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#sugar-meeting, 2015-05-08

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All times shown according to UTC.

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13:47 tch__ <tch__!~tch@host-1-217.b12.cvc.com.py> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:48 tch__ ping gsoc students/mentors
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13:53 abhinav Hello all!!
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13:56 tch__ abhinav, hey! Just checked the last meeting longs, the meeting will start a 1 hour :)
13:57 s/longs/logs
13:58 needs to finish my pull request ~
13:58 abhinav tch__: Yeah, Even I checked the logs for the same :D
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14:51 tch__ 10 minutes for GSoC meeting ;)
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15:03 mohayon Hello everyone
15:03 HoloIRCUser <HoloIRCUser!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:03 abhinav_ Hello People!!
15:03 HoloIRCUser is now known as ishan28mkip
15:03 artista Hello :D
15:03 ishan28mkip Hi.
15:04 k_yash Hello
15:04 tch__ Hello everyone,
15:04 we shall get started!
15:04 ping gsoc students/mentors
15:05 abhinav_ Hello tch__
15:06 tch__ #startmeeting
15:07 meeting Meeting started Fri May  8 15:06:59 2015 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:07 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:07 tch__ Hello everyone, walter is probably flying back home at this moment so Ill be hosting today
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15:09 tch__ lets make it simple, if you are a student just jump in and share with us what your progress and/or questions
15:09 abhinav_, want to start?
15:09 abhinav_ tch_, Sure
15:10 I was going through the codebase of sugarizer and it seemed like a perfect start for my project
15:11 I even got some initial feedback from lionel about the technologies which I proposed to use.
15:11 tch__ abhinav_, nice, we also agreed with you and Lionel and meet on monday to talk about the details and expectations
15:11 abhinav_ based on the feedback, i am also scanning th eweb for other better option if possible.
15:11 Yeah
15:12 tch__ abhinav_, +1, make sure you bring all the info you can to our meeting ;)
15:12 abhinav_ Thats the progress till now from my side
15:12 tch__ abhinav_, ok, great!
15:12 abhinav_, thanks for the updates
15:12 is anyone else out there? :S
15:13 mohayon Yes I can give you some updates
15:13 ishan28mkip Hi tch
15:13 artista tch__, I would like to share my progress
15:13 tch__ mohayon, go ahead!
15:13 mohayon Okay !
15:13 So I started looking at html media libraries for the record app
15:14 The goal is to identify pro and cons for video / audio on differents platform
15:14 I started a wiki page about that
15:15 tch__ mohayon, cool, can you post the url here?
15:15 mohayon Yep
15:15 Http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/HTML5MediaLibraries
15:15 tch__ looks
15:16 mohayon, nice, I think that can be a valuable input for other projects too
15:16 mohayon Yep
15:17 I also looked into my old docker files to see how it could help for sugar
15:17 Theres a thread on the sugar-devel ml
15:17 tch__ mohayon, thanks,
15:18 mohayon, have you received feedback from your mentor regarding your research?
15:18 mohayon Yes, we talked yesteday and had setup a meeting time for the following weeks
15:18 tch__ mohayon, perfect !
15:18 k_yash tch__ are we getting any sugar goodies ;)
15:19 mohayon Thats basically what i did, i'll look onto the collaboration framework next week
15:20 In order to see how to implement it correctly inside the apps
15:20 tch__ k_yash, that is a good question... I don't know, but I would not mind receiving some too hahah, but I can guarantee lots of community support ;)
15:20 mohayon Any questions ? :)
15:20 tch__ mohayon, you might want to get abhinav_ in the loop since hes going to work on that
15:21 mohayon Yep !
15:21 tch__ mohayon, ok, thanks for the updates, no question from my side ;)
15:21 abhinav_ mohayon: We can look into that sometime :)
15:22 tch__ ishan28mkip, updated? :)
15:22 ishan28mkip Hi
15:23 I was working a prototype before gsoc
15:23 https://github.com/ishan28mkip/turtleBlocks3D
15:23 tch__ looks
15:23 looks http://ishan28mkip.github.io/turtleBlocks3D/
15:23 nice!
15:24 ishan28mkip During this week I went through some other portions of walter bender turtle blocks js code which I had left
15:25 Other than that I have also worked on the libraries we are going to use
15:25 Though I am yet to here from walter
15:26 Hopefully I can set a meeting next week
15:26 hear*
15:27 tch__ ishan28mkip, he should be back by then, he will probably write back as soon as he gets back, probably this weekend
15:27 ishan28mkip, have you documented your libs research?
15:28 ishan28mkip Haven't documented yet will create a wiki as soon as possible
15:29 I also had a doubt regarding to continue with some libraries or to change to modern ones which support webgl
15:29 tch__ ishan28mkip, ok, great! some notes on key decisions is always good, for you, your mentor and surely for other students
15:30 ishan28mkip, make sure to discuss it with walter, many devices running sugar doesn't support opengl,
15:31 ishan28mkip Definitely.
15:31 tch__ ishan28mkip, anythig else :)?
15:31 ishan28mkip Nothing from my side. :)
15:31 tch__ ishan28mkip, alright, thanks for the updates
15:31 artista, want to jump in?
15:32 artista tch__, sure :)
15:32 I have been trying to understand the design of the code
15:32 the goal was to develop a understanding and make an initial design so as to add the debugging part of the code to turtle blocks.
15:33 Currently have been looking for python part.
15:33 will jump into javascript by next week probably after having a discussion with walter
15:35 tch__ artista, how is the code exploration going? don't hesitate to ping walter
15:36 artista since i already worked on the python part, it was on the easy side
15:37 sure will ping walter whenever required :)
15:38 tch__ artista, alright, anything else?
15:39 artista nothing from side. :)
15:39 tch__ artista, ok, thanks for the updates :)
15:39 k_yash, your turn !
15:39 k_yash yeah
15:40 tch__ I am reading and understanding the stuffs Devin sent me... related to western music theories
15:40 and methodologies he uses to teach his students...
15:41 tch__ k_yash, any comments regarding that? :)
15:41 k_yash tch__ I found them interesting :)
15:42 tch__ k_yash, think these methodologies can be translated into a UI/UX?
15:42 k_yash yes at last we have to that only
15:43 tch__ k_yash, have you looked at libraries and other technical details yet?
15:43 k_yash So I'm getting deeper insights of what I have to make...and after that I'll think of methodologies
15:44 tch__ I looked into into some JS libraries and also developed a little prototype using that
15:45 https://github.com/khandelwalYash/musicblocks
15:45 tch__ k_yash, keep in mind methodologies can provide useful concepts that can simplify what you need to make :)
15:45 looks
15:47 k_yash, oh, you are working on top of TBjs? I though this was going to be a standalone app
15:47 k_yash, correct me if I am wrong :)
15:48 k_yash tch__ it will be a standalone app only...it is just a prototype I made...so that I can understand the flow of TBjs and to get hands on over tone.js
15:48 :)
15:48 tch__ k_yash, ok, cool!
15:49 k_yash, anything else?
15:49 k_yash nothing from my side :)
15:49 tch__ k_yash, alright, thanks!
15:49 is richa around?
15:50 richashi~
15:51 alright, thanks everyone for coming :)
15:51 see you next week, same time!
15:51 k_yash :)
15:51 tch__ #endmeeting
15:51 meeting Meeting ended Fri May  8 15:51:46 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:51 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-08T15:06:59.html
15:51 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-05-08T15:06:59
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