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#sugar-meeting, 2014-10-07

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00:00 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:00 walterbender waiting on daniel, gonzalo and jose miguel :P
00:00 meeting * Jose_Miguel-es has joined
00:00 gonzalo_ sorry my irc client was sleeping
00:00 walterbender hello all
00:00 cjl hola gonzalo_
00:00 gonzalo_ hello cjl!
00:00 walterbender we have a quorum so lets get started
00:00 #startmeeting
00:00 meeting Meeting started Tue Oct  7 00:00:50 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
00:00 karenesq hi! :)
00:00 meeting Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
00:01 walterbender hi karenesq
00:01 kaametza hello all :D
00:01 walterbender hi laura
00:01 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello To all!
00:01 walterbender jose miguel: any idea if daniel francis will join us tonight?
00:01 I wanted to talk about the Youth Summit
00:02 but we should wait until he is able to join us
00:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> No  of Daniel. Perhaps it confused the hour. We change to schedule of summer yesterday.
00:02 Claudia_ Hello
00:02 walterbender oh
00:02 JMGarcia <JMGarcia!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:02 walterbender we do that soon too
00:03 cjl Always a confusing time :-)
00:03 walterbender just for the record, I want to "officially" thank Daniel and Jose Miguel for their efforts in organizing the summit
00:03 gonzalo_ yes ....
00:04 walterbender a very nice event
00:04 cjl applauds
00:04 tch__ +1
00:04 Claudia_ + 10
00:04 karenesq claps too!
00:04 walterbender I was especially pleased to see such interesting work being done in UY
00:05 and to make progress on accessibility
00:05 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> It has been an excellent experience.
00:05 sdanielf <sdanielf!~daniel@r186-53-104-85.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:05 walterbender hi sdanielf
00:05 we were just singing your praises
00:05 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> ;)
00:05 walterbender the Youth Summit was a very good event
00:06 Quozl` listens
00:06 cjl Congratulations on it's success
00:06 walterbender a nice start to something we should repeat again in UY and elsewhere
00:06 sdanielf hi
00:06 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> IF, of agreement...
00:06 gonzalo_ good work, jose miguel and sdanielf
00:06 sdanielf got distracted with algebra
00:07 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello Daniel
00:07 walterbender for those who were not there, we had a symposium, some workshops (including Turtle) and some hacking days
00:07 and we have some new young hackers join us
00:07 including the son of Guzman Trindad
00:08 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Yes. It is good.
00:08 walterbender and we visited Mariana's school, which inspired some new activities
00:08 Claudia_ +1 of having it every year
00:08 cjl acccessibility work sounded interesting
00:09 accessibility is very akin to L10n in my mind
00:09 gonzalo_ +1
00:09 walterbender cjl, yes... sdanielf and gonzalo collaborated on a story app that only requires one click
00:09 and I worked on an audio-only story app
00:09 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> An excellent tool
00:09 walterbender hopefully they will be useful in the school
00:09 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Necessary for a lot of boys
00:09 gonzalo_ was very good have participants, from paraguay, colombia and nicaragua too
00:10 walterbender yes
00:10 and argentina :)
00:10 Claudia_ so sorry to have missed it
00:10 walterbender and I suppose the US was represented too :)
00:10 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> You *extrañamos, Claudia!
00:11 walterbender sdanielf, mayeb when you have a chance you could write up a guide to putting on a Youth Summit
00:11 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Gonzalo has written something...
00:12 walterbender it will make things easier for next time
00:12 sdanielf maybe...
00:12 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> We have learnt *muhco of this experience.
00:12 gonzalo_ anyway we learned something, make young hackers travel to other countries is more difficult than we expected
00:12 sdanielf step 1: make peace between Flavio and authorities
00:12 walterbender sdanielf, yes... that is a real pity
00:13 cjl sdanielf: algebra comes first though :-)
00:13 walterbender do your algebra in Turtle :P
00:13 Claudia_ jose.. y yo a ustedes! And I heard only good things!!!
00:13 sdanielf step 2: ensure that students don't have a chicken pox
00:14 walterbender sdanielf, another difficult task
00:14 sdanielf woke up on Saturday full of hives
00:15 cjl probably not ebola, don't worry :-)
00:15 walterbender sdanielf, it was nice that we bumped up against the Sumo event...
