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#sugar-meeting, 2016-05-13

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07:32 hemant_kasat <hemant_kasat!uid149360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-xeevmbfojpxcwnxp> has joined #sugar-meeting
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10:55 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
10:59 samtoday <samtoday!~samtoday@> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:33 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:46 yagarwal <yagarwal!~smuxi@> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:46 walterbender hi yagarwal
11:46 yagarwal walterbender: hello walter
11:47 walterbender yagarwal, everything on track?
11:49 yagarwal walterbender: Yes, am currently going through the documentation and the reading list Dave mentioned
11:50 walterbender nice
11:50 yagarwal this one: https://sugarlabs.github.io/ed[…]/required-reading
11:57 iamutkarshtiwari <iamutkarshtiwari!0e8bee62@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
11:58 walterbender pretty comprehensive start
11:59 iamutkarshtiwari hello everyone!
11:59 samtoday Dave seems very orginised
12:00 Just a question, how open should we be?  Should the students be running a blog, or have a mailing list thread publically?
12:00 walterbender I think a blog would be best
12:01 and maybe after our weekly meetings we can mail the blog links to the lists
12:01 tony37 <tony37!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:01 samtoday hello iamutkarshtiwari, how is it going?  Did you get back in contact with Tony?
12:01 tony37 Hello
12:02 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: hi! Yup I got his reply today
12:03 pikurasa <pikurasa!~Icedove@2601:184:4200:2904:e84d:c38a:f875:c93a> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:03 samtoday iamutkarshtiwari: what features are you going to be working on first?  The journal save-as thing?
12:03 iamutkarshtiwari I am almost done with the JSFiddle feature I had been working on for a while
12:04 samtoday CC tony37
12:04 walterbender As per my email, we will start the regular meetings next week :)
12:04 but feel free to hang out here any time.
12:04 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: I'll first finish the "Screenshot" feature first and will soon start with the "save as" feature.
12:04 samtoday Ok
12:04 Well, just a chat about the screenshot modal...
12:05 you were talking about trying to get it to display about the cpanel
12:05 But really, we need to fix this issue once and once and for all
12:05 From a maintainer perspective, it would be nice to consolidate all the modal dialog code
12:05 tony37 what issue?
12:06 pikurasa Hello!
12:06 samtoday iamutkarshtiwari: can you base your popup off the popwindow class: https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/313
12:06 please try to work with Abhijit and get the PopWindow class supporting the screenshot popup's requirements
12:07 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: I had it discussed with Abhijit, he told me that he'll fix a bug ASAP and after that I can use his module.
12:07 samtoday Awsome
12:07 tony37 is this the popup associated with the Journal
12:07 samtoday no
12:07 but the journal will have simmilar management issues
12:08 tony37 why don't we use this new standard alert?
12:08 AbrahmAB <AbrahmAB!75c149af@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:08 samtoday because it must be a popup window
12:08 tony37 and an alert is not?
12:08 samtoday some things can't fit in an alert
12:08 AbrahmAB hello everyone, sorry for being late!
12:08 tony37 Such as two possible replies
12:08 samtoday a sugar alert or a gtk alert?
12:09 tony37 I would have to look but someone proposed a new standard alert
12:09 samtoday https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/313
12:09 AbrahmAB: hello!
12:09 AbrahmAB, iamutkarshtiwari: is everything on track/
12:09 *?
12:10 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: I'll try to finish "screenshot popup" and "save as module" before the coding period.
12:10 AbrahmAB hmm! the standard popup modal is ready
12:10 tony37 so we should use the pull 313 for this alert/popup
12:10 samtoday tony37: yes
12:11 tony37 Great! So that should end this issue
12:11 samtoday But it is going to be another issue with the journal
12:11 hemant_kasat <hemant_kasat!uid149360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-sbnudgmnvcqyewqt> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:11 tony37 in what way
12:11 samtoday Both iamutkarshtiwari and AbrahmAB are doing changes to journal/datastore things, correct?
12:11 iamutkarshtiwari tony37, samtoday:  I'll rework my PR to make it compatible with Abhijit's module.
12:11 tony37 No, no changes are needed to the Journal
12:12 samtoday save as feature?
12:12 tony37 Save as applies to quitting a Sugar activity not to the Journal
12:12 samtoday your right
12:12 good
12:12 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: activity.py is the place where I would be making most of the changes.
12:12 samtoday that makes my life eaiser
12:12 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: haha :D
12:13 walterbender hemant_kasat, hi
12:13 AbrahmAB :D
12:13 samtoday iamutkarshtiwari: you want to finish the save as thing before the coing period?
