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#sugar-meeting, 2015-06-26

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14:51 richashi <richashi!~vijaysehg@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:51 walterbender hello everyone
14:52 tch__ <tch__!~tch@host-1-217.b12.cvc.com.py> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:52 mohayon <mohayon!~mohayon@87-231-208-31.rev.numericable.fr> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:52 tch__ hello everyone :)
14:54 k_yash Hey :)
14:56 walterbender the mid-term evaluations are available on melange
14:58 well.. not quite.
14:58 artista hello everyone
14:58 walterbender another 5 hours :P
14:58 mohayon Hello everyone
14:58 walterbender hi artista mohayon k_yash tch__
14:59 shall we begin?
14:59 #start-meeting
14:59 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun 26 14:59:30 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:59 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:59 k_yash yeah
14:59 tch__ walterbender, my clocks says we should :)
14:59 k_yash may I start?
14:59 walterbender #topic midterm evalations
15:00 they are available later today. we have until the 3rd of July to fill them out
15:00 k_yash, please report
15:00 #topic music
15:00 abhinav hello everyone
15:00 k_yash Walterbender Hi
15:00 This week I worked upon Music chunks representation with matrix.
15:01 walterbender we can save the matrix as chunks...play them and can also edit them
15:01 walterbender I managed to get some of it to work :)
15:01 k_yash sounds good :)
15:01 https://sugarizingmusic.wordpress.com/
15:02 walterbender would be nice to be able to drag the various pieces around... is that difficult?
15:02 k_yash walterbender: I'll do it this week, the thing is that matrix is not a bitmap, its just an HTML table
15:03 walterbender k_yash, so you can reposition it in the DOM
15:03 k_yash, chucks are great
15:04 have you tried programming loops with a repeat block?
15:04 or making actions of melodies?
15:04 k_yash wlaterbender: no not yet
15:04 sorry walterbender
15:04 walterbender and I could see having different turtles playing different instruments
15:05 all triggered by broadcasting an event
15:05 this is getting cool
15:05 k_yash I just completed them a hour earlier...I'll try making actions of melodies later today
15:05 walterbender any other questions for k_yash ?
15:05 k_yash walterbender: yes cool it is :)
15:06 we've to move towards GREAT ;)
15:06 tch__ k_yash, looks really cool
15:06 k_yash thanks tch__
15:08 walterbender k_yash, any roadblocks?
15:09 k_yash walterbender, not as such, they always get sorted out just a day before meeting :)
15:09 walterbender great...
15:09 abhinav, do you want to go next?
15:09 abhinav walterbender, sure
15:09 walterbender #topic collab
15:09 abhinav Hello All.
15:10 First of all, this is the link to try out.
15:10 http://rawgit.com/abhinavanura[…]master/index.html
15:10 walterbender sharing...
15:10 abhinav Collaboration is implemented till the point that one has to push a button to sync its work with others in the group.
15:11 walterbender the cloud button?
15:11 what gets shared?
15:11 abhinav Ok.
15:11 I ll guide u through it.
15:11 quidam has quit IRC
15:11 abhinav If you find a share button at the bottom right
15:11 it means u r connected to the sugarizer server
15:11 walterbender OK... some other turtles just appeared :)
15:12 abhinav and u r ready to collaborate
15:12 quidam <quidam!~quidam@unaffiliated/quidam> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:12 abhinav In order to share an activity or join any group
15:12 click the share button
15:12 and then either share or join.
15:13 Once you are a part of any group, a cloud button appears.
15:13 Which means u r ready to sync
15:13 Clicking on the sync button
15:13 will sync your updates with others in the group.
15:13 Are u able to follow?
15:13 Or I am unclear??
15:13 walterbender your blocks? and graphics?
15:14 abhinav walterbender, didnt get you what you are trying to point out
15:15 walterbender abhinav, I am asking what gets shared
15:15 in turtle there are stacks
15:15 and the graphics generated by running the stacks
15:15 abhinav the whole project
15:15 which u re doing
15:15 walterbender when I run do you see it?
15:15 abhinav So, all the stacks are getting shared
15:16 walterbender and I can change a stack you shared with me?
15:16 abhinav No, after u sync, I ll just get the stack.
15:16 walterbender OK
15:16 abhinav I will have to run it specially.
15:16 And If I make any changes
15:16 walterbender so we share the stacks whenever we sync
15:16 abhinav I will resync
15:16 exactly
15:16 walterbender how do we manage merging?
15:17 abhinav I am keeping a list of turtles belonging to each user
15:18 As in for each user connected to me, I am having a list of turtle names.
