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#sugar-meeting, 2015-04-06

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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23:02 gonzalo_ meeting time?
23:02 meeting gonzalo_: Error: "time?" is not a valid command.
23:04 gonzalo_ hi walterbender
23:05 walterbender hi gonzalo_
23:05 it is meeting time
23:05 I was nodding off :P
23:05 gonzalo_ back at home?
23:05 walterbender still jet lagged from the India trip
23:05 yes... home again :)
23:05 CanoeBerry Hiya
23:06 walterbender today I babysat for both my grandson and granddaughter
23:06 hi adam
23:06 anyone else here?
23:06 ClaudiaU, ?
23:06 gonzalo_ hi CanoeBerry
23:07 CanoeBerry ignacio ?
23:07 gonzalo_ danielf?
23:08 Cerlyn ?
23:08 gonzalo_ hi Cerlyn
23:09 walterbender hmm
23:09 I did not get confirmation from anyone except gonzalo_
23:09 meeting * Jose_Miguel-es has joined
23:09 CanoeBerry Hi!
23:10 walterbender ok... quorum :)
23:10 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello!
23:10 walterbender #start-meeting
23:10 meeting Meeting started Mon Apr  6 23:10:04 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:10 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
23:10 <Jose_Miguel-es> Pardon by the hour...
23:10 walterbender Just a quick update on several topics
23:10 #topic GSoC
23:10 Jm_ <Jm_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:10 walterbender we have 67 applicants
23:11 many strong ones
23:11 we have a meeting scheduled for Thursday to discuss among the mentors what we want to do
23:11 then we wait to hear from Google
23:12 FWIW, I have approached the Tata Trusts in India to see if they might be interested in working with some of these kids -- about 75% are from India
23:13 #topic Turtle Art Day
23:13 with the help of Harriet Vidysagar and the team at Homi Bhabha Center in Mumbai, we had a 2-day Turtle Art Day last week
23:13 one day for educators and one day with fourth graders
23:14 lots of fun
23:14 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
23:14 walterbender we used the Javascript version with the teachers and the Python version with the kids
23:14 Quozl`_ .
23:14 walterbender I'll be writing up notes as soon as I wake up.
23:14 still suffering from jet lag
23:15 #topic possible project in Assam
23:15 I met with the Tata Trusts to discuss a project that they are doing with MIT
23:15 be we went on to discuss an initiative that they are doing in Assam.
23:16 Looks likely we will be doing a Sugar program there
23:16 I'll keep you all informed as discussions go forward
23:16 That's the end of my updates
23:17 (Oh, except to say that I am doing a Turtle Art Day in Jamaica at the end of the month in conjunction with a local foundation.)
23:17 CanoeBerry, can you reconnect me with anything else going on there these days?
23:19 gonzalo_ i have a small news than can make CanoeBerry happy, today landed in Sugar a patch to not break activities with old activity.info format anymore :)
23:20 retrospectively, was a mistake make the change in 0.98, but we live and learn....
23:21 walterbender Quozl`_, how are your tests on performance of 104 on XO-1 hardware?
23:22 would be great to be able to get everyone onto recent builds
23:22 Quozl`_ walterbender: i have an automated test method in development, been testing continuously for four days on three XO-1, and have some surprising discoveries, but I'm not ready to publish the details, except to say that 104 scores better than 98.
23:23 walterbender Quozl`_, thanks for working on this
23:23 Quozl`_ walterbender: the other blocker for a synchronised release is the Browse activity showing rectangles in fonts after a Google search.
23:24 walterbender Quozl`_, yeah...
23:24 Quozl`_ walterbender: otherwise, i'm finding the 104 build very stable and nice.
23:24 walterbender Quozl`_, we need to make a full-court press on Browse
23:24 it will be a blocker for some potential projects in India as well
23:25 gonzalo_ Quozl`_, question, did you tried run the old gecko version of Browse? 129.1 i think
23:25 Quozl`_ walterbender: within a few days i expect i'll be reducing my involvement on performance analysis on XO-1, as other work is about to arrive.
