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#sugar-meeting, 2015-05-01

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13:55 llaske Hi all, Labour Day here in France but I'm on line thought :-)
13:56 mohayon Hi Lionel and hello everybody
13:58 richashi Happy Labor Day from U.S.! No holiday here though :/
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14:00 walterbender Hello all
14:00 May is here :)
14:00 k_yash1 Hello walterbender :D
14:00 yeah
14:01 artista <artista!artista___@nat/iiit/x-jubahazgnsttheru> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:01 walterbender But, yes, we don't celebrate Labor Day here on the 1st :P
14:01 native93 Hey walterbender
14:01 walterbender are all of the GSoC students here?
14:01 richashi Hello all! This is Richa
14:01 mohayon I'm here, Michael Ohayon
14:02 artista Hello Everyone , I'm Amit
14:02 ishan28mkip <ishan28mkip!~holoirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 k_yash <k_yash!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 walterbender yash is here too
14:03 ishan28mkip, hello
14:03 k_yash walter how is going
14:03 walterbender abhinav, ping
14:03 ishan28mkip Hello walter
14:04 walterbender let's get started
14:04 this should be a quick meeting... just want to be organized so we can start off running
14:04 #start-meeting
14:04 meeting Meeting started Fri May  1 14:04:27 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:04 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:04 tch__ Hello everyone ! :)
14:04 walterbender #topic student/mentor pairings
14:05 I want to make sure that there are at least two mentors per student so that we have some backup in case a mentor is unavailable
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14:05 walterbender I think the "primary" mentor is generally clear to everyone?
14:05 richashi yes
14:05 k_yash yeah
14:05 mohayon Yes
14:05 ishan28mkip Yeah
14:05 rohitsakala <rohitsakala!uid32931@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-huovkrhpkaayzpvu> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:05 artista yeah
14:06 walterbender but, for example, I am hoping that tch will take a strong role in the collaboration project
14:06 and that llaske will also chime in
14:06 tch__ walterbender, llaske  of course ;)
14:06 llaske yes would love to participate on collaboration project
14:06 walterbender and I am happy to be the test case (turtle)
14:06 great
14:07 so we have that one covered :)
14:07 k_yash My mentors are Devin and Marnen :D
14:07 tch__ walterbender, +1
14:07 walterbender k_yash, yes
14:07 and they are very excited
14:07 I'll be around to help with any coding issues that come up
14:07 but they are both very strong on all other aspects of the project
14:07 abhinav walterbender: hey
14:08 Sorry for being late
14:08 walterbender they regret that they cannot attend today's meeting
14:08 k_yash I'm excited too..
14:08 walterbender abhinav, please look at the backlog as it is relevant to you
14:08 richashi My mentor is Tony Anderson
14:08 walterbender richashi, yes
14:08 k_yash walter nothing to worry about right
14:09 walterbender Tony is not on IRC too often, but he is generally responsive by email
14:09 maybe CC sugar-devel when you can to keep the community informed
14:09 richashi, I think there are several more mentors (not here this morning) who are interested in your project
14:09 richashi yes, that’s right. most of our discussion took place through mails only :)\
14:09 walterbender german from NI for one
14:10 richashi, it is important that there be a good record of your discussions
14:10 abhinav walterbender: I went through the backlog
14:10 walterbender history suggests it is key to a successful project
14:10 abhinav And it seems clear from my side
14:11 richashi okay. I will make sure that the community stays informed
14:11 walterbender thx
14:11 richashi :)
14:11 k_yash and me too
14:12 walterbender mohayon, lots of interest in your project as well and plenty of people prepared to help above and beyond llaske
14:12 mohayon Great ! Very glad to hear that :)
14:12 walterbender mohayon, I hope next week when I am in NI to get some direct feedbck about priorities from a major Sugar deployment
14:13 maybe it will help inform your work
14:13 ishan28mkip Walter : tony is my other mentor right?
14:13 llaske What is NI ?
14:13 walterbender Nicaragua
14:13 richashi So, German would be the second mentor?
14:13 walterbender ishan28mkip, I am hoping Tony Forster will help out
14:13 artista walterbender, My primary mentor is you I guess but I'm not sure about my other mentor/s.
14:14 walterbender richashi, german or perhaps one of the JS developers he recruited as mentors... I'll let you know
14:14 richashi okay! thanks :)
14:14 walterbender artista, I am going to pressure Gonzalo to help
14:14 he is very busy this summer, but I know he is also very interested in the project
14:14 abhinav llaske: Can I have your mail Id?
14:15 walterbender so we can at least count on strategic feedback from him
14:15 llaske abhinav: it's lionel@olpc-france.org
14:15 artista that would be great
14:15 ishan28mkip I should start being in touch with tony also then.
