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#sugar-meeting, 2015-11-30

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16:36 ifeanyi Hi everyone, am I late for the meeting?
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22:13 samdroid the gci meeting is in an hour right?
22:28 tch__ hey samdroid, yes, in 30 mins
22:29 samdroid cool
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22:53 walterbender hi Patty_
22:55 Patty_ walterbender: Hello, finally  my other meeting was canceled so fortunately I can join tonight
22:55 walterbender nice to have you with us :)
22:57 pikurasa <pikurasa!~pikurasa@c-73-167-118-213.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:57 Patty_ :)
22:58 pikurasa Hi
22:58 walterbender hi pikurasa
22:58 noemu <noemu!~mariah@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:58 walterbender noemu, hi
22:58 noemu hello walterbender
22:59 walterbender noemu, did you generate your poster in Inkscape?
22:59 noemu walterbender, yes
22:59 walterbender I ask because it would be nice to have a Spanish version
22:59 so maybe you could send the SVG file to Patty_ to translate?
22:59 noemu ah yeah i can do that
22:59 walterbender thx
22:59 noemu oh that works too
23:00 samdroid noemu: great poster btw!
23:00 noemu samdroid: thanks :D
23:01 pikurasa yes, the poster looks nice.
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23:01 nemesiscodex_ <nemesiscodex_!~nemesisco@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:02 walterbender shall we begin?
23:02 #start-meeting
23:02 meeting Meeting started Mon Nov 30 23:02:08 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:02 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
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23:02 tch__ hello everyone!
23:02 walterbender #topic Google Code In
23:02 nemesiscodex_ Hello!
23:02 walterbender thanks everyone for coming to the meeting
23:02 We have one week until GCI begins.
23:03 We already have > 150 individual tasks
23:03 and I have more tasks to add from Devin ( pikurasa ) and Tony
23:03 Music Blocks tasks
23:03 and a list of broken activities on 108
23:03 tch__ walterbender: wow
23:04 Patty_ <Patty_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:04 walterbender so generally I think we are in good shape to get started
23:04 Patty_ Im back, sorry I dont know what happened
23:04 walterbender Mariah made a great poster we can use to advertize the contest
23:04 samdroid I need to change the collab tasks around a bit, so I'll probably write up a porting guide soon
23:04 Patty_ 150 tasks! wow
23:04 that is great
23:05 walterbender I uploaded it to the wiki (http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/imag[…]garlabs-2015.png)
23:05 Patty_ I can translate the poster to spanish
23:05 walterbender She is going to share the SVG file so we can have a Spanish version too
23:05 Patty_ if its useful
23:05 samdroid [unrelated] for the collab tasks, can I say to use this api:  https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/267
23:05 Patty_ it is really cool, i like it
23:05 walterbender please share the link on social media
23:06 samdroid, I will amend the tasks to include that link
23:06 (for the GTK3 tasks)
23:06 tch__ samdroid: ok, ill review it, so we can move on with these changes
23:06 samdroid walterbender: I can fix them
23:06 walterbender: But I'll write up a guide
23:06 tch__ samdroid: before GCI starts
23:06 walterbender great
23:06 please do
23:07 As a reminder, we can continue to add more tasks throughout the contest
23:07 and undoubtedly we will
23:07 Patty_ If I translate the poster kids of Uruguay, Paraguay and other countries might join
23:07 tch__ samdroid: you had other PRs related to that one?
23:07 walterbender often the kids come up with good ideas for tasks
23:07 Patty_ I have to add my tasks.. in the following days I promise
23:07 samdroid tch__: yeah
23:08 walterbender what I want to discuss today is logistics
23:08 samdroid tch__: https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]kit-gtk3/pull/270
23:08 sorry gtg bye
23:08 samdroid has quit IRC
23:08 walterbender we have a lot of mentors and have a lot of timezones covered, which is great
23:08 It would be ideal if we had at least 1 or 2 mentors on IRC 24/7
23:09 scg_ <scg_!~scg@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:09 pikurasa on #sugar IRC?
23:09 scg has quit IRC
23:09 scg_ is now known as scg
23:09 walterbender pikurasa, yes
23:10 pikurasa, I am hoping some of our mentors in India can do some late-night shifts (day time for them)
23:10 Ignacio__ <Ignacio__!~androirc@r167-59-137-213.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:10 Ignacio__ Hi
23:10 walterbender We need to give rapid feedback
23:10 tch__ walterbender: I can cover the mornings, from  11:00 to 15:00 UTC
23:11 Ignacio__ Sorry for being late.
23:11 tch__ that is PY mornings
23:11 walterbender I can cover from 7 to 11
23:12 in addition to coverage, we need to have some level of consistency regarding the quality of the work
23:12 IMHO we need to maintain the same standards for work as we'd expect of any community member.
23:12 ignacio_ <ignacio_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:13 tch__ walterbender: +1, lets not worry about deadlines and give students more time for the tasks if we think they moving in the right direction
23:13 walterbender we can always extend the time on a task and we should do so
23:14 there is no reason I can think of not to grant a request for more time
23:14 flexible on time, but not on quality
23:14 It is a good lesson to be held to a high standard
23:14 the contest is as much about learning as coding
23:14 tch__ walterbender: clear to me ;)
23:15 pikurasa walterbender, I like that idea, but is there a conflict of interest since students want to complete more tasks for credit.
23:15 ?
