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#sugar-meeting, 2016-07-18

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11:08 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:51 vikram__ <vikram__!uid165104@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-ikmkrdsvpwxvkwtp> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:54 TymonR <TymonR!~Tymon@etq79.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:54 vikram__ TymonR: Hello
14:55 TymonR hello vikram__
14:55 let us wait for Walter to join :)
14:55 vikram__ TymonR: +1
14:56 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@pool-108-20-184-179.bstnma.fios.verizon.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:56 TymonR hello walterbender
14:56 walterbender hi TymonR
14:57 TymonR vikram__ is there so I think we can start :)
14:57 vikram__ Hello walterbender
14:57 Let us start
14:59 So by last week as in last to last Sunday I finished the TurtleJS part
14:59 TymonR So, time for final evaluation is coming and I think it would be worth if you tell us about your recent progress as I and Walter were offline for last two weeks
14:59 vikram__ Ya sure
15:00 Last week i started with TurtelArt
15:00 walterbender the Python version
15:01 vikram__ Walter wanted me work with the GTK3 branch, but since there is an issue with, i started working on the Gtk2 branch
15:01 Ya the Python one
15:01 We can use the same code for GTK3 branch also
15:02 So the first task was to set up buttons on the taskbar, as they were done in the JS part
15:03 Currently i have implemented buttons like Init, status, add, commit and commit history
15:04 I could not do much this week as my laptop stopped working....apparently its motherboard is corrupted.. So i could not do anything for straight 2 days, but got a replacement laptop from a friend
15:04 walterbender vikram__, Are you working with the Sugar toolbar or the GNOME toolbar?
15:05 vikram__ Sugar toolbar
15:05 TymonR great. ok, have you made nice icons for them :)? in your last video (from end of June) there were just "?". design is also important.
15:06 vikram__ They are as important as the main code
15:06 I will be working on them shortly
15:07 So in TurtleJS
15:07 I am making a file called backend_functions.py, which have implemented functions, which in turn is calling the backend class in backend.py
15:08 They are in the main TurtleBlocks.Activity folder
15:08 And then calling them in the TurtleArtActivity.py file
15:08 walterbender maybe we should organize it in a subdirectory: git-backend?
15:09 vikram__ Okay, i will do that
15:09 There is one important thing that i wanted to inquire
15:10 TymonR yes?
15:10 vikram__ In turtleJS we had a option of saving the code to a .tb file. how do we do that in TurtleArt
15:11 There is an option of loading .tb file but nothing to save it in a local file, without that i actually have no clue about how the code is converted, it was fairly straight in TurtleJS, i just had to follow the functions call to see how they were working
15:11 walterbender we can leave the current set of save options for the time being
15:11 vikram__, there is currently a whole palette of different save options
15:12 vikram__ No no, it is important for committing. when we commit things we actually commit a file which has the .tb code
15:12 walterbender I guess I don't understand your question
15:13 TymonR walterbender, I think he means that he doesn't know what is the function to get .tb file content
15:13 because the .tb file is the value of the project, which we store in the repository
15:13 walterbender vikram__, I'll find that code for you... one sec
15:13 TymonR that he didn't know *
15:13 sorry for grammar mistake
15:14 vikram__ Okay
15:15 walterbender vikram__, data_to_file(self.tw.assemble_data_to_save(), tmpfile)
15:15 vikram__ But i was not able to find any button associated with it?
15:16 I will grep and check
15:16 walterbender vikram__, one sec
15:16 TymonR yes, I am also looking for it
15:17 vikram__ It is there in TurtleJS but not in the python version
15:17 walterbender vikram__, the keep button
15:17 line 1113
15:18 TymonR thanks walterbender
15:19 vikram__ you mean in the _make_load_save_buttons function? Sorry if i am asking the wrong question
15:20 walterbender vikram__, that makes the palette with all the load and save buttons
15:21 for tb, svg, ico, etc.
