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#sugar-meeting, 2015-01-13

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22:59 walterbender hello all
23:00 any SLOB members here?
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23:02 gonzalo_ walterbender, meeting time?
23:02 walterbender gonzalo_, yes
23:02 waiting to see if any other SLOB members are here...
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23:02 walterbender hi sdanielf
23:02 meeting * JoseMiguel-es has joined
23:02 sdanielf hi all
23:02 walterbender great. we have a quorum
23:03 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Hello!
23:03 walterbender #start-meeting
23:03 gonzalo_ ClaudiaU, ping
23:03 meeting Meeting started Tue Jan 13 23:03:10 2015 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
23:03 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
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23:03 walterbender Sorry that we are so late in the month with the meeting.
23:04 circumstances...
23:04 gonzalo_ no your fault :)
23:04 walterbender anyway, I'd like to put in the official minutes that I am a new grandfather :)
23:04 baby girl yesterday :)
23:04 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Congratulations!
23:04 walterbender I am lobbying to call her Sugar :)
23:04 gonzalo_ ha ha
23:05 walterbender don't think I'll win that one :P
23:05 so... let's get started
23:05 #topic GCI
23:05 We are in the last week of Google Code In.
23:05 We've had 55 students participate this year.
23:06 more than 250 tasks completed
23:06 sdanielf number of students is wrowing
23:06 walterbender lots of bugs fixed
23:06 gonzalo_ impresive year
23:06 walterbender and some nice new directions as well
23:06 sdanielf number of tasks per student looks like it has grown too
23:07 walterbender I've gotten lots of help from the students on the Javascript code
23:07 sdanielf, yes...
23:07 some new blood doing really good work
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23:07 walterbender we delayed the bug freeze for the new release to take advantage of GCI
23:07 gonzalo_ hello CanoeBerry
23:08 walterbender so the new release will be even better because of the effort of our contestants
23:08 CanoeBerry Hi from a rought connection in Ghana.
23:08 walterbender and thanks very much to our mentors
23:08 sdanielf walterbender: anyway, it was more stressfull 2 years ago when there was a short time to complete a task, too much more action
23:09 walterbender sdanielf, we learned a lot since then how to do this
23:09 learned some more this year
23:09 if we do it again next year I have a few suggestions to google as well
23:09 we had some nice tasks from Mariah in the outreach section
23:10 and more interesting "beginning" tasks
23:10 gonzalo_ walterbender, is Mariah mentoring these tasks?
23:10 sdanielf walterbender: would be good to suggest to accept mentors under 18
23:10 walterbender sdanielf, I tried...
23:11 but Google won't do it because of the lawyers
23:11 gonzalo_ i didn't see interaction
23:11 walterbender gonzalo_, she did a lot early, but she just got a new job and got distracted :P
23:11 gonzalo_ sdanielf, I already said that on google last year
23:11 walterbender we did get good help from Quozl` and some others
23:12 and once again, good help from some of the students for other students
23:12 but we are still thin on mentors
23:12 sdanielf well, I'm not always on IRC, but I received some questions by personal messages
23:12 walterbender we need more (as gonzalo_ predicted)
23:13 sdanielf, yes... I get *lots* of questions in google chat
23:13 I try to encourage them to go to IRC
23:13 gonzalo_ walterbender, reflect the number of active developers ....
23:13 walterbender gonzalo_, yes
23:14 a bit of a chicken and egg
23:14 Quozl` .
23:14 walterbender despite all, I think it is a net positive for us.
23:15 any other comments/feedback re GCI?
23:15 should point out that once again, a large talent pool in .UY :)
23:16 sdanielf yes: walterbender, I think you should assign tasks after students contact their mentors
23:16 gonzalo_ we can see also how has improved the quality in kids who have participated in the previous years
23:16 walterbender sdanielf, interesting
23:17 If we had more mentors it may be possible
23:17 gonzalo_ sdanielf, can you explain?
23:17 sdanielf and in the description of tasks say any instruction like "Get on touch by IRC" or "Contact your mentor by email.."
23:17 walterbender but if a mentor is unavailable for a few days -- it happens -- then it is seen as a real roadblock by the students
23:18 there was a "complaint" by one of the participants about having to wait too long for feedback.
23:19 I've tried to be responsive but at the same time, make sure the appropriate mentor is in the loop.
23:19 Quozl`, can you paste your suggestion in this channel?
23:20 Quozl` walterbender: you might add all mentors to a mailing list and distribute the load of initial response.  [wasn't sure if i had right to speak]
23:20 sdanielf Sugar IRC channel is too few for all the students making questions in the same time
23:20 walterbender I should have made a more strict schedule to keep coverage 24/7
23:20 we did have a mentor in India this year to help with some issues of timezones
23:20 gonzalo_ walterbender, is unreal have mentors 24/7
23:21 walterbender gonzalo_, maybe not 24, but 7, we do need
23:21 but reviews take time
23:21 gonzalo_ most of the students want a reply at irc _now_, few of the tried send a email to the mailing list
23:21 walterbender and that is a difficult concept for the students
23:22 sdanielf do you think there is a way to get the community into different channels acording to topics? in other organizations it is easier to find help from someone in the community who isn't a mentor
23:22 walterbender I should point out that there are many participant who do it to have fun and learn and contribute
23:22 but some who really want to win the trip to Google
23:23 some both
23:23 so, without mentioning names, we have a few students who are fine working on challenges, while others are more frenetic in their behavior
23:24 Quozl` giggles
23:24 walterbender sdanielf, too many channels is just spreading us thinner
23:26 anyway... good to record some observations now, while fresh.
