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#sugar-meeting, 2014-11-04

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Time Nick Message
00:46 Tony_ <Tony_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
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00:47 Tony_ <Tony_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
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00:48 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!CanoeBerry@c-98-216-39-142.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:48 TonyF <TonyF!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:57 karenesq <karenesq!~karen@gnome/staff/conservancy.officer.karenesq> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:58 walterbender hi kaametza
00:58 hi karenesq
00:59 CanoeBerry, hey...
00:59 kaametza hi walterbender
00:59 karenesq hi walterbender!
00:59 walterbender: I'm still behind on my email from all of that travel I had, but was pleased to see the one about the GCI money!
01:00 walterbender yes. nice surprise
01:00 karenesq pretty exciting
01:00 walterbender is ClaudiaU here?
01:00 no gonzalo
01:01 CanoeBerry Hi all-
01:01 walterbender no jose miguel
01:01 no danielf
01:01 and no cjl
01:01 hmm
01:01 CanoeBerry We can wait a bit?
01:02 walterbender CanoeBerry, yes, but meanwhile, let's take advantage and get some discussion going
01:02 CanoeBerry And email too if nec.
01:02 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:02 walterbender ah...
01:02 CanoeBerry Ciao
01:02 walterbender gonzalo_, welcome
01:02 gonzalo_ hello!
01:02 walterbender #start-meeting
01:02 meeting Meeting started Tue Nov  4 01:02:36 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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01:03 quidam lurks
01:03 walterbender hopefully claudia, daniel, chris, and jose miguel will join us
01:03 but meanwhile, we can discuss a few things
01:03 #topic google code in
01:03 gonzalo_ who is here?
01:04 CanoeBerry I am :)
01:04 gonzalo_ hi CanoeBerry!
01:04 kaametza hi gonzalo_
01:04 JT4sugar <JT4sugar!~JT@d14-69-23-136.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:04 walterbender a bunch of us (karen, bradley, tch, and myself) were ate the google summer of code event last month
01:04 gonzalo_ hello kaametza
01:04 TonyF Tony Forster
01:04 walterbender I got a chance to touch base with the GCI coordinators
01:04 CanoeBerry Good to see you're travelling fast Gonzalo-
01:04 Quozl` .
01:04 walterbender and got good feedback re SL participation again this year.
01:05 gonzalo_ hi all
01:05 walterbender I've submitted our application and we should hear in a week or so
01:05 we are still a bit thin on initial tasks, esp. outreach.
01:05 gonzalo_ we don't have quorum yet :(
01:05 walterbender mariah promised to help i that area.
01:06 but please, add tasks, and reach out to potential mentors
01:06 I would also like to push hard on recruiting participants from more places this year (more than just UY)
01:07 FYI, we just got $5K from Google as a thank you for last year
01:07 karenesq \o/
01:07 walterbender so we could spend a bit of money on outreach if people have any ideas
01:08 thinks this is a great program and great fit for SL
01:08 karenesq walterbender: are there academic networks you're in touch with? or networks of teachers?
01:08 it's perfect for SL!
01:08 walterbender karenesq, yes
01:08 As soon as I know we are in, I will do a blitz
01:09 karenesq awesome, we at OPW have been thinking of ways to help improve participation of girls in GCI, and we think in person mentoring might help, or at least specifically mentioning to teachers that they should encourage girls to participate
01:09 walterbender that'd be great
01:09 karenesq great walterbender!
01:10 walterbender SL is a good program for getting started
01:10 I am going to be writing up a bunch of turtle art tasks that should be fun poitns of entry
01:11 I'll get in touch as soon as I hear back next week
01:11 any other questions/comments/ideas re GCI?
01:12 gonzalo_ how can we improve with the mentoring? usually we are not too much people in that role, and we need more help
01:12 walterbender gonzalo_, there are several different aspects of mentoring
01:13 there is being available on IRC  (and the email lists) to answer questions
01:13 and there is assigning and signing off on tasks
01:13 the former is the most important
01:14 gonzalo_ good, may be you can explain these different ways to the community and try to engage more people?
01:14 karenesq if you have any people who have been lightweight contributors, you could ask them to hang out in IRC for a specific time slot to help kids. Sometimes that gets people more committed to the project
01:14 walterbender but it would be good too to have more clear in the wiki how to submit the results of a task, e.g., make a pull request
01:15 tonyf can over the overnight shift on the east coast of the US :)
01:15 gonzalo_ walterbender, well, that is another point
01:16 in our experience, we need agree the criteria of completion of the gci tas
01:16 k
01:16 walterbender gonzalo_, I was going to suggest that any activity we have kids work on in GCI should be migrated to github so that the PRs are actually seen
01:16 gonzalo_ probably request the kids a patch ready to push if not goood for gci dinamics
01:17 walterbender we need to make clear the difference between a design and an implementation
01:17 gonzalo_ design tasks are not very useful, maybe create prototypes
01:17 walterbender I think a good patch is the right metric... but not to wait for the patcj to land
01:17 someone, not necessarily the maintainer, needs to review
01:18 if the maintainer wants something more, we can open a new task
01:18 but not letting the kids get stuck on an unresponsive maintainer
01:19 gonzalo_ walterbender, we should have a mentor responsible for every task
01:19 walterbender yes
01:19 we do that when we create the tasks
01:21 gonzalo_ honestly, i prefer have few tasks and be able to do the mentoring right, than have a lot of tasks, and do a mediocre mentoring
01:21 of course, i prefer have more mentors and do more tasks :)
01:22 walterbender gonzalo_, we need to find a balance.
