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#sugar-meeting, 2017-04-14

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07:02 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satel@2601:602:200:94f1:5908:3eb2:30a1:d41b> has joined #sugar-meeting
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12:21 Hrishi <Hrishi!uid200307@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-yghurruamnwppfiy> has joined #sugar-meeting
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12:55 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:55 walterbender hi tony37
12:55 Hrishi Hello people!
12:56 walterbender tony37, did you get the invite I sent this morning?
12:56 tony37 hi, all
12:56 Hrishi Almost 13UTC :D
12:56 walterbender hi Hrishi
12:57 tony37 I don't think so. Lionel believes this is a problem with gmail
12:57 walterbender tony37, I have found in the past that gmail addresses work better for google services
12:58 did you check your spam folder?
12:58 Hrishi I have rated proposals
12:59 tony37 the problem is some filter in gmail which blocks my email service usa.net. If I send with tony@olenepal.org, it goes through because that is a gmail account
13:00 walterbender tony37, I sent an invite to tony@olenepal.prg about 1 hour ago
13:01 Hrishi, thanks for rating the proposals.
13:01 anyway, let's get started
13:01 is under the weather... a touch of the flu... so he'd like to keep this meeting brief
13:02 Hrishi okay!
13:02 llaske <llaske!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:02 Hrishi hello llaske
13:03 llaske Hi all
13:03 walterbender I just want to (1) make sure everyone has access to the proposals and the spreadsheet; (2) make sure we have some consensus on process; and (3) ensure we have a baseline for Google re the number of slots we want
13:03 I think tony37 is the only one still with problems accessing proposals?
13:03 tony37 has quit IRC
13:04 walterbender wants to get cjl access to the i18n proposals as well.
13:04 Hrishi walterbender: When should I start clicking "I want to mentor" button
13:04 already did that (about a few days ago) with some projects
13:04 walterbender Hrishi, you are welcome to click on that any time
13:04 Hrishi okay
13:05 llaske The most important is that for each projects we've got at least one mentor at end
13:05 walterbender Hrishi, maybe you can use a background color to indicate this in the spreadsheet as well?
13:05 llaske, +1
13:05 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:05 walterbender and I think we cannot spread ourselves too thin
13:06 last year we had 6 projects -- one of which was a fail
13:06 but that was not because of lack of mentoring
13:07 fyi, we ended up with 11 additional applications to Outreachy
13:07 Hrishi There was a lack of mentors, where most of the projects are originated this time.
13:07 walterbender: The project Sugar on RPI...
13:07 walterbender Hrishi, I haven't been too aggressive re recruiting mentors yet
13:08 llaske walterbender could you explain the process about Outreachy, it don't count for GSoC token ?
13:08 walterbender I am more interested at this stage to ensure strong proposals
13:08 abhijitp <abhijitp!0e8b7a78@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:08 walterbender and then we can find mentors
13:08 Hrishi I think it will be pretty easy if one found the waym I think it is only lacking config
13:08 walterbender llaske, it is a separate headcount
13:09 llaske So we will not ask token for proposal marked "Outreachy" ?
13:12 Hrishi I am getting a RPI for Sugar on RPI proposal
13:12 walterbender llaske, yes... we don't count that one
13:13 pikurasa <pikurasa!~devin@50-247-198-205-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:13 walterbender we may get another "free" slot from Outreachy
13:13 pikurasa hi
13:13 walterbender but I don't know yet
13:14 hi pikurasa
13:14 Hrishi hello pikurasa
13:14 walterbender I think the next step is to ensure we have quality (over quantity)
13:14 abhijitp hi all, sorry for being late :)
13:15 walterbender so the reviewing process is very important
13:15 this channel is logged so you can read the backlog
13:16 pikurasa Just to verify, on the spreadsheet 5 is "best" and "1" is "lowest" quality--correct?
13:16 walterbender pikurasa, yes
13:16 Hrishi We do count 0, dont we?