15:18 walterbender so I cannot send changes to the stacks you shared?
15:18 abhinav And those turtle objects has the reference for the start block
15:18 tch__ walterbender, is it working for you?
15:18 abhinav Hence, I delete the start block and reload the stack
15:18 tch__ abhinav, can you create a new group? post the id here so we can join?
15:19 walterbender tch__, yes... I see lots of stacks from somewhere :)
15:19 abhinav tch__, Sure.
15:19 tch__ walterbender, what is the id?
15:19 walterbender 33122758-b089-4e05-9430-b3f4118314b2
15:19 abhinav tch__, is it working with this ID?
15:20 walterbender abhinav, it is great that the basic mechanics are working
15:20 lots of questions about the UI
15:20 abhinav walterbender, I am expecting the same.
15:20 I thought it was the best option I could for the real work to be done in tym
15:21 walterbender as I explained earlier in the week, I think the collaboration model we use in the Python version works really well
15:21 the stacks are shared on demand
15:21 but the actions of each turtle are always shared
15:22 abhinav walterbender, U mean only only gets to see the output of the running turtle??
15:22 walterbender also, I don't quite understand why the list of available shares has duplicate entries
15:22 abhinav, yes
15:22 abhinav *one
15:22 walterbender we share output and if I have some cool code to share, I send it explicitly
15:22 and then it is yours to modify
15:23 abhinav walterbender, just a different way of sharing I think.
15:23 tch__ abhinav, I click on the id, but I only get a empty turtle from someone else,
15:23 walterbender abhinav, yes
15:23 but I think that each app needs to consider its own goals
15:23 abhinav Next I plan to piggyback sync on run
15:24 walterbender and you need to run a service we can leverage in different ways
15:24 tch__ abhinav, there is no feedback when clicking on the id, a bit confusing
15:25 abhinav walterbender, For this, I was planning to have seperate canvas for each user syncing with me.
15:25 walterbender abhinav, that could work
15:25 abhinav tch__, looking into it.
15:26 tch__ abhinav, another detail, when users disconnect should I see their turtles going disappearing?
15:26 abhinav tch__, as of now, No.
15:26 We can discuss abt it.
15:27 walterbender it is a start
15:27 abhinav tch__, btw, Did u get any stack with set color block??
15:27 walterbender sees it
15:27 abhinav, I am a bit confused by some of the terminology
15:27 richashi has left #sugar-meeting
15:28 abhinav walterbender, Like?
15:28 walterbender are groups really groups of individuals?
15:28 richashi_ <richashi_!~richashi@c-73-189-173-25.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:28 walterbender where did they all come from (as oppose to the individuals)?
15:28 abhinav groups = sharedActivity
15:29 this is how it is mentioned in sugarizer server
15:29 walterbender if we each share (as oppose to join) we generate the multiple groups?
15:29 abhinav For each share, we create a new group
15:30 Group will consist of all the users connected to that shared activty
15:30 walterbender and I can keep switching my activity between different groups?
15:30 abhinav yeah U can. :)
15:30 walterbender OK... starting to make more sense
15:31 abhinav walterbender, any more confusions?
15:32 walterbender abhinav, I would like to see a coherent plan of how all this fits together into a user experience
15:32 maybe you can write up some user scenarios in your blog?
15:33 both what you have and where you think you should be heading with the project
15:33 abhinav walterbender, Sure. I will share the link of my blog asap.
15:34 walterbender OK
15:34 richashi_ I can go after abhinav…?
15:34 walterbender artista, wanna go next?
15:34 artista sure
15:34 walterbender oh... sorry richashi_
15:34 richashi_ no worries!
15:34 tch__ abhinav, I will send my review after the meeting, via the same email thread we are already using
15:34 walterbender richashi_, you'll be next in the queue
15:34 richashi_ ok...
15:34 walterbender #topic turtle programming
15:34 abhinav tch__, Will be waiting.
15:35 walterbender artista,
15:35 artista This week we worked on nameddoarg and namedcalcarg blocks
15:35 both are working now
15:35 walterbender yay
15:35 artista we have also released it for testing
15:36 :D
15:36 walterbender and already have some feedback :)
15:36 a few issues with the palettes to resolve
15:36 artista oh I would love to hear them
15:37 walterbender artista, join the turtleblocks FB page :P
15:37 artista, can you tell us what is next?
15:37 artista oh I didn't know that :P
15:37 yeah so this week we are planning on taking some issues if any
15:38 and work on the next problem i.e How are we going to interface this to other apps to use it as a programming extension?
