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#sugar-meeting, 2015-06-01

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
00:37 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@bzq-218-39-116.cablep.bezeqint.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
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21:56 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:00 gonzalo_ hello walterbender
22:00 who else is ready, ClaudiaU?
22:08 Quozl`_ my notes give me another 20 minutes before meeting.
22:09 although i could have the time zone in error.
22:10 yep, i do.  now 50 minutes away.  23 utc.
22:10 tch__ <tch__!~tch@host-1-217.b12.cvc.com.py> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:10 gonzalo_ walter said 1 June at 23:00 UTC (19:00 in Boston/Asuncion; 20:00 in BA/Montevideo).
22:10 Quozl`_ tch__: g'day.
22:10 gonzalo_ hi Quozl`_
22:10 tch__ Quozl`_, hola
22:11 walterbender hi
22:11 did I get the times wrong?
22:11 tch__ its 18:00 Asu now
22:12 18:11 ;)
22:12 Quozl`_ i can see no error in times.
22:12 walterbender same in Boston
22:12 01:00 in Tel Aviv
22:12 01:12
22:13 gonzalo_ confirmed, i am crazy, here is 19, not 20!
22:13 Quozl`_, anything to talk in the while?
22:14 Quozl`_ gonzalo_: i've another few hundred mail to get through, so nothing on my mind yet.  ;-)
22:14 tch__ haha
22:14 brb in 45 mins
22:20 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@c-98-216-39-142.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:20 Quozl`_ gonzalo_: private message ping.
22:20 CanoeBerry: welcome adam.
22:21 ignacio A meeting is runing?
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22:25 Quozl`_ ignacio: hope so, but not yet.  another 34 minutes.
22:26 ignacio Quozl`_:oh, thanks
22:56 walterbender who is around?
22:56 Quozl`_ them.  /me points
22:56 walterbender ha ha
22:57 everyone about ready to begin?
22:57 show of hands so we can determine if we have a quorum?
22:57 ignacio Hello
22:58 walterbender hi ignacio
22:58 has been hacking turtle all day... having fun
22:58 ignacio I saw the commits / facebook
22:58 walterbender it is pretty cool... we build a little sensor pack that writes to a server
22:59 and a new plugin to grab cloud data
22:59 combined it with maps, etc.
22:59 ignacio great, also, I found some ¿bads? translations
22:59 I think they aren't bad but, in the context that they are yes
23:00 walterbender ignacio, Please send me a patch :)
23:00 OK... the bell rings
23:00 ignacio Sure, when I get back :)
23:00 walterbender it is 23:00 UTC
23:01 ignacio, or while we are in SF :)
23:01 ignacio +1
23:01 walterbender gonzalo_, ClaudiaU tch__ CanoeBerry ?
23:01 Jose Miguel?
23:02 hello???
23:03 ignacio hehe
23:03 gonzalo_ hello!
23:03 walterbender 2AM for me... I'd like to get started. I have a 7AM start tomorrow :P
23:03 we need a few more SLOB members
23:04 gonzalo_ walterbender, 2AM, where are you?
23:04 walterbender Tel Aviv
23:04 actually, in the Negev, Yeruham
23:04 I've been at a hackfest all day
23:05 CanoeBerry Hi
23:05 walterbender hi adam
23:05 ClaudiaU, are you there?
23:05 gonzalo_ walterbender, turtles in he sand? :)
23:05 walterbender look... let's get started and if we don't have a quorum, we won't vote on any thing :P
23:06 #start-meeting
23:06 meeting Meeting started Mon Jun  1 23:06:01 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:06 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
23:06 CanoeBerry Do we have 4?
23:06 Almost?
23:06 walterbender CanoeBerry, almost... 3 so far
23:06 at least we can talk
23:07 gonzalo_ walterbender, mybe is better postpone for the next week
23:07 walterbender gonzalo_, next week will not work for me... well... depends on the schedule at Google
23:07 ignacio we can talk in sf, haha.:)
23:07 walterbender the 3rd monday will work
23:07 the 15th
23:08 I can wait...