13:16 llaske I've put 0 for out of subject propsal
13:17 pikurasa walterbender: so does it make sense to accept anything lower than 3? Maybe not accept 3 either... just 4 and 5 proposals
13:17 Hrishi Hey, for Use Manual for MB, do we have to tell the student what paltform are they gonna build? I mean, can they select Joomla! Wordpress, etc?
13:17 walterbender pikurasa, I think we need to be very selective
13:18 Hrishi, whatever they choose needs to be viewable in the Sugar Browser
13:18 e.g., no FLASH
13:18 pikurasa Hrishi: we do not need to tell them exactly what to use. It should be something they are already familiar with.
13:18 Hrishi they also have to see if the website is viewable on Mobile
13:18 walterbender I would like to defer discussion of individual proposals today
13:19 pikurasa Most candidates already demonstrated how they envision it to be.
13:19 Hrishi pikurasa : yes
13:19 pikurasa And yes, FLASH = EVIL (until the day they put it under a free license)
13:19 Hrishi: I think everyone is sensitive to that nowadays, but we can remind them.
13:20 llaske At first we must more have a judgment about quality of proposal instead of the proposed solution
13:20 walterbender llaske, +1
13:20 llaske proposed solution is to differentiate between two equal proposal
13:20 walterbender the quality of the student is the most important criteria
13:21 and I think we want to think about contributions to the community
13:21 and whether there is evidence this will be a longer term commitment
13:21 Hrishi "Summer of Code 2017/Music Blocks for Mobile" I doubt the platform selected. (iOS)
13:22 pikurasa Hrishi: I did not really understand that proposal. Why did they just talk about iOS???
13:22 walterbender Hrishi, please make your comments on individual proposals in the spreadsheet
13:22 llaske on contributions I'm more skeptical because lot of students sent dummy PR just before the end of submission
13:22 Hrishi okay walterbender
13:22 pikurasa llaske: what is "dummy PR"?
13:22 Hrishi pikurasa, one the top, he has written iOS
13:22 walterbender llaske, I think it is pretty clear to maintainers which contributions are more substantial
13:23 llaske I'm calling dummy PR a PR just to change a CSS file for example :-)
13:23 pikurasa or Pull Request... I get it
13:23 walterbender e.g., we have a few Music Blocks contributors who have make many substantial contributions
13:23 pikurasa Not Public Relations... gotta take my entrepreneur hat off.
13:23 llaske :-D
13:25 walterbender right now we have 7 proposals >= 4.0
13:25 one is already selected for Outreachy.
13:25 pikurasa From the proposals that were submitted for MB mobile I am doubtful that we have the quality proposal expected for the project to run this summer, IMO.
13:26 walterbender so I proposal letting Google know we want 6 slots minimum and ask for 3 extras that we may fill?
13:26 make sense?
13:26 abhijitp +1
13:27 walterbender re Outreachy, only 1 of the proposals that was unique to Outreachy was worth accepting.
13:27 pikurasa walterbender: that makes sense. We try to fill in our 4+ proposals first
13:27 walterbender I am hoping we get an extra slot for that one since we cannot assign it in GSoC
13:28 Hrishi I am not aware anything about slots :(
13:28 walterbender Hrishi, we have to let Google know how many slots we want for GSoC (min and max)
13:28 pikurasa walterbender: one high quality student proposed to both Outreachy and GSoC--how do you decide whether they are placed for outreachy or GSoC?
