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#sugar-meeting, 2016-05-09

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11:53 yagarwal elih: are you there?
11:55 elih yes, hey Yash :)
11:55 looks like Dave can't make it today.
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12:00 elih Here is a mock with icons: https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]1_basic_icons.svg
12:01 thoughts?
12:02 i'm going over the post dave made "Required Reading for Writing a Modern Font Editor"
12:04 yagarwal elih: its nice, few questions...is it good idea to include all the features ie. Glyph Editing, Kearning, testing interface on the same layout
12:05 elih probably not, for that we could have different modes
12:05 https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]cept_01_modes.svg
12:05 yagarwal though, i guess this follows the sugar principle of focusing more on "doing things"
12:07 elih so depending on what mode is selected on the right toolbar, the center work-space area would change
12:07 yagarwal the modes look good, this will work
12:08 I was looking around and found this, https://glyphsapp.com/glyphs-mini
12:09 this has a very clean and minified UI
12:09 kinda looks like your mock up too
12:09 elih yeah, I like that!
12:10 I have not tried to use Glyphs mini yet, will have to do that today.
12:11 yagarwal its a paid app, only available for mac, here is a working a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9SqYnR-u7Y you can check out
12:12 elih I like this mock also: https://sugarlabs.github.io/ed[…]mg/mock-v3-dc.png
12:14 It's two tool-bars and two working areas as well, just different layout.
12:16 yagarwal this can work too, but just looks a little complicated to me, I think I need to spend some time getting used all these fearures
12:20 elih making a detailed feature list for milestone 1 is something we could all think about this week.
12:23 yagarwal ok, where should we start, should I make a new md file on the repo where we can start editing?
12:24 elih i'm looking at the proposal now:  https://github.com/sugarlabs/e[…]arwalProposal.pdf
12:25 how do you feel about having a 'design doc' separate from the proposal?
12:26 or is that something we have and I can't find it.
12:27 yagarwal I think you should look at the refined proposal...http://sugarlabs.github.io/edi[…]/refined-proposal
12:27 elih ok, yes. looking now.
12:27 yagarwal yeah lets make a separate 'design doc' and try to dot down the UI/UX details there
12:29 elih whatever works best for you, just somewhere we can keep track of all the features we want.
12:30 you could just keep the refined proposal and timeline updated, dave may have thoughts on this :)
12:34 yagarwal have you gone through dave's "required reading" post......I'm going through it now
12:35 elih I'm watching the Glyphs Mini video, this is a good place to start for thinking about basic features needed.
12:38 I'll go through Dave's post today, how do you feel about the switch to python gtk?
12:42 yagarwal it's better that way as we can use the free python libraries and can make something actually worth using
12:43 and the GUI design will be easier with Gtk, atleast I think so
12:44 elih one thing I think could be cool about this project is that it could be a good starting point for type designers that want to learn how font editors work.
12:46 yagarwal yeah, i'll be one of them ;)
12:46 elih yeah, I want to try mocking-up UI in Gtk this week.
12:51 I'm going through defcon now, let's call this meeting good for now, Dave will maybe want to meet Friday?
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12:58 yagarwal elih: Oh, I had a power cut
12:59 elih no prob
13:00 yagarwal elih: which of the mockups are planning to start with? ... I'll make a general grid display of glyphs
13:02 elih let's keep exploring with layout, but whatever you think will work best.
13:02 yagarwal so this weeks agenda is: going through the dave's reading list, making a detailed task list for Milestone 1, making a mock UI in gtk
13:03 elih Yes! that sounds great :)
13:04 yagarwal just writing it here to summarise the discussion for Dave.......
13:04 ok, i guess then i'll leave
13:06 I'll make a quick blog post about it
13:06 elih Ok, thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing this editor built :)
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