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#sugar-meeting, 2015-07-21

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
01:03 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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12:29 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@201-213-202-254.net.prima.net.ar> has joined #sugar-meeting
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15:13 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satellit@2601:602:200:ce50:c23f:d5ff:fe6a:eb77> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:16 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@201-213-202-254.net.prima.net.ar> has joined #sugar-meeting
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15:55 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:55 abhinav tch__, around??
15:55 gonzalo__ has quit IRC
15:56 tch__ abhinav, hello, yes, a bit busy though :) if you can wit 10 minutes we can test changes togehther
15:56 abhinav tch__, No problem
15:56 Ping me when free
15:56 tch__ abhinav, great!
15:58 abhinav, ok, i am ready, faster than I expected ;)
15:58 abhinav, can you post the link here? and we start testing it?
16:00 abhinav Sure
16:01 http://rawgit.com/abhinavanura[…]master/index.html
16:02 tch__ abhinav, ill join with 2 different browsers
16:02 abhinav cool
16:02 tch__ abhinav, can you create the shared instance?
16:03 abhinav Already done
16:03 tch__ abhinav, ok, joined with firefox under tch name
16:03 abhinav yeah got it
16:04 did you get my turtle
16:04 tch__ abhinav, can you draw something?
16:04 ye;
16:04 abhinav hover over the turtles
16:04 tch__ abhinav, can you do that? so I can see it
16:04 oh, anyone can move any turtle?
16:05 pretty cool
16:05 i see it,
16:05 abhinav yeah
16:05 tch__ can you move, and then draw?
16:05 abhinav I see you are moving your turtle
16:05 cool
16:06 Did you get a circle?
16:06 tch__ abhinav, I get the circle, but I always in the same starting position
16:06 abhinav, I also notice that the screen the cleaned when that happens
16:06 abhinav, is that expected?
16:07 abhinav Yeah that is expected
16:07 Actually everything by that user is getting trashed
16:07 when any push is done by the user
16:07 previous work of a user is not being cached
16:07 tch__ abhinav, so, if I move my turtle and I run, the other won't see it running from that position?
16:07 abhinav Actually, this is where I am stuck
16:08 I did all the hard work
16:08 But this I wasnt able to catch by then
16:08 tch__ abhinav, I think I spotted a bug,
16:08 abhinav I need to do more digging for that
16:08 tch__, go ahead
16:08 tch__ abhinav, if other client "cleans" the other client gets its code and turtles cloned
16:09 abhinav didnt get you
16:09 i m sorry
16:10 tch__ abhinav, I have 2 clients, A and B, they both have turtle and code, if A cleans the screen (with the clean toolbar button) the number of turtle gets duplicated, and B gets his code copied/cloned many times
16:11 abhinav Hmm, that seems like a bug
16:11 I ll see that what happens when one cleans
16:11 Noted
16:12 tch__ abhinav, it creates some crazy effect hah
16:13 abhinav, I can also see your code when that happens, it seems
16:13 multiple copies
16:13 abhinav, lets try a to avoid that and see what does work again
16:13 I will create the group now
16:14 abhinav ok
16:15 tch__ abhinav, created
16:16 abhinav, hmm, it seems I am also getting copies when I run the code
16:17 abhinav, also, make sure the starting position doesn't reset to the center, otherwise it makes no sense to be able to update that information
16:18 abhinav, it kind of hard to test it with that bug, but I notice the improvements,
16:19 abhinav has quit IRC
16:32 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:34 abhinav tch__, around??
16:35 tch__, Lets postpone this testing
16:35 I ll mail you after fixing the bugs
17:09 abhinav has quit IRC
17:28 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:15 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:21 abhinav tch__, around??
18:47 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@71-88-18-244.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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18:53 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:53 abhinav tch__, around??
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19:01 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@c-98-216-39-142.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:13 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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19:38 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:46 tch__ abhinav, I am now, did you receive my email? I though I lost you again ;)
19:51 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satellit@2601:602:200:ce50:c23f:d5ff:fe6a:eb77> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:56 abhinav has quit IRC
20:08 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:08 abhinav tch__, wanted your help to fix the bug.
20:09 please ping me when you are around
20:52 abhinav has quit IRC
21:04 abhinav <abhinav!~abhinav@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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22:40 pbrobinson <pbrobinson!~pbrobinso@dozer.roving-it.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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23:11 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@71-88-18-244.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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