15:39 walterbender artista, looking forward to iterating on some ideas
15:39 we had been discussing passing in a heap from json-encoded data
15:39 and exporting a heap with some results
15:39 artista the inputs and outputs?
15:40 walterbender yes
15:40 artista the json-encoded data can work
15:40 walterbender and since we can treat the heap like an array it should handle lots of cases
15:41 artista we could save the inputs and outputs in local storage ?
15:41 walterbender yes
15:41 or the download directory
15:42 any questions for artista ?
15:42 artista but we definitely have to save the functions in download directory
15:42 walterbender artista, yes
15:43 artista will try with the palette case as starter :)
15:43 walterbender artista, +1
15:43 abhinav has quit IRC
15:43 walterbender artista, meanwhile I will chase down the palette bugs that have been identified
15:44 artista (y)
15:44 walterbender ok... we should move on
15:44 richashi_, ?
15:44 #topic web programming
15:45 richashi_ Thanks
15:45 So this week was pretty interesting…
15:45 This week I finished all the basis functionalities required for the app.
15:45 I added a new button which expands to give 3 options to the user - open the shell in a new tab, open a file in the shell and save a file from the shell.
15:46 For saving, it also saves in the Journal
15:46 walterbender nice
15:46 richashi_ and for opening, it opens an object chooser, where user can select a file from his document folder or the journal
15:46 Till last week, I was coding in some what random manner, for experimentation purposes with the sugar-browse activity code. This week, I implemented the code in a manner suitable for check-in. I developed a different class to give the right level of encapsulation and abstraction. I will be uploading the change on github this weekend.
15:47 walterbender sounds like good progress
15:47 richashi_ We had to come up with some name of the shell. I have not discussed with Tony yet, but came up with a name yesterday to give it to the class definition.  am calling it WebConsole. Would change it other name after discussing with Tony.
15:48 walterbender makes sense in this context
15:48 richashi_ :)
15:48 So by this weekend, 2 things would be complete: code on github and update of my blog
15:49 walterbender OK
15:49 richashi_ My job for next week is still not decided…I have not pinged Tony yet..my bad.
15:49 walterbender any questions for richashi_ ?
15:50 richashi_ I will do so and we will decide what should be the next step.
15:50 walterbender a lot accomplished to date
15:50 richashi_ thanks :)
15:51 walterbender OK...
15:51 mohayon, ready?
15:51 mohayon Yes !
15:51 walterbender #topic web apps
15:52 mohayon So, this week, Calculate.activity has been PR and merged into sugarizer :)
15:52 walterbender nice
15:52 mohayon And I started Paint.activity, I had troubles choosing the correct library and finally choosed PaperJS
15:52 http://mikklfr.github.io/Paint.activity/
15:53 We agreed with llaske onto insert stamps based on SVGs
15:53 walterbender SVG is the way to go
15:53 tch__ mohayon, +1 for stamps, users seems to like that alot..
15:54 mohayon I will finish the basic app by the end of the weekend
15:54 That means, color chooser, size chooser.
15:54 Shapes
15:55 SVG
15:55 Lines
15:55 and Undo/redo
15:55 The next goal is collaboration/filters/filling bucket/image picker
15:55 quidam has quit IRC
15:56 mohayon No troubles with touch/click inputs for now
15:56 I already have serialization/deserialization working locally
15:56 So that's it I think
15:56 walterbender sounds like fun
15:57 would be good to be able to import an image to paint on top of
15:57 mohayon Yep, that's a fun app :)
15:57 Yes
15:57 That would be awesome
15:57 And it's very easy to do
15:57 I'm writing the idea down
16:00 walterbender mohayon, looking forward to trying it
16:00 any questions for mohayon ?
16:00 quidam <quidam!~quidam@ns313440.ip-188-165-228.eu> has joined #sugar-meeting
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16:00 tch__ walterbender,  not really, very nice progress
16:01 walterbender nice to hear about such nice progress by the group
16:01 ishan will not be able to join us today but will send an email
16:01 don't forget to do your evals!!!
16:02 #end-meeting
16:02 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun 26 16:02:37 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:02 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-26T14:59:30.html
16:02 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-06-26T14:59:30
16:02 mohayon "Midterm evaluations are done via Melange. Starting at 19:00 UTC on Friday, 26 June you will be able to submit an evaluation of your project, the program, and your mentor thus far"
16:02 richashi_ has left #sugar-meeting
16:03 walterbender mohayon, exactly
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