23:15 Patty_ I can be almost every day for outreach tasks from 20:00 to 24:00 UTC.. hope next year I can code a bit :P
23:15 walterbender I am not sure with this year's backend if anyone can sign off on a task or only the mentors assigned to the task
23:15 ignacio_ I think nobody will work 24/7
23:15 Thats so much (I talk in base of experience)
23:15 scg Hi, I won't be too available since December 14 to 26. So, I will need help in that period. After that I will be much available. Anyway, I will do my best to at least give some help once a day on that period.
23:16 pikurasa (Do they get more credit for quality?)
23:16 walterbender scg, that is OK
23:16 pikurasa, they get credit for completing tasks.
23:16 pikurasa, it is up to the mentors to keep the bar high in terms of quality
23:17 pikurasa, some tasks are easier than others... that is the nature of the contest
23:17 scg Can someone add me as a mentor to the tasks related
23:17 pikurasa So, we all have to be in on the quality thing? That is fine with me.
23:17 scg To sysadmin?
23:17 walterbender scg, I can add you to whatever tasks you are interested in...
23:17 scg Sorry, I'm on my phone.
23:17 walterbender scg, I'll make sure you are added...
23:17 ignacio_ pikurasa: that doesn't matter.. Its quality over quantity..
23:17 As a ex-student you need to focus on the task
23:17 and research it
23:17 ignacio_ has quit IRC
23:18 Ignacio__ I had lag..
23:18 noemu I can commit to 16:00 to 20:00 UTC
23:18 scg walterbender, I will check It and let you know. Thanks
23:18 Ignacio__ I will be able to mentor while I'm online
23:19 pikurasa walterbender, I repeated what you said. I get it. Will push for quality.
23:19 walterbender pikurasa, :)
23:19 any other questions?
23:19 pikurasa On the topic of quality...
23:19 Ignacio__ Are the mentors active in community?
23:19 nemesiscodex_ walterbender: Can I make a list of the tasks I want to mentor and send it to you?
23:19 Ignacio__ Not in community
23:20 pikurasa I think that the ball is somewhat in our court to articulate what we really want.
23:20 walterbender nemesiscodex_, yes, please
23:20 Ignacio__ I meant, last year we had few mentors that weren't able to look at tasks..
23:20 And you had to look them
23:20 pikurasa So, let's make sure to put specifics and non-trivial details into our tasks, I think.
23:20 walterbender Ignacio__, I think all of the mentors have been active in different spheres
23:21 ignacio, I didn't invite anyone to be a mentor who was not active
23:21 Ignacio__ By not active I mean all the contrst
23:22 For code tasks, mentors need to ask you first Walter?  Or tch
23:22 Before we close them
23:23 walterbender ignacio, I think the mentors assigned to the task can make the decsions
23:23 tch__ ignacio, that shouldn't be a requirement, but we can look at them if you need it, e,g. if is a code task, and it follow our code review/process etc, then it should be fine
23:24 walterbender but please feel free to ask for help
23:24 Ignacio__ Okay,  thanks :)
23:26 walterbender any more questions?
23:26 nemesiscodex_ If there a specific requirement to create a task?
23:27 is*
23:27 tch__ nemesiscodex_: only needs to comply with GCI categories I suppose
23:27 nemesiscodex_: it is very flexible in reality
23:27 walterbender nemesiscodex_, I will review the tasks, but basically anything that is in the interest of the community (with the exception of translation tasks)
23:28 I guess that there was some abuse of translation tasks in the past :P
23:28 tch__ yep, to bad really, it is useful
23:29 s/to/too
23:29 nemesiscodex_ So I will create the tasks directly in the page and will be reviewed, right?
23:30 walterbender nemesiscodex_, yes
23:30 nemesiscodex_ ok :)
23:30 walterbender when you create them, they are "draft"
23:30 I will then "publish" them
23:30 nemesiscodex_ got it
23:30 tch__ walterbender: have you heard back from lionel?
23:31 walterbender: did he sent you his tasks/
23:31 ?
23:31 walterbender tch__,yes
23:31 tch__ walterbender: great!
23:31 walterbender he has added some and will be adding more
23:31 11 tasks so far
23:32 tch__, can you add Patty_ to some tasks?
23:32 lots she might be interested in
23:32 tch__ walterbender: yes
23:33 Patty_ walterbender: sure!
23:33 walterbender I see there are a few other mentors without tasks yet
23:34 scg has quit IRC
23:34 walterbender I can add you to tasks you have interest in and of course, new tasks welcome
23:35 anything else?
23:36 I will email a link for the minutes
23:36 noemu is there a place the participants can collectively post their outreach task responses?
23:36 tch__ noemu: we could create a wiki page?
23:36 noemu that's what i was thinking, perhaps a wiki page
23:37 i think it would be nice to have a collection of the posts rather than them getting scattered around
23:37 it's easier for their peers to see what they're working on too
23:38 nemesiscodex_ I like that
23:38 walterbender +1
23:42 I guess we are done for today
23:42 pikurasa Okay, I need to go. Feel free to contact me if you need anything.
23:42 walterbender thanks everyone
23:42 pikurasa Thanks!
23:42 nemesiscodex_ Thanks!
23:42 walterbender #end-meeting
23:42 meeting Meeting ended Mon Nov 30 23:42:40 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
23:42 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-30T23:02:08.html
23:42 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-11-30T23:02:08
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