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#sugar-meeting, 2015-11-16

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22:56 walterbender hola german
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23:00 avolpe hello
23:00 walterbender hello everyone
23:01 let me start the log for those who cannot join us
23:01 #start-meeting
23:01 meeting Meeting started Mon Nov 16 23:01:05 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:01 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
23:01 walterbender #topic GCI
23:01 first, thanks everyone for coming at short notice
23:01 and thanks for agreeing to help with GCI
23:01 I guarantee you will enjoy it
23:01 Here is the current status
23:02 We have 19 mentors, which is really great!!!
23:02 and we have decent coverage across timezones, so I think we can have someone around to answer questions 24/7
23:02 We will use the regular #sugar channel for fielding questions
23:03 the basics are the following (for those of you who have not done this before)
23:03 there is a website that has a list of tasks
23:03 (1) a student will request a task
23:04 (2) we assign the task to the student
23:04 (3) they have a limited time (usually 3 days) to complete the task
23:04 (4) they submit code (or other documentation) for review
23:04 tch__ hello!
23:04 me and patty here
23:04 walterbender (5) we ask for changes or agree that they have completed the task
23:05 hi tch and patty
23:05 the cycle above 1-5 repeats
23:05 I am guessing we will need about 300 tasks by the time we are done
23:06 although ignacio is a mentor this year -- he did almost 100 tasks himself last year :)
23:06 the tasks come in 5 categories
23:06 1. coding (mostly tickets for Sugar, or related ideas)
23:06 k_yash 100 tasks is huge ignacio :D
23:06 walterbender 2. outreach
23:06 tch__ wow
23:06 walterbender 3. quality assurance
23:06 4. documentation
23:06 scg congrats Ignacio!
23:06 tch__ (patty)
23:07 congrats
23:07 walterbender and 5. design
23:07 so we can offer lots of different choices
23:07 and cover lots of needs while giving the students lots to do and learn
23:07 one thing that is important
23:08 we need to hold the students to a high standard
23:08 the same standard as developers and designers
23:08 and they need to follow our standard practices regarding pull requests, commit messages, etc.
23:10 tch__ +1
23:11 k_yash so if they don't know how to make a PR or commits...we need to teach them that also right?
23:11 tch__ we havent done that much ourselves, so is a good opportunity to get that back~
23:11 (tch)
23:11 k_yash: yes, we help them with these basic tnings,
23:11 walterbender we can have a task for improving our internal documentation for all of this
23:11 tch__ k_yash: but we don't do the work for them :)
23:11 walterbender although I think we have a decent set of docs in the git repo these days
23:12 one more thing I forgot to mention
23:12 there are some beginner tasks that everyone can do
23:12 the idea is to give credit for getting the devel environment set up, etc.
23:12 lots of students will struggle with this (proxy issues) in first few days
23:13 be prepared to offer help
23:13 one of the fun things is to watch how much the students learn in six weeks
23:13 by the end of the contest, we will have some excellent contributions
23:13 and very proficient new community members
23:13 and they will bring new ideas
23:14 tch__ I am sure we will
23:14 scg Hope to get new sysadmins =)
23:14 walterbender scg, I hope so
23:14 google has a new system in place this year
23:14 the main site is where you signed up as a mentor
23:15 there you can add new tasks
23:15 we have 118 so far in the system
23:15 each task has 1 or more mentors assigned
23:15 you'll get email from the progress on those tasks
23:15 but feel free to help with any task
23:16 the system is a bit broken right now. I need to add you as a mentor to existing tasks (as the coordinator)
23:16 so let me know if you want to be added to any tasks
23:16 and please do add tasks
23:16 ask me any questions you may have
23:16 tch__ (patty here) who else will be mentoring in outreach tasks?
23:16 walterbender we have two experts in ignacio and sam
23:16 tch__ I would like to~
23:17 walterbender tch__, mariah is helping there too
23:17 noemu i'll be helping with outreach (mariah)
23:17 walterbender you guys should meet
23:17 hi noemu
23:17 glad you are here
23:17 tch__ ok!
23:17 noemu hello :)
23:17 walterbender meet patty
23:17 those tasks were really a nice addition last year
23:18 we reach kids we would not have otherwise
23:18 I am hoping for more this year!!
