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#sugar-meeting, 2015-07-07

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00:00 GrannieB3 Yes… the process is quite simple.  All 7 offices need to be filled/refilled. If you want 2 cohorts on SLOBS, we can split it 4-3 with the top 4 vote getters having terms of 2 years and the next 3, 1 year.
00:00 Or… it could be split differently if that is what you all decide
00:01 walterbender GrannieB3, I suppose we can vote, but I think your intentions (continuity) are good
00:01 gonzalo__ GrannieB3, icarito, did you plan any action about the sugarlabs members list?
00:01 CanoeBerry GrannieB3: thanks again for yr bringing this together so concisely: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tachment-0001.pdf
00:02 Personally, I'd not want to encourage 3-year terms as we (like many boards) have had a problem with absenteeism.
00:02 GrannieB3 If you want 3 cohorts, it could be split 3-2-2. In order to make the turn-over annual there would need to be one (one time only) 3 year term for the top 3, 2 years for the middle 2 and 1 year for the last 2
00:03 walterbender CanoeBerry, 3 years is a long time -- too long IMHO
00:04 CanoeBerry The doc above seems perfect, if folkd agree to drop item #8
00:04 *folks
00:04 GrannieB3 We will be sending a message to the current membership touting all the great things SugarLabs has done recently and encouraging them to run for office. I don't know if it is psycologically a good idea to invite them to take their names off the list.
00:05 If they want to be dropped, they can initiate the process with a simple email reply
00:07 walterbender that is fine... but getting more participation from the community is key
00:07 gonzalo__ +1
00:07 walterbender I think we have many people participating who are not members
00:07 or don't know that they can participate
00:08 gonzalo__ the big olpc community is fragmented
00:08 GrannieB3 Right! We need to recruit from other groups of folks who are active with Sugar… such as UnleashKids, OLPC France, etc. etc, etc.
00:08 Claudia_ I agree with Gonzalo
00:08 gonzalo__ and we as sugarlabs have a tendency to value more development work
00:09 i would like to find a way to involve more people, writing docs, etc
00:09 GrannieB3 If you are looking for young people, teachers, administrators, etc… you are looking for far more than just developers
00:10 gonzalo__ GrannieB3, yes
00:10 two examples:
00:10 Quozl` (developers used to mean also writing docs, translations, and promotion ... but that's not what developers means these days)
00:11 gonzalo__ with 0.106 we included social.sugarlabs.org, a site to rovide interactive help
00:11 and help.sugarlabs.org have the docs created for many members in the community
00:11 Quozl`, the point is involve more people, not have the same people doing more work
00:12 Quozl`, we need enlarge the community
00:12 GrannieB3 the teachers in Peru, Argentina, and Paraguay might be a place to look for members.  Rosamel joined once, she has to be the best Sugar teacher anywhere! Her health is getting a lot better so maybe she would be willing to participate
00:12 Quozl` gonzalo__: yes, and promoting what some people do can have the effect of reducing what others do.  because somebody else is doing it.
00:12 GrannieB3 She is now teaching other teachers too!
00:13 gonzalo__ Quozl`, i don't follow
00:13 what should we do?
00:14 Quozl` gonzalo__: we should not emphasise coding development effort.  we should emphasise features and community of users.
00:14 GrannieB3 Rozamel in Uruguay… she was very ill with breast cancer in the years after some of us met her. But she is doing soooo much better now.
00:15 i5o is now known as nacho
00:15 GrannieB3 She is a very effective teacher and teaches at a local teachers college in Uruguay in addition to being an administrator at a school
00:15 Quozl` gonzalo__: ask yourself this; where does the community of sugar users exist now; how do they communicate?  iaep@  sugar-devel@  facebook?  i think a community of users is needed, _from_ which development and outreach may be guided.
00:16 gonzalo__ Quozl`, well communication is a big problem, evidently
00:17 GrannieB3 How about the folks in OLPC France? I love that they want Sugar on every device. Some of the Activities have a long way to go, but there soon will be enough to promote it for use on non XO devices at schools all over the world
00:17 Take that LAUSD and your iPads!!!
00:18 Quozl` ... and with no well-functioning user community, Sugar ends up being pushed around by developers or funded organisations like deployments or OLPC.
00:18 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> I have to go me...
00:19 Quozl` Re: elections, I'm not a member of SLOBS, but I suggest that SLOBS reach out to people who may be able to join it.  Young or old, developer or not.
