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#sugar-meeting, 2016-01-04

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22:01 Quozl` .
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22:58 walterbender hi todos
22:58 tonyf, how are things?
22:59 tonyf Hi Walter, all is good here in Australia.
22:59 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello!
23:00 tonyf Hola Jose_Miguel
23:00 Quozl` tonyf: g'day.  rain?
23:00 walterbender tonyf, things are starting to get cold here in Boston
23:00 20F today
23:00 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello *tonyf!
23:00 walterbender 2F tomorrow :P
23:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> 30C here!
23:01 tonyf Hi Quozl, no the rain hasn't reached this far south yet
23:01 walterbender JM_, I did not hear from anyone on SLOB about whether or not they will attend today
23:02 Quozl` tonyf: 'k.  18mm over 24h here, flying ants swarming, kangaroos sheltering.
23:02 walterbender I hope we have a quorum
23:02 tonyf High 20's celcius here in Melbourne
23:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Here the rain for beginning.
23:02 walterbender my reminder was buried in the Sugar Digest
23:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> It is first Monday...
23:02 walterbender yes
23:02 but people seem to forget :P
23:03 Quozl` i'm observing.
23:03 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Here we are on holiday, with the grandchildren...
23:03 walterbender nice
23:03 I babysit every Monday for my grandchildren :)
23:03 so every Monday is a holiday for me
23:04 ping CanoeBerry ClaudiaU
23:04 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> ;)
23:04 walterbender while we wait for the others...
23:04 a couple of things
23:06 (1) As I mentioned in the Digest, we have an election this month
23:06 is anyone from the election committee here?
23:06 doesn
23:06 t seem to be
23:07 the 17th to the 23rd
23:08 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> This date had stipulated ...
23:08 walterbender 10 candidates :)
23:08 JM_, that is the date that the committee sti[ulated
23:08 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes! I feared not arriving to 7...
23:09 walterbender although they were talking about extending to the end of the month.
23:09 I defer to them on this
23:09 Seems more participation from deployments, which is good
23:10 and the school server people
23:10 so maybe we will have better coordination/integration
23:10 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes. It is good...
23:10 scg_ <scg_!~scg@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:10 walterbender and best of all, we have a very strong youth candidate
23:11 we may have trouble finding a suitable time for a meeting between AU, FR, UY, and US :)
23:11 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Very good!
23:12 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes. It will be necessary to coordinate very well the schedule...
23:12 <Jose_Miguel-es> Perhaps do it in the morning...
23:13 tonyf To meet with AU FR US somebody has to get up in the middle of the night
23:14 walterbender plus we may have both the east and west coasts of US
23:14 quite a spread :)
23:14 we can leave it for the new SLOB to figure out.
23:15 not our problem :P
23:15 (2) For those who are interested, GCI stats are here: http://kuckuck.treehouse.su:5000/org/sugarlabs/
23:16 some nice work being done... and we are only half-way through
23:16 tonyf Well done mentors and students!
23:16 walterbender I am going to try to push on GTK2->GTK3 conversion in the coming weeks
23:17 tonyf, the mentors have been a great help to me this year
23:17 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
23:18 Quozl` there's at least one student who isn't quite getting it, may need special help to get them over that hurdle.
23:18 walterbender Quozl`, more than one...
23:18 Quozl` well, one on the threshold of having a clue.  ;-)
23:19 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Of which countries are?
23:19 walterbender JM_, many different countries
23:19 JM_, but I think UY has the lead (as usual)
23:23 well, seems we have no quorum
23:23 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> :(
23:27 walterbender I was hoping to clarify the point of my alleged conflict of interest
23:27 I sent email to SLOB but heard no response from anyone
23:28 but for the record I am not the "executive director" even if such a position represents a conflict
23:28 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Uh! I did not answer, because it seemed me that the pose was out of place
23:29 walterbender but if members of the board of community think I ma in some way conflicted and should resign from the board, I am open to a discussion
23:29 tonyf I never really understood what the conflict was meant to be
23:30 walterbender tonyf, I didn't get it either
23:30 but I was hoping perhaps someone had some insight
23:30 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Nop!
23:31 walterbender well, I hope in the future we can discuss such things before public accusations are made
23:31 ...
23:32 anyone else have anything they'd like to discuss?
