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#sugar-meeting, 2015-07-31

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14:54 pikurasa (This is devin. I registered a Nick as "pikurasa" with FreeNode.)
14:59 walterbender hi devin
15:00 pikurasa hi walter!
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15:00 walterbender pikurasa, I will try to make some sketches for you later today to explore alternatives to transposition
15:00 everyone, shall we begin?
15:00 #start-meeting
15:01 meeting Meeting started Fri Jul 31 15:00:59 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:01 abhinav Hello All
15:01 Should I start?
15:01 walterbender abhinav, sure
15:01 abhinav walterbender, Thanks.
15:02 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:02 abhinav Over past few days, I have been working on making collaboration smoother.
15:02 And make it secure from network latency.
15:02 And remove small glitches which were there in the system.
15:03 Like, Synchronisation of turtles which shared between the clients.
15:03 walterbender abhinav, how do you deal with latency?
15:03 abhinav walterbender, Taking steps to make message smaller and concise.
15:04 thats the only way I can think of as of now.
15:04 So, as of now, turtles are in sync
15:04 walterbender nice
15:04 abhinav even when you move them from other client
15:05 Along with that, i have worked on the design of sharing blocks on request.
15:05 I, along with tch, have decided to go with a simplistic model of block sharing
15:06 walterbender simple is always a good place to start
15:06 abhinav In which we will have an area in bottom right corner similar to trash can.
15:06 tch__ <tch__!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:06 abhinav Dragging blocks to where will share the drag group among all the clients
15:07 walterbender nice
15:07 abhinav So, all the other clients will get a floating piece of code which they can grab and use it in there code.
15:07 I will be done with this by this sunday most probably.
15:07 Thats it from my side.
15:07 walterbender looking forward to getting this into the upstream version
15:08 thanks for the update
15:08 any questions?
15:08 ishan28mkip, maybe you can go next? very curious about your progress
15:09 ishan28mkip Alright.
15:10 Graphical scripting is almost functional now
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15:10 ishan28mkip Just working out some overlap bugs.
15:11 Will start the integration with the 3D art this week.
15:11 I was just having a little problem with the block graphic
15:12 walterbender but you can make stacks on blocks now?
15:12 and run the stacks?
15:13 ishan28mkip Running is still problematic but the blocks work fine.
15:13 walterbender the running is problematic in terms of rendering 3D drawings or or are there other problems?
15:15 ishan28mkip, ^^
15:15 ishan28mkip The error comes up because I am yet to remove the turtle codes used with easel.
15:16 T
15:16 That and a small bug with the block width I am facing right now
15:16 walterbender OK
15:17 ishan28mkip, what can we expect this week?
15:18 ishan28mkip We can definitely see the graphical scripting working perfect with basic 3d drawings working
15:18 This would be leaving scaling bugs.
15:19 walterbender OK
15:20 looking forward to it
15:20 any questions for ishan28mkip ?
15:23 richashi <richashi!~richashi@c-73-189-173-25.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:23 artista can I go next?
15:24 walterbender artista, sure
15:24 artista Over the week, I was working on setting the testing environment,
15:25 There were some blocks due to requirejs, mocking dependencies, injecting fixtures/html elements.....
15:25 I have now configured karma to work with requirejs so now we can inject dependency using requirejs while writing test cases with jasmine.
15:25 Me and Jorge Ramírez are trying to figure out a way to mock dependency.
15:26 walterbender will be great to have a decent unit test solution !!!
15:27 artista we will surely have it :D
15:27 I think we can do it easily in mocha, will stick with jasmine for few more days and try otherwise use mocha
15:27 mocha is very similar to jasmine but since it is younger has less tutorials
15:27 mocha is very similar to jasmine but since it is younger has less tutorials
15:27 So basically with current setup we can test modules like logo,utils,blocks,.... etc.
15:28 I will try to mock dependency so that we will be testing modules and not dependency.
15:29 walterbender has no knowledge of either mocha or jasmine so I defer to you and Jorge
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15:30 walterbender any questions for artista ?
15:30 artista I still prefer jasmine as it has more tutorials, once we are done with basic phase of unit testing.. we can move to mocha if need
15:32 tony37 <tony37!~tony@p4FF8B310.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:33 walterbender mohayon, wanna go next?