23:08 gonzalo_ walterbender, is the same if we send a invitation
23:08 let's wait 5 more mins
23:08 walterbender maybe I will pose some questions via email with the reminder/invite
23:08 gonzalo_, +1
23:08 meanwhile,
23:08 I was asked to send someone a video describing Sugar... do we have such a thing?
23:09 ignacio walterbender: I think there was one
23:09 content of gci
23:09 walterbender (we have the promo by the GCI student last year but I think he was looking for something a bit more depth)
23:09 gonzalo_ walterbender, we have the videos with features in 0.100 and 0.102 too
23:10 but the gci video was a nice introduction
23:10 walterbender gonzalo_, I wonder about something geared more towards pedagogy?
23:10 gonzalo_ walterbender, no, we don't have that
23:10 walterbender I'll send the GCI video and perhaps the Sugar chapter from my book
23:10 ignacio I think we can work in a video
23:11 gonzalo_ ignacio, maybe collect something from the cibal programs in the tv?
23:11 walterbender ignacio, maybe we can get Sameer to shoot a video of you, Sam and I discussing Sugar when we are in SF?
23:11 gonzalo_, this one needs to be in English
23:11 gonzalo_ sure
23:11 ignacio Sure, I will try to speak English
23:11 walterbender :)
23:11 ignacio but btw, I think that is why its rocks. Sugar connects multilingual users
23:12 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, walterbender, i have updated the survey replies summary with data recieved from other 3 deployments
23:12 walterbender gonzalo_, thx
23:12 gonzalo_ We have data from a little more than 500K users
23:12 walterbender nice
23:12 I met someone from SRI who runs their educational research this week
23:13 will try to get him up to speed.
23:13 he knows OLPC from 2007 but not Sugar
23:13 but he could be a big ally if he learns about what we are doing
23:13 also some good people from the NYC system
23:13 I keep trying :)
23:14 Turtle JS is an easy sell :P
23:14 Sugar is more complex :(
23:14 tch__ I am here dishes took more time than expected
23:16 walterbender tch__, congrats on the latest milestone
23:16 tch__, I apologize I haven't finished up the JS pot glue yet
23:16 tch__ walterbender, only 1 month away from the final release :)
23:16 ignacio Features closed
23:16 walterbender something else for Sam, Ignacio and me to do in SF
23:17 ignacio I think we have some work from GCI to push (Still)
23:17 walterbender ignacio, this is not a feature, it is backend infrastructure
23:17 ignacio, we need to do a little work on those bits
23:17 I use them but they are not 100% of what we need
23:17 tch__ freatures, String, API and UI frozen now, time for critical bug fixes and translations now :)
23:17 ignacio, ^
23:17 ignacio tch__:thanks
23:18 walterbender ignacio, we can discuss it when I see you next week
23:19 we are close
23:19 ignacio Sure
23:19 walterbender is too sleepy at the moment to be coherent
23:19 ignacio btw, in case anyone don't know, Walter, Sam and I, are meeting next week, (Gci 2014 trip.)
23:19 walterbender not sure is icarito is around but it would be good to get an update from the Membersjip commitee when we meet next
23:20 FYI, FZT is initiating a university program on Sugar programming beginning next month :)
23:21 and I have a lead on someone who wants to make a documentary film on the Sugar youth hackers :)
23:21 seems we will not have a quorum tonight :(
23:22 any open issues?
23:22 Quozl`_, I thought your response to Sam's email was spot on.
23:22 gonzalo_ walterbender, probably would be good ask by email, cc the list to icarito and the team about the advacnces
23:22 walterbender Cerlyn, you hear? did you want to comment on your agenda?
23:23 we can try to refine it for the next meeting
23:23 Cerlyn not really
23:23 Quozl`_ walterbender: you mean "I've checked, and there's nothing in the log to show this loss of data." or some other mail?
23:23 walterbender gonzalo_, I'll send a more broad-based reminder since the meeting will not be at the regular time
23:23 Cerlyn Hearing a fair amount from private conversations, trying to piece together what's going on when everyone has their own view of a shattered puzzle
23:24 walterbender Cerlyn, would be nice to have a public discussion rather than a whisper campaign
23:25 Cerlyn walterbender: Agreed; which is why you keep seeing me mention the word "public" because I'm tired of rumors
23:25 Quozl`_ If you would just ask publically what particpants are doing, you'd probably get a better view of the puzzle.