00:20 samdroid +1
00:20 Quozl` sits down
00:21 GrannieB3 So… the goal is to grow the SugarLabs membership and encourage people to run for SLOBS
00:21 walterbender yes
00:21 not a new goal
00:22 but we have never been good at it
00:22 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Sorry... *Bye.
00:22 * Jose_Miguel has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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00:23 walterbender so any renewed effort and new insights would be great
00:23 GrannieB3 So…. maybe more than just a short newsy item… a real (one time only perhaps) Newsletter (note the capital "N")
00:24 walterbender GrannieB3, that is certainly one point of our effort
00:24 but do we have other ideas too?
00:24 GrannieB3 Who can contribute to such an effort?  If someone feeds me the stories, I can put it into a newsletter
00:25 gonzalo__ GrannieB3, I can send you something, if you correct my grammar ;)
00:26 GrannieB3 Yes! Gonzalo, that would be great!
00:26 gonzalo__ GrannieB3, when you want release the Newsletter?
00:26 GrannieB3 anyone else?
00:26 gonzalo__ (of course we need more people)
00:26 GrannieB3 We wanted to send the email out to the membership the first week in August
00:26 walterbender GrannieB3, I have 8 years of blogs you can draw from
00:27 kaametza GrannieB3, we will get you news from Peru
00:27 gonzalo__ GrannieB3, maybe you can send requests to more people, samdroid and nacho can tell us abbout GCI too ;)
00:27 GrannieB3 Not old news …. Walter… 8 years ago… no. We need current stuff
00:28 Do you all have my email to send me the blurbs?
00:28 Quozl` Good old news is just as good, if it is re-edited for context.
00:28 gonzalo__ GrannieB3, maybe ask to sora or the guys from olpc france too
00:28 kaametza GrannieB3, you shold write to deployments leaders like Maureen
00:28 walterbender GrannieB3, I am working on my latest post, but I doubt most people know about much of anything I have posted in the past 6 months
00:28 kaametza I'll pass you her email
00:29 Quozl` GrannieB3: and give anybody you ask the option of writing only a small paragraph, so they have a graceful way out if they are busy.  ;-)
00:29 walterbender GrannieB3, a lot of the deployments post on FB
00:29 GrannieB3 I won't have time to read thru 8 years of blogs looking for the gems.  Walter, could you find some of the stuff you would like to include.  Let's keep everything short and snappy!
00:29 walterbender you can mine those stories too
00:30 GrannieB3 No…. I'll edit and rewrite as needed, but I don't want to write the storied too. Not enough time! You can all have "bylines" on what you send me.
00:31 walterbender GrannieB3, can you give me some criteria for what you think you need?
00:31 Claudia_ I have to go soon
00:32 GrannieB3 Super interesting things that will appeal to the current membership and the type of new members we want to attract.
00:32 walterbender Claudia_, thanks... ttyl
00:32 GrannieB3 Claudia… how about a blurb from you?
00:33 kaametza maybe every current SLOB can contribute with their story
00:33 Claudia_ +1
00:33 GrannieB3 good idea kaametza
00:34 (You can tell I don't know how to use irc)
00:34 walterbender not sure I understand... "their story"
00:34 Claudia_ I am happy to work on something.. it would be great to get some topics, so we end up with a good collection
00:35 GrannieB3 How about you all "pitch" your ideas and tell whether you would be willing to write it or suggest someone else who could do it?
00:35 kaametza many stories to tell I guess, it might be interesting to read their experiences as SLOBs
00:35 GrannieB3 Then we can look for balance and pick a reasonable list of stories to include
00:36 Claudia_ could we again summarize the overall goal?
00:36 GrannieB3 does anyone want to be an "assistant editor?"
00:37 gonzalo__ kaametza, ?
00:37 walterbender Claudia_, I think the stated goal is "A short “newsletter”about the recent
00:37 accomplishments of Sugar Labs will need to be prepared by the board for use" for recruiting members
00:38 Claudia_ put together a collection of different kinds of stories?  establish a good communication mechanism (periodic)? attract SLOBs candidates? engage the community?
00:38 kaametza gonzalo__, I'll help by putting together some news from Peru
00:38 GrannieB3 we want to energize the current SugarLabs membership, recruit new members, and encourage people to run for SLOBS. The means we will use is a "newsletter" semt to current members and prospective members
00:38 Thats a suggested goal
00:38 gonzalo__ i think engage the community is the big objective. include a note about the near elections would be good
00:39 kaametza gonzalo__, maybe Colombia as well
00:39 walterbender maybe Rwanda as well
00:39 GrannieB3 This is sounding exciting!
