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#sugar-meeting, 2016-05-11

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16:39 elih hello, I'm here to chat for the next hour or so if anyone wants to meet about the font editor today.
16:45 harshita <harshita!6adb13de@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:48 elih hey Harshita!
16:51 harshita hi!
16:52 we were to have a meeting now, right?
16:52 regarding fornt editor activity
16:53 *font
16:54 elih how's it going? look like Dave and Yash aren't here, but I'll do my best to catch you up on what's going on.
16:55 have you been reading the blog posts? https://sugarlabs.github.io/edit-fonts-activity/
16:56 harshita i have read some the of blog posts
16:56 i also tried the code in the master branch on the dev environment i set up
16:57 its working fine
16:59 elih ok great. Dave's post: 'Required Reading for Writing a Modern Font Editor' is a good starting point if you haven't read that.
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17:01 elih Have you worked with Python before? I'm new to GTK+3 so i'm in the process of learning that now.
17:03 harshita i did start reading Dave's blog post. It's taking a bit of time since I am reading about the related things too since I am new to it :)
17:03 yagarwal <yagarwal!7ab1bf3a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:03 harshita Yes, I have worked with python before :)
17:04 yagarwal hello harshita and elih!
17:04 harshita hello yash!
17:04 elih hey Yash
17:06 I have a question, maybe you will know this Yash or Harshita.
17:06 we have to use Python 2.7 for everything right?
17:07 yagarwal yes
17:07 harshita In one of the mails I read that we have to work in python 2.7 as mostly Sugar code is in that only
17:08 yagarwal dave asked this on the sugar-devel thread a few days back
17:08 elih and I know trufont is python 3
17:09 will that cause any problems? I've never converted python 3 code to 2.7 before.
17:10 yagarwal I have done that once before, but that included included only urllib and bs4 modules
17:11 it will depend on the functionality/features we're going for
17:12 elih Ok, sounds good :)
17:12 harshita i too think the same
17:12 it should depend on what we are using
17:16 elih So, I'm new to GTK, but I'm working on building Dave's mockup as an activity: https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]oncept_02_hig.svg
17:17 Dave and I will be meeting with Walter Bender This weekend so it would be nice to show him that.
17:18 yagarwal great, I'll try to make a GTK mock up for the character map by then
17:19 elih yes, that would be great :)
17:20 I think just doing mocks in GTK is the way to go, too much can be lost in translation from an SVG :)
17:21 yagarwal so went through the documentation for Robofab and UFO format
17:22 harshita i'll try to understand the code till then. Kindly give me suggestions so that I may pick things faster :)
17:22 yagarwal it gives us a clear idea of what all classes we need to make
17:23 elih it's a lot to go through
17:24 harshita yes I realized that. It's taking time. Kindly give me some suggestions to pick up.
17:24 yagarwal harshita: you should start with the UFO format and then move on to defcon which is the main lib we will be using, atleast this is what dave stressed upon
17:24 harshita okay
17:25 elih have you used a font editor before?
17:25 harshita no
17:25 elih if so which one?
17:25 harshita tried this once before though : http://www.glyphrstudio.com/online/
17:26 elih This is the one we want to borrow code from: https://trufont.github.io/
17:27 harshita okay
17:27 elih but, it's only version 0.2.0 so it's not that mature.
17:28 http://doc.robofont.com/ is one to look at
17:28 harshita so we have to develop taking some of its code for making a better font editor for sugar
17:30 elih Yes, but the sugar editor should also be simple and fun for kids.
17:31 harshita yes that's important :)
17:33 yagarwal elih do you know if dave will be joining us?
17:34 elih if you have a machine with OS X on it, both Glyphs and RoboFont has Python scripting.
17:34 I'm not sure, I know he is busy this week so maybe not.
17:35 I have to go soon as well.
17:36 yagarwal oh, no problem. I think the major task this week is to complete dave's reading list
17:37 elih yes, I'm still working on it as well.
17:39 ok, so lets keep going through dave's post. Yash, if you have anything you want to show Walter this weekend that would be Awesome, but no big deal if you want to focus on going over the defcon code instead.
17:40 yagarwal elih: can I ask, what is your procedure of going through documentations?
17:44 elih I just read what I can on my phone, somewhere nice like a park or the beach. Then when I code, like doing the GTK tutorial, I have duel monitors and a standing desk.
