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#sugar-meeting, 2016-09-02

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18:52 walterbender hi ClaudiaU CanoeBerry
18:52 MrBIOS waves to the room
18:52 Alex Perez herez
18:52 -z
18:53 andresaguirre Hi, I'm attending other meeting i'll be in a async mode
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18:56 walterbender andresaguirre, if you can fill in some details about the UY events in November, would be great.
18:57 waiting for my fellow SLOB members :)
18:57 hey pikurasa
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18:57 walterbender pikurasa, did you see that I moved all the widget docs to one section in the Guide?
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18:59 llaske hi all,
18:59 walterbender hi lionel
19:00 pikurasa hi walterbender
19:00 walterbender: Have yet to see the newest guide. Will do.
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19:01 meeting * Jose_Miguel_-es has joined
19:01 <Jose_Miguel_-es> Hello
19:02 samsongoddy Hello
19:03 tony37 <tony37!~tony@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:03 walterbender ok... we have a quorum!!!
19:03 #start-meeting
19:03 pikurasa I have been keeping busy by making arrangements of lute pieces. https://github.com/pikurasa/MutopiaProject.git/ I "accidentally" learned lilypond by working on Music Blocks.
19:03 meeting Meeting started Fri Sep  2 19:03:42 2016 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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19:03 walterbender welcome everyone
19:04 pikurasa hi
19:04 walterbender We have a lot of discuss today...
19:04 #topic i18n
19:04 CJL is not able to join us, but he sent a short report by email
19:05 for the record:
19:05 1) Just FYI, no invoices have been submitted against the i18n
19:05 contract, to date, my work has been pro bono.
19:05 2) Recent progress has been made by Samson Goddy on Yoruba.
19:05 http://translate.sugarlabs.org/yo/  After a review of data quality
19:05 checks, and an opportunity for any needed corrections, Samson can
19:05 expect an invoice approval for Milestone 2.  Follow-up will be by
19:05 e-mail after the review is complete.
19:05 3) glibc (Linux) locales have been developed and/or submitted for
19:05 Awajun (agr_PE) Miskitu (miq_NI) and soon Guarani (gug_PE).
19:05 4)  Some interesting contacts via a Guarani localizer may lead to an
19:05 i18n proposal for Guarani possibly involving Paraguay Educa and PY
19:05 govt linguists.   We'll just have to see how it plays out over time,
19:05 samsongoddy, can you fill us in re Yoruba?
19:06 samsongoddy okay
19:07 I just completed the second milestone which includes sugar, sugar gtk 3
19:07 and OLPC switch desktop
19:07 With some other uploads I made
19:08 over 70 percent
19:08 walterbender samsongoddy, can you describe the team?
19:08 who is helping?
19:09 samsongoddy Three other  contributors
19:10 walterbender any issues? everything going smoothly?
19:10 you working offline and uploading?
19:10 samsongoddy yeah financially though
19:10 offline
19:11 everything is been done offline
19:11 Ibiam <Ibiam!294f0706@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:11 Ibiam hello everyone
19:11 samsongoddy The $340 didn't do much
19:11 walterbender hi Ibiam
19:11 Ibiam sorry I'm late
19:11 walterbender we are just discussing Yoruba
19:12 samsongoddy, you have a contract that is pretty specific.
19:12 Ibiam okay, we're still translating though
19:12 samsongoddy yeah
19:12 Ibiam almost done
19:12 walterbender Ibiam, that is great!!!
19:12 samsongoddy I might complete the milestone 3 next week
19:13 Almost done
19:13 walterbender nice
19:13 samsongoddy Yeah
19:13 walterbender will be great to have Yoruba for the November workshops
19:14 samsongoddy yes
19:14 That would be super awesome
19:14 Ibiam about that, any update
19:14 walterbender let's switch topics to Turtle Art Days.
19:14 samsongoddy Yes
19:14 walterbender #topic Turtle Art Days
19:14 andresaguirre I'm planning to do:  * a basic wokshop for novice programmers using robots. (centos mec)  * a advance using XEvents. (facultad de ingeniería)  * a musicblock with music teachers and general public  (i'm learning the tool) (centos mec).
19:15 samsongoddy Nice
19:15 walterbender ^^ that is in UY in November?
19:15 andresaguirre, I spoke with Artemis Papert last night about what role she and Brian Silverman might play
19:15 meeting <Jose_Miguel_-es> Ends of October or principles of November
19:16 andresaguirre José Miguel will propose more workshops
19:16 yes I'm in .uy in november
19:16 walterbender I am trying to get at least one of claudia, artemis, brian, and or cynthia solomon to go to UY
19:17 I think only Artemis will join me in PY in Ocotber.