00:39 Claudia_ so.. a bit of all..
00:40 GrannieB3 I can hardly wait to see what you guys contribute and what else we can find out there in the great world of Sugar!
00:40 Claudia_ it would be good to have a bit of structure, so we know where to contribute
00:40 GrannieB3 OK. Send the items to me also email contacts for others we should encourage to contribute
00:41 Do you wan tme to put my email here? Or will that cause me a problem later (spam)
00:41 walterbender GrannieB3, we have your email
00:41 kaametza :D
00:42 GrannieB3 good!
00:42 kaametza thx GrannieB3 for helping with this!
00:43 GrannieB3 Our goal (by the schedule) is to have this ready to send out by mid-August, so it would be good if I could have the items by the end of July
00:43 I have house guests coming the first 2 weeks in August so I shoul dtry to get it in order before then
00:43 gonzalo__ ok, end of July
00:44 GrannieB3 Sooner is better so I don't get them all at once!
00:45 walterbender will try to get you something soon
00:45 anything else we need to discuss tonight?
00:45 GrannieB3 good!
00:45 dinner time!
00:47 walterbender OK... let's wrap up
00:47 thanks GrannieB3
00:47 gonzalo__ ok
00:47 walterbender 4
00:47 gonzalo__ GrannieB3, thanks for take the initiative
00:47 Claudia_ 3
00:47 gonzalo__ 2
00:47 GrannieB3 1
00:48 walterbender #end-meeting
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19:01 abhinav Hello All
19:01 Am I late?
19:01 llaske Hi Abhinav. Don't think so
19:02 abhinav Hello Lionel :)
19:04 tch__, around??
19:04 tch__ I am here
19:05 lets get started?
19:05 abhinav, llaske
19:05 abhinav Sure
19:05 llaske Hi Martin, Yes
19:05 tch__ abhinav, from what I tested last week I have a few suggestions,
19:05 abhinav All ears.
19:06 tch__ abhinav, first, it does not make sense to display other users in general, only those who are connected to the same group
19:06 abhinav Noted
19:07 tch__ abhinav, second, can you use the user's metadata (color, name, etc) to help identify the groups? being able to identify groups is more important IMHO
19:07 abhinav As of now, it is done that way only
19:07 Previously, only color was there
19:08 in the most recent version, i have added name too.
19:08 tch__ abhinav, last I tried it, there only was only a number for identifying the goup
19:08 abhinav, you talking about groups right?
19:08 abhinav yeah
19:08 check it now
19:08 I fixed that
19:08 i ll send the link
19:09 tch__ abhinav, ok, another thing, could you solve the issue with the missing collab button?
19:09 abhinav rawgit.com/abhinavanurag18/tur​tleblocksjs/master/index.html
19:09 tch__ abhinav, is a bug, and is easy to reproduce
19:09 abhinav fixed that too
19:09 :)
19:09 tch__ abhinav, ok, great, lets give it a try now?
19:09 ill create the group
19:09 abhinav Sure
19:09 tch__ llaske, abhinav can you join?
19:09 llaske sure
19:10 Don't see any active group
19:10 seen and join
19:10 tch__ llaske, abhinav I created one now
19:10 abhinav joined too
19:11 tch__ abhinav, so, what should I see now?
19:11 abhinav, so far I only see my turtle
19:11 abhinav click on run
19:11 after adding some blocks
19:11 tch__ abhinav, just did
19:11 llaske do you see my drawing ?
19:11 abhinav the run button will work in the same fashion as the sync button did before
19:12 i got it
19:12 :)
19:12 a forward
19:12 tch__ abhinav, llaske I can only see my own turtle
19:12 abhinav then a right
19:12 and then forward
19:12 tch__, dont refresh the page
19:12 llaske I'm seeing two turtle
19:12 abhinav if u did
19:12 tch__ abhinav, I didn't
19:13 llaske one pink (mine) and one green
19:13 tch__ abhinav, I only see mine,
19:13 abhinav, am I supposed to see your turtles too?
19:13 abhinav no
19:13 only llaske's tyrtle
19:13 turtle
19:13 llaske hmmm, the other turtle change color (now blue)
19:13 abhinav cant u see it even now?
19:14 llaske now magenta
19:14 abhinav Yeah, same here
19:14 llaske Are you limited to two turtles ?
