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#sugar-meeting, 2017-04-07

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19:00 walterbender hola
19:00 which SLOBs are here?
19:00 samsongoddy?
19:00 CanoeBerry?
19:00 samsongoddy Hello
19:00 walterbender hi samsongoddy
19:01 samsongoddy Glad you made it to this meeting
19:01 walterbender samsongoddy, let's hope some other SLOBs join us
19:01 samsongoddy Yeah
19:02 CanoeBerry Hi!
19:02 samsongoddy I hope so.
19:02 elverma Hello
19:02 elih Hello :-)
19:03 walterbender just need one more for a quorum
19:03 but we can get started in any case
19:03 #start-meeting
19:03 meeting Meeting started Fri Apr  7 19:03:42 2017 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
19:03 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
19:03 walterbender #topic GSoC/Outreachy
19:04 Nothing to decide here... just an update
19:04 we are at the point where we need to review applications
19:04 ignacio Hi everyone
19:04 walterbender we have about a dozen for Outreachy and 45 for GSoC
19:05 hi ignacio
19:05 we have a quorum :)
19:05 I invite anyone from the community to review the applications and we can still add mentors
19:05 Next week we need to let Google know how many slots we want
19:06 and then we need to choose our interns for the summer
19:06 ignacio Regarding GSoC, is the webapp sending emails?
19:06 I'm not getting any email about gsoc, like, I don't know when someone comments or so
19:06 walterbender I don't know. I have not seen any comments yet
19:06 ifeanyimatthew <ifeanyimatthew!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:06 kaametza hi all! sorry I'm late
19:07 itachi has quit IRC
19:07 ifeanyimatthew Hi all. Sorry 4 coming late
19:07 walterbender just to let people know, we have some Sugarizer proposals, Music Blocks proposals, and a bunch of Sugar projects
19:07 llaske <llaske!~chatzilla@AVelizy-152-1-1-254.w90-43.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:08 walterbender Updating the website, revamping ASLO, revamping collaboration, revamping the Journal
19:08 lots of exciting and relevant stuff
19:08 llaske hi all, sorry to be late
19:08 walterbender so I am looking forward to a productive summer
19:08 Hi kaametza and llaske
19:08 icarito hi
19:08 walterbender I was just giving a GSoC update
19:09 llaske less candidate than last year
19:09 walterbender I will organize a mentor meeting next week (prob. Wednesday)
19:09 llaske okay
19:09 walterbender llaske, a bit more focused and a bit more diverse.
19:09 llaske we should prepare a grid to score proposal
19:09 walterbender Outrreachy gave us a lot of reach into candidates we were not reaching in the past.
19:10 llaske, a grid would be good. We can include an Outreachy slot too.
19:10 llaske last year we had a google sheet I think it was done by Dave
19:11 walterbender I can do it over the weekend.
19:11 llaske ok, I will complete it
19:11 walterbender anything else re GSoC/Outreachy?
19:12 ignacio, did the SFC ever get back to you re a travel advance?
19:12 ignacio Nope
19:12 walterbender :P
19:12 ignacio, when is the summit?
19:12 ignacio I guess we will just have to wait, June 5
19:13 llaske sorry to not answer Ignacio but if we need to vote, it's +1 for me
19:13 walterbender ignacio, we should try to get the tickets sooner than later
19:13 ignacio Do you know if Google already sent the $2400 to the org?
19:13 thanks, llaske
19:13 walterbender ignacio, maybe Adam, who is a self-proclaimed expert in finding good flights can help.
19:14 kaametza walterbender, does SFC require us to vote for this travel advance?
19:14 ignacio walterbender, I already sent a link with the desired flights (the same as Cristian), if I could get the same flights it would be awesome
19:14 llaske SFC are sometimes strange: they asked me for some evidence that I was a GSoC summit thought I have lunch with them there...
19:15 hilary <hilary!6cce6199@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:15 walterbender kaametza, I don't think they need a vote... I am uncertain that they will do it at all... they did not in the past, but I have not asked in a few years
19:15 ignacio I guess I will not get money in advance (like students, to pay transportation and food, etc) :P
19:15 ifeanyimatthew I think having Ignacio and Cristian in one flight would be nice
19:15 walterbender ignacio, we had the same problem with the Colombia project... remember?
19:16 kaametza walterbender, maybe if we vote on a motion they will do it
19:16 llaske yes I think it's better to vote. To avoid that SFC asked us later
19:16 walterbender kaametza, I guess it doesn't hurt.
