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#sugar-meeting, 2016-07-25

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16:59 TymonR Hello
16:59 Hi walterbender
17:00 walterbender no vikram :P
17:01 we can wait a few minutes
17:02 TymonR yeah, let's wait for a few minutes
17:02 if he doesn't come, we'll have to postpone our meeting :P
17:03 I've pinged him in Google Chat
17:06 vikram__ <vikram__!uid165104@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-camvuhhxopnhfqvo> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:06 vikram__ Hi TymonR walterbender , i just saw your mail
17:06 TymonR Hi vikram__
17:06 vikram__ i did not know that we had a meeting today
17:07 TymonR We are supposed to have it right now :)
17:07 walterbender is already here
17:07 vikram__ Ya sure, i can give you guys an update of what i did in the last 2 days
17:07 TymonR would be great
17:08 vikram__ Just a minute, i will boot things up
17:08 TymonR ok
17:12 walterbender I will not be able to make the Thursday meeting, BTW... traveling again :(
17:12 vikram__ So i have been working on many things in the past 2 days, 1) Is to enable multiple users to work on same .tb/.ta file, 2) Gave a dialog box for commit messages, 3) Gave dialog boxes/alerts to all the functions. 4) Working on revert to commit button
17:13 So i am trying to use an event box , then trying to use a text view to create the commit button
17:14 for the revert to a commit button
17:15 The load button is using the similar thing with an image view and then using a gtk liststore
17:15 I am planning to use the same concept to create a dialog box on which a user can click on a commit message to revert to that commit
17:16 After this the only functionality that will be left will the diff functionality, i hope to finish all the core functionalities by this Friday before the meeting
17:16 walterbender vikram__, re multiple users, everyone shares one account? or is there some sort of fork and merge?
17:17 vikram__ And then can work on the online part and the buttons
17:17 No no not one accout
17:17 every user will have a different account
17:18 So it is just basically a fork and merge system
17:18 walterbender vikram__, +1
17:19 vikram__, but everyone has permission to merge?
17:19 vikram__ Yeah that is how this system will work
17:21 TymonR +1
17:21 i think it is good solution
17:21 walterbender all sounds great
17:22 TymonR walterbender, vikram__ so as I understand we don't have meeting this Thursday?
17:22 or shall I meet just with vikram__ ?
17:22 vikram__, do you want to meet on Thursday?
17:23 vikram__ Ya sure, we can meet
17:23 The only problem with the fork and merge solution is that anyone can change things which may be a problem
17:24 walterbender vikram__, since it is git we can always revert changes :)
17:24 TymonR if everyone has own account, then he can change only own projects, right?
17:25 vikram__ No no he can change the whole repo
17:25 Yeah since it is git one can always revert
17:26 TymonR but it will require much more attention to submitted changes. shouldn't we make forked projects where only a person can edit only own fork? (and maybe submit something like 'pull request
17:27 vikram__ TymonR: Its not about the account, every can commit, maybe we can do this: create a git org named sugarlabs code and add people to it, so that only the people in that org can make changes to it
17:29 TymonR I meant something like - each user has own folder in the repository, which he can edit with no write access to other folders. Wouldn't that be safer and better?
17:29 walterbender, ^^^
17:29 vikram__ TymonR: ^^^ (Reply to your previous message)In that case we have to create a login/sign up system in the sugar core or every activity, if that is what you guys want, i can have a look at it
17:30 TymonR how about authorization with Github account?
17:30 vikram__ TymonR: That is very difficult to achieve as currently i am maintaining a repo for each activity
17:31 walterbender vikram__, I prefer to keep it the way you have it for the time being
17:31 TymonR ok walterbender let's do this as vikram__ suggests for rn
17:31 walterbender TymonR, people can clone the project if they want a private copy
17:31 vikram__ TymonR: If we do what you propose in that case it will  be very difficult to maintain the fork system, but i can give it a try
17:32 walterbender let's keep it simple for now.
17:32 TymonR ok, so let's treat my vision as an idea for a future :)
17:33 vikram__ TymonR: Your idea is good, but i have to think how to implement it first, i can look at it when i finish the main code
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