19:14 abhinav No
19:14 llaske why the turtle color change so often
19:15 abhinav tch__, Still stuck??
19:15 tch__ abhinav, yeah, still stuck, can't see anything, except for my turtle
19:15 abhinav, all I see in the log is  Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
19:15 js/activity.js:1784 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'onclick' of null
19:15 llaske ooch
19:15 tch__ abhinav, lets switch? llaske can you create the group now?
19:15 abhinav tch__, thats fine
19:16 that error is for something else
19:16 llaske done
19:16 tch__ abhinav, ok, any idea why I can't see other turtles?
19:16 abhinav i ll join it
19:16 llaske llll should be the name
19:16 tch__ joining llaske
19:16 abhinav llaske, joined
19:16 tch__ abhinav, I got this now  Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'networkId' of undefinedpresence.js:121 socket.onmessage
19:17 abhinav tch__, this is new
19:17 i ll just see
19:17 tch__ abhinav, i was using chrome, now ill try with firefox, in case is something related to the browser
19:18 abhinav tch__, wait
19:18 Lets try once more
19:18 we ll do it in sync
19:18 tch__ ok,
19:18 abhinav clear the local storage
19:18 I ll clear mine too
19:18 tch__ abhinav, done, cleared
19:19 abhinav I ll share now
19:20 tch__ abhinav, let me know when its done
19:20 abhinav shared
19:20 llaske joined
19:20 abhinav click on active groups now
19:20 tch__, joined??
19:21 tch__ abhinav, joined,
19:21 abhinav, btw, when I click on the group, would be good to have some kind of feedback
19:21 abhinav tch__, can u see the drawing on your canvas?
19:21 llaske seen a brown forward 100 turtle
19:22 tch__ abhinav, to understand exactly when I am really in the shared session
19:22 abhinav llaske, awesome
19:22 tch__, in the active groups window
19:22 llaske Yes, A third turtle
19:22 abhinav it is written "Present Group : Abhinav"
19:23 llaske BTW color change very often
19:23 tch__ abhinav, yeah, but something better than that.. I click on the group and the appears there but is confusing
19:23 abhinav, is hard to tell if I joined or what
19:23 abhinav tch__, plus the background color of the collab button also changes
19:23 Notice the color of collab button after joining
19:24 its same as the color of the group
19:24 tch__ abhinav, I see a brown turtle now, and only executes when my turtle does, is that expected?
19:24 abhinav Can u see blocks??
19:24 llaske Rainbow turtles :-)
19:24 tch__ abhinav, maybe the window should close automatically when it joins
19:24 abhinav llaske, the turtle colors are surprising to me too
19:25 tch__ abhinav, I only see a brown turtle with forward 100
19:25 abhinav, I can't see llaske turtle
19:25 abhinav, is there a limit of 2?
19:25 abhinav tch__, thats expected
19:25 llaske oops, javascript is down: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined
19:25 abhinav tch__, no
19:25 llaske logo.js: 1188
19:26 abhinav I think thats the next milestone
19:26 To strengthen the collaboration part
19:27 tch__ abhinav, yeah, but don't forget about the improvements we are asking
19:27 ;)
19:27 to the ui
19:27 abhinav, ok, so the collab needs a lot of work, since it does not work properly,
19:27 abhinav tch__, only two improvements.. ryt?
19:27 llaske Plus, I'm not a big fan of where the shared icon is
19:27 tch__ abhinav, what is your plan?
19:27 abhinav the closing of box
19:27 and one more
19:28 tch__ abhinav, only show users that are connected to your session
19:28 abhinav tch__, yeah
19:28 tch__, llaske , about the new milestone
19:28 tch__ abhinav, maybe you can have that "tab" disabled until there is an active session
19:28 abhinav I thing we should go ahead with the walterbender's idea of collaboration
19:28 *think
19:29 tch__ abhinav, can you describe it?
19:29 abhinav Sharing turtle output
19:29 and sharing blocks on request
19:29 tch__, sure
19:29 By sharing output, I mean
19:30 One can only see the output of the turtle code
19:30 like, the blocks will not be shared
19:30 As of now, I am sending the whole stack as a message
19:30 tch__ abhinav, and how exactly you want to achieve that?
19:31 abhinav Which the other client parses and creates the blocks according to that in the local system
19:31 and runs it finally
19:31 tch__, I ll explain it
19:31 To achieve that, Lets just send a nick|cmd pair to the other users
19:32 For ex. if message is f|100
19:32 tch__ abhinav, and when it will be sent? during execution?