19:17 and I am hoping Brian and Cynthia can come with me to Nigeria
19:17 Ibiam thought Claudia would be coming to Nigeria in November
19:17 walterbender I don't think Claudia can come but I have only heard indirectly
19:17 samsongoddy About Nigeria...
19:18 walterbender the plan is a 3 day event in Abuja
19:18 samsongoddy yes
19:18 walterbender Day 1 is focused on Turtle Blocks and Music Blocks
19:18 kids and teachers
19:18 Days 2 and 3 are more general edtech
19:18 pikurasa Unfortunately, I cannot go to PY, but I can help with materials for Music Blocks beforehand.
19:18 samsongoddy 1 7th till 19th
19:19 walterbender there will be more than just Sugar on Days 2 and 3
19:19 we hope to get a broad audience
19:19 samsongoddy Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigeria this week
19:19 CanoeBerry Late to the meeting, hello.
19:19 walterbender CanoeBerry, there is a log
19:19 samsongoddy So he spoke with the president about spreading tech
19:20 So I think this event will pay off
19:20 walterbender the PY event should be about US $1000 -- we are hoping for some additional funding from the US embassy
19:21 samsongoddy US embassy??
19:21 walterbender hopefully all we need to cover from SL is one airfare
19:21 samsongoddy, we should approach the embassy in Nigeria for funding too
19:21 they covered the expenses associated with my trip to Chile last month
19:22 samsongoddy wow
19:22 walterbender UY I have no budget for yet.
19:22 Ibiam the Nigerian embassy?
19:22 walterbender In PY we have local lodging covered
19:22 In UY, depending on who goes, we may need to pay for hotels too
19:23 so I would guess about US $2000
19:23 Nigeria is going to be a bit more expensive
19:23 Ibiam how many days
19:23 walterbender We need to fly a few people over from the States
19:23 samsongoddy yeah
19:23 walterbender and a few more over from the Delta to Abuja
19:23 and provide hotels in Abuja
19:23 samsongoddy the economy is affecting lots of thing
19:24 walterbender and cover a portion of the venue
19:24 I am thinking it will be at least US $5000 for that one
19:24 but we may be able to get some external support.
19:25 we have leads with SEED, for example
19:25 samsongoddy Did you contact Schlumberger
19:25 Ibiam maybe, about $2000 for hotel mgt
19:25 walterbender Ibiam, yes... the hotel is expensive
19:26 samsongoddy trip advisor
19:26 Ibiam due to the fact that the hotel rating is high and distance to the venue, which is something to consider
19:26 GrannieB_ <GrannieB_!d1b508ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:26 samsongoddy Transcorp hilton
19:26 Ibiam hello GrannieB
19:27 walterbender we can keep researcing
19:27 samsongoddy One month to go
19:27 November is around the corner
19:27 Ibiam obinna suggested sheraton, but the problem is the distance to the venue
19:27 walterbender but I would like to get SLOB approval for the events
19:27 samsongoddy Okay
19:27 GrannieB_ Hi had problems finding this. Walter's link went to a blank page
19:28 samsongoddy ouch
19:29 walterbender any general discussion about these events?
19:29 samsongoddy In other hand Obinna Ukwuani is doing some background runs
19:31 walterbender MOTION: Approval of funding for Turtle Art Days in Paraguay, Uruguay, and Nigeria in October/November; the PY budget is ~$1K; UY budget ~$2K; Nigeria bugdte ~5K; these events would come from the tripadvisor funds.
19:32 tony37 +1
19:32 walterbender any SLOB member second the motion?
19:32 llaske +1
19:32 tony37 I second the motion
19:32 walterbender thanks tony37
19:32 If there is no more discussion, we can vote.
19:32 meeting <Jose_Miguel_-es> +1
19:33 walterbender +1
19:33 tony37 +1
19:33 llaske +1
19:33 andresaguirre +1
19:34 walterbender looks like we are good to go. I will ask for ClaudiaU and Samir to chime in by email
19:34 Next topic?
19:34 #topic finance manager
19:34 CanoeBerry, anything you want to discuss re FM?
19:34 samsongoddy so we are good to go
19:35 walterbender samsongoddy, yes....
19:35 CanoeBerry +1 above; so immediate news regarding FM matters that I know of?