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13:28 walterbender and we have 1 guaranteed slot for Outreachy with the possibility of one extra
13:29 pikurasa, it is a bit tricky
13:29 It would be perhaps better for us to put the top proposal into the GSoC bin since we can then ensure the Outreachy-only proposal
13:30 but since there is a significant difference in the stipend between Outreachy and GSoC, I think it is not fair to the student
13:30 pikurasa BTW, I do not seem to see a 4/14/2017 log for sugar-meeting on http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-meeting/meetings
13:30 walterbender we need to award the Outreachy slit to the best proposal
13:31 pikurasa, /me looks
13:31 llaske <llaske!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:31 llaske Sorry was deconnected
13:32 walterbender pikurasa, not sure why... thought it was automatic
13:32 pikurasa walterbender: the outreachy stipend is higher than the GSoC stipend?
13:32 walterbender pikurasa, I will share the backlog
13:32 pikurasa, Google changed its stipend this year
13:32 pikurasa I thought there was a meeting on command walterbender
13:33 walterbender pikurasa, there is... but the channel also used to log automatically
13:33 Hrishi it is based on something called PPP
13:33 walterbender Hrishi, yes. the idea is to make the stipend the same for everyone
13:33 in terms of purchasing power
13:33 so the places where there are higher costs of living get a higher stipend
13:34 Outreachy uses the same stipend everywhere
13:34 pikurasa huh... okay...
13:34 walterbender so depending upon where you live, the stipend can vary by as much as 3x
13:34 pikurasa I will table all my thoughts on this for later...
13:34 walterbender it is documented somewhere in the GSoC pages
13:35 llaske Guess minimum is 2600$ and max is 6600$
13:35 walterbender something like that
13:35 llaske 2200$ may be
13:35 pikurasa At any rate, we want the Outreachy stipend to go to they best proposal.
13:35 walterbender and Outreachy is ~$5500 for everyone
13:35 Hrishi $500 goes to organization?
13:35 Min is 2400
13:35 walterbender so it is much better to get an Outreachy internship for most students
13:36 abhijitp GSOC stipends list here on https://developers.google.com/[…]/student-stipends
13:36 walterbender still, I think it is only fair to base our decisions on the quality
13:36 and that is what we did for Outreachy
13:36 mohayon <mohayon!~mohayon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:37 llaske Hi Michaël
13:37 walterbender BTW, is this time going to work for everyone for the weekly update meetings this summer?
13:37 mohayon Hi llaske, Hi everyone
13:37 walterbender hi mohayon
13:38 pikurasa walterbender: it should work for me. If that changes, I will let you know.
13:39 llaske not the better time but it could work
13:39 walterbender llaske, would you prefer earlier or later?
13:39 or a different day?
13:39 Hrishi Can I be mentor for Outreachy too walterbender, llaske?
13:40 walterbender Hrishi, I think we have that covered for the moment... but if we get the extra slot, yes.
13:40 llaske My favorite time is the time for SLOB meeting but if we stay at this time my preference is for another day (Wednesday for example)
13:40 Hrishi okay :D
13:41 walterbender anyone else have a preference?
13:41 FYI, the SLOB time is 19UTC
13:41 (6 hours after this meeting time)
13:41 Hrishi 19UTC is too late here
13:41 walterbender I thought so
13:41 llaske, what about Mondays?
13:42 llaske Yes, okay
13:42 walterbender pikurasa, does that work for you? Monday at 13UTC? (9am ET)
13:42 pikurasa Mondays would be problematic for me until mid-May
13:43 After mid-May, then I can do Monday's
13:43 llaske mohayon I guess there is one issue with the Raphael TEYSSANDIER proposal ? Did you see it ?
13:43 walterbender pikurasa, it will be OK... we can work out a separate time for the individual mentor meetings
13:44 mohayon Yes, the document seems to be truncated, the draft is up to date
13:44 pikurasa walterbender: okay, sounds good.
13:45 walterbender mohayon, not cut off for me...
13:45 11 pages
13:46 tony37 A Google inviation arrived five minutes ago. I am now a mentor.
13:46 walterbender tony37, +1
13:46 llaske the final has only 1 page for me
13:46 walterbender I can send it to you both.
13:46 llaske thought the draft has 5
13:47 Great tony37 !
