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#sugar-meeting, 2015-04-09

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22:57 walter_ hi tch
22:57 any other mentors around?
22:57 (GSoC mentors)
22:57 tony37 <tony37!~tony@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:57 tch__ walter_, there's tony :)
22:57 walter_ hi tony37
22:57 thanks for joining us
22:57 tony37 hi, walter
22:57 tch__ tony37, hola tony
22:58 walter_ so... here is the deal
22:58 we have 67 applications for GSoC
22:59 tch__ walter_, do we know how many slots is SL getting?
22:59 walter_ and we have 12 mentors
22:59 we need to let Google know how many slots we want by the end of the weekend
23:00 that is what I'd like to decide tonight
23:00 we have two weeks to decide on the actual students whom we accept
23:00 * we find out on the 15th how many slots we get
23:00 I think we have ~20 strong candidates
23:01 but I am loathe to ask for more slots than mentors
23:01 make sense?
23:03 tony37 There are strong proposals for both web confusion and interactive javascript shell.
23:03 I don't know the time burden for mentoring, but it is looking like a lot
23:04 walter_ tony37, I have mentored more than one student in the past... it is a lot of work
23:04 tch__ I think we should aim for 1 project per active mentor,
23:04 walter_ tch__, I agree
23:04 tch__ but is hard to tell who is/will be an active one
23:04 I mentored two at once in 2013, was really hard to keep up
23:04 walter_ tch__, I think that most of the mentors will be active
23:05 (the new ones I recruited for the music projects are quite engaged)
23:05 maybe we can recruit more mentors over the next couple of days?
23:05 tch__ walter_, yeah but they all mentoring 1 project right?
23:05 walter_, we can try
23:05 walter_ tch__, well, maybe we make it two projects/students as there is a lot to do
23:06 and we have several strong applications in that area
23:06 we have some general JS activity programming that could be mentored by a group of "at large" developers
23:07 tch__ walter_, yes, but there should be one mentor with the responsability
23:07 walter_, the problem with groups is that there is no one responsible
23:07 walter_ tony37, is there anyone else in the community you trust to work with either of your projects?
23:07 tch__, agreed.
23:07 we need a responsible party
23:07 (in GCI, it ends up being me)
23:08 but I cannot do the same for GSoC
23:08 tony37 I would have to think about that, certainly it would have to be someone not already a mentor
23:08 tch__ walter_, definitely not,
23:08 walter_ tony37, please do think about it
23:08 tony37, and please let me know over the weekend if possible
23:09 tch__, have any good JS hackers lurking about?
23:09 tony37 Ok
23:09 tch__ walter_, I can try find one before sunday.. haha
23:10 walter_ I'll try too
23:10 so maybe we can get up to 15...
23:11 meanwhile. I think we need to start culling
23:11 we can perhaps assign mentors where we are confident we want to supervise a particular student
23:11 we can change our minds, but it would be a good exercise
23:12 tch__ walter_, looking at the mentors list, and if I had to respond intuitively , id say we can realistically manage around 7-8
23:13 walter_ I think we are good for 10
23:13 pretty solid crew
23:14 tch__ walter_, and we should prioritize projects, we have more than 10 ideas
23:15 walter_ tch__, yes
23:15 tch__ walter_, based on proposals quality most likely
23:15 walter_ I think we have to do it that way
23:15 tch__ walter_, and secondly based on candidates themselves
23:15 walter_ we want the best people more than we want the best projects
23:16 tch__ walter_, exactly, but right now best proposal == best people, the second filter would be when there are repeated good proposals
23:17 walter_ yes... that is a problem
23:17 we have to do the best we can
23:17 some people are going to be disappointed (including me)
23:17 tch__ walter_,  should we prioritize repeated good proposals candidate over not-so good not-repeated candidates?
23:17 (was that complex to explain)
23:18 walter_ tch__, yes... good people are the #1 criteria IMHO
23:18 tch__ walter_, ok, agreed
23:18 walter_ so the immediate task is trying to find a few more mentors
23:18 then we can reconvene after the 15th and make the hard decisions
23:18 agreed?
23:19 wishes we could have some of the GCI kids be mentors
23:19 tch__ +!
23:19 +1
23:20 walter_, SL should insist for the next summit
23:20 walter_ I made a pitch this year
23:20 lawyers
23:21 tch__ walter_, not familiar with the terminology
23:21 ;)
23:21 walter_ OK
23:21 heads off to recruit mentos
23:22 mentors
23:22 tch__ idem,
23:25 tony37 has quit IRC

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