19:35 *no immediate news
19:35 walterbender CanoeBerry, at some point we need to consider filling the position
19:36 GrannieB_ +1
19:37 walterbender looks like we are going to be spending about $10K of trip advisor money this fall... so there may actually be something for the FM to do :)
19:37 elih <elih!~elih@ool-18b9572a.dyn.optonline.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:37 CanoeBerry Yes, I can fulfill the position for the 1st year or so, if it takes time to find the right person.
19:38 walterbender CanoeBerry, maybe you and GrannieB_ can work up a plan for filling the position to present in the near future?
19:38 CanoeBerry, +1 to your suggestion
19:38 CanoeBerry OK
19:39 walterbender thx
19:39 samsongoddy Nice
19:39 walterbender anything else re FM?
19:40 GrannieB_ Summarize please…. Adam will do it for now?
19:41 walterbender GrannieB_, I think Adam has agreed to fill in until the right person is found and I am hoping that you and Adam will work together to find the right person
19:41 GrannieB_ OK Might it be Adam?
19:41 walterbender GrannieB_, could be...
19:42 llaske Thanks for that Adam
19:42 walterbender GrannieB_, maybe you can talk him into making the temporary appointment permanent :)
19:44 meanwhile...
19:44 #topic elections
19:44 As you know, we have three SLOB positions opening at the end of the year
19:44 samsongoddy I might run
19:44 lolz
19:44 walterbender Dave Crossland has begun work on updating the membership list
19:45 would be great to get some strong candidates
19:45 seems more interest this year than last year which is encouraging !!!!
19:46 Dave could not join us; I am not sure if anyone else has anything to report.
19:46 on the election topic
19:46 GrannieB_ I think I will choose not to be on the election committee this year
19:47 samsongoddy Ibiam has something
19:47 walterbender GrannieB_, thanks for your service last time around
19:47 GrannieB_ It comes too close to SCaLE and is hard to do both
19:47 I'm working on something special for them
19:47 Ibiam I found a voting software, dave sent it to the dev list
19:48 GrannieB_ Last year the software was a big problem
19:48 Ibiam https://vote.heliosvoting.org/
19:49 GrannieB_ I think the SLOBs need to be involved in figuring out the best way to do the election rather than leaving it up to a committeee
19:49 walterbender Ibiam, looks good
19:49 Ibiam dave asked sam to set up a container for this so he can log into
19:49 walterbender GrannieB_, we need to have a SLOB representative on the committee
19:50 Ibiam sam said he'll work on it and let him know when it's ready
19:50 walterbender anyone volunteer for this?
19:50 would have to be one of the members not up for reelection, I presume
19:50 GrannieB_ +1
19:51 walterbender maybe Sameer?
19:51 we can volunteer him since he is not here :)
19:51 llaske :-)
19:52 Ibiam :-)
19:52 GrannieB_ :-D
19:52 walterbender We are running up against the hour.
19:53 GrannieB_ There are a lot of politics involved in chooseing the voting system
19:53 walterbender I will make sure Sameer sees the meeting log :)
19:53 GrannieB_ Need to have a committee with no connections to the candidates
19:53 Ibiam GrannieB_ i sent you a pm
19:53 walterbender GrannieB_, that is pretty difficult in a small community
19:54 davelab6 <davelab6!4d4c69a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:54 GrannieB_ could be some folks who are less involvved
19:54 Ibiam hey davelab6
19:54 GrannieB_ CRS cones to mind
19:54 CanoeBerry Can someone remind us the 3 office holders whose terms are expiring?
19:54 walterbender but I am not too worried about the election being rigged by the DMC or Putin
19:55 ClaudiaU, JM, and Tony
19:55 GrannieB_ yes
19:55 samsongoddy lolz
19:55 walterbender GrannieB_, I think we need to wait and see who is running.
19:56 that determines if there are any conflicts of interest
19:56 GrannieB_ right!
19:56 walterbender meanwhile we can get moving on soliciting volunteers and candidates
19:57 davelab6 sorry am late; just catching up on http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]etings/2016-09-02
19:57 meeting <Jose_Miguel_-es> Or ask collaboration to people that already know that it will not have this conflict...
19:57 GrannieB_ good idea Jose Miguel
19:59 walterbender We are almost out of time... I defer to Sameer to help this discussion along on list
19:59 #topic GSoC 2016
20:00 In brief, we had a productive summer... but 1 student did not pass :(
20:00 I have already merged Hemant's Music Blocks code
20:00 llaske I'm merging Sugarizer OS code from Jeremie
20:01 pikurasa I think Hemant learned a lot. Good contribution for a clear goal.
20:01 walterbender Vikram made lots of progress in demonstrating how to use git as a backend... I hope to merge his Turtle code in the coming month
20:01 pikurasa I am sorry, but I need to go now. Thanks!