13:47 mohayon Same for me, final pdf has only one page for Raphael TEYSSANDIER while draft has more
13:47 tony37 Now perhaps I can see the proposals.
13:48 walterbender mohayon, llaske I just sent the PDF with 11 pages by email
13:49 llaske walterbender it's not this one, I talked about https://summerofcode.withgoogl[…]4957188710727680/
13:49 walterbender anything else for today?
13:50 pikurasa I do not have anything more to talk about. walterbender maybe you can review the upcoming deadlines?
13:50 walterbender llaske, oh... that one is incomplete
13:50 llaske I've seen your comment so I thought you've judge on the incomplete version :-)
13:50 pikurasa We have until 4/24 to decide
13:50 https://developers.google.com/[…]rce/gsoc/timeline
13:51 walterbender pikurasa, we hear back from Google re slots midweek
13:51 then we decide
13:51 pikurasa May 4th is the announcement for students
13:51 walterbender no need to meet next week.
13:51 pikurasa walterbender: midweek = middle of next week?
13:51 walterbender pikurasa, yes
13:52 Hrishi after GSOC starts, meetings would be more frequent?
13:52 walterbender it is important to indicate your willingness to mentor on any proposal we may accept
13:52 llaske walterbender, when we decided how many tokens we asked ?
13:52 ask
13:52 walterbender Hrishi, yes... once per week
13:52 llaske, I think we should ask for 6
13:52 pikurasa walterbender: do we need to select "want to mentor" now?
13:53 Or after the slot number has been chosen?
13:53 walterbender Hrishi, and daily meetings with individual students
13:53 pikurasa, I think it helps us re Google to show our interests
13:53 llaske how you count 6 ?
13:53 walterbender llaske, from the >= 4.0
13:53 pikurasa walterbender: Okay, I will add the "want to mentor" for the 4+ students now
13:53 walterbender there are 7
13:53 but one is Outreacht
13:54 7-1=6
13:54 Hrishi pikurasa: I already did with some
13:54 pikurasa Hrishi: cool
13:54 Hrishi :D
13:55 llaske Okay so I think we must have 7 "want to mentor" on the GSoC dashboard too
13:55 Everyone should fill the Want to mentor so we could validate the number of tokens asked
13:55 walterbender yes
13:56 also, having multiple mentors per proposal is a good thing
13:56 so don't worry about overlap
13:57 llaske yes, it's interesting to have co-mentor
13:57 walterbender is fading... going to go back to bed to try to kick this flu bug
13:58 I will send the backlog to the list since it didn't seem to log.
13:58 llaske I'm going to check to "want to mentor" on the dashboard, I will use the "starred" flag to check it
13:59 pikurasa walterbender: Oh no! Hope you feel better!
13:59 llaske So please, every mentor, ensure in following hours that you have the "want to mentor" set
13:59 Hrishi walterbender, pikurasa: I don't fully know how to use MB, but can I also mentor that User Manual for MB proposals, just to help for website or else
14:00 llaske I will do the check tonight (our tomorrow for some of you)
14:00 walterbender thanks all
14:00 Hrishi llaske, I just have to select proposals I want to, that's all?
14:00 walterbender : Thanks and welcome
14:01 pikurasa Hrishi: sure, it would be nice to have your input as well
14:01 llaske Yes, just mention "Want to mentor" on selected proposal
14:02 pikurasa Okay, so are we done for today?
14:02 so that walterbender can sip tea (not coffee) and rest/recover?
14:03 Thank you, team sugar! :)
14:03 Hrishi okay, then
14:04 llaske thanks to all
14:04 tony37 bye
14:04 tony37 has quit IRC
14:04 llaske guess we need to close the meeting
14:04 Hrishi llaske, pikurasa, tony37m walterbender : Bye, thanks!
14:04 walterbender bye..
14:04 I will let everyone know when we hear back re slots
14:05 pikurasa thanks, bye
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