17:46 davelab6 <davelab6!~davelab6@cpe-69-203-196-22.nyc.res.rr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:46 elih hello Dave
17:46 davelab6 elih yagarwal harshita - sorry i missed the scheduled meeting time
17:46 busy day at work :)
17:46 i read the log
17:47 yagarwal hello dave
17:47 harshita hello Dave! :)
17:47 elih no prob :)
17:47 davelab6 defon ufo3 branch is python2.7 and 3.x compatible
17:47 elih oh awesome, we don't have to do anything then!?
17:48 davelab6 the work is in making a something like defconAppkit or defconQt
17:48 which ties the abstract python class/obejcts in defcon to UI widgets
17:48 elih yes, so you think that is where most of the hard work will be?
17:48 davelab6 yeah
17:48 the mockup i made has 3 widgets
17:48 https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]oncept_02_hig.svg
17:49 the first is the character picker
17:49 the second is the drawing canvas
17:49 the 3rd is the 'live preview' which is really just another drawing canvas
17:49 it might be simplest to start with widgets 1 and 3
17:49 and of those, with 1
17:50 as 1 is about drawing the glyph outlines into little canvas boxes
17:50 in a grid
17:50 elih ok, I did the Python GTK+ 3 tutorial, working on building your mock now.
17:50 davelab6 and 3 is about drawing the glyphs outlines into little invisible canvas boxes, to create an illustion of text
17:51 and 2 is about drawing the glyph outlines into little semi-visible canvas boxes, and then drawing editing widgets on and around them for moving points, moving guides, setting guides, add/removing points, etc
17:52 https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]i_hello_world.png
17:52 lol
17:52 elih haha yes I got my dev environment set up :)
17:53 davelab6 the tamtam edit screenshot https://sugarlabs.github.io/ed[…]s/TamTam-Edit.png shows something at the bottom edge similar to widget (1) i describe above
17:53 harshita :D
17:53 yagarwal dave: I had a question about kearning, does a glyph have kearning data for all other glyph in the font set
17:53 davelab6 yagarwal: kerning is kept in the UFO in 2 places
17:54 yagarwal: firist place is http://unifiedfontobject.org/v[…]o3/kerning.plist/
17:54 yagarwal: second place is http://unifiedfontobject.org/v[…]fo3/features.fea/
17:54 second place is out of scope until after the mid way evaluation i think
17:54 first place is out of scope for round 1 at least :)
17:54 kerning is not that important
17:55 my cantarell original and verdana and georgia from MS dont have any!
17:55 and its done as a production stage of font development
17:55 yagarwal oh, fine then :)
17:56 davelab6 I should make a blog post about the process, using the timeline chart I have somewhere
17:56 Ah the chart is in http://designwithfontforge.com[…]Your_Project.html
17:56 elih also, most kids probably will not want to kern the fonts they make.
17:56 davelab6 yeah i mean maybe like AV needs to be kerned
17:56 but its not a hi priority
17:56 i think
17:57 i think our default character set cna be uppercase, numbers, basic punctuation
17:57 just that :)
17:57 maybe lowercase and accents for 'advacned' users :)
17:58 elih I like that!
17:59 yagarwal dave: what are accents?
18:01 davelab6 harshita: was your wiki username Hsharish600 ?
18:02 yagarwal: http://designwithfontforge.com[…]_and_Accents.html
18:02 https://glyphsapp.com/tutorial[…]es/tag:diacritics
18:02 https://fontforge.github.io/editexample4.html
18:02 http://robofab.com/howto/buildingaccents.html
18:02 ok i gotta run, thanks for taking time to meet up today, ill check the log again later :)
18:02 harshita davelab6 : no, it's not
18:02 davelab6 harshita: okay cool :)
18:03 harshita :)
18:03 davelab6 looking forward to hearing what you're leading about defcon on friday! :)
18:03 harshita sure :)
18:03 davelab6 a quick way to get diagrams on the blog is simply draw on paper and snap a photo with your phone :D
18:04 and you should be able to create little test UFOs with TruFont :)
18:04 davelab6 has quit IRC
18:04 elih ok, good meeting, talk to everyone Friday.
18:05 yagarwal ok, bye.  see you all on friday
18:05 elih also http://designwithfontforge.com/en-US/index.html is a good place to learn about type and type design :)
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18:05 harshita bye :)
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