "notes" as parameter it doesnt
14:05 which will be a problem i guess
14:06 cristinadp Hi everybody!
14:06 HrishiP <HrishiP!uid200307@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-vnmfxfrskcszwsgy> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:06 Tabs16 plus, i need to get some detailing on tremolo
14:06 walterbender Tabs16, OK. I'll look at it with you after the meeting
14:06 Tabs16 yes :)
14:06 pikurasa Tabs16: does this distortion have params or just on/off?
14:07 walterbender pikurasa, looking at the code, it seems to have parameters
14:07 Tabs16 pikurasa: it has a parameter for how much distortion we want , range  0-1
14:07 pikurasa That's good
14:07 Tabs16 but I want to test every minute detail before okay-ing it :D
14:07 walterbender Tabs16, detail for later: we use a range of 0-100 for most things in MB
14:08 pikurasa Yes, a bigger number range is better
14:08 Tabs16 Yes, I noticed that in vibrato
14:08 block
14:08 pikurasa Kids would have trouble with decimal
14:08 heck, I have a little more mental work when doing decimals
14:08 HrishiP hello
14:08 walterbender no getting around fractions, however... 1/2 notes, et al.
14:09 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:09 pikurasa thanks Tabs16
14:09 HrishiP is the meeting already started, thought it was 8IST :\
14:09 pikurasa walterbender: I think fractions are good there. Plus, it is two whole numbers
14:09 ignacio Hi everyone
14:09 Tabs16 pikurasa: Can you please send me a screenshot /.tb file for the bugs related to box? (A lil problem in understanding them)
14:09 walterbender pikurasa, agreed...
14:09 Tabs16 hi ignacio HrishiP
14:10 HrishiP hi ignacio Tabs16
14:10 Rishabh42 hi ignacio , HrishiP
14:10 pikurasa Tabs16: Yes, I will do my best. I was hoping others had experienced it before.
14:10 walterbender seems Tabs16 is making progress...
14:10 HrishiP hi Rishabh42
14:10 walterbender thanks for the update
14:10 Rishabh42 walterbender, This week went well, had a conference with my mentor over hangouts and we mainly discussed how to proceed with the project. I also tested a couple of softwares that were suggested by James sir
14:10 walterbender Rishabh42, great...
14:10 Tabs16 thanks walterbender  pikurasa  :)
14:10 HrishiP Rishabh42, not aware about any of that
14:11 walterbender what is the gist of the approach you will take?
14:11 Rishabh42 walterbender, we have decided to make a custom Debian image of Sugar
14:11 HrishiP Risabh42, you mean Abhijit?
14:12 walterbender Rishabh42, why custom? what is special?
14:12 Rishabh42 HrishiP, yeah, he is my mentor
14:12 HrishiP I think I am too
14:12 walterbender, it is the easy way out that's why
14:12 tharangi <tharangi!~DinukaTha@2402:4000:bbfd:73c9:a18c:6d5e:8148:9da5> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:13 walterbender HrishiP, easy way out of what?
14:13 HrishiP Though, it will be a much modified version, by removing uncesseary softwares and make it lighter
14:13 pikurasa needs to go right in 15min, BTW.
14:13 hi tharangi
14:13 Rishabh42 walterbender, the sftware which was suggested has the functionality of adding Sugar as a package and building an image
14:13 jatindhankhar I discussed the idea of testing SamToday's version of  aslo with scg and tony37 and both agree. I will try to find parts that can be re-used. I will report my findings by Wednesday since I have an exam tomorrow, as discussed on email. Also wrote blog post #2 for the weekly GSOC log.
14:13 HrishiP walterbender, it cuts time, thats what most people suggested
14:13 Rishabh42 *software
14:13 walterbender pikurasa, maybe we can get an update from tharangi before you leave
14:13 HrishiP hi tharangi
14:13 Rishabh42 hi  tharangi
14:13 HrishiP walterbender, I have issues with two projects
14:14 walterbender HrishiP, cuts time from???
14:14 tharangi pikurasa, Hi Devin. Did you see my mockups?
14:14 walterbender jatindhankhar, +1
14:14 HrishiP to get the image ready. I think building from start will take much time
14:14 llaske[m] <llaske[m]!llaskematr@gateway/shell/matrix.org/x-gbbaadsqjtxcztds> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:14 HrishiP Rishabh42, isn't that the reason?
14:14 Rishabh42 walterbender, as HrishiP suggested it would save time because otherwise we might have to cross compile and also work on a new kernel
14:15 walterbender HrishiP, my concern is long-term maintenance
14:15 ignacio is 'zeeshan khan' here?