23:32 I'll try to convene a meeting next week
23:32 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> No now...
23:32 <Jose_Miguel-es> *OK.
23:32 tonyf future directions? phones and tablets?
23:33 walterbender tonyf, we continue to push on the Sugarizer front
23:33 tonyf, and personally, I am pushing individual activities that can run standalone in those environments
23:34 there is a Turtle for Android now, although it is not very robust
23:34 tonyf Not having a keyboard might require a ground up rethink?
23:35 walterbender tonyf, I agree
23:35 we have a few suggests from GCI projects the past few yesrs
23:35 but not much as far as implementation
23:35 it is really a restart from scratch
23:35 and I don't know that we have the resources beyond individual apps
23:36 CanoeBerry O dear, if meeting's still on am here?
23:37 tonyf Maybe its not the mission of Sugarlabs but it ties in well with the OLPC mission of placing computers into developing countries
23:37 Quozl` tonyf: i don't think there's anybody working on that OLPC mission now.
23:38 walterbender tonyf, I think that reaching kids whatever hardware they have is in Sugar Lab's mission
23:38 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Sugarlabs Does that the implementation of *laptops was better from the educational...
23:38 walterbender but we cannot turn a sow's ear into a silk purse
23:38 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Therefore it is important the development for *tabletas
23:39 tonyf Walter sow's ear explain?
23:39 CanoeBerry https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki[…]se_of_a_sow's_ear
23:39 walterbender the biggest obstacle to me is not lack of keyboard but lack of Linux
23:40 tonyf Walter is that because of the time inversted in Linux or the need for an open platform?
23:41 Quozl` "To produce something refined, admirable, or valuable from something which is unrefined, unpleasant, or of little or no value."
23:43 walterbender tonyf, both of those and...
23:43 Quozl` the non-openness of the android platform would get in the way of switching to a journal type of user experience and workflow.  once you remove the journal and activity ring, there's just the apps.
23:44 walterbender there are some architectural issue that make it difficult to do some of the things we think are important
23:44 we need to compromise
23:44 Quozl` someone working at olpc did try, unilaterally and alone, an imitation of the activity ring, but i don't think it took hold.
23:45 walterbender Quozl`, scottc as I recall
23:45 Quozl` walterbender: no, julia, in specifying the dreams ui for a contractor to implement.
23:45 walterbender Quozl`, I never saw that work (or specification)
23:45 Quozl` walterbender: exactly.
23:46 walterbender scottc did some work in the 2010-11 timeframe
23:46 Quozl` cscott, yes.  i don't know what became of it.
23:47 still, android changes so fast that anything that old can be ignored.
23:47 walterbender tonyf, my current stop-gap effort is to get some tools into the mix (focusing on the browser, which is "universal")
23:47 Quozl`, I don't think his code would be relevant, but some of the ideas were sound
23:48 will try to find his old repo and share it
23:48 tonyf Can kids get any good constructivist apps from the Google or Apple stores?
23:49 walterbender tonyf, there are some decent tools
23:49 not many but some
23:49 they tend to target slightly older audiences
23:49 pencil code for example is a nice project from a Google engineer
23:50 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> They are still thinking that the boys are small adults...
23:50 walterbender JM_, yes
23:51 tonyf, the other issue tends to be around infrastructure for deployments
23:51 an on-line solution is not practical in places where connectivity is expensive
23:52 Quozl` xsce project seems to be handling that.
23:52 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Or where the connectivity is bad, as in the rural spaces
23:53 scg_ has quit IRC
23:53 tonyf Agree, the most suitable is offline, tablets/phones are not limited to deployments, the biggest 'market' is privately held devices
23:54 walterbender tonyf, yes
23:54 tonyf, in keeping with my download a browser app tactic.
23:57 needs to run in about 5 minutes
23:57 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *OK.
23:57 tonyf Ok, thanks all
23:57 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Bye!
23:59 scg <scg!~scg@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:59 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Good nights for all!
23:59 walterbender tonyf, thank you for the input
23:59 meeting * Jose_Miguel has quit (Quit: Page closed)
23:59 tonyf walter, thank you
23:59 walterbender tonyf, give me feedback on the web version of Turtle when you get a chance.
23:59 and on Music Blocks

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