15:21 vikram__ Ohk ohk i get it now
15:21 walterbender lots of different options
15:21 vikram__ Ya i just saw the code
15:22 THanks
15:23 TymonR there is save_file function in tawindow.py, which uses data_to_file function in order to save project
15:24 line 4102
15:24 vikram__ But what is the path of those saved images? As in initially i was saving things in a separate directory called turtle and was using that for IO
15:25 And this directory was in the main turtleJS folder only
15:26 As in what is the path of the files in Journal? Or do i do the same thing here, export the code somehow to a different dir and use that directory for IO and ditch the idea of using the Journal as i have done in the JS version
15:28 TymonR, walterbender ^
15:29 walterbender vikram__, there is a python method for getting the path to the datastroe object
15:29 you need the obj id
15:29 one sec and I will find you an exmple
15:30 vikram__ walterbender: Ohk, thanks
15:35 walterbender vikram__, you are trying to read or write?
15:37 vikram__ After clicking on Init a new dir and file is created and whenever save_to_file function is called it should save everything in the file created by init, that is the writing part
15:37 And when a repo is loaded it has to read a file and load the contents in the main pallete
15:38 walterbender if you have the datastore object, you can just reference dsobject.file_path
15:38 that is for reading
15:39 for writing, you need to be careful
15:40 you write to a file and then dsobject.set_file_path(file_path)
15:42 vikram__ Okay i will have a look at it then, Thanks
15:43 walterbender vikram__, ping me if you have any issues
15:44 TymonR ok, so we can assume that TurtleJS part is generally done? does communication with Git server work too?
15:44 vikram__, ^^
15:45 vikram__ TymonR: Sorry, i have not looked at it yet, i will have something for you guys before this week's meeting
15:45 So mainly the buttons and the git server part is left
15:46 walterbender: Ok i will let you know
15:46 TymonR ok, I think that beginning in August we can have meetings more often (2 times a week?) to better cooperate before final deadline.
15:47 vikram__ Yeah sure, Once the git server integration is achieved we can have Turtle JS/Art as a Group effort
15:48 walterbender +1
15:49 I am generally more available starting this week
15:49 sorry about being mostly offline the past two weeks
15:49 TymonR me too, as I have summer holidays. I couldn't meet with you last two weeks because of my trip, sorry.
15:50 vikram__ That's okay, we can have regular meeting from now on
15:51 TymonR maybe let us set some fixed meeting days and hours?
15:51 For me the best time is generally everday after 6PM UTC and before 9PM UTC.
15:52 walterbender This week, I am traveling again tomorrow and Wednesday, but otherwise around
15:53 TymonR So about every Monday and Thursday at 7PM UTC?
15:53 walterbender, vikram__ ?
15:53 vikram__, what Python framework are you going to use to communicate with server part?
15:54 vikram__ I will using Flask only
15:54 walterbender TymonR, that time works for me
15:54 vikram__ Can we do it early
15:55 7PM UTC is 12:30 AM for me
15:55 TymonR I am in UTC+2, you are in UTC+5.5?
15:56 vikram__ Yeah i am UTC + 5.5
15:57 TymonR So, hm. How about 5PM UTC instead?
15:58 vikram__ TymonR: Yeah that is fine
15:58 walterbender: Is it okay for you?
15:58 elih <elih!~elih@ool-18b9572a.dyn.optonline.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:58 walterbender OK
15:59 So the next meeting will be Thursday.
15:59 vikram__ Sure
15:59 TymonR Yes
16:00 So, thank you for today's meeting I think we have already explained to each other the most important matters :)
16:00 See you on Thursday
16:01 if you have any questions, please just write to me vikram__
16:01 vikram__ TymonR: Sure
16:01 Thanks
16:02 See you on Thursday
16:02 TymonR OK, thank you walterbender and vikram__
16:02 Goodbye :)
16:02 have a good day
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