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#sugar-meeting, 2015-02-09

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21:33 walterbender_ <walterbender_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
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22:41 cjl <cjl!~chatzilla@2601:a:2e00:4d00:223:69ff:fe00:2e1c> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:42 cjl hola walterbender_
22:42 walterbender_ cjl: hello
22:43 how have you been?
22:43 cjl busy
22:43 starting to dig my way out of being buried by new job
22:43 walterbender_ so good busy
22:44 cjl want ot get back into some L10n stuff
22:44 walterbender_ cjl: great
22:44 cjl icarito wants a new locale creqated, so I want to help him with that
22:44 and I was poking around new pootle today
22:45 sent you some string fixes for TAextras
22:45 walterbender_ saw those
22:45 I'll try to get to those ASAP
22:45 I am a bit hobbled because my dog destroyed my laptop last night
22:46 cjl bad dog
22:46 walterbender_ cjl: did you see my email re aymara?
22:46 cjl yes, sounds great
22:46 walterbender_ good.
22:46 I will ask SFC to write up a contract ASAP
22:47 we need a way to get the JS stuff into pootle
22:47 cjl icarito is trying to get awajun going
22:47 walterbender_ we are doing a kludge right now for TurtleJS
22:47 cjl hmm
22:50 walterbender_ cjl: right now we run some local python scripts
22:50 it is OK for the moment
22:51 cjl does getext work on JS?
22:52 walterbender_ not exactly AFAIK
22:52 but we do something similar
22:52 from the coding POV
22:53 but we need to compile everything into one big .ini file
22:58 ClaudiaU: ping
22:59 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:59 walterbender_ hey ClaudiaU
23:00 Claudia_: how is the snow on your side of town?
23:00 we are buried
23:00 Claudia_ buried
23:00 so much.. not even funny
23:00 walterbender_ Claudia_: this is a bit surreal
23:00 meeting * Jose_Miguel-es has joined
23:01 Claudia_ I don't remember that much snow
23:01 Jm__ <Jm__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello!
23:01 Claudia_ ever!
23:01 walterbender_ hey JM
23:01 Claudia_ Hello Jose Miguel
23:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello Walter! Claudia!
23:02 walterbender_ Claudia_: not sure there ever has been this much at once in Boston
23:02 cjl hello
23:02 walterbender_ we have a quorum so let's begin :)
23:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello cjl
23:02 cjl walterbender_: how much today?
23:02 walterbender_ #start-meeting
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23:02 walterbender_ cjl: over 1 foot more just today
23:03 cjl ouch
23:03 walterbender_ first, my apologies for not meeting last week
23:03 but here we are
23:03 cjl Well on to the other white powdery stuff
23:03 walterbender_ I am not sure if gonzalo will be able to join us or not, but I have some input from him on several topics
23:04 I'd like to statt regarding the proposal I emailed about Aymara
23:04 just to confirm, Edgar, who did the previous work is willing to do the new strings for Sugar 104 and for Turtle Blocks JS
23:05 cjl That would be great +1
23:05 walterbender_ We have $ budgeted for this in the trip advisor account, but just wanted to run it by SLOB as a curtesy
23:05 Claudia_ Fine with me too
23:05 walterbender_ OK... I think we have OKs from a majority: me, cjl, gonzalo, Claudia_
23:06 I will ask the SFC to write up a contract
23:06 cjl Aymara is very well done, just some catching up wit hcoders
23:06 walterbender_ cjl: good to hear
23:06 Edgar has been very responsive
23:06 cjl yes he has
23:06 walterbender_ cjl: anything else re i18n you want to mention?
23:07 cjl I will work with icarito on an Awajun glibc locale.
23:07 He has set up a project for Awajun in Pootle
23:07 walterbender_ OK... feel free to chime in later
23:08 aargh
23:08 cjl ?