00:15 it ensured we met some new hackers
00:15 tch__ walterbender, that was specially nice,
00:16 lots of kids their robots, very inspiring
00:16 walterbender yes
00:16 sdanielf walterbender, those are also good news
00:16 Claudia_ were there any girls?
00:17 sdanielf In my HTML workshop there was one
00:17 walterbender and in my Turtle workshop
00:17 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> There were girls. Few but there was.
00:17 gonzalo_ Claudia_, in the open day was nice see complete families participating
00:17 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> In the one of robotics also...
00:17 Claudia_ gonzalo_: nice!!!
00:17 good to hear
00:17 walterbender at sumo there were girls
00:18 but not enough
00:19 Claudia_ that is something to make sure happens next time..
00:19 gonzalo_ is fun, i think girls like robots more than programming
00:19 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Who explained that there were workshops of *Python for girls? Paraguay? Colombia?
00:19 walterbender we need to change that
00:19 sdanielf for me it was nice to hear the girl introducing herself in the HTML workshop: "I want to be a scientist and I want to learn how to share what I think in the web"
00:19 walterbender nice
00:19 karenesq :)
00:20 walterbender anyway, we should prob. move on to some of the other topics
00:21 a few quick ones:
00:21 (1) the Trip Advisor grant has been renewed for the second year
00:21 cjl cheers
00:21 walterbender that means more $ for i18n and Turtle Art
00:22 karenesq so great!
00:22 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> Excellent!
00:22 walterbender so please, if you have ideas about venues for Turtle Art Days, please let me know
00:22 was thinking Amazonas
00:22 and we need to push harder on i18n
00:22 cjl yes
00:23 walterbender that work has been stalled somewhat by our pootle issues
00:23 cjl tch__: and I were discussing that
00:23 walterbender hopefully we can spend some time on sorting that out in SFO later this month
00:23 we didn't make any headway in UY, alas
00:25 we've been contacted of late re some new language groups in Africa which is nice
00:25 cjl yes and Swahili is wanting to get started
00:26 need to push Guarani also
00:26 icarito we're looking to get started with awajun in peru as well
00:26 walterbender icarito, great
00:26 icarito, please send details to cjl
00:27 cjl Yes, we can support with TripAdvisor funds
00:27 gonzalo_ icarito, the guide you prepared is very good
00:29 walterbender OK... another topic:
00:29 Google Code In
00:29 icarito gonzalo_, thanks, I wish pootle was back up, hopefully we can prioritize it
00:29 walterbender we need to decide if we want to apply again this year
00:30 kaametza will the pootle server be up soon?
00:30 cjl GCI has drawn some steady contributors
00:30 kaametza cjl, Perú is looking forward to start new lenguages
00:31 walterbender cjl, yes... I think it has been very important for us
00:31 cjl kaametza: Hopefully in a week or so, depending on tch__ availability
00:31 walterbender and I would like to participate again
00:31 cjl Looking forward to helping with glibc locales
00:31 icarito cjl, great, that's the stage we're in
00:32 cjl icarito: Let's discuss by e-mail, I
00:32 m still a glibc committter, which speeds things quite a bit
00:33 walterbender: How are we doing for GCI mentors?
00:33 gonzalo_ according to tch__, he is blocked on bernie providing a new vm, if anybody can help with that....
00:33 walterbender gonzalo_, I'll try
00:34 back to GCI, any one have any comments? suggestions?
00:34 cjl walterbender: How are we doing for GCI mentors?
00:34 walterbender cjl, I havem't put out a call yet
00:34 not until we agree to participate
00:35 we also have to generate project ideas
00:35 kaametza cjl, thx looking forward to it :D
00:35 gonzalo_ walterbender, wotrking with bugs was goood last year
00:35 we can propose ideas for new activities too
00:35 or make html version sof activities too
00:36 walterbender yes
00:36 all of the above
00:36 I'll start organizing
00:37 shall we vote on participation?
00:37 cjl We should review previous years ideas for good ones left behind
00:37 walterbender cjl, there are some, yes
00:37 cjl +1 to apply
00:37 walterbender +1
00:38 gonzalo_ any volunteer to help with mentoring?
00:38 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
00:38 sdanielf +1
00:38 Claudia_ +1 to applying and making sure we continue things that were good and not finisged
00:38 * finished
00:39 walterbender gonzalo_, I'll reach out to the community tomorrow.
00:40 and start gathering materials for our application
00:40 I've already been contacted by a few people who want to participate
00:41 next topic:
00:41 elections
00:41 we need to hold an election for 4 positions opening at the end of the year.