20:01 walterbender pikurasa, thanks for joining us
20:01 davelab6 (Thanks Ibiam for reporting the status of the election software; sam C said he may do that in the next 7 days or so)
20:01 walterbender tony37, any comments?
20:01 Ibiam sounds good
20:01 davelab6 GrannieB_: sorry to hear you may bow out of the committee this year
20:02 tony37 I think Utkarsh did very well.
20:02 walterbender davelab6, the advisory board for Helios looks great and it is FOSS!!!
20:02 tony37, I agree
20:02 pikurasa has quit IRC
20:03 GrannieB_ davelab6 I'm working on a special project for SCaLE 15X in Pasadena and it overlaps time-wise with the elections
20:03 walterbender and Abhijit did a great job rethinking collaboration
20:04 davelab6 for the font editor GSOC, sadly our student Yash did not put enough hours in during the 2nd part after the midterm evaluation to complete the code, even when the scope was
20:04 walterbender and Yash (well, Eli) inspired me to do some cool extensions to Turtle
20:04 davelab6 reduced, and also did not switch gears to documetatnion when it was clear it would be incmplete
20:04 so eli and i proposed to yash we would mark the project as failed, and yash agreed this would be fair
20:04 walterbender but all in all, I think it was worthwhile participating
20:05 and our mentors were very dedicated
20:05 Tony, Dave, Sam, Lionel, Michael, and Devin were always available
20:05 davelab6 GrannieB_: i thought scale is in march? :)
20:06 tony37 Sebastian also helped greatly
20:06 walterbender Michael will be representing us at the summit
20:06 davelab6 and Eli! :)
20:06 walterbender yes... Eli and icarito.
20:06 my oversight :P
20:07 We will need to think about GCI soon.
20:07 andresaguirre has quit IRC
20:07 GrannieB_ SCaLE is the first weekend in March. That was when the elections were finishing up last year…. sorry I don't remember how to make this comment directed just to Dave… senior moment? nah… just never learned it ;-)
20:07 walterbender I am of course in favor of participating again as it is my favorite program :)
20:08 llaske Was my first experience last year and yes, it's a nice program
20:08 GrannieB_ I would love to work with someone on documentation for users of Sugar Activities
20:08 walterbender GrannieB_, GCI is your chance :)
20:09 GrannieB_ Maybe...
20:09 walterbender documentation tasks are very much welcome and appreicated
20:09 llaske, more JS tasks this year :) they were popular last year
20:09 but we should wrap up.
20:09 llaske Yes, I would work on it
20:09 walterbender two more quick things
20:10 (1) http://www.librelearnlab.org/conference
20:11 this is a FOSS education summit at MIT in October
20:12 (2) I cannot find the link, but there is a call for papers about Learning at Scale that Claudia sent out.
20:12 andresaguirre <andresaguirre!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:13 walterbender seems Sugar is relevant and we should encourage some writing
20:13 andresaguirre, ^^
20:13 Ibiam has quit IRC
20:13 walterbender JM_, and andresaguirre : is there a link for the workshop call for UY?
20:13 andresaguirre I was offline, moving from one office to another
20:13 GrannieB_ I see Andrew Marcinak is a keynote speaker there. He also spoke at CUE
20:14 but not as keynote
20:14 walterbender andresaguirre, Claudia is soliciting papers for a conference on Learning at Scale
20:15 OK. I need to go
20:15 anything else for today?
20:15 andresaguirre I will check it walter
20:15 walterbender thanks all for participating
20:15 andresaguirre send me a link
20:16 walterbender andresaguirre, I will send it as soon as I find it :)
20:16 meeting <Jose_Miguel_-es> We do not have diary *aú. We expect to resolve it in brief
20:16 andresaguirre we don't have the link fot the workshop call, as far as I know. Maybe JM have more information
20:16 GrannieB_ bye all
20:16 andresaguirre bye!
20:16 llaske Bye
20:16 GrannieB_ has quit IRC
20:16 llaske has quit IRC
20:16 walterbender JM_, OK. When you do, please send it to Sugar
20:16 tony37 bye
20:16 walterbender bye everyone
20:16 tony37 has quit IRC
20:16 meeting <Jose_Miguel_-es> Sure
20:17 walterbender #end-meeting
20:17 meeting Meeting ended Fri Sep  2 20:17:02 2016 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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20:17 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]16-09-02T19:03:42
20:17 <Jose_Miguel_-es> Goodbye.
20:17 * Jose_Miguel_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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