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#sugar-meeting, 2015-07-24

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15:00 tch__ hello everyone
15:00 ready to start?
15:00 k_yash yeah
15:00 Hi everyone :)
15:01 devin Hello!
15:01 Marnen hi
15:01 artista Hello :)
15:01 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:01 tch__ alright, lets get started :)
15:02 #startmeeting
15:02 meeting Meeting started Fri Jul 24 15:02:00 2015 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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15:02 tch__ k_yash, want to start?
15:02 k_yash ok :)
15:02 Hello try some music here http://rawgit.com/khandelwalYa[…]master/index.html
15:03 devin Yeah, Yash did some good work this week.
15:03 tch__ k_yash, testing~
15:03 devin That being said, still have a ways to go before it is ready for "showtime", but he improved the code much.
15:04 Marnen Nice. The palettes don't seem to scroll, though, which is a problem for ones like the turtle palette that have a lot of blocks.
15:04 k_yash This week I did some code refactoring as well, also based on Marnen's comments on the repo
15:05 Marnen , I'll look into that
15:05 tch__ k_yash, is there any example to try it :)?
15:06 devin What do you mean by "any example to try it"?
15:06 k_yash tch__, you can try to make a chunk, and do its transposition in assemble workspace and play it
15:07 tch__ devin, I mean, code I can load and play haha
15:07 devin By "assemble workspace", Yash means the one to the right...
15:07 tch, you are suppose to put the music in yourself (if I understand you correctly)
15:08 Marnen It's also not clear what is supposed to fit in the Start block. The Note block certainly doesn't...
15:08 devin Click on the "create matrix" and then put in some notes like "Do, Re, Do" into the Matrix.
15:08 Then click on "Play Matrix"
15:09 (these are the instructions for now until we clean of the UI--we are working on that)
15:09 Marnen I don't see anything like "create matrix".
15:09 k_yash Marnen, in the start block you can put chunks or play matrix block within repeat/forever blocks
15:10 Marnen, by 'create matrix' devin means the matrix block
15:10 Marnen Right, OK. I think I'm running into the issue of the palette not scrolling.
15:10 devin The palette scrolls by dragging on it...
15:10 Marnen Ah.
15:10 devin (if I understood what you mean by "palette")
15:10 Marnen No, that doesn't work either.
15:11 tch__ k_yash, two things: I notice, the workspace gets mixed with other turtle blocks variations instances, and I needed to clean the browser cache maybe there is something you can change to avoid the clash? and second I think some examples will be useful to get started,
15:11 k_yash, I like the mice
15:11 devin It took me a few to understand that...
15:11 tch__ k_yash, can you give us a brief summary of the improvements? so we can move on :)
15:11 devin Chie Yasuda made the original mouse idea (www.chieyasuda.com)
15:11 She is my wife.
15:12 tch__ devin, looks nice :)
15:12 devin Thanks, I will tell her that.
15:12 k_yash tch__, I mentioned all of them here https://sugarizingmusic.wordpress.com/
15:12 Marnen Looks very nice. I just hope we don't get it confused with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Mouse
15:12 tch__ k_yash, alright, anything else you want to add?
15:12 k_yash tch__, I will look into the cache issue and also make some examples to start with
15:13 tch__, that's all from my side...thanks :)
15:13 tch__ k_yash, thanks, solid progress :)
15:13 who wants to go next?
15:14 artista, want to go next? ;)
15:14 artista yeah sure :)
15:15 This week, carrying on from last week, we were able to finish sending and receive json encoded argument by giving inurl and outurl along with project name
15:15 something like this should work now https://turtle.sugarlabs.org/?[…]//
15:16 you would need to change out url in order to test it, giving some valid server url
15:17 tch__ artista, interesting :), have you defined the API for the having my own server?
15:17 artista, is it a POST, GET, etc
15:17 artista used POST to send data
15:18 tch__ artista, and is always a json encoded data right?
15:18 artista yeah
15:18 tch__ artista, does the object have a specific structure?
15:19 artista the output does not follow any specific structure
15:19 but the input must have a key arg
15:19 tch__ artista, ok, have you documented that somewhere?
15:19 artista the input is also a json-encoded arg
15:19 no.
15:19 tch__ artista, if not would be nice to have, at least an example :)
15:20 artista, something anyone can download and run, to understand how it works
15:20 artista sure , we would include this in an example https://github.com/walterbende[…]tree/master/guide here
15:21 tch__ artista, alright, looks really cool
15:21 artista :)
15:21 This week our focus was also on setting up environment to be able to write some unit tests for turtleblock js.
15:21 tch__ artista, anything else you want to share with us? :)
15:22 artista, are you using an existing js testing suite?
15:22 artista We decided to carry on with jasmine and karma for this
15:23 tch__ artista, ok
15:23 artista although I am not able to figure how to mock dependencies :/
15:23 tch__ artista, did you ask Walter in case he knows?
15:24 artista he also has no experience with unit testing in js
15:24 Marnen artista: Note that Mocha may be a better bet than Jasmine these days; however, if Jasmine is working for you, use it! :)
15:25 artista thanks Marnen , I will try mocha, jasmine isn't helping much with requirejs
15:25 Marnen I don't think Jasmine quite has classic mocks, but it does have spies, which may do what you want.