19:16 Wanna make a motion?
19:17 kaametza ignacio, can you confirm how much do you require?
19:17 llaske Motion: To do an advance for Ignacio to attend to the GCI summit
19:17 walterbender seconded
19:17 samsongoddy +1 here
19:17 llaske +1
19:17 walterbender +1
19:17 kaametza +1
19:17 CanoeBerry +1
19:18 elverma +1
19:18 ignacio kaametza: the tickets are ~ 1350 https://www.google.com/flights[…]A984-MIASFO1AA167,SFOMIA0AA931-MIAMVD0AA989;a=AA
19:18 Anything  to help me with the transportation will be fine
19:18 walterbender motion passes
19:18 I'll be sure to let the SFC know.
19:19 ignacio thanks :)
19:19 kaametza ignacio, please do define how much do you need so that walterbender and/or CanoeBerry can address the issue to SFC
19:20 ignacio "That said, I would also like to know if it's possible that from that money I get $350 -- before June-- sent to a Payoneer account (so I can extract in a ATM) or less (students are getting $375 this year, which is the money Google gives to them to cover transportation/no paid meals, etc)."
19:20 walterbender It should be no problem to stay within the budget of $2400 since Google is handling the hotel separately
19:21 ifeanyimatthew +1
19:22 kaametza just to confirm it is USD$350 what you require in advance?
19:23 walterbender ignacio, ^^
19:24 ifeanyi <ifeanyi!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:25 ignacio kaametza: that's correct
19:25 walterbender shall we go to the next topic?
19:25 samsongoddy Yes
19:25 walterbender #topic ISGE proposal
19:26 kaametza, wanna just let everyone know what is happening with this?
19:27 kaametza walterbender, we did apply for funding a local marathon for customizing a version of Sugarizer
19:27 walterbender great
19:28 when do you hear?
19:28 kaametza https://zoomgrants.com/printpr[…]pid=77984&print=R
19:28 one month or so, we really hope to get it!
19:28 ifeanyimatthew has quit IRC
19:28 kaametza so we can have you all around :D
19:28 walterbender would be great
19:28 good luck
19:28 llaske very nice proposal
19:29 it inspire us to ask to a local sponsor a sort of marathon to write pedagogical sheet
19:29 kaametza thx! it is the Internet Society Global Engagement 2017 Beyond the Net Medium and Large Grants Programme
19:29 it is perfect for Sugarizer :D
19:30 llaske sure
19:30 wish you the best for that
19:30 and will be please to help if it works
19:31 kaametza llaske, I'm very optimistic that we can take Sugarizer one step closer to local teachers
19:31 walterbender llaske, speaking of Sugarizer, any time you are ready, there are Turtle updates worth pulling
19:31 llaske I've tried to install Turtle and it don't work here
19:31 We could talk about that
19:32 but some library is missing
19:32 (I've opened an issue in github)
19:32 walterbender llaske, would be good to get a bug report (issue reported)
19:32 I don't think I have seen it.
19:32 github doesn't always send me notifications for some reason
19:33 ignacio You need to be "watching" the repo
19:33 walterbender ignacio, I am "watching" it
19:34 llaske https://github.com/walterbende[…]ocksjs/issues/331
19:34 walterbender llaske, anyway, the missing lib is no longer missing
19:34 as of a few days ago
19:34 llaske when I replace p5.min.js by p5.js it don't work either
19:34 walterbender I updated all of the libraries
19:34 llaske I will report other issues and sent it by mail
19:34 thanks
19:34 I will try
19:35 walterbender we should not use up any more SLOB meeting time on this.
19:35 ignacio, do you have anything to tell us re the release status?
19:36 do we have a plan yet?
19:36 ignacio I have not checked all pull requests/sugar at all
19:36 Last time I checked, I didn't know where to start
19:37 walterbender ignacio, maybe we can arrange a meeting to discuss the release with the devel team?
19:37 ignacio Sounds good
19:37 walterbender ignacio, please send an email to get things started
19:38 next topic?
19:38 Ibiam <Ibiam!294f0706@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:39 walterbender #topic Sugar Network
19:39 kaametza I'll abstain from comment and voting :D
19:39 walterbender @ kaametza I didn't understand exactly what you were asking for
19:39 Ibiam hello everyone
19:39 walterbender Maybe I missed it, but I did not see any plan
19:40 ifeanyi Hi Ibiam
19:41 Ibiam hey man
19:41 kaametza I guess I'll comment then! we require funding to dedicate resources for basic Sugar Network mantainance
19:41 walterbender who is using Sugar Network?
