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#sugar-meeting, 2015-11-02

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
11:58 meeting <meeting!~sugaroid@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:31 reubencaron_ <reubencaron_!~reubencar@antitheft.laptop.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:35 reubencaron has quit IRC
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15:36 pbrobinson <pbrobinson!~pbrobinso@dozer.roving-it.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:06 sammeister <sammeister!~samsongod@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:12 sammeister Hello
22:47 walter_ <walter_!~walter@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:47 walter_ is now known as walterbender
22:49 walterbender hey bernie_
22:49 you back from your travels?
22:55 TonyF <TonyF!caadc1bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:55 sammeister Hello all
22:59 kaametza hello everybody :D
23:00 TonyF Hi all
23:00 walterbender any SLOB members here?
23:01 or did they make the mistake of trusting my UTC calculation?
23:01 meeting * Jose_Miguel-es has joined
23:01 JM_ <JM_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:02 walterbender hi JM_
23:02 kaametza hola Jose Miguel
23:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello!
23:02 sammeister Yeah I am here
23:02 kaametza hi sammeister
23:03 sammeister Hy kaametza
23:04 kaametza so it was your birthday last week :D
23:05 how old are you now?
23:05 sammeister 16 years old
23:06 walterbender so... we may or may not have a quorum, but let's meet
23:06 kaametza :o) congrats!
23:06 walterbender I can update those who show up in two hours :P
23:06 #start-meeting
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23:06 sammeister Thanks
23:06 walterbender #topic GCI
23:06 just a quick update.
23:07 we agreed last meeting that we'd apply to Google Code In again this year. I've had pretty good luck recruting mentors
23:07 and we are starting to get a pretty decent list of tasks in the wiki
23:08 I will fill out our application tomorrow (the first day we can sign up).
23:08 I am hopeful it will happen as it is a great program for us.
23:08 sammeister I am waiting for Caryl to come online. I won't be staying long it about 1:00am by my time. Not feeling to good
23:08 walterbender Caryl may have been confused by my arithmetic error
23:09 sammeister, family and health come before Sugar !!!
23:09 anyone who has more ideas for GCI, please add them to the wiki.
23:09 sammeister about the GCI I inviting people to come work sugarlabs
23:10 walterbender sammeister, that is great!!
23:10 sammeister Walter did ibiam mailed u
23:10 walterbender sammeister, yes... I answered
23:10 we have a nice combination of Python and JavaScript tasks this year
23:11 and lots of fun tasks that don't involve programming
23:11 so good beginner tasks too
23:12 sammeister I am working on javascript but I am having problems in combining python with it
23:13 walterbender it is hard to do both at once :)
23:13 sammeister Do u have any PDFs on that, Walter.
23:14 Like the turtle blocks js
23:14 walterbender sammeister, turtlejs is only JavaScript
23:14 I do one or the other on the client side
23:15 sammeister Oh my bad
23:15 walterbender on the server you can be a bit more ecclectic
23:15 but I have been focusing on client side so that things can work w/o a server connection
23:15 sometimes we run a local server, in which case we run both
23:16 meanwhile...
23:16 #topic Music Blocks
23:17 Lots of progress... check it out at walterbender.github.io/musicblocks
23:17 Devin, Yash and I wrote a paper for the constructionist conference and we'll do a workshop there too
23:17 #topic membership/survey/election
23:18 sammeister, you want to chime in --- I can share the minutes with Caryl when she gets here
23:19 sammeister Okay
23:19 We created the survey as discussed
23:20 In order to know who is active or still intending to be a member of SLOB
23:21 walterbender icarito, did you and bernie_ sort out the hosting?
23:21 icarito hosting is in a sugar labs vm it's just the dns
23:21 walterbender is the survey somewhere where we can see it?
