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#sugar-meeting, 2015-06-08

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18:56 abhinav tch__, Hii
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19:02 tch__ abhinav,ping
19:03 abhinav tch__, Hello
19:04 tch__ abhinav, lets wait 5 mins for lionel
19:06 abhinav sure
19:11 tch__ abhinav, well, lets begin anyway
19:11 abhinav tch__, fine
19:11 tch__ abhinav, whats new?
19:11 abhinav here only or pm??
19:11 tch__ here
19:12 abhinav Ok
19:12 So, first of all
19:13 I would start with an apology
19:13 I couldnt work at all for past two weeks because of a tragedy back here
19:13 at my home
19:13 so couldnt concentrate
19:14 I m really sorry for the lost time
19:14 And I am trying hard to make up for it.
19:14 Coming to the work part,
19:15 I have already shared the proposed protocol for the collaboration
19:15 With you as well, as far as I remember
19:16 But Lionel asked me to prepare a documentation for the existing platform
19:17 So that we all can be at a common ground and discuss over the performance improvements
19:18 tch__ abhinav, I understand, usually it is recommended to notify about these things, even a quick email would have help to understand what was going on,
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19:18 tch__ abhinav, regarding the work, can you share the doc?
19:18 llaske, welcome
19:18 llaske hi, sorry I'm late
19:18 abhinav llaske, hello
19:19 llaske hi abhinav
19:19 tch__ llaske, copying backlog in PM
19:19 llaske, abhinav was starting to explain his progress on the docs
19:20 llaske ok, seen
19:20 abhinav tch__, I am copying the link here
19:20 https://docs.google.com/docume[…]oElIthASku0I/edit
19:21 llaske Okay, so no change since our last talk ?
19:22 abhinav llaske, This is the same document
19:22 I have created a different document for the current implementation
19:22 And work is at progress
19:22 llaske Nice. Could you share the link ?
19:24 abhinav llaske, Have not formally documented much to be shared.
19:27 tch__ abhinav, think you can prepare the document for Friday?
19:29 abhinav tch__, Yeah.
19:29 tch__ abhinav, one more thing, I think it would be very useful for you to write a _very_ simple example on how to use the existing sugarizer server, let me explain..
19:30 abhinav, I am actually thinking in something like this: a random strings transmitter and a receiver
19:31 abhinav tch__, Yeah. Even I am doing in the same fashion.
19:31 tch__ abhinav, it could be a very basic activity that creates a shared instance and starts transmitting random things, and then another one (or the same activity) to receive and print these random strings
19:32 abhinav, can you please have it for Friday? I think is the easiest we can do to move forward
19:32 llaske, what do you think? suggestions?
19:33 llaske sounds great. Abhinav, don't try to do any UI
19:33 tch__ yeah, just focus on the sugarizer server API,
19:33 llaske your client could be a simple HTML page without any interface
19:34 abhinav I guess we can use the UI of chat Prototype to make this demo
19:35 Fine. Sounds nice
19:35 tch__ abhinav, the lesser code the better, just focus on the API
19:36 abhinav, try to exhaust every option in the API
19:36 abhinav Yeah. I will take care of that.
19:36 llaske, One quick suggestion I need from you
19:37 llaske yes, tell me
19:39 abhinav For the documentation part, I am thinking of making a concised doc dealing with the overview of the architecture
19:39 Will that work for now??
19:39 Or a detailed documentation is the need of the hour?
19:39 llaske We talked about documenting protocol
19:40 so it's a bit more than only architecture
19:40 but it's near what you've started on your document
19:41 abhinav sorry I didnt get the last part
19:41 llaske I said that in your current document you've described a bit the protocol, so you could continue on that
19:42 abhinav Cool then.
19:42 Once again Sirs
19:42 I apologise from the bottom of my heart for the lost time.
19:43 I promise to make up for it
19:43 Thanks a lot for the cooperation.
19:43 llaske To be honest, we don't have enough work from you for the moment to be sure you're able to do the work
19:44 so we expect that you'll do more in following weeks
19:44 tch__ may be we could ask to abhinav to work a bit on TurtleJS ?
19:44 tch__ llaske, exactly,
19:45 abhinav I have worked with walterbender on turtleJS during introduction phase.
19:46 So, I am up for it
19:46 llaske nice, so may be you could start to explore how to add presence inside
19:46 tch__ llaske, +1,
19:46 abhinav Thats the work I expected initially when I applied for it.
19:47 llaske okay, so for Friday, could you prepare a talk on how to add presence inside TurtleJS ?
19:47 abhinav I was thinking the same.
19:48 And by talk, u mean?
19:48 a write up??
19:48 tch__ abhinav, llaske ok, lets talk again on Friday, I will be at the weekly gsoc meeting here, abhinav and so you should
19:48 llaske yes, a small document or some code proposal
19:49 abhinav tch__, I will be there without fail
19:49 tch__ abhinav, I am sure you will be full of ideas after writing that doc and tx/rx example ;)
19:49 I have to go now,
19:49 llaske, thanks for coming
19:49 ttyl
19:49 abhinav thanks tch__
19:50 llaske okay, me too. I will try to be there on Friday to. In the meantime do not hesitate to ask me for any question abhinav
19:50 tch__ abhinav, llaske I am sending this conversation to our previous email
19:50 abhinav llaske, for sure
19:50 tch__, sure
19:50 tch__, anyway this channel is logged
19:52 tch__ oh, well, next time I will figure out were these logs are
19:52 bye!
19:52 llaske bye
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