23:18 tch__ noemu: great! ill send you an email so we can exchange ideas
23:18 walterbender there is a list of all the mentor emails available in the gci website too
23:18 goutamnair7 <goutamnair7!0e8b5206@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:18 noemu oh great
23:19 walterbender hi goutamnair7
23:19 goutamnair7 hey walterbender :)
23:19 walterbender we also have several of our GSoC students helping
23:19 I am very pleased with the community response to mentoring
23:19 german, it would be great to get input from FZT regarding tasks
23:20 new apps they would be interested in...
23:20 bugs that they need fixed
23:20 documentation that they would like
23:20 german has quit IRC
23:20 walterbender we can develop lesson plans as part of the program
23:20 let's really take advantage
23:20 nemesiscodex <nemesiscodex!b57888cd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:21 nemesiscodex Hello!
23:21 walterbender hi
23:21 any questions?
23:21 tch__ nemesiscodex can help me (tch) with sugar shell stuff ;) he already sent patches for sugar-build
23:21 noemu i'd be interested in creating lesson plan tasks.
23:21 walterbender oh... the contest begins on Dec 7
23:21 noemu i'm wondering about the blog posts for outreach, what level of english should we expect?
23:22 tch__ adborden_: you here?
23:22 walterbender nemesiscodex, great... there will be lots of questions in the early days about that
23:22 noemu if i recall, the posts were to be in english
23:22 walterbender noemu, we should plan to translate to ES too
23:22 noemu, patty can help you with that
23:22 noemu sweet
23:22 k_yash how many students are we expecting to participate?
23:23 adborden_ tch__:i'm here
23:23 walterbender k_yash, last year we have about 60
23:24 I hope for more this year
23:24 nemesiscodex sure! I would like to be mentor on sugar shell/ python code related tasks
23:24 tch__ adborden_: maybe you can reach out to lionel and coordinate work on javascript stuff? :)
23:24 walterbender everyone, please help spread the word about the contest
23:24 maybe we can make a flyer to distribute
23:24 and advertise on twitter and FB
23:24 tch__ walterbender: I (tch) spoke on national tv today, promoting GCI and SL ;)
23:24 walterbender lots of JS tasks this year
23:25 tch__, ABC?
23:25 tch__ walterbender: ParaguayTV
23:25 walterbender nce
23:25 tch__ walterbender: government tv channel
23:25 walterbender: Ill send the link when they publish it,
23:25 walterbender we need to light a fire in UY too
23:25 scg great tch__! I didn't know about it.
23:25 walterbender tch__, yes... we should add it to the wiki news link
23:25 tch__ walterbender: we also had a meeting during the weekend, 21 students participated it was nice
23:26 walterbender nice
23:26 tch__ s/meeting/meetup
23:26 adborden_ tch__: sure, is lionel on the mentor list?
23:26 tch__ adborden_: he should be!
23:26 walterbender could be another winner from PY again this year :)
23:26 tch__ walterbender: I hope so ;)
23:27 walterbender any more questions for tonight?
23:28 I'll circulate the meeting log
23:28 adborden_ walterbender: is there a deadline to submit more tasks?
23:28 tch__ walterbender: not from us ;)
23:28 k_yash someone should make the flyer for sharing on social media sites?
23:28 walterbender noemu, ??? ^^^
23:29 noemu yeah i can do that
23:29 walterbender noemu, I will help
23:29 noemu np, i'll work on a draft and send it your way
23:30 walterbender great
23:30 anything else for tonight?
23:30 do please spread the word through your networks
23:30 and more task ideas would be great
23:31 (we can add them at any time... not just at the start of the contest)
23:31 adborden_ walterbender: is there a deadline to submit more tasks?
23:31 nemesiscodex good to know
23:31 adborden_ oh, nm :)
23:32 walterbender adborden_, anytime between now and mid-January
23:32 we have enough to get started
23:33 adborden_ sounds great!
23:35 walterbender OK...
23:35 thanks all for coming tonight
23:35 tch__ walterbender: alright!
23:35 walterbender looking forward to a lot of fun
23:35 and a lot of work :P
23:36 satellit thanks
23:37 walterbender I'll be in touch soon with more details as they develop
23:37 good evening
23:37 #end-meeting
23:37 meeting Meeting ended Mon Nov 16 23:37:32 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
23:37 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-16T23:01:05.html
23:37 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-11-16T23:01:05
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23:40 satellit_e walterbender look at http://download.unleashkids.org/
23:42 walterbender has to go offline for a bit
23:42 ttyl
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