14:15 walterbender ignacio, no :P
14:15 ignacio ;/
14:15 llaske has left #sugar-meeting
14:15 HrishiP The custom images will probably be easily updated walterbender
14:15 walterbender HrishiP, I think we should build upon the work Debian is already doing with Sugar upstream
14:15 is that what you mean?
14:15 Rishabh42 other alternative was to make a Raspbian image as I had discussed with James sir
14:15 HrishiP because we are running sugar on some custom os like raspbian
14:16 Tabs16 tharangi: I also liked theme 4 along with theme 1 :P
14:16 HrishiP walterbender, I am having insufficient communication with projects "Sugar on RPI" and "New website for SL"
14:16 walterbender HrishiP, but all of the standard Raspian images are based on Debian, aren't they?
14:16 HrishiP will need a custom RPI kernel then Rishabh42?
14:17 walterbender, yes it is
14:17 walterbender HrishiP, OK... would be good to see all of this explained in a detailed log post.
14:17 Rishabh42 HrishiP, I don't think so, will have to confirm
14:17 walterbender Rishabh42, ^^
14:18 Rishabh42 okay walterbender
14:18 walterbender tharangi,
14:18 HrishiP But I didn't have any communication with Risabh42 walterbender, I am not updated.
14:18 Rishabh42 HrishiP, I'll forward you the mail with the instructions that James sir provided
14:18 tarunsinghal92 Last week, we have finalized the folder structure for server and dashboard, defined auth and redesigned api to accommodate filtering, sort, large data etc. blog part is also done
14:18 HrishiP okay Rishabh42, and also add me to hangout thing
14:19 walterbender Rishabh42, a blog post would be good too
14:19 tarunsinghal92, sounds good
14:19 I'll read your blog
14:19 HrishiP Rishabh42, have you written any blog now?
14:19 walterbender (everyone: I put links to the blogs in the wiki)
14:20 in the table at the top of https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code
14:20 HrishiP Rishabh42, are you meeting on MWF, or TTS day(s)?
14:20 Rishabh42 walterbender, sure, have to do that, I'm mostly working on the project besides my exams, will write a post by the end of this week
14:20 HrishiP, ^^
14:21 walterbender tharangi, can you update the group on your progress?
14:22 Rishabh42 HrishiP, we have decided to have our conference every week on friday at 2300IST, and we keep in touch over slack throughout the week
14:22 HrishiP Rishabh42, I am not on slack, but I will get on it like right now. Send other details please
14:22 Rishabh42 HrishiP, only the friday meeting is on hangouts
14:23 tharangi I created some mockup screens for 4 themes. That's all I was able to do. I was not well past few days.
14:23 Rishabh42 HrishiP, will send you the invite link
14:23 HrishiP tharangi, will the website be based on jekyll?
14:24 pikurasa tharangi: the mockups were made starting with what?
14:24 They look like screenshots of webpages
14:24 abhijitp <abhijitp!0e8b7a78@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:25 HrishiP hi abhijitp
14:25 abhijitp hi all, sorry for joining late :
14:25 Rishabh42 hey abhijitp
14:25 abhijitp hi HrishiP
14:25 walterbender abhijitp, please check the backlog
14:25 abhijitp yep sure
14:25 pikurasa tharangi: the first and the second look nice... maybe the 4th
14:27 Rishabh42 HrishiP, please check your mail, I've sent  an invite
14:27 walterbender tharangi, I was thinking it might be nice to make some of the navigation look like the blocks
14:27 tharangi Yes.. It was easy for me to editing some html pages than using a tool to design mockups.
14:27 HrishiP got it
14:27 pikurasa walterbender: I was thinking the same thing!
14:27 HrishiP Rishabh42, what are the timings to meet everyday?
14:28 ^^abhijitp
14:28 Rishabh42 HrishiP, we don't meet everyday
14:29 abhijitp hey HrishiP sorry i was busy reading the logs :)
14:29 pikurasa tharangi: I think the next step is to get into the nitty-gritty of the order of lessons... some outlines. Did you see that M+MI bellset curriculum I sent earlier?
14:29 abhijitp will sent you  link to our slack team asap :D
14:29 Rishabh42 HrishiP, though we do communicate about the project on slack
14:29 abhijitp, I sent that, have you joined HrishiP ?
14:30 tharangi walterbender, pikurasa: okay  will look in to it on making navigation look like blocks
14:30 pikurasa tharangi: That bellset curriculum can serve as the start for a template. We have a different instrument (visual coding), but the framework is there in the PDF I sent
14:30 tharangi: as for the blocks, please try it out and send back to us. Maybe a good idea, maybe not... let's try and see.
14:31 HrishiP tharangi, I like the 1,2 and 4th, the 4th one seems better on mobile
14:31 walterbender Raphaelt[m], can you update us as well?