14:15 abhinav llaske: Thnx :)
14:15 walterbender ishan28mkip, Yes... I'll contact him too... he had not signed up as a mentor, but I know he is interested
14:16 k_yash walterbender on technical side...only you'll mentor me right?
14:16 walterbender it is just a matter of time
14:16 k_yash, Marnen is very strong technically
14:16 k_yash oh :)
14:17 walterbender did we cover everyone?
14:17 OK.
14:17 #topic communication
14:17 I propose the following:
14:18 (1) everyone hang out in IRC as much as possible: #sugar
14:18 (2) everyone join the sugar-devel list
14:18 (3) everyone set up a blog and join the Sugar planet
14:18 if we do that, we should be good
14:18 I know last year we had some issues with the planet
14:19 hopefully tch and I can sort them out this summer
14:19 Also, please be sure to communicate directly with your mentor at least a few times per week
14:19 richashi the blog has to be made on the Sugar wiki or elsewhere?
14:19 native93 walterbender, better if we provide the contact details of  POC with Sugar planet
14:20 walterbender richashi, It can be anywhere
14:20 richashi okay
14:20 walterbender there are instructions as to how to join the planet
14:20 looks for those instructions
14:21 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ndication_request
14:21 any volunteers to be planet master :)
14:22 abhinav walterbender: I can give it a try
14:22 If students can also be in the admin part :P
14:22 walterbender abhinav, please contact bernie
14:22 abhinav, students are first class members of the community
14:23 abhinav walterbender: Very true. Can I get the email Id of bernie?
14:23 walterbender bernie AT codewiz DOT org
14:24 abhinav thnx
14:24 walterbender I have only one other topic on my list
14:24 richashi http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Bernie
14:24 walterbender #topic meeting times
14:24 ishan28mkip Walter how can we communicate, should we continue mail thread or switch to irc?
14:24 walterbender I would like to have a weekly meeting of all of the students to review progress
14:25 Mentors are encouraged to join, but it is required of students
14:25 would this time work as a regular time?
14:25 abhinav fine with me
14:25 ishan28mkip This time would be fine
14:25 mohayon It's great
14:25 llaske sounds good for me
14:25 artista Can it be one hr later?
14:26 walterbender does that work for you guys in Europe and India?
14:26 richashi Yeah. Can it be 1-2 hours later?
14:26 walterbender fine for me
14:26 abhinav yeah, anytime around this time will be good
14:26 llaske 1h yes, 2h is not ideal
14:26 ishan28mkip 1 hour later would do.
14:27 mohayon Same as llaske, 1h would do it
14:27 walterbender OK. Let agree to 11 in Boston and Asuncion
14:27 15:00 in Paris
14:27 tch__ walterbender, works for me ;)
14:27 llaske No, 17h in Paris
14:27 mohayon 17:00
14:27 walterbender 20:30 in Delhi
14:27 richashi So, that’s 8 am in California
14:27 k_yash ok fine with me :)
14:28 abhinav Sounds Cool
14:28 walterbender sorry... 17 in Paris
14:28 ishan28mkip Yup 8:30 pm in delhi. :)
14:28 k_yash mumbai 8:30 right
14:28 walterbender OK. done
14:28 llaske Waow 4 timezone to manage :-)
14:28 abhinav llaske: Thats the beauty :)
14:28 walterbender I will be traveling back from NI next Friday, but feel free to touch base
14:29 richashi okay, sure
14:29 mohayon okay !
14:29 walterbender we will start in earnest the following week
14:29 llaske guess students are not suppose to code for the moment
14:30 richashi ;)
14:30 walterbender llaske, they can start any time but we cannot require them to start yet
14:30 llaske so we need to use this period to think about what should be done
14:30 abhinav atleast, me and yash cannot. We have got our semester exam for the next 10-15 days
14:30 ishan28mkip Me too.
14:30 abhinav *ishan
14:31 walterbender ouch
14:31 llaske okay don't have understood this difference
14:31 walterbender good luck with that
14:31 llaske, I think that the official Google schedule says coding starts on the 25 May
14:32 llaske it's what I've got in mind
14:33 k_yash yeah timeline says 25th may
14:33 walterbender are there any other things people would like to discuss today?
14:33 abhinav walterbender: One thing we can do in this phase of 15 days that we can be clear with the technologies we will be using
14:33 llaske in the meantime let's try to work more on architecture and features
14:33 walterbender #topic other topics?
14:33 abhinav, yes
14:33 llaske +1
14:33 mohayon I agree with that
14:33 walterbender we should be discussing the details over the next two weeks
14:33 ishan28mkip We can also be clear about version control and browser support
14:34 walterbender ishan28mkip, good point
14:34 llaske all browsers :-)
14:34 walterbender re version control, we have migrated to github
14:34 abhinav true that
14:34 walterbender so please use github
14:34 ishan28mkip Alright.