12:13 hemant_kasat hi walterbender
12:13 walterbender hemant_kasat, have you been following my patches of late?
12:13 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: Yes..
12:13 samtoday AbrahmAB: thanks for doing the modals patch update.  It is looking good in bibliography activty.
12:13 hemant_kasat i was a bit late but i am following them
12:13 samtoday iamutkarshtiwari: err, what are you doing in the coding period?
12:13 AbrahmAB samtoday: ur welcom :)
12:13 samtoday AbrahmAB: what are you working on now?
12:14 hemant_kasat walterbender , just saw the mail about meeting so joined
12:14 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: Sugar backup/restore feature
12:14 walterbender hemant_kasat, the basic change is that I have added a mechanism to navigate by either semitones or the sequence of notes in a scale defined by a mode
12:14 samtoday AbrahmAB: another TODO before the coding period is starting a blog (maybe iamutkarshtiwari is interested too?  do you have a blog?)
12:14 iamutkarshtiwari: awsome
12:14 AbrahmAB samtoday: I am making the tree-diagram for the proj... list of goals in details
12:15 iamutkarshtiwari samtoday: I meant that I'll try to finish it ASAP so that I can reserve more time for the backup/restore feature because it involves too much of work.
12:15 AbrahmAB samtoday: I am already using wordpress for blogging
12:15 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Did you test the fiddle .xo I mailed ?
12:15 tony37: latest*
12:15 tony37 I haven't had a chance this moring but will get to it this afternoon
12:15 samtoday AbrahmAB: great.  can we chuck that on a site for your GSoC project?
12:15 hemant_kasat walterbender ,  yes i was reading the mails
12:15 samtoday iamutkarshtiwari: ok
12:16 pikurasa hemant_kasat: Hi!
12:16 hemant_kasat hi pikurasa
12:16 samtoday AbrahmAB, iamutkarshtiwari: you 2 will really step on each other's toes.  If iamutkarshtiwari is doing the datastore changes for the backup and AbrahmAB is doing them for the file syncer (collaberation)
12:16 AbrahmAB samtoday: so update my proposal?
12:16 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: I have reconfigured the toolbar as you told and placed the icons as you requested.
12:17 samtoday AbrahmAB: on the wiki?
12:17 tony37 help! the save and restore project uses the datastore class but does not change it
12:17 AbrahmAB samtoday: okay! can u tell me in detail. A sample of how to upload this?
12:18 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: I think the work with fiddlerJS is almost complete..
12:18 tony37 iamutkarshtiwari great!
12:18 I do too
12:18 samtoday AbrahmAB: Maybe we can just make a site like Dave did for:  https://sugarlabs.github.io/edit-fonts-activity/
12:18 AbrahmAB ah! great! :)
12:18 hemant_kasat pikurasa , i am going through the shared folder you said ,  will send you my design in one or two days
12:19 pikurasa hemant_kasat: What have you discovered so far?
12:19 AbrahmAB i will update the whole thing on sugarlabs.github.io/Journal-rethink
12:20 hemant_kasat pikurasa , till now i have gone through the representation images ,
12:20 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: How shall we go ahead with "Backup/restore" feature?
12:20 tony37 What is left to be done?
12:21 hemant_kasat pikurasa , in pitch and rhythm representation folder
12:21 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: Which feature are you talking about?
12:21 tony37 backup and restore
12:22 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: I haven't started working on it yet.
12:22 tony37: Is Manash still working on it?
12:22 tony37 Ok, now I understand. Manash is nearly finished. As I said, it would be better if we let him do it.
12:23 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: What feature would you suggest me to work on after "Save as" is done?
12:23 tony37 We need to look at the 'Sugar on the Ground' features
12:24 AbrahmAB samtoday: maybe we should revise our timeline again!
12:25 samtoday AbrahmAB: Revise for what?  What has changed?
12:25 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: "Sugar journal activity resume" is another feature I proposed in my proposal.
12:26 tony37 Remind me of the details
12:26 AbrahmAB I was wondering should we need to start first with the *Add new* feature and then proceed with mini-journal and file sync
12:26 samtoday tony37, iamutkarshtiwari: maybe a feature that you're interested in is spinning out the JSFiddle into an activity - with collab and stuff
12:26 (also so that you can get it merged upstream)
12:26 walterbender hemant_kasat, you;'ll share your sketches sooner than later, please
12:27 tony37 samtoday - jsfiddle is a capability for the Browse activity - we've had this discussion before
12:27 iamutkarshtiwari tony37: It will require re-work on the Home view of Journal.