19:33 abhinav on the other user's browser, one can only see a straight line of length 100
19:33 along with the turtle
19:34 tch__, Yes. During execution
19:34 walterbender, Correct me if I am wrong anywhere :)
19:34 So, basically, there is a fixed set of nicks
19:35 tch__ abhinav, the idea is OK, but I am wondering if that is technically possible
19:35 abhinav It includes all the possible thing a turtle can react to
19:35 tch__ abhinav, I mean,
19:35 abhinav tch__, Thats how it is implemented in Sugar(Python version)
19:35 sending the python code
19:35 tch__ abhinav, you can try to broadcast all that info, but I am not sure it will be reliably received
19:36 abhinav, python version works on lan
19:36 abhinav, usually, maybe when connected to a jabber server,
19:36 abhinav, but, I wonder how it will behave
19:36 abhinav tch__, May I know whats the basis of your doubt?
19:36 walterbender tch__, we lose packets? :(
19:36 tch__ abhinav, Imagine a complex code, that sents a lot of instructions
19:37 abhinav, will be efficient to send one by one?
19:37 abhinav, can't tell without numbers, but intuitively id say no
19:37 walterbender, abhinav maybe we can send deltas?
19:38 time-frame deltas?
19:38 abhinav tch__, Like?
19:38 tch__ instead of just "f"
19:38 abhinav Didnt get you
19:38 tch__ send "ffffffbbbb"
19:38 not one by one,
19:38 but compact more cmds in each message
19:39 abhinav tch__, I m sorry. will you mind elaborating it?
19:39 walterbender tch__, we can pack multiple commands into chunks
19:40 but I don't see how deltas necessarily help
19:40 tch__ walterbender, that is what I am suggesting,
19:40 walterbender, it might help, but I even then I have my doubts,
19:40 walterbender, abhinav llaske , what I think is that sending generated output, it might be too expensive, compared to sending logic and let the other end try to replicate it
19:41 walterbender tch__,  I guess I need to understand the issues of latency and packet loss in our implementation
19:41 tch__, that is what we do... we send the commands and they get executed at the other end
19:41 f100r90
19:42 abhinav tch__, We send logics only
19:42 I guess
19:42 walterbender but we do send f100r90f100r90f100r90f100r90 to draw a square since we only send what the turtle does, not the other program logic
19:42 tch__ walterbender, abhinav , yes and no, you send code, but at the same time your sending the output of executing the code (cmd by cmd)
19:43 walterbender tch__, yes
19:43 tch__ walterbender, it would be cheaper just to send the whole code first, and then execute it in the other end
19:43 walterbender and it can turn into a firehose
19:43 abhinav +1
19:43 tch__ walterbender, then we could see how to mimic some sort of synchronzation
19:43 walterbender tch__ I guess so... and just send the run events
19:44 tch__ walterbender, yes
19:44 walterbender, run, stop, clear, re-locating-the-turtle, etc
19:44 walterbender but abhinav, I'd like to keep that shared code hidden
19:44 tch__ walterbender, yes,
19:44 walterbender and only show stacks explicitly shared
19:44 because otherwise it gets very cluttered and hard to manage
19:44 tch__ walterbender, true,
19:45 abhinav tch__, walterbender True
19:45 But I think If I reuse the code for running the logo
19:45 I will have to play with it a lot
19:46 As of now, creating the blocks and showing the output are in cohesion
19:46 tch__ walterbender, in general I am in favor of the streaming approach, but considering that the turtles will generate a lot of cmds, it would be too expensive for this case to broadcast all that,
19:47 abhinav, walterbender llaske so, does it make sense to send the code and then mimic the sync part?
19:47 abhinav tch__, I think turtle outputs will be lesser in size as compared to the code
19:47 The code conatins data related to placement of blocks as well
19:47 But we dont need that.
19:47 tch__ abhinav, the size is not the problem, the problem is the frequency and the latency
19:48 abhinav tch__, That remains the same for the code too
19:48 the frequency of message is not going to change
19:48 tch__ abhinav, no, code just need to be sent once, other events are related to human interaction and happens way less often than cmds generated by code
19:49 abhinav, so you can reduce the frequency,
19:49 abhinav, thus, the latency hit you less
19:49 abhinav tch__, I guess U r missing on some parts
19:49 Take for example
19:50 IF have to share a forward and thats it
19:51 According to the old model(sharing of code), All the information related to placement of forward block on the canvas and other irrelevant information will be there in the message
19:51 According to the new model, Only "f|100" as a string will be sent
19:51 Both of them are sent on the click of the run button
19:52 This is the just the minified version of the code only
19:52 walterbender, am I right?