01:22 gonzalo_ can we organize a development meeting to organize this criteria?
01:22 walterbender we need at least 100 tasks
01:23 but yes... let's contiue the discussion on dev
01:23 gonzalo_ then we need at least 5 mentors but would be good have ten :)
01:24 walterbender we'll have 10 mentors
01:24 gonzalo_ hmm, my optimist detector is over the scale :)
01:26 walterbender gonzalo_, we already have you, me, tch, mariah, jose (from PY)
01:26 gonzalo_ 5
01:26 walterbender and I will strong-arm quidam, icarito , kaametza ,
01:26 and TonyF
01:26 and more
01:26 quidam hides
01:27 walterbender anyway, we should move to other topics
01:27 gonzalo_ walterbender, if people don;t have time, say yes but later can't do the job
01:28 walterbender #topic sf summit
01:28 just to let everyone know, we have a very nice sugar camp hosted by alex kleider
01:29 a lot of progress on the web framework
01:29 tch has a nice socket.io framework and we're beginning to flesh it out
01:31 and we had some interactions with some old contributors who as interested in at least advising us as we go forward
01:31 ben schwartz of Distance activity fame
01:32 gonzalo_ was really helpful
01:33 walterbender FWIW, it does seem easier to get feedback on Javascript than Python
01:33 I've already had 6+ contributors to the JS version of Turtle
01:35 just wanted to give everyone a heads up
01:35 Gonzalo also ran a Turtle Art Day
01:35 which alas, was not very well attended :P
01:35 not sure why
01:36 the next Turtle Art Day will be in NI, hosted by FZT
01:37 so I expect a crowd.
01:37 gonzalo_ great!
01:38 walterbender so, we have about 20 minutes left.
01:38 CanoeBerry when is Nicaragua happening, or do we know yet?
01:38 TonyF NI is?
01:38 bernie lurking
01:38 walterbender CanoeBerry, probably the 2nd week of December
01:38 gonzalo_ nicaragua
01:38 walterbender TonyF, Nicaragua
01:38 gonzalo_ hi bernie :)
01:38 walterbender TonyF, I was speaking to Rangan today about Turtle Art Day in AU in February
01:38 you around then?
01:39 TonyF In late feb mar I am in central america
01:39 walterbender TonyF, I'll try to aim for before you leave
01:39 TonyF k thx
01:40 walterbender I will send a memo around outlining the calendar for thiis years's Turtle Art Days
01:41 since bernie is lurking, I'd like to change topics
01:41 #topic membership committee
01:41 Luke is AWOL
01:41 so we need to recruit someone(s) to field and respond to requests
01:42 gonzalo_ can't they send a email to a account redirected to slobs ml?
01:43 walterbender gonzalo_, I suppose... but we tried to keep membership separate from SLOBs since members elect the committee members
01:43 gonzalo_ ahh, ok
01:44 walterbender I'll ask a few people... but if you have any ideas, please let bernie know
01:45 gonzalo_ someone asked in the last meeting (i think was icarito) to cleanup the membership list too
01:45 maybe we can send a email to everyone and ask confirmation if they want continue
01:46 walterbender icarito was working on a survey
01:46 not sure what the criteria for "cleaning up the list" would be
01:46 but maybe the survey would give us some insight
01:46 gonzalo_ good
01:48 walterbender one more topic
01:48 #topic election
01:48 so far as I know, we have no one running for the 4 open slots
01:49 I suppose it doesn't matter that we have a smaller board, but it seems wrong somehoe
01:50 so if you know people who may be interested, please encourage them to run
01:50 gonzalo_ walterbender, i suppose will participate again, just to bother you :)
01:50 walterbender +1
01:52 gonzalo_ what would be really good is have less participants than seats, we need encourage more people to try
01:52 CanoeBerry Do we have a preferred timeframe for when the election should be?
01:52 walterbender CanoeBerry, I think before the end of the year
01:53 CanoeBerry Covering 2-weeks as usual presumably?
01:53 walterbender presumable
01:53 ly
01:53 Luke was in charge of these details
01:53 We'll need someone else to do it this year
01:54 was wondering what the impact of Citizens United will have on the election
01:54 maybe we can convince some PACs to give us lots of money :)
01:54 for marketing
01:55 bernie catching up with backlog
01:55 walterbender Marketing is actually a topic I'd like to discuss in detail at the next meeing
01:56 anything else pressing for tonight?
01:57 gonzalo_ we can finish
01:57 walterbender OK
01:57 thanks all for joining in
01:58 I will make sure that our absent members read the transcript
01:58 3
01:58 gonzalo_ 2
01:58 walterbender #end-meeting
01:59 meeting Meeting ended Tue Nov  4 01:58:59 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
01:59 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-04T01:02:36.html
01:59 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-11-04T01:02:36
01:59 karenesq thanks all!
02:00 walterbender dinner time
02:00 CanoeBerry Thanks Karen & All
02:01 TonyF Lunch time, thanks all, bye
02:01 karenesq enjoy your meals!
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