23:25 walterbender I am a bit behind in my blog again
23:25 gonzalo_ hi Cerlyn
23:25 Quozl`_ "hey dude, whatchadoin?"
23:27 walterbender the GSoC students are all blogging now
23:27 gonzalo_ Cerlyn, this meeting is public
23:27 walterbender and a lot of kids who we had to reject are working on their projects anyway :)
23:28 NI is going to try to pump new life into PE and RW
23:28 IN seems to picking up momentum
23:28 lots happening
23:29 Cerlyn OLPC's list of employees hasn't changed since I worked there two years ago :)
23:29 Quozl`_ i've been engaging with debian and ubuntu.  published methods for using sugar on those platforms.
23:29 walterbender Cerlyn, I cannot speak for OLPC
23:29 Peter keeps the Fedora flame alive
23:29 Quozl`_ Cerlyn: in the same way that i would never expect to see Sugar Labs speak (e.g. SLOBS to have to spend time on approving a statement), I'd also never expect OLPC to speak.
23:30 walterbender and Remy is working inside RH to see if we cannot get more formal support there
23:30 Quozl`_ Cerlyn: and the same can be said of Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian.  They don't speak.  Contributors do.
23:30 walterbender Quozl`_, +1
23:30 we have a dedicated release manager
23:30 and some tenacious contributors
23:31 the biggest problem I see is that ignacio is not teaching any of the girls he hangs out with on FB how to code in Python
23:31 gonzalo_ walterbender, no problems, then? :)
23:31 walterbender :)
23:31 tch__ hahah
23:32 walterbender my grandson at 2.5 is already using Turtle, but not hacking Python yet :P
23:32 kind of scary
23:32 Quozl`_ the closing of the feedback loop from users to developers needs strengthening.  but i have no suggestions on how.  good progress on the survey, but not enough.
23:33 walterbender Quozl`_, I see such potential in, for example, having some communication between RW and Sugar developers, but I don't know how to make it happen
23:34 Quozl`_ walterbender: i get the impression that most users of software no longer think that software can be improved; it can only be replaced by new shiny.
23:35 walterbender Quozl`_, I see users itching for a way to break free from the constraints of shiney
23:35 but I travel in funny circles
23:35 meeting * Jose_Miguel-es has joined
23:35 walterbender hey... quorum
23:36 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello! Pardon by the hour...
23:36 walterbender I still think we should meet on the 15th
23:36 since I am running out of steam
23:36 Quozl`_ perhaps an obvious feedback mechanism in the sugar shell, which suggests software update to fix problems.
23:37 perhaps software update should extend to shell, toolkit, datastore, and journal.
23:37 walterbender Quozl`_, tch and I wrote a feedback app... not sure it was every deployed
23:37 ever
23:38 JM_ <JM_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:38 Quozl`_ if they are itching to talk, give them a voice.
23:38 walterbender we already give them the Speak Activity :)
23:38 Quozl`_ heh, don't we know it.
23:39 walterbender I will tell you, the animate Samdroid added during GCI is a huge hit with the little ones
23:40 Quozl`_ i don't know of it, sorry.
23:40 gonzalo_ walterbender, animate?
23:40 walterbender Quozl`_, it landed a few versions ago... you can load a photo and make the jaw drop in an animation
23:40 fingers are not typing very well... need sleep
23:40 gonzalo_ ahh, speak activity
23:41 walterbender, let's continue next 15th
23:41 walterbender gonzalo_, +1
23:41 gonzalo_ ignacio, walterbender, enjoy the travel
23:41 walterbender thanks
23:41 I'll send a remind email
23:42 and a more detailed list of discussion topics
23:42 calling it a night
23:44 Quozl`_ (tell 'em we had a good meeting anyway).
23:44 walterbender #end-meeting
23:45 meeting Meeting ended Mon Jun  1 23:44:59 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
23:45 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T23:06:01.html
23:45 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-06-01T23:06:01
23:45 walterbender going offline for a few minutes... heading to the hotel
23:45 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Bye! And apologies!
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