14:31 pikurasa HrishiP: the 4th seems modern. Actually the 4th seems to lend itself to block images the best (replacing the clickable squares)
14:31 HrishiP pikurasa, +1
14:32 cristinadp tharangi: I like the 1 and 4th
14:32 pikurasa is curious what his wife (an artist) thinks. I will ask her later
14:32 hi cristinadp
14:32 cristinadp hi pikurasa
14:32 pikurasa I need to go now.
14:32 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
14:33 jatindhankhar <jatindhankhar!~jatin@2406:e00:120:92af:4bd8:114e:56a5:3b98> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:33 HrishiP bye pikurasa
14:33 Raphaelt[m] Yes, I have started the project, but just a little. I have put a screen on my blogs. It's just the basic view of whats gona be Sugarizer Deployement Tool, but I need to do more research about some probleme, especially with adb
14:33 pikurasa tharangi: please check out the M+MI curric book and let me know when you have seen it. If you cannot find, I can send.
14:33 thanks!
14:33 tharangi pikurasa: Yes I looked into the document you shared earlier. No need of sending back.  And I will share the screens again after adding block images.
14:34 blocks*
14:34 walterbender Raphaelt[m], I'll check out your blog as well... thx
14:35 have we heard from everyone? sanjay here?
14:36 HrishiP tharangi, the second theme with a better font would be good too
14:36 pikurasa has quit IRC
14:36 Tabs16 I liked the 1st and 4th one
14:36 tony37 I don't see hem ogfed it. He told me heis exxm periof is finithsed and he is free to devote tull time to the GSOC project
14:36 Tabs16 4th somewhat matches with the blocks ,maybe thats why
14:36 tharangi cristinadp, hirship: Thanks for your comments. I like the 1st. That's why I created different pages on that theme.
14:37 zeecoder <zeecoder!67d85092@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:38 tharangi And I agree with you all that the 4th will go with blocks.
14:39 Tabs16 +1
14:40 tarunsinghal92_ <tarunsinghal92_!~Mutter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:40 walterbender anything else for today?
14:41 tharangi With the preference of majaority, I will focus on improving 1st and 4th themes.
14:41 walterbender remember: communicate early and often with your mentors :)
14:41 zeecoder has quit IRC
14:41 Rishabh42 walterbender, sure thing
14:42 tharangi majority*
14:42 Tabs16 walterbender: is  there any specific guideline for the evaluations?
14:42 walterbender Tabs16, the GSoC evaluation?
14:42 Tabs16 yes
14:43 Sanjay <Sanjay!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:44 walterbender Tabs16, it is in part quantitative: did the intern show up? work on what we agreed to?
14:44 tarunsinghal92 has quit IRC
14:44 walterbender And did they communicate regularly
14:44 we don't count lines of code :P
14:44 Sanjay Hello. I deeply apologise. I faced a power failure and wasn't able to be on time.
14:45 Tabs16 what if the intern is working but taking time or fixed in some coding issue,so not able to complete what was decided on time?
14:45 walterbender qualitative assessment of the work and effort and interaction with the community
14:45 Tabs16, any deviations from the schedule are fine as long as they are communicated with the mentors
14:45 Tabs16 okay :)
14:46 walterbender Tabs16, it is expected that there will be changes along the way
14:46 tony37 has quit IRC
14:46 walterbender esp. with somewhat open-ended projects such as these
14:46 Tabs16 btw to the interns, have you guys got a confirmation of account from payoneer?
14:46 thanks walterbender  :)
14:46 walterbender needs to set up a payoneer account too
14:47 tharangi Tabs16, I didn't receive yet.
14:47 tarunsinghal92__ <tarunsinghal92__!~Mutter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:47 Rishabh42 thanks Tabs16 , I had that doubt too
14:47 Tabs16 even I havent received it yet
14:47 Rishabh42 about the submissions ^^
14:47 Tabs16 i just got two mails after the setup
14:47 Rishabh42:  code submissions?
14:48 Rishabh42 yup, evaluation
14:48 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
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14:48 Rishabh42 and what mode of payment did you guys opt for?
14:48 jatindhankhar Bank Transfer
14:48 Tabs16 direct transfer
14:48 i think in India , only this one is applicable
14:48 tharangi We interns should create a separate group guys and girls! we can discuss points like this and get to knw each other.
14:49 jatindhankhar Last email I received from Payoneer was something liek this , "The details you provided are currently being reviewed. Once they are confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with further details."
14:49 Tabs16 yes tharangi :D
14:49 yes same here jatindhankhar
14:49 tharangi same for me too
14:49 Tabs16 which group will be more preferable?
14:49 Rishabh42 this was being discussed on the telegram group that day and seems like only the people who opted for 'mastercard' got the 'thank you' mail
14:50 Tabs16 oh
14:50 jatindhankhar tharangi +1
14:50 Rishabh42 are you guys active on that group?