14:34 walterbender unless you have a strong case why you need to use some other version control system
14:34 richashi for code review, what’s the procedure
14:35 devin <devin!~devin@c-73-167-118-213.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:35 walterbender richashi, that is up to you and your mentor
14:35 k_yash okay...I use github only :P
14:35 richashi okay!
14:35 ishan28mkip llaske all browsers? Does that include ie 6/7?
14:35 walterbender although if your project gets pushed upstream to Sugar Labs, there is a procedure laid out on developer.sugarlabs.org
14:36 llaske No :-)
14:36 mohayon I guess all modern browsers :)
14:36 walterbender we don't do no stinking IE
14:36 neither does MS any more :)
14:36 ishan28mkip Haha :)
14:36 abhinav walterbender: Thnx :)
14:36 richashi :P
14:36 ishan28mkip Thats a relief.
14:36 walterbender llaske, would be great if you could run a seminar on multi-browser support for all of us
14:37 devin I am on now. Sorry to be late. I am reading the history. Hi Yash!
14:37 k_yash Hello Devin :)
14:37 walterbender and might be good to come to some consensus on libraries too
14:37 llaske Yes, why not I've wrote an e-mail on sugar-devel regarding that. I will repost it.
14:37 walterbender llaske, thx
14:37 ishan28mkip That would be great
14:38 walterbender anything else for today?
14:38 llaske Regarding libraries. require.js is the only pre-requisite today
14:39 in Sugar Web
14:39 I think it's good to don't add more pre-requisite and let each activity decide other framework it need
14:40 richashi I agree
14:40 walterbender llaske, I was think more along the lines of recommendations
14:40 for example, I have gone down several rat holes regarding media support -- things that work in Chrome but not Android
14:41 would be good to save everyone else the same pain
14:41 (and humiliation)
14:41 llaske HTML5 media
14:41 ?
14:41 walterbender camera, music, microphone, text to speech, etc
14:42 llaske Okay mohayon will look on that too for Record activity
14:43 I suggest that he give us a sum up on that
14:43 First TODO action for you mohayon :-)
14:43 walterbender Maybe we can ask each project to sum up in a couple of weeks
14:44 for example, we have three.js for Turtle 3D
14:44 mohayon Yep, I started looking for that kind of libs and got a list, I can post something about this
14:44 walterbender it looks solid and well supported
14:44 but I haven't tested it on Android
14:44 mohayon Maybe a wiki page with some comparative features
14:44 walterbender mohayon, +1
14:44 we had a lot of discussion on sugar-devel when we first started the JS support
14:44 llaske Warning too: iOS support is not always good due to Safari
14:45 walterbender but that is stale
14:45 llaske +1 for wiki page
14:45 so everyone could add its experience inside
14:46 ishan28mkip +1
14:47 walterbender anything else for today?
14:47 artista we would be having weekly meeting the same day i.e friday?
14:48 walterbender artista, yes
14:48 but I will not be here next week... unless the airplane has WiFi
14:49 artista ok :)
14:49 richashi have a safe flight :)
14:50 walterbender thx
14:50 ok...
14:50 devin Walter, is MusicBlocks always going to be contained in the TurtleArt UI? Is that the plan?
14:50 walterbender I think we can wrap up for today
14:50 devin ...or a separate program?
14:50 walterbender devin, a separate program
14:51 devin, I was just using Turtle to sketch the ideas
14:51 devin Okay, but we start from what we have... I see.
14:51 That is what I envision as well. Glad I checked!
14:51 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:51 walterbender looking forward to a fun and productive summer
14:51 artista +1
14:52 tch__ :)
14:52 ishan28mkip +1
14:52 llaske Sure
14:52 richashi :) me too!!
14:52 devin Thanks!
14:52 abhinav Same here. Excited :)
14:52 walterbender #end-meeting
14:52 meeting Meeting ended Fri May  1 14:52:37 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:52 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T14:04:27.html
14:52 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-05-01T14:04:27
14:52 walterbender tch__, gonzalo__ back in 5
14:52 garyservin has left #sugar-meeting
14:53 gonzalo__ walterbender, ok
14:53 tch__ walterbender, ACK
14:54 llaske has quit IRC
14:54 k_yash is excited too :D
14:54 devin Please send documents on how to project plan (for us musicians).
14:55 mohayon has quit IRC
14:57 devin I need to go. I asked Yash to help inform us on project planning/development/communication stuff.
14:57 Thanks. Bye!
14:57 devin has quit IRC
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14:58 richashi Bye everyone!
14:59 k_yash Bye
14:59 richashi has left #sugar-meeting
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15:00 abhinav bye
15:00 abhinav has quit IRC
15:02 walterbender gonzalo__, tch__ ClaudiaU did you see my edits from last night?
15:03 gonzalo__ let me see
15:03 walterbender I added some 1 sentence overviews
15:04 tch__ walterbender, checking
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15:08 gonzalo__ ClaudiaU, are you ready?
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