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#sugar-meeting, 2016-05-03

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16:43 hemu hello
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21:30 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:51 vikram_ Hello walterbender , how are you?
21:52 walterbender vikram_, hi
21:52 I guess tymon will be a few minutes late
21:52 how are you?
21:53 vikram_ I am good, semester just ended. Had Project deadlines till three days ago
21:53 Ya, lets wait for him
21:53 I just saw his mail
21:56 walterbender there has been some discussion on the lists about the merit of git vs subversion or some other backend
21:56 have you seen it?
21:57 vikram_ No i have not
21:57 walterbender: Can you send me the link?
21:58 What list? I am subscribed to sugarlabs mailing list
22:00 walterbender looks
22:02 I am guess sugar-devel
22:02 haven't found the thread yet
22:02 it basically was an argument that git uses too much storage
22:03 which is a problem if we are not using it in the cloud
22:05 but if we assume a school server, then it is less an issue
22:05 vikram_ No but we will be using github
22:05 Ya we need local storage also if there is no internet connection
22:06 So what do you suggest?
22:07 walterbender vikram_, Let's build the github version first, with Music Blocks/ Turtle Blocks in mind
22:07 then we can try to generalize to a local server and any activity
22:07 vikram_ Yeah that seems to be the right way to do it
22:11 walterbender we should mock up what the UX will be like
22:12 vikram_ Do you have any suggestion/ideas that i can work upon?
22:13 walterbender I think we auto save after N changes and every time we hit RUN
22:13 and buttons to fork and revert
22:14 and a way to add commit messages :)
22:14 vikram_ Yeah i was thinking of same thing, but do we have to automatically commit it
22:14 As in we should give the user a button to just click and commit it
22:15 Like how git works and not an automatic thing... This can make things messy
22:17 walterbender we have a button for save/download in the UI right now
22:18 maybe that becomes a panel with commit/revert/fork/download
22:18 and a place to type in a commit message
22:18 vikram_ Yes that can be done. We can also do something for the commit history
22:18 walterbender yes
22:19 TymonRR <TymonRR!~anonymous@nyl122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:19 vikram_ We can have a button in turtle JS to hide and reveal it
22:19 Hello TymonRR
22:19 walterbender vikram_, +1
22:19 TymonRR, I will grab you a link for the backlog
22:19 TymonRR hi
22:19 sorry that I am lat
22:20 I had unexpected meeting
22:20 walterbender, thanks
22:20 walterbender http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eeting/2016-05-03
22:20 vikram_ Never a problem
22:20 walterbender TymonRR, we are discussing a first pass implementation for Turtle
22:21 and then generalizing from what we learn.
22:21 vikram_, on the backend, we should have one master git account for all the users/projects
22:21 TymonRR Ok, give me few minutes to read the log
22:21 walterbender and come up with some sort of name space
22:23 vikram_ Yes
22:23 You mentioned it once
22:23 It will also help in anonymity
22:23 walterbender +1
22:24 it is the basic design that tch and I came up with a few years back... time to try it :)
22:24 TymonRR yes, I agree :)
22:24 vikram_ Okay
22:25 So as i mentioned in the proposal, the backend will be made up in python
22:26 and to bind it to web activities like Turtle JS
22:26 Something like Flask? DJango can be used
22:26 *Flask/Django
22:27 walterbender vikram_, I think we want to have a server/service that the J activities talk to
22:27 I am agnostic beyond that
22:27 ^J^JS
22:27 vikram_ Yeah JS activities can talk with Flask
22:27 walterbender the Python activities can use the backend directly
22:28 vikram_ Do you have any suggestions?
22:28 I am sorry i did not get you
22:28 walterbender nothing specific. I am open to suggestions
22:28 vikram_, the backend in Python should be used directly by Python activities
22:29 and through a server for JS activities
22:29 I think we agree on this
22:29 vikram_ Yes, that is necessary
22:29 TymonRR I think we don't have to use Django, we need server side application, which will get messages from activities
22:30 vikram_ Ya messages in form of XML using ajax perhaps
22:31 So what all do you need me to do before the coding starts, i.e., 23rd may
22:31 1. I need to come up with a UI
22:32 2. Need to look up web services, do more research
22:32 walterbender and maybe post something to the community, who will be very opinionated :P
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22:33 walterbender oops. we lost tymon
22:33 vikram_ Will he be back?
22:33 walterbender I am guessing it was just his connection
22:33 vikram_ How do you want me to let the community know?
22:34 Probably
22:34 walterbender an email to sugar-devel?
22:34 or a blog post
22:34 vikram_ And also the library, which one do you think i should use
22:34 I can do those
22:36 walterbender I think FLASK works, but I don't have a strong opinion. I think Tymon seems to have more of an opinion
22:36 some maybe sound him out
22:36 we can continue asynchronously by email in the short term
22:36 TymonRR <TymonRR!~anonymous@nyl122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:37 walterbender since he seems to be having connection issues :)
22:37 we should also find a regular time for the three of us to chat. This time works for me.
22:37 TymonRR <TymonRR!~anonymous@nyl122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:37 vikram_ Can we do it a bit early?
22:38 As in it is 4 Am in India
22:38 Probably two or hrs early. I am fine with the current time if you guys have a problem with another
22:38 walterbender Ouch.
22:39 I am free after 1:30 PM EST on Tuesdays
22:39 vikram_ I think Tymon is having connection issues
22:39 walterbender so I guess that would be just after midnight for you?
22:39 or we could do it in my morning.
22:39 vikram_ Ya you are right
22:39 walterbender but we should factor in Tymon
22:39 vikram_ If it works for both of you
22:40 walterbender Not sure his schedule
22:40 vikram_ Tymon just sent a mail, check it
22:40 walterbender my only constraint on Tuesdays is a 1PM call I need to carve out time for each week
22:41 vikram_ Oh i see
22:42 walterbender Seems we have lost him... you should get to sleep.
22:42 we can pick up by email
22:43 vikram_ No problem, thank you
22:43 walterbender good night
22:43 vikram_ I will make mock ups and send them to both of you
22:43 walterbender good start
22:44 vikram_ Dankeschön, Auf Wiederhören!!
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22:47 Guest11338 is now known as ignacio_
22:47 ignacio_ Hi
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