23:25 gonzalo_ Quozl`_, probably will need some dependencies like hulahop
23:26 Quozl`_ gonzalo_: no, didn't try it.
23:26 CanoeBerry Sorry, am back.  Elkner just called :)
23:27 walterbender give him my regards
23:27 CanoeBerry walterbender: my Jamaica links are weak 3 years later, but will try!
23:27 walterbender CanoeBerry, mine too :P
23:28 gonzalo_, shall we discuss the survey results?
23:29 gonzalo_ walterbender, the last time i checked, we had 12 replies, is not bad
23:29 walterbender, i was waiting a few more to make a resume
23:29 summary
23:30 walterbender gonzalo_, OK
23:30 maybe for next meeting
23:30 icarito, ping
23:31 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Gonzalo: some tracks?
23:31 icarito hola walterbender
23:31 gonzalo_ Jeniffer Martino is not involved in Canada anymore?
23:32 JoseMiguel, show how diverse is our group to start :)
23:32 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> ;)
23:33 walterbender icarito, did you have anything you wanted to discuss re elections?
23:33 gonzalo_, I never heard back from her :P
23:33 CanoeBerry gonzalo_: catching up to your patch annc above, incredible news
23:34 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, i knew you will be happy ;)
23:34 icarito walterbender, only I'm waiting if I will be appointed for elections committee
23:34 as well as Caryl
23:34 who is the other volunteer
23:37 walterbender let's discuss with the SLOB
23:37 #topic elections committee
23:37 some background
23:38 Luke, who was chairing the election committee has moved on to other thing
23:38 s
23:38 correlated -- not necessarily causal -- we had no candidates for the last two elections above and beyond current members
23:39 so we did not hold elections
23:39 we now have two community members volunteering to pick up the slack
23:39 It would be be good to get some fresh ideas and energy
23:40 I presume we need to appoint the new committee
23:40 end of background
23:40 Quozl`_ ceases observing the meeting (conflicting appointment)
23:41 walterbender Quozl`_, ciao
23:41 CanoeBerry On March 10th Walter said Sugar Labs will run elections end of 2015: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]March/017278.html
23:41 walterbender CanoeBerry, and no one signed up as a candidate
23:41 until mid-february
23:42 CanoeBerry, but we can discuss this with the election committee
23:42 which is the current topic
23:43 not the election itself
23:43 gonzalo_ i think we should do otherwise
23:44 walterbender I am thrilled that icarito and cayrl have volunteered
23:44 gonzalo_ we need run the election, and we have volunteers, anybody have any problem with start the process?
23:44 walterbender I think it would be good to recruit one more... one of the younger members.. a sam or ignacio
23:45 and then let the committee propose a plan for an election
23:46 gonzalo_ icarito, from the point of view of infraestructure, something is missing?
23:46 walterbender Let me make a motion:
23:47 A motion to appoint Icarito and Cayrl to the election committee
23:48 and to try to recruit a youth member to the coimmittee as well
23:48 discussion?
23:48 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Good idea.
23:49 gonzalo_ +1 from my part
23:49 walterbender CanoeBerry, any thoughts?
23:49 gonzalo_ i think limit the other volunteer to young hackers would not be needed
23:50 walterbender gonzalo_, true... but I think it is a good goal... to have a committee that is as diverse as our community if possible
23:50 but maybe it need not be part of the motion
23:51 gonzalo_ walterbender, is good, but wouldn't be a blocker
23:55 walterbender shall we vote on an amended motion:
23:55 Motion: Appoint icarito and Caryl to the election committee
23:56 we can leave it to a task to all of us to recruit more help
23:58 gonzalo_ ok, can they start in the meantime?
23:58 walterbender yes
23:58 gonzalo_ good
23:58 walterbender once we appoint them
23:59 can we vote?
23:59 +1
23:59 gonzalo_ +1
23:59 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
23:59 walterbender CanoeBerry, ?

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