12:27 tony37: https://gist.github.com/iamutk[…]638a5a36fc65c16b2
12:27 hemant_kasat walterbender , sure i will , i am working on it
12:28 samtoday tony37: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]6-May/052550.html
12:28 tony37 patience, I have two many balls in the air
12:30 Samtoday - are you talking about the activity resume or the save as?
12:30 samtoday tony37: that's about the browse jsfiddle
12:30 rip sugarlabs design team
12:30 tony37 ok - this is being implemented as a capability of Browse
12:33 samtoday tony37: whatever.  I'm not merging it into browse.  I suppose that you could find another person that is the maintainer of it...
12:34 maybe...
12:34 and then would they merge it?...
12:34 i'm not sure
12:34 tony37 who controls the pull requests for activities
12:36 samtoday are you the one who determines which pull requests are approved?
12:36 samtoday tony37: People with write access to browse:  me, Daniel Narvaez, Gonzalo Odiard, walter, tch, Lionel
12:37 those people are also all admins; can grant powers to new maintainers
12:37 tony37 So the pull request should be made and subject to approval
12:37 samtoday well otherwise it is a random xo bundle on the internet
12:38 tony37 We have many GSOC participants who will need to submit changes to Sugar. This process should be made very clear so that they can follow it.
12:41 samtoday 1.  get community agreement on mailing list
12:42 (community > samtoday + tony37) :P
12:42 2.  Submit patch via github interface
12:42 3.  Meet out "high code standards" TM
12:42 4.  Merge
12:43 But I can not forget 2.5:  Wait for reviewer time
12:43 tony37 How is community agreement obtained?
12:43 samtoday mailing list?
12:43 iaep@slo?
12:43 tony37 Which mailing list? IAEP
12:43 samtoday IAEP sounds good right?
12:43 but the real bottleneck is maintainers
12:43 tony37 Ok, is there a voting procedure? How does one now it has agreement
12:43 samtoday look at github.com/sugarlabs/sugar
12:44 tony37 know not now
12:44 samtoday hum, agreement is in the eye of the maintainer
12:44 maybe
12:44 I'm asleep, can we email and chat about this?
12:44 samtoday has quit IRC
12:46 walterbender tony37, it all depends on the nature of the patch
12:47 tony37 How do we explain this to the GSOC participants?
12:47 walterbender things that impact UX are scrutinized by the devel and design teams
12:48 tony37 When a GSOC project involves the UX, how are they to proceed?
12:48 walterbender they should write up a feature page in the wiki and ask for comments
12:49 tony37 In the specific case of the jsfiddle feature (from last year's GSOC richa sehgal), the effort is to integrate her work in Browse. This has been posted on the wiki.
12:49 but could be updated with screenshots
12:49 walterbender tony37, last year was a long time ago... we should refresh the discussion
12:50 tony37 Richa implemented an interactive web feature like jsfiddle for html, css, and javascript
12:51 walterbender I recall.
12:51 but I don't recall the impact on the Browse UX in detail
12:51 tony37 It wasn't integrated during GSOC15 because Gonzalo was unavailable at the time
12:52 The impact is an additional button on the main toolbar that opens a palette controlling the feature
12:53 walterbender the design of the new palette would be of concern as well... Browse is core and hence gets extra scrutiny
12:53 tony37 As it should
12:53 walterbender let's start the process early so as not to get rushed at the end of the summer
12:54 tony37 Since this is in a sense a leftover, I would like the PR made before the end of the bonding period so we don't spend another summer working on it.
12:55 walterbender the PR request can be made immediately... it is the commit that takes time
12:55 tony37 Which is ok since the implementer is not involved unless a problem is found
12:55 iamutkarshtiwari tony37, walterbender: I'll generate a PR if community wants..
12:56 AbrahmAB walterbender, tony:i'm also in if community wants
12:56 walterbender iamutkarshtiwari, the PR should reference the design discussion
12:57 tony37 One concern is the move to webkit2 and whether the PRs will conflict
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12:57 walterbender tony37, would be best to make it work with webkit2
12:57 we really have little choice but to migrate
12:57 tony37 We tried but webkit2 had problems
12:58 walterbender (even on my F19 system Google complains about my out of date Chrome and says it will end support for gmail)
12:58 tony37, we need to address those problems
12:58 because serverside, they are not supporting old browser bits
12:59 because of security concerns
12:59 tony37 Agreed. I think we should post a PR against the current Browse so people can test it and decide what is liked and disliked, but we also need to look at the webkit2 version to see what is needed
13:00 walterbender tony37, make sense
13:00 tony37 Enough for one day?
13:00 walterbender sure...
13:00 tony37 See you next week. Bye
13:00 tony37 has quit IRC
13:01 walterbender needs to work on a statement for the Department of Education in support of FOSS
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