23:08 walterbender_ I am using the web interface from a chromebook and it is not showing me the end of the chat window
23:09 (you know the expression the dog ate my homework? well, my dog "ate" my laptop. actually vomited all over it last night... it is broken)
23:09 cjl: do we have some translators for Awajun?
23:09 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> :(
23:09 Claudia_ ohhh
23:10 walterbender_ so I am working from an old chromebook... not fun
23:11 cjl: if we need to hire some, let me know
23:11 cjl Would love more Maori . . .
23:12 walterbender_ cjl: anything else i18n related?
23:12 cjl Will check in on the Papiamento team, they may be looking to do more
23:12 walterbender_ cjl: find me translators :P
23:13 cjl BTW there is a Guarani L10n effort on LibreOffice, should we reach out to them?
23:13 walterbender_ I have a call with Mariana from OLPC tomorrow. She is heading up their Africa efforts. We've had a few discussions about i18n in the past.
23:13 I will see if anything is real
23:14 cjl I got a message about Arabic recently
23:14 I'll follow up
23:14 walterbender_ cjl: maybe tch can find out what happened to the PyEduca efforts in Guarani
23:14 cjl that would be great
23:14 tch did the Pootle install work?
23:14 walterbender_ cjl: I would love some quick help with Arabic for Turtle Blocks JS
23:15 cjl: I think so... I think it all works again
23:15 cjl: we have a wiki page that is used to point to the proper repos for projects
23:15 most things in Pootle have migrated to github
23:16 cjl You have arabic users or is it a left to right thing?
23:16 walterbender_ next topic?
23:16 cjl: I have a workshop in Tel Aviv in May
23:16 I want to have both Hebrew and Arabic
23:17 cjl I'll see what I can do
23:17 walterbender_ I can get most of the strings from the Python version, but I have a few new strings
23:17 and some on-line help
23:17 I need to tweak rtl but it should basically just work
23:18 anyway
23:18 we need to make a decision about Google Summer of Code 2015
23:18 I need to apply this week if we are going to do it
23:18 cjl How are we for mentors?
23:19 Claudia_ We should recruit mentors from the deployments
23:19 walterbender_ I have been discussing it with tch and gonzalo, since the three of us provide most of the mentoring help for GSoC (and GCI).
23:19 Claudia_ Perhaps Mariana has some ideas..
23:20 walterbender_ We want to do a very focused effort unless we have more mentors
23:20 Claudia_ if a deployment is interested in a particular feature or development, they may want to volunteer a mentor, who works with the students to get it ready
23:20 walterbender_ I'll reach out but I feel we will have to scale back some this year just due to the three of us being stretched too thin
23:21 cjl I would understand that
23:21 walterbender_ Claudia_: I haven't seen much evidence that deployments can provide this sort of engagement
23:21 not that I wouldn't love to see it
23:22 JM, if the ANEP program were to actually happen, I could utilize some of those resources to leverage GSoC
23:22 it would be a very strong leverage of resources
23:22 but I cannot do it on my own
23:22 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> I was speaking of this today, look forward to to send in brief agreement to sign...
23:23 walterbender_ Jm__: that would be great
23:23 really timely
23:23 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> But the change of government *enlentece everything...
23:23 walterbender_ because otherwise I think we will lose some of our core team to other work
23:23 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> If, timely... We follow working in this...
23:24 walterbender_ Claudia_: we need to engage FZT ASAP as well
23:24 they could get great leverage from this too
23:25 Claudia_ walterbender_: GSoC?
23:25 walterbender_ I will make our application and we can scale it if we get some commitments from deployments
23:25 yes, Google Summer of Code
23:25 Claudia_ I am happy to talk to Felix and bring the examples of UY, PY...
23:25 walterbender_ free interns but the cost is to support the mentoring
23:26 Claudia_ but I thought Mariana may provide additional pointers... we can follow up
23:26 walterbender_ I will mention it when I speak with her tomorrow
23:26 Claudia_ ok
23:27 walterbender_ just a quick show of hands? OK to apply to GSoC?