23:22 sammeister Yeah Sebastian is working on that
23:22 I just tested the process
23:22 icarito yes it's ready to be sent once I get confirmation from caryl and sam they are satisfied with the texts
23:23 then I translate to spanish
23:23 then I send the survey to the membership
23:23 248 of them
23:24 I can give access to the backend for review
23:24 walterbender thx
23:24 sammeister Hi icarito
23:24 icarito hola sam ;-) hope you're feeling better
23:25 sammeister Yeah improving I guess
23:26 icarito the membership confirmation survey is ready to be sent I hope tonight
23:26 walterbender sounds like we are on schedule
23:26 icarito it will be a test for the actual election which will use the same system
23:26 sammeister Yeah
23:27 Sorry guys i have to go to bed now. Send me the logs
23:27 walterbender ls
23:27 oops... wrong window )
23:28 JM__ <JM__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:28 walterbender sammeister, good night
23:28 feel better
23:29 sammeister Thanks bye all.
23:29 sammeister has quit IRC
23:29 icarito would be nice if somebody else technically inclined would lend a review on the process.
23:29 JM_ has quit IRC
23:29 icarito just for transparency
23:30 there might be a little coding to do to fit the data to a condorcet counter
23:31 walterbender icarito, is the code in a public git repo?
23:32 icarito sure, we're using unmodified https://github.com/LimeSurvey/LimeSurvey
23:33 there's been no coding at all except some CSS
23:35 the system is installed at http://survey.somosazucar.org/
23:35 walterbender so what code do you want us to review?
23:35 the LimeSurvey code itself?
23:36 icarito no the process i.e. log into limesurvey and understand how it works
23:38 walterbender The UI is decent enough
23:38 getting the questions correct is always the challenge in creating a survey
23:40 icarito i've limited myself to being caryl and sam's technical person
23:40 i.e. installed the platform
23:41 walterbender would be good to have another set of eyes on the questions...
23:41 icarito current survey has 1 question only
23:41 "would you like to continue to be an active sugar labs member?"
23:41 Quozl` begins observing (had head down in code)
23:41 icarito actually: "Would you like to continue being an active member of Sugar Labs?"
23:42 walterbender that is a bit awkward in English
23:42 and it seems a shame to not drill down a bit once we have people's attention
23:42 but I won't second-guess
23:43 icarito caryl wrote a cover letter that goes in an email
23:43 the email contains a unique token for each member
23:43 members have been imported
23:44 walterbender I assume the intention of the question is to ask if people currently on the membership list would like to maintain their membership status.
23:44 is the text of the cover letter available?
23:44 icarito yes the intention is to fullfill exactly what http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Members says
23:45 "In order to ensure that the Sugar Labs Membership list is reflective of the current status of the project and its participants, once a year members will be asked to confirm that they still wish to be a Sugar Labs Member."
23:46 i can paste it
23:48 http://fpaste.org/286263/46508070/
23:49 but I don't think Nov 15 deadline is necessary
23:49 it can be up to the election time
23:51 walterbender It is fine, I guess. Maybe I will suggest a few copy-edits to Caryl, but none are pressing.
23:52 anything else?
23:52 is very happy that we will finally have an election
23:52 (if we get candidates :P )
23:53 kaametza taking about that, I was wondering if the board would agree to have an open election results
23:54 what I mean is to be able to display all results openly
23:55 icarito I think you mean to publish the survey result data
23:56 kaametza not only open data imposes in the political world as a trend but also will ensure that anyone has the option to be a candidate
23:56 icarito it would mean vote would not be anonymous - i don't see a problem, I don't think it says it needs to be in the governance
23:56 kaametza good news icarito :D
23:57 I mean that it doesn need to be anonymous
23:57 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:58 Claudia_ hi walterbender
23:58 walterbender kaametza, the election results have always been public in the past
23:58 not sure what you are referring to
23:58 hi Claudia_
23:58 as usual, I screwed up the time @ Claudia_
23:58 Claudia_ I just check email and realized it was not at 8 or 7, but 6 pm
23:59 walterbender kaametza, I think that we should let people vote in private
23:59 the members list is not private
23:59 the results are not private
23:59 Claudia_ no problem, walterbender
23:59 walterbender but I think some people would be uncomfortable having their vote public
23:59 Claudia_, the log is available

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