23:26 in case we choose to do this again next year.
23:26 shall we move on?
23:27 sdanielf +1
23:28 walterbender #topic Membership/elections
23:28 We need to figure out what to do about this board
23:29 we did not hold an election in December because we have no candidates
23:29 I can only assume that either:
23:29 (1) it is a thankless job
23:30 (2) it is a toothless board
23:30 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Claudia and Daniel manifested that it interested them follow...
23:30 walterbender JM: yes, but they did not add their names to http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]4-2015-candidates
23:30 No one did :(
23:31 gonzalo_ me neither
23:31 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> :(
23:31 gonzalo_ we should fire our self by lazy
23:31 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> ;)
23:31 walterbender lazy is not the word I would have chosen
23:32 but it is not a priority :P
23:32 we are all really busy
23:32 and to a large extent things run themselves
23:32 no big decisions to make
23:32 which I suppose is a good thing
23:32 gonzalo_ walterbender, well, i disagree
23:33 walterbender gonzalo_, I was about to say that we face some big changes
23:33 and we'll need a board of advisors to help us with these changes
23:33 gonzalo_ walterbender, I think one problem is we didn't find the way to take decisions
23:33 walterbender what needs to be decided?
23:34 gonzalo_ walterbender, by example what prioritize or how make a transition from sugar to other devices
23:34 walterbender, how improve our communication
23:34 marketing, alliances
23:35 walterbender gonzalo_, I think that those are all important issues
23:35 sdanielf I think we started to communicate better when organizing the Youth Summit
23:35 walterbender and we have been lazy about addressing them
23:36 but not because of communication
23:36 gonzalo_ walterbender, i know we are not a executive board, but in fact we don't have a executive board, then, someone should take decisions
23:36 CanoeBerry I am sad we didn't find a way to better engage Chris Leonard around his passions for translation/localization so soon after he was re-elected, writing a very strong statement of his commitments upon re-election just a year ago: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]ndidate_Statement
23:36 walterbender but because of how we (/me) prioritizes our time.
23:37 CanoeBerry, I think the issue with CJL is on a personal level to do with his job situation
23:37 gonzalo_, I think we need to discuss strategy
23:38 and we tend to discuss tactics
23:38 right back
23:40 gonzalo_ walterbender, +1 we need discuss strategy
23:41 walterbender back
23:44 sorry... crazy here
23:45 gonzalo_ i think we was operative when we needed work (two releases, one international event, the background contest) but we need find the way to stop and do strategic thinking
23:45 time is clocking against us
23:45 walterbender yes
23:45 gonzalo_ inertia do not help
23:46 walterbender and, for example, I have an NSF grant due Thursday and too many distractions to finish it :P
23:46 we do need to figure out a model for long-term (even short-term) sustainability for our core development team
23:47 gonzalo_ yes
23:47 Quozl` the sudden unexplained loss of daniel narvaez was a shocker.
23:47 gonzalo_ and we need set (ad respect) priorities
23:47 Quozl`, and still is unexplained
23:48 walterbender without it, and without a clear market focus, we will be irrelevant despite the quality of our work
23:48 Quozl`, I reached out to him many times... nada
23:48 very out of character
23:48 Quozl` walterbender: thanks.
23:50 gonzalo_ Quozl`, even he stop participating in github ... https://github.com/dnarvaez
23:51 Quozl` yes, it was classic under the bus scenario, but i mention it for sustainability of development team; must avoid single point of failure.  (and i'm a SPOF for olpc, i can feel it in my bones).
23:51 walterbender I think to understand our future we need to assess where our key stakeholders are heading
23:52 Quozl`, to be frank, as much as I love OLPC XO, we need to think about what is next
23:52 Quozl` i think the key stakeholders can't be trusted to indicate their heading, they would need to be approached and sampled.  while a guess might be "android, sugar-web", we can't know that without looking carefully.
23:53 walterbender Quozl`, I agree that they don't really know, even if they think that they know
23:54 we need to lead them
23:55 but it is difficult without good channels of communication
23:55 Quozl` (i think education research might give some ideas.  a key idea i came across yesterday is that it doesn't seem to matter what tech is used, (paper, audio, video, interactives) what matters is teacher vs student.  support that relationship, and good will come of it.)
23:56 walterbender we have essentially no communication to our "customers" through OLPC
23:56 Quozl` yes, and i'd add that as OLPC we have essentially no communication with our customers much either.  just bids, orders, responses.
23:56 gonzalo_ Quozl`, +1, and think technology will substitute people (read teachers) is dumb
23:57 walterbender +1 but
23:57 Quozl` our customers now think they know better.
23:57 which means OLPC was not leading.  but sugar labs can.,
23:57 gonzalo_ they see the market
23:57 walterbender we have a diverse customer base
23:57 I have no idea at all what they think in Rwanda, for example
23:58 or today in Peru
23:58 I think I know what AU is attempting to do
23:59 how to stay relevant and head down the right path is what we need to put our efforts behind
23:59 gonzalo_ walterbender, then, if we think is important to know what the deployments think we need a strategy to do that. we discussed this one year ago, but we didn't moved

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