14:50 tony37 Sanjsy are  you online
14:50 Tabs16 not really, all i see all the time is "hi" :/
14:51 Rishabh42 Tabs16, oh
14:51 tony37 Sanjay are you online?
14:51 tharangi May be a hangout chat, whatsapp(if it is okay to share mobile numbers) or even facebook if you guys are active there. At least a mail thread.
14:51 Rishabh42 and how many have joined the whatsapp group via the link on the mailing list?
14:52 Tabs16 hangout chat will be nice
14:52 Rishabh42 tharangi, +1
14:52 Tabs16 what about others?
14:52 Sanjay yeah
14:52 Hello, Tony
14:52 Tabs16 Rishabh42: nope i havent joined that
14:52 Sanjay I was actually writing you an email.
14:52 walterbender hi Sanjay
14:52 Sanjay Hello Walter.
14:52 jatindhankhar Tabs16 I checked and searched for the payoneer keyword and found another email with the same date which I think confirms the details
14:52 tony37 Sanjay welocme to the meeting
14:52 mohayon[m] <mohayon[m]!mohayonmat@gateway/shell/matrix.org/x-islxifivhzizmuhe> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:53 jatindhankhar It said, " Dear XXX,
14:53 Dear Jatin Dhankhar,
14:53 Thank you for choosing Payoneer as your payment solution for receiving funds from Google Summer of Code .
14:53 All payments received from Google Summer of Code will be automatically transferred to your local bank account, in INR.You may view your payment history at any time by logging in to Payoneer."
14:53 Sanjay Thanks. And sorry. I lost the internet connectivity here. I will make sure to have a backup hereafter
14:53 jatindhankhar Oops Mutli line paste :/
14:53 MatrixBridge <MatrixBridge!matrixirc@gateway/shell/matrix.org/x-ajwszvhujuzaqlpu> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:53 MatrixBridge has left #sugar-meeting
14:54 Tabs16 yes got that mail too but I am afraid whether they have "confirmed" the bank details
14:54 Sanjay Payoneer live chat responds very quickly over queries. You can try that if you have any query.
14:54 tony37 Sanjay connectivity seem always to be a problem - do the best you can
14:55 tharangi Tayba I added you to a hangout chat.
14:55 Other please join here: https://hangouts.google.com/gr[…]h4NnNKEehwNYDQvx1
14:55 tarunsinghal92__ Thanks
14:55 Tabs16 thanks tharangi  :D
14:55 Sanjay Sure, Tony. I will make sure to have a backup.
14:56 tarunsinghal92__ Can you also send whatsapp grp link
14:56 mohayon has quit IRC
14:56 walterbender Sanjay, FYI: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]ng/meetings/today
14:56 Rishabh42 tharangi, what will the conference be about? I have an exam tomorrow, might not be able to join
14:57 Sanjay Thank you Walter. I will go through the logs.
14:57 mohayon[m] is now known as mohayon
14:57 mohayon has left #sugar-meeting
14:57 Tabs16 Rishabh42: not a conference, just a group for all the interns :)
14:57 mohayon <mohayon!mohayonmat@gateway/shell/matrix.org/x-islxifivhzizmuhe> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:58 tharangi Rishabh42, it will be just a hangout chat group.
14:58 Rishabh42 one more thing, Google summer of code is listed under the 'funding sources' tab of my Payoneer account
14:59 tony37 Sanjay -this meeting is logged so you can review it at http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting/
14:59 Tabs16 All the best Rishabh42  for your exam tomorrow :D  In hindi ( paper fod ke ana :P)
14:59 Rishabh42 tharangi, okay, I really want to attend but have an exam tomorrow ;/
15:00 Tabs16, hahah, thanks a lot :D
15:01 walterbender will end the formal meeting now
15:01 Sanjay Okay, Tony. Thanks.
15:01 walterbender thanks everyone for their updates
15:01 #end-meeting
15:01 Rishabh42 we should also schedule a hangout after 25th
15:01 meeting Meeting ended Mon May 22 15:01:17 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:01 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-22T14:00:06.html
15:01 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]17-05-22T14:00:06
15:01 tony37 bye
15:01 Rishabh42 thanks walterbender
15:01 tony37 has quit IRC
15:01 tarunsinghal92__ Thanks
15:01 walterbender Tabs16, I will look at your PR again in a bit.
15:01 Rishabh42 and thank you everyone
15:02 tarunsinghal92__ has quit IRC
15:02 walterbender got to disappear for an hour or so
15:02 Tabs16 walterbender: Ok, ping me when you are back :D
15:02 jatindhankhar bye
15:02 jatindhankhar has quit IRC
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