19:41 what needs to be done?
19:42 kaametza we have 40.000 connected users in Perú
19:42 walterbender a project proposal and a description of why it is value to the community is in order
19:43 kaametza I tried to be clear in the email...
19:44 spam is critic now that the school year started
19:44 walterbender I was not very clear to me... what actually needs to be done?
19:44 a real project proposal is appropriate here
19:44 kaametza we need to add captcha functionallity to all forms plus cleaning the Spam
19:46 walterbender kaametza, I will work with you offline to help you with something more specific if you want... there are formalities to project proposals...a  work statement, schedule, etc.
19:46 kaametza http://jita.sugarlabs.org/node.sugarlabs.org/
19:48 walterbender kaametza, I am not sure what I am looking at, but it is not a project proposal
19:48 kaametza walterbender, I did requested for Technical Service funds since this is not really a project
19:49 that's XO traffic per month
19:49 ifeanyi has quit IRC
19:49 kaametza it shall answer your question of who uses sugar network
19:49 walterbender kaametza, I don't know what "technical service funds" are
19:49 ifeanyi <ifeanyi!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:50 walterbender and I don't know what the funds would be used for
19:50 and I don't know why Sugar Labs should be doing this
19:50 all of which I am sure you can explain in a proposal
19:50 kaametza everyone else think the same way?
19:51 samsongoddy I think i go with walter
19:51 A proposal can make it easier to understand
19:51 walterbender kaametza, I don't think anyone can say yes or no without a better idea of what it is you want to do
19:52 elverma I would like to see a proposal as well
19:52 ifeanyi Kaametza draft a proposal detailing all necessary info. We need details...
19:53 llaske I didn't know Sugar Network was so extensively used
19:53 it's interesting to learn more about this
19:53 kaametza llaske, it's been difficult to get here
19:54 Ibiam very interesting
19:54 kaametza llaske, we do need funds to be able to dedicate time to clean the spam...
19:55 I asked for USD$500
19:55 llaske Yes I understood that
19:55 Who is the developer of Sugar Network ? Is it still active ?
19:55 icarito llaske, do check previous years in that same statistics page
19:56 kaametza Sugar Network was mainly developed by alsroot, icarito and me
19:57 but it requires urgent mantainance as the web access we have for the demo user is getting a lot of spam attack and now we need to add the captcha functionality to all the forma
19:57 llaske okay, do you know the complexity for you to add captcha ?
19:57 Guess two tasks are different
19:57 kaametza yes, that's how I estimated it will take 3 days including testing and cleaning
19:58 llaske Adding captcha is probably simple
19:58 Cleaning could be very time consuming
19:58 walterbender or as simple as deleting the demo user and rebuilding it
19:58 not sure of the code base
19:59 but these are the sorts of things one would expect in a proposal
20:00 We are just about at the end of our hour.
20:00 Anything else re this topic for now?
20:00 samsongoddy Yes
20:01 Vision, mission and goals
20:01 For SL
20:02 itachi <itachi!67157d50@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:02 walterbender samsongoddy, I think that given we have been waiting for a report for over one year, it is time to reassess our approach.
20:03 samsongoddy, maybe a small group of us can draft something for comment.
20:03 with a hard deadline.
20:03 samsongoddy Yes
20:03 I agree walter
20:04 ifeanyi An open Google doc might help to harness ideas
20:04 walterbender +1
20:05 is willing to make a first pass.
20:05 ifeanyi +1
20:06 samsongoddy +1
20:06 Cerlyn has quit IRC
20:06 walterbender OK...
20:06 has three tasks from this meeting:
20:07 1. contact the SFC re the travel advance
20:07 2. prepare the GSoC spreadsheet
20:07 3. draft a first pass statement of goals
20:07 Anything else?
20:08 samsongoddy I think we are good
20:08 walterbender OK.
20:08 will get to work on this over the weekend
20:08 thanks everyone.
20:08 ifeanyi Thanks Walter
20:09 walterbender #end-meeting
20:09 meeting Meeting ended Fri Apr  7 20:09:14 2017 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
20:09 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-07T19:03:42.html
20:09 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]17-04-07T19:03:42
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20:09 samsongoddy Bye everyone
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