15:33 mohayon Yes, sure
15:34 Hi everyone
15:34 Last week, I've been finishing Paint.activity and I had the pull request merged ( :) )
15:35 I worked onto the turtleblocksjs sugarizer support
15:35 There's a sample on http://icioncode.fr/
15:36 I'm trying to keep changes very simlpe and only when you are using sugarizer
15:36 For now I've got the basic integration: get listed inside sugarizer apps, turtle with the xo color
15:37 I'm working onto the data saving
15:37 latest diff can be seen here : https://github.com/walterbende[…]mikklfr:sugarizer
15:38 walterbender will look after the meeting
15:38 thanks for exploring that
15:38 mohayon I'm working on the record activity
15:38 I'm working onto the abstraction to support html5 apis and cordova phonegap's ones
15:40 I'm also working on a contribution for the presence palette inside sugarweb
15:40 walterbender mohayon, things are moving nicely
15:40 mohayon Thanks
15:40 walterbender and hopefully the rest of us will learn from your work
15:41 mohayon I think that's it for my week report :)
15:42 richashi can  I go next?
15:42 walterbender thanks mohayon
15:43 richashi, please go ahead
15:43 richashi sorry for being irregular, since last few days, i was in india with my family and was travelling
15:43 I am now back to normalcy and in sync with Tony
15:44 So, there are two things from my side:
15:44 First, Tony has started dialogue with Gonzalo on how to check-in the code, so we are waiting for his advice
15:45 Second: regarding the work, for the web confusion project and otherwise, it is desirable that when we save an html file, we also save the resources such as images which are referenced in it
15:45 walterbender yes... good that that discussion is happening
15:46 richashi basically whatw e want is when we click “Save” we actually make a folder in which we keep the html file as “index.html” and maintain copies of images etc referenced in it
15:46 *what we want
15:46 And then save the folder as a zipped file in the journal
15:46 walterbender richashi, was about to ask :)
15:46 richashi so, I am now working on this part
15:47 :)
15:48 that’s it from my side. I know it’s a small update, but I assure things will be back to usual from this week
15:48 walterbender richashi, what else do you have planned? Seems like it is mostly complete
15:48 (except the integration with Gonzalo :)
15:49 richashi I will be implementing whatever is required for the Web confusion project
15:49 there are UI improvments that I have not looked into and will sync up with Tony after I implement the Save functionality
15:50 walterbender sounds good
15:50 this has been progressing nicely
15:50 richashi thanks :)
15:51 Tony has been guiding a lot :)
15:52 walterbender any questions for richashi ?
15:53 yash cannot join us today
15:53 but Devin and I have thrown him some curveballs this week :)
15:53 pikurasa (yash and I had meeting yesterday)
15:53 walterbender I think the design of Music Blocks is making great strides
15:54 pikurasa we certainly did...
15:54 walterbender it is making much more sense now
15:54 pikurasa yes. much more confident now.
15:54 it is big project.
15:54 walterbender we are being ambitious... good thing
15:54 pikurasa it will be worth it.
15:55 walterbender any thing else to add this week?
15:55 pikurasa he updated his blog. one can follow his progress.
15:55 walterbender @ mohayon you have a minute after the meeting?
15:56 pikurasa, can you paste the URL?
15:56 pikurasa walterbender: also, Marnen said he can meet weds. after 6.
15:56 walterbender pikurasa, sounds good
15:57 pikurasa Yash's blog https://sugarizingmusic.wordpress.com/
15:58 mohayon @walterbender, yes sure
15:58 walterbender OK... let's wrap up
15:58 thanks all for the updates
15:58 pikurasa he calls it "new path". more of a "recalibration", i think.
15:58 walterbender #end-meeting
15:58 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jul 31 15:58:37 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:58 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-31T15:00:59.html
15:58 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-07-31T15:00:59
15:58 pikurasa muchos gracias!
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15:59 walterbender mohayon, just want to confirm re your Turtle patch
15:59 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:59 walterbender most of it looks like adding sugar-web back in to the project
15:59 and there are the checks to see if sugarizer is running
16:00 and the sugar icon and stop button
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16:00 walterbender but do the sugar icon and stop button appear only when running with sugarizer?
16:00 they are not needed when running stand-alone
16:01 mohayon By default they are hidden
16:01 I display them when running on sugarizer
16:01 walterbender great
16:01 is there much impact on load time?
16:02 satellit_ <satellit_!~Thomas@c-76-28-209-233.hsd1.wa.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:02 mohayon I have not seen a difference for now
16:02 walterbender OK...
16:02 mohayon I'm going to test it with benchs
16:02 walterbender mohayon, after you test, if it looks ok, please make a PR
16:03 mohayon Yes ! :)
16:03 walterbender would be great to get the new turtle into sugarizer
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16:05 mohayon Yes ! I'll try do to the datastore thing asap
16:06 walterbender thx
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