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#sugar-meeting, 2016-07-06

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16:11 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@54-48-145-5.dyn.cable.fcom.ch> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:12 walterbender hemant_kasat, hello
16:12 hemant_kasat hello
16:13 checked the latest commit ??
16:19 davelab6 <davelab6!~davelab6@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:26 elih hey dave
16:29 davelab6 hey
16:30 walterbender hemant_kasat, sorry.. got distracted.
16:30 you still there?
16:31 hemant_kasat Yes !!
16:31 walterbender hemant_kasat, I will pull your latest.
16:33 hemant_kasat, I still don't understand why the pitch gets lower rather than higher when you subdivide
16:34 hemant_kasat Devin said in one of the previous mail. That 2 means you divide by 2 ,
16:34 I will change it
16:36 walterbender hemant_kasat, I think devin is thinking in terms of dividing a string -- like on a guitar or cello
16:37 that is also the way the pitch demo works that he shared
16:37 davelab6 elih: please see github.com/sugarlabs/edit-fonts-activity davelab6-master-cleanup branch
16:37 walterbender hemant_kasat, FYI, I am just about finished with a mode widget.
16:37 very simple implementation
16:38 hemant_kasat Yes i saw the string demo , i will change it soon
16:38 elih clones davelab6-master-cleanup branch
16:38 hemant_kasat Looking forward to it !!
16:39 walterbender hemant_kasat, OK. I'll hopefully finish up the mode widget tonight
16:40 pikurasa <pikurasa!~Thunderbi@146-115-15-122.ma.subnet.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:40 walterbender hemant_kasat, ping me when you have your change committed.
16:40 pikurasa, I'll get you a link to the backlog
16:41 hemant_kasat Ok i will do it soon
16:41 pikurasa okay, thanks.
16:41 hemant_kasat Is playing all stairs working fine ??
16:42 walterbender hemant_kasat, hard to tell, since the subdivided pitches are too low to play on my computer
16:42 hemant_kasat Yes After a certain pitch value the sound is not enough loud to hear
16:43 pikurasa The pitches should be created by proportion and should be higher than the original pitch.
16:43 walterbender pikurasa, https://paste.fedoraproject.org/388372/78233951/
16:44 hemant_kasat And also as devin said stairs should be ordered according to frequency of sound , i was thinking of doing this by using heap ,.  Any other opinion you have ??
16:45 pikurasa: i will look into that
16:45 pikurasa I suppose the functionality for generating lower tones may be useful /sometimes/, but the default should be 2:3 (a fifth higher)
16:47 davelab6 elih: i have to go in 13 mins
16:47 pikurasa walterbender: It is true that what I am thinking /is/ like dividing a string. It should, however, be via proportions otherwise it will not be a very powerful tool.
16:47 walterbender pikurasa, +1
16:48 hemant_kasat Ok i will do it soon !!
16:50 elih davelab6: ok, i'm testing your branch right now...
16:50 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Great! Make those changes and then a way to export the calculated pitches and we will be very close.
16:51 hemant_kasat: It would also be nice to have a "play all" where you can hear all the calculated pitches perform at once (for the length of about a half note)
16:51 hemant_kasat Yes I will try doing it quickly
16:51 walterbender pikurasa, I think that works already except for the bug we have been discussing
16:52 needs to go in a couple of minutes
16:52 hemant_kasat, anything else?
16:52 hemant_kasat pikurasa do you mean other than the feature i have implemented, we need one more play all button for playing all stairs simultaneously
16:53 pikurasa walterbender, hemant_kasat: Okay that must be a new feature that I haven't tested yet. Apologies!
16:53 I will check it out. Last I tested was yesterday afternoon.
16:55 yagarwal <yagarwal!67157f4e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:56 pikurasa I do not have anything else to add. hemant_kasat after this widget, what do you think would be good to do next?
16:56 yagarwal hi, davelab6 and elih
16:57 elih hey yash
16:57 hemant_kasat Tempo widget ??
16:58 pikurasa hemant_kasat: That sounds good. Do you think you can start where the GCI student left off?
16:58 elih I'm testing out the davelab6-master-cleanup branch now
16:59 pikurasa walterbender, hemant_kasat: I imagine that the tempo widget would need to be run in the same window (currently it runs in a separate tab/window) -- is that correct?
16:59 hemant_kasat I will try my best , it will take time at first , but after getting started i think it will be fine
16:59 davelab6_ <davelab6_!~davelab6@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:00 davelab6_ hey yagarwal
17:00 i have to run in a minute
17:00 pikurasa All our other widgets run in the same tab/window, so that is a consideration.
17:00 davelab6 has quit IRC
17:01 hemant_kasat Yes i also think it should appear in the same tab ,.
17:01 pikurasa Maybe it opens a small, draggable frame within the existing tab/window?
17:01 (similar to what we have for the other widgets)
17:01 Also, I wrote a blog post for MB at http://musicblocks.net/2016/07[…]-on-music-blocks/
17:01 hemant_kasat I have to go , i will update you with mail
17:02 pikurasa My theory professor from UNM likes Music Blocks!
17:02 hemant_kasat Yes i saw that , great to hear about it !!
17:02 yagarwal elih: give me a minute, I'll make a commit now, I did most of the cleaning today
17:02 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Okay, look forward to the email.
17:03 Bye!
17:03 bye walterbender!
17:03 davelab6_ yagarwal: how far are you from generating a .xo bundle to run?
17:03 elih Yash: thanks! i'll check it out. I want to try loading a .ufo file i'm working on.
17:07 It would be really nice if I could get a .xo working on my XO-1, would make testing much more fun ;-)
17:08 i'll try to build a .xo just to get an idea of what isn't working.
17:09 yagarwal davelab6_, I require atleast two more days
17:11 elih: I've made the commit :)
17:13 davelab6_ has quit IRC
17:13 elih neat thanks :-) cloning now
17:14 I'm starting work on a new type design project: https://github.com/eliheuer/Logos
17:15 it, would be fun to test edit-fonts with the .ufos as I work on it.
17:19 so, to load a .ufo, you have to convert it to a ttf with fontmake?
17:19 walterbender has quit IRC
17:22 elih I guess I'll try to make a branch that loads the ufo i'm working on the hardcoded way.
17:26 yagarwal elih: no you don't need to convert a ufo to a ttf, a ttf needs to be converted to a ufo to edit it in the application
17:26 a ufo can be directly be imported using defcon's Font(file_path)
17:27 elih ok, but for now i just have to hardcode it right?
17:27 yagarwal yeah
17:28 there is some issue with mime types, so we'll have to work with ufoz format
17:28 and I haven't added that yet
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17:33 elih ok, thanks!
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