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#sugar-meeting, 2015-05-05

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00:00 walterbender (67 proposals and 17 mentors)
00:00 a lot of the students who did not get accepted have contacted me to say that they plan to work on their projects anyway
00:01 says a lot about their enthusiasm for Sugar and the Sugar community
00:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes. It is good data.
00:01 walterbender they have all remarked on how supportive the community has been
00:01 thank you for that
00:01 sdanielf where are they from?
00:01 walterbender everywhere, but mostly India
00:02 another goal of mine is to broaden the pool next year
00:02 tch__, has been helping me with that
00:03 I also may be able to find a bit of funding for some Sugar Summer of Code students...
00:03 CanoeBerry Will need to run to another meeting, are we almost done?
00:03 walterbender not at the Google level, but something
00:03 CanoeBerry, almost... just one more topic
00:04 #topic Discuss a mechanism to document SLOBS decisions
00:04 gonzalo_, ^^
00:04 gonzalo_ walterbender, yes
00:04 walterbender gonzalo_, the decisions are hard to find
00:04 maybe all of them need to be on one page in the wiki
00:05 will take me some time to do, but I am willing
00:05 gonzalo_ yes, we can depend on the memory of slobs members
00:05 walterbender did you have other ideas too?
00:05 gonzalo_ can't
00:05 i was thinking in make a document we have stored in git
00:06 walterbender gonzalo_, why git and not the wiki?
00:06 gonzalo_ then, we can have the "live" decisions, and also the history of when, and why changed
00:06 walterbender gonzalo_, the live decisions are in these meetings
00:07 gonzalo_ we can use a simple format like .md or .rst and is visible as htl
00:07 walterbender unless you think we should use git as the chatroom for our meetings too?
00:07 gonzalo_ walterbender, i mean the decisions still active
00:07 no
00:08 we need a one page place where all the active decisions are placed
00:08 walterbender I am fine using .md instead of wiki markup, but I still am confused
00:08 gonzalo_ even if decided now or 3 years ago
00:08 if the slobs change his mind about a topic, is discussed, and changed
00:09 but by example
00:09 walterbender gonzalo_, I need to go through all of the logs and pull out the decisions...
00:09 karen wiki's great from our perspective - it's easy for someone not closely involved to take quick look and see what was decided
00:09 gonzalo_ walterbender, there are actions like"send email to xx" that are not permanent
00:10 walterbender ?
00:10 gonzalo_ karen, don't worry. the end result is the same
00:10 karen :)
00:10 gonzalo_ walterbender, but go back to the discussed example
00:10 walterbender I don't understand the example
00:11 is slow tonight
00:11 gonzalo_ walterbender, slobs (in 2009) decided a criteria to elect new members if they miss a number of meetings
00:11 walterbender yes
00:11 CanoeBerry wiki is friendlier to educators (generally)
00:11 gonzalo_ walterbender, that decision was only remembered by who was in that meeting
00:11 i wasn't, not daniel or jose miguel
00:12 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... and I agree all decisions should be in one page
00:12 but I don't understand the rationale for git
00:12 gonzalo_ then, only because adam pointed to that decision we started to discus it
00:12 walterbender, i didn't expected need understand why git to you :)
00:12 walterbender was arguing with Gary Stager about git... /me took the position that educators should learn git :)
00:13 gonzalo_, I don't understand the specific goal you have in mind from git
00:14 gonzalo_ walterbender, the goal is have a document _and_ a history of changes
00:14 walterbender gonzalo_ the wiki provides that
00:14 gonzalo_, I think a longterm goal of migrating from the wiki to git could be great
00:14 sdanielf but we are enough lazy for not having one article per agreement
00:15 walterbender but I dont' see the advantage here
00:15 gonzalo_ ok, no problem
00:15 if all prefer wiki, let's do on wiki
00:15 CanoeBerry Current mechanics of a SLOBS decision are described here, in essence: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/R[…]_a_SLOBs_decision
00:15 gonzalo_ is clear the goal?
00:15 walterbender sdanielf, we have one log per meeting but many meetings have multiple agreements (or no agreements)
00:15 gonzalo_, I think so
00:16 gonzalo_, I'll work on this for next month's meeting
00:16 and we can revisit
00:16 OK?
00:16 sdanielf the idea is to have a clear changelog for a decision, I think
00:16 walterbender sdanielf, for that, one per page as you suggest is important
00:16 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> In accordance with Gonzalo that it is *dificil follow the trace of the decisions. In accordance with the argument that it is hard work...
00:16 gonzalo_ if the decisons ttaken by the slobs are not on a place, for us and for all, have zero value
00:17 we are on and on with the same tpics
00:17 walterbender gonzalo_, point taken...
00:17 let me make a first pass and we can critique it
00:18 we should wrap up... we are running over
00:18 gonzalo_ walterbender, thanks for taking this tasks, i know is not easy
00:18 good meeting
00:18 walterbender #action walter to make a first pass at culling the decisions from past meetings into one page
00:18 thanks everyone for the great input tonight
00:19 stay tuned for a report from NI
00:19 5
00:19 CanoeBerry 4
00:19 sdanielf 3
00:19 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> 2
00:19 gonzalo_ 1
00:19 walterbender #end-meeting
00:19 meeting Meeting ended Tue May  5 00:19:40 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
00:19 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-04T23:07:10.html
00:19 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-05-04T23:07:10
00:19 walterbender karen, thanks for joining us
00:20 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Good nights!
00:20 walterbender makes dinner
00:21 karen thank you!
00:21 great work all around :)
00:21 enjoy your dinner walterbender :)
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