15:26 http://mochajs.org/
15:26 tch__ Marnen, thanks for the hints :)
15:26 Marnen No problem
15:26 Coincidentally, I'm trying to improve testing instrumentation on an Ember application for my job right now. :D
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15:27 artista spies can help to check if any callback function was called, but how can we mock any dependency using spies
15:28 Marnen Hmm, that could be a problem. It's been a while since I did anything with Jasmine.
15:29 ah, refreshing my memory, try createSpy.
15:29 Or introduce Sinon, and perhaps https://github.com/froots/jasmine-sinon
15:30 sorry, createSpyObj, not createSpy.
15:30 artista had tried createspy
15:30 Marnen You also might want to use some sort of dependency injection so you don't have to mock as much.
15:32 artista do you have any idea abt squirejs, I got to know abt it recently
15:32 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:32 Marnen No, but then I haven't used RequireJS much.
15:33 artista ok. I'll try to research more on this
15:33 tch__ artista, I know some people who could give you some extra hints, I can put you in contact with them after the meeting :)
15:34 artista sure, I would really be very glad :)
15:34 tch__ artista, I will email you and them
15:34 ok, who wants to go next? :)
15:35 mohayon I'm ready :)
15:35 tch__ mohayon, I was about to ask you
15:35 please go on :)
15:35 mohayon Hi everyone :)
15:35 So I'm working onto Paint.activity
15:36 I've currently changing the ui a bit to have more space
15:36 For instance getting the color selection / size / tools inside some dropdown
15:37 Things like this : http://gyazo.com/428820620f5eb02690d00d5bc9777f42
15:37 tch__ mohayon, I checked it last week, worked great
15:37 mohayon Thanks. I've been and I'm still refactoring stuff for the collaboration
15:37 tch__ mohayon, kind of similar to the python version, I assume you have checked that one
15:38 mohayon Yep
15:38 tch__ mohayon, nice,
15:39 mohayon, last time I check collaboration was working well
15:39 mohayon We've got a mail from Sneha Mohanty this week and I'm trying to make new tools/addons very simple to add
15:39 tch__ mohayon, what do you plan to change?
15:39 mohayon I'm working on compression stuff
15:39 tch__ mohayon, +1 addons
15:39 mohayon For now it's a simple api
15:40 each modules should implement a initGui method
15:40 which should take care of listening on the dom
15:40 I'm doing the same for the data part
15:41 It should be done very soon
15:41 I've planned to make turtleblocksjs working with sugarizer this weekend
15:42 It's kinda tricky since sugarizer uses the dom and turtleblocksjs only uses canvas and js but I've managed to see what's required to make things working
15:42 k_yash has quit IRC
15:42 tch__ mohayon, that would be nice :)
15:43 mohayon, regarding your activities list, what is left?
15:43 mohayon Record and Memorize
15:44 tch__ mohayon, you have paint, calculate, and I think I saw physics but not sure if that was Lionel hah
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15:44 mohayon Physics is made by Lionel
15:44 I have Calculate/Paint/Record/Memorize
15:44 tch__ mohayon, I would focus on Record :)
15:45 mohayon Yes, I'm switching asap
15:45 That means once the PR is made and merged
15:45 tch__ mohayon, great
15:46 mohayon, can't wait to see all that !
15:46 mohayon So do I :)
15:46 tch__ mohayon, haha
15:47 mohayon, anything else you want to share?
15:47 mohayon I think that's it for now
15:47 tch__ mohayon, alright, thanks for the update!
15:47 ishan28mkip, want to go next?
15:49 looking for others~
15:50 I don't see Richa or Abhinav,
15:50 guess we will wait a couple minutes for ishan28mkip and then call it a day ;)
15:59 ishan28mkip Sorry
15:59 I am here :)
16:00 May I start?
16:02 ishan28mkip.github.io/turtle3D
16:06 tch__: you there?
16:06 tch__ ishan28mkip, now I am :)
16:06 ishan28mkip, go ahead!
16:06 ishan28mkip Okay the link is live.
16:07 tch__ cheking
16:07 ishan28mkip The blocks now mostly work as you would be able to drag and drop them.
16:07 Now only one file remains that is logo.js
16:09 I was currently working on the locking and unlocking of the blocks
16:10 Would try to complete it through the weekend
16:10 After that I would finally integrate the 3D turtle moves that I have already made
16:11 tch__ ishan28mkip, alright, make sure to prepare a few examples, it will make it easier to understand and test :)
16:11 ishan28mkip Alright.
16:12 tch__ ishan28mkip, have you been in contact with Walter this week?
16:12 ishan28mkip I think it will take a week before testing can happen properly
16:12 tch__ ishan28mkip, ok
16:12 ishan28mkip Once I am done with logo.js
16:13 I haven't been able to contact him this week but I have put up descriptive title to github commits
16:13 I will push a quick update tonight
16:13 To walter
16:13 tch__ ishan28mkip, ok, perfect
16:14 ishan28mkip, anything else :)?
16:14 ishan28mkip Yeah last week you suggested to push a email on sugar developers
16:15 I thought on doing the same once some example are ready
16:15 tch__ ishan28mkip, yeah, makes sense,
16:15 ishan28mkip, if it can't be tested yet, it will add noise
16:15 ishan28mkip Yup.
16:16 tch__ ishan28mkip, alight,
16:16 ishan28mkip, guess is time to end the meeting
16:16 ishan28mkip, thanks for sharing your updates !
16:16 thank everyone for coming!
16:16 ishan28mkip Alright. :)
16:16 tch__ see you all next week
16:16 #endmeeting
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16:16 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-07-24T15:02:00
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