19:52 tch__ abhinav, I don't agree, you just need to make a simple calculation to understand what I am saying, say we need 1000 instructions to complete a drawing, it will take less than a second on the browser, but, if you need to send those 1000 instructions over the internet, it will take 1000 x latency time to finish it
19:52 abhinav, (even if you are lucky of not missing instructions in the middle)
19:53 walterbender tch__,  I suppose we just share whenever the run button is hit?
19:53 abhinav exactly
19:53 even with 1000 instruction
19:53 walterbender abhinav, it will be much more similar to what you already implemented
19:54 abhinav we need to share code for 1000 blocks
19:54 walterbender but the experience will be like what I implemented in Python
19:54 abhinav walterbender, true
19:54 but we will actually gain on the latency point
19:55 because of concised message size
19:55 tch__ walterbender, yes, we only need to send all the code once we run, and then just send sync messages,
19:55 walterbender, no need to send cmds individually
19:55 walterbender abhinav, I think by 1000 instructions, tch__ meant a loop, e.g., repeat 500 forward 100 right 1
19:55 tch__ abhinav, do you understand?
19:55 abhinav tch__, Exactly
19:55 thats what the plan was
19:56 tch__ abhinav, I am still not sure you understand,
19:56 abhinav, you we talking about sending cmds indivually,
19:56 abhinav, s/we/were/
19:57 abhinav Oops
19:57 :p
19:57 tch__ abhinav, and I am talking about sending the logic once, and then exec in the other side
19:57 abhinav tch__, with you :)
19:58 Actually I never meant sending commands individually.
19:58 tch__ abhinav, and as walterbender said, it is similar to what you have now, except you don't display blocks and you need to sync some actions across clients
19:58 abhinav thats why the confusion
19:58 Sure
19:58 Exactly, it will be done that way
19:58 But in the backgroud
19:58 tch__ abhinav, good,
19:58 abhinav, yes
19:58 abhinav the message will be different
19:59 Previously, the message included the info about the block
19:59 Now, just about the movement and other activities related to the turtle
20:00 tch__ abhinav, but you don't send individual movements ok? you send the whole code, the pure set of instructions that makes that program
20:00 abhinav tch__, exactly
20:01 tch__ abhinav, ok
20:01 abhinav I will send the complete code
20:01 tch__, One more thing
20:01 tch__ abhinav, we are in the same page then,
20:01 abhinav I was discussing it with walterbender too the other day
20:02 Should we support the joining of multiple group at a time??
20:02 *groups
20:03 llaske No !
20:03 tch__ abhinav, no
20:03 llaske it has no sense to be in several groups !
20:03 abhinav Cool. Noted!!
20:03 tch__ llaske, not only that, we haven't even make 1 group work properly :)
20:04 abhinav tch__, thats one week away :)
20:04 tch__ llaske, so we better start by that, even before considering something like that
20:04 abhinav, ^
20:04 abhinav, but in general, no
20:04 abhinav tch__, :) Cool
20:05 Along with sharing of turtle output, walterbender also suggested to implementing sharing blocks on demand
20:05 walterbender +1
20:05 abhinav Like Only the stacks I choose to share, I share only that
20:06 As in, block code of only requested blocks will be shared
20:06 tch__ abhinav, sharing code is a good idea, but lets work on that after we get the basic collab working properly?
20:06 abhinav tch__, +1
20:06 walterbender those stacks show up on the others screens and once they are shared, they belong to the other users
20:06 but yes,... one thing at a time
20:07 tch__ walterbender, +1
20:07 abhinav I will work on sharing turtle output this week
20:07 Cool
20:07 tch__ abhinav, ok, time to finish our meeting ;)
20:07 abhinav Along with the UI changes
20:07 tch__ abhinav, walterbender, llaske thank you everyone for coming!
20:07 abhinav Thanks everyone for your time :)
20:08 llaske Bye. Good luck abhinav. I see you're now working hard.
20:08 abhinav llaske, Thanks :)
20:08 I promise to deliver better :)
20:09 llaske has quit IRC
20:11 abhinav has quit IRC
22:33 gonzalo__ has quit IRC
23:56 walterbender has quit IRC

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