23:27 say yes
23:27 Claudia_ yes
23:27 walterbender_ gonzalo told me yes as well, as long as we remain focued
23:27 focused
23:28 cjl ok
23:29 walterbender_ so, next topic
23:29 cjl thinks not fscked
23:29 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *fscked?
23:29 walterbender_ we had agreed last month to have a summit meeting (in Montevdeo)
23:30 Claudia_ Doc/meeting...
23:30 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok
23:30 walterbender_ but as Claudia pointed out, we need to do some preparation work beforehand
23:30 I for one have been remiss in doing that work.
23:31 Claudia_: do you have time tomorrow to meet face to face?
23:31 Claudia_ Gonzalo started a great doc.. I did some edits
23:31 walterbender_ we can try to hammer out some more of the details
23:32 Claudia_ walterbender_: yes. We can coordinate
23:32 walterbender_ and then I will redo the doodle to find dates (March I think since Feb. was not going to work)
23:32 Claudia_: Newton schools are closed again, but I could come to your place or you could come here?
23:33 but could everyone please add their thoughts to the document?
23:33 Claudia_ ok.. let's coordinate off line
23:33 walterbender_ Claudia_: +1
23:34 I don't have much else on my agenda... just a few updates
23:35 (1) if you haven't tried Turtle Blocks JS of late, check it out... lots of improvements
23:35 the Butia team is working on a plugin for it
23:35 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> I have seen it...
23:35 <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
23:35 walterbender_ and someone just wrote a plugin for google maps... really cool
23:36 it is getting to be very interesting
23:37 also, as I mentioned, I have a turtle art day scheduled for end of April/beginning of May in Tel Aviv
23:37 we still need to schedule the Managua event
23:37 and I will talk to Mariana about Africa
23:38 Claudia_ Who are you talking to about TA day in Managua?
23:38 walterbender_ (2) we are looking at different opportunities for supporting development. We may try to tap into a Ceibal program this month
23:39 Claudia_ Managua has fallen through the cracks
23:39 Claudia_ ok
23:39 walterbender_ something we need to focus on tomorrow
23:40 anyway, that is my list
23:40 oh.. I should mention I am in India in late March
23:41 hopefully get something going there... at least TA Day in Goa
23:41 cjl We could use more langs from India
23:41 walterbender_ and an opportunity to meet lots of students the the IITs
23:41 cjl: I'll keep it in mind, thx
23:42 cjl: I would like to get Turtlle Blocks JS in lots of languages.... not too many strings and instantly available throught the web... a teaser to do more with Sugar
23:43 cjl How different from the version in Pootle?
23:43 walterbender_ does anyone else have topics for tonight?
23:44 cjl: not too different... fewer strings since I don't do the help yet... but there is an intro help screen
23:44 cjl: and some new strings for some of the new plugins
23:45 cjl: you may be interested in the translation plugin
23:45 cjl yes
23:45 Claudia_ Not me
23:45 walterbender_ cjl: for that matter, maybe we should make a plugin to translate Turtle Blocks in Turtle Blocks :)
23:45 would not be hard
23:46 cjl I always wanted Virtaal on Sugar for L10n bootstrapping
23:47 walterbender_ OK... thanks everyone for attending tonight's meeting
23:47 cjl stay warm
23:47 walterbender_ cjl: let's think about how it might work as a turtle blocks project... could be fun
23:48 cjl: I will write to you with some ideas
23:48 Claudia_ Thank you all
23:48 cjl ok
23:48 walterbender_ OK... good night all. thank you
23:48 4
23:48 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Good *nochesa!
23:48 <Jose_Miguel-es> 3
23:48 Claudia_ 2
23:49 cjl 1
23:49 walterbender_ #end-meeting
23:49 meeting Meeting ended Mon Feb  9 23:49:43 2015 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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23:49 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]15-02-09T23:02:31
23:49 <Jose_Miguel-es> Goodbye...
23:50 walterbender_ ciao ciao
23:50 meeting * Jose_Miguel has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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