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#sugar-meeting, 2016-06-22

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02:16 davelab6 <davelab6!~davelab6@cpe-69-203-196-22.nyc.res.rr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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15:57 hemant_kasat <hemant_kasat!uid149360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-jcbrbauxrmurvnic> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:58 hemant_kasat hi pikurasa
15:58 pikurasa hi hemant_kasat
16:00 hemant_kasat I am working on  the rhythm ruler color change while playing
16:00 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:00 hemant_kasat hi walterbender
16:00 walterbender hi
16:01 shall we get started?
16:01 pikurasa walterbender: yes :)
16:01 hemant_kasat yes
16:01 walterbender hemant_kasat, wanna give a quick summary of where you are at?
16:02 hemant_kasat just pushed commit for the color change of ruler while playing
16:03 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Okay, I will try it. Anything else?
16:03 hemant_kasat although when I play simultaneously it is missing the last cell
16:03 I will look into it
16:03 walterbender pulls
16:04 pikurasa Did you try pitch staircase, yet hemant_kasat
16:04 ?
16:05 hemant_kasat not yet, I will try it after I do the color change part,  maybe you can guide me how should I start ?
16:05 pikurasa hemant_kasat: You read the proposal and wrote a proposal, why don't you tell us what you have in mind for first steps.
16:06 Please.
16:07 walterbender hemant_kasat, I had trouble with my pull so I just recloned the whole repo.
16:07 but when I run it, it has no rhythm ruler
16:07 is there a different branch I should be on?
16:08 pikurasa hemant_kasat: I tried it. The sound is not as good as before. Seems to be missing the first sound event.
16:08 walterbender it is missing the drum palette too
16:08 hemant_kasat RhythmRuler branch
16:09 pikurasa ...hemant_kasat Maybe that problem was temporary. It is working now.
16:09 hemant_kasat: I see the last cells do not change color.
16:10 hemant_kasat so for the pitch staircase, we have to make height varying stairs and the height will correspond to the frequency of sound, maybe I start with making a basic structure
16:10 pikurasa Sound-wise, the RR widget it is pretty accurate.
16:10 walterbender oops. another bug: if you quit while playing... it keeps playing forever even though it closed the window.
16:10 hemant_kasat pikurasa, yes i will look into it
16:10 pikurasa walterbender: Yes, it does.
16:11 hemant_kasat I will fix that
16:11 pikurasa Also, when the mouse scrolls over the cells, the color changes to green.
16:11 (when it should be purple)
16:12 hemant_kasat pikurasa , yes !! I think that is because the cell have a function call on mousehover and changes the color
16:12 I will look into it
16:12 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Yes, that is prob the issue.
16:13 walterbender a couple of other long-standing issues for you to queue up
16:14 recall I asked for "zebra" stripes?
16:14 if you do that, then you can set the border spacing between cells to 0
16:14 then you won't suffer from the misalignment between rulers
16:14 pikurasa +1
16:15 I like having border spacing be 0
16:15 walterbender (try four cells on top and six cells on the bottom... it doesn't align)
16:15 pikurasa +1, +1!
16:15 walterbender hemant_kasat, are you changing the articulation of the first beat?
16:15 hemant_kasat yes you described it , but I am not able to recall , can you please describe it
16:16 walterbender hemant_kasat, please take notes so we don't have to repeat ourselves :P
16:16 hemant_kasat, here is the idea:... very simple
16:16 even cells are slightly lighter; odd cells slightly darker
16:16 or some other similar scheme of your choice
16:17 pikurasa Yes, hemant_kasat, please take notes over the course of GSoC. Consider it your responsibility.
16:17 hemant_kasat pikurasa , walterbender , yes sure i will take care of that from now on
16:18 i will try zebra stripes and will get back to you
16:19 pikurasa Great!
16:19 hemant_kasat any other issue or bug ??
16:19 walterbender hemant_kasat, on my list are:
16:20 (1) the various compenents of the ruler (buttons et al.) seem to be off at times... the first column overlapping with the second, for example)
16:21 (2) Are there two play all buttons or is that an artifact of #1?
16:21 (3) could we use a pause icon instead of stop?
16:22 (4) this will be a bit challenging, but we should parse the rhythm blocks and use them to set the initial state of the rulers
16:22 hemant_kasat (2) what should we put on the top left corner of the widget
16:23 walterbender OK. but I see two play buttons on the top row
16:23 pikurasa (5) Please design the ruler to avoid scrolling as much as possible. Maybe solving border spacing issue will also solve this problem.
16:24 hemant_kasat yes , top left most  button  is of no use right now , that's why I am asking what should we put there ?
16:24 walterbender hemant_kasat, leave nothing in that cell
16:25 hemant_kasat pikurasa , yes I will try out zebra stripes then I will see the scrolling issue
16:25 walterbender hemant_kasat, and another thing on both of our lists:
16:25 can we have the notes in the cells, like in the bottom row of the pitch-time-matrix?
16:26 hemant_kasat walterbender , do you mean note values like in the matix ?
16:26 *matrix
16:26 pikurasa Maybe the graphic for the note is centered in each cell.
16:27 walterbender yes
16:27 hemant_kasat but which note  values as we have more than one rulers
16:28 pikurasa Note values in all rulers, at the center of all the cells.
16:28 walterbender hemant_kasat, each ruler should show their own
16:28 so each ruler will look like the last row of the matrix
16:29 pikurasa hemant_kasat: The idea is so that a user sees the music symbol that corresponds to the visual math already in place.
16:29 hemant_kasat ok ok !! so inside the cell notevalues should be there ??
16:29 pikurasa yes!
16:29 hemant_kasat music symbol and notevalue both ??
16:30 walterbender hemant_kasat, I'll send you a picture...
16:31 pikurasa Start with numeric note value, then try the symbol.
16:31 walterbender you can grab the code from the matrix
16:31 hemant_kasat ok !!
16:33 pikurasa hemant_kasat: your revised blog was much better. Please make all future blogs at least that good. Also, spend some time with formatting to create headers to help a reader parse information.
16:34 hemant_kasat pikurasa , yes sorry for that I wrote the first version in bit hurry, I will surely try to make future blogs good
16:35 pikurasa Great. If you ever want to write up an "About me", feel free to do so.
16:36 hemant_kasat: Testing the ruler further, sometimes the cells are late to light up--lighting up with the sound of the next beat.
16:36 Have you experienced this?
16:37 I have 2 on top and 3 on bottom--the last cell I split into 6.
16:37 The bottom ruler's second cell is late to turn purple.
16:37 hemant_kasat I did this recently so I haven't tried it much, i will try and see
16:38 pikurasa okay, please add to your notes.
16:39 walterbender anything else for today?
16:39 pikurasa hemant_kasat: I think, at this point, you should be working both on Ruler and Staircase.
16:39 walterbender +1
16:39 pikurasa Let's make the goal of all the widgets by the end of internship.
16:40 That is all from me.
16:40 Thanks, walterbender, hemant_kasat
16:41 hemant_kasat yes I will start working on staircase also ,  now for another widget it will be easy for me to code as I am more familiar with the code
16:41 walterbender hemant_kasat, one last thing: please move the ruler to the matrix palette
16:41 pikurasa +1
16:41 hemant_kasat ok !! I will do that
16:42 pikurasa Okay, let's keep in touch. Bye for now.
16:42 hemant_kasat Okay Bye !! And thanks for the suggestions :)
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