00:41 Claudia_ four?
00:42 walterbender yes
00:42 Claudia_ wow.. big changes
00:42 cjl Daniel Francis, Gonzalo Odiard, Adam Holt, and Claudia Urrea.
00:42 walterbender Claudia_, gonzalo_ sdanielf and cjl are all ending their terms
00:42 Claudia_ booo
00:42 walterbender no
00:42 I think I got that wrong
00:42 adam,
00:42 cjl, is still another year
00:42 sorry about that
00:42 cjl I copied from your e-mail
00:43 walterbender Claudia_, we have 4 every other year and 3 every other year
00:43 gonzalo_ 2 years went fast :)
00:43 walterbender so we need to recruit candidates
00:44 I hope you all consider running again
00:44 cjl and members
00:44 sdanielf I need to decide if I'm going to run again for re-election or not
00:44 Claudia_ I am
00:44 walterbender and we need to recruit members (get community members to register)
00:44 so that we have a good voter turn out
00:44 sdanielf, it has been really valuable having your perspective
00:45 icarito walterbender, it would be good to confirm old members as well
00:45 walterbender if you choose not to run, maybe you can convince one of your peers to run
00:45 icarito, I suppose... why?
00:45 and how?
00:45 icarito i.e. perhaps run a survey of all current members / open survey for prospective members
00:45 walterbender, perhaps it is a good way to nudge them in direction of sugar labs, since we miss them
00:46 walterbender icarito, that is a good idea
00:46 speaking of which, I heard from Marco recently
00:46 he is in remission
00:46 icarito i know a good way to run surveys, with free software, but it would be good to come up with a good set of questions
00:47 walterbender icarito, I'll try soliciting questions
00:47 the other loose end is that I am not sure if Luke Faraone will run the election this year
00:47 we'll need to find someone to work with him at a minimum
00:48 gonzalo_ last year the mail with the information for the votes went to spam boxes, i don't know why
00:48 walterbender gonzalo_, hmm
00:48 gonzalo_ is a detail but is something to look
00:49 JT4sugar Might be a good idea to send election information to all Sugar Labs lists not just a direct email to member
00:49 walterbender gonzalo_, last year we had no vote, but maybe you are thinking of the email re registering to vote?
00:49 JT4sugar, we send a call to register to the lists
00:49 gonzalo_ probably
00:50 walterbender and to become a canditate
00:51 it is important we make every effort to be more inclusive
00:51 gonzalo_ maybe we can do a email explaining what slobs do and why we need the participants
00:51 icarito what are the proposed deadlines for registering for voting / candidacy ?
00:51 walterbender icarito, we usually leave that to the membership committee
00:51 as members of the board we need to recuse ourselves
00:53 icarito, I suppose we have two months of prep time
00:53 if we have the vote in December
00:54 OK...
00:55 let me summarize where we are so far:
00:55 icarito guys i offer to help out in the membership committee
00:55 walterbender icarito, please reach out to luke
00:55 will contact him too
00:55 icarito will do
00:55 walterbender reaching our ES members is important
00:56 icarito claro :-)
00:58 walterbender if everyone can please reach out it would help
00:59 any other topics for tonight?
01:00 gonzalo_ no from my part
01:01 Claudia_ not really
01:01 cjl must go, dinner bell rings
01:01 walterbender OK
01:01 thanks all for participating tonight
01:02 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok.
01:02 walterbender I'll write up the minutes and also send out preliminary emails re GCI and the election
01:02 sdanielf walterbender, thank you for chairing this meeting
01:02 walterbender sdanielf, my pleasure.. nice to have so many attendees
01:02 6
01:02 sdanielf 5
01:02 ignacio 4
01:03 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> 3
01:03 cjl 2
01:03 gonzalo_ 1
01:03 walterbender good night all
01:03 #endmeeting
01:03 meeting Meeting ended Tue Oct  7 01:03:35 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
01:03 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-07T00:00:50.html
01:03 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-10-07T00:00:50
01:03 Claudia_ 0
01:04 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> *Bye.
01:04 Claudia_ has quit IRC
01:04 meeting * Jose_Miguel has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:04 karenesq by all!
01:05 sdanielf has quit IRC
01:05 JT4sugar Wal
01:05 walterbender JT4sugar, hi
01:05 JT4sugar Walter you have some time for a catch up call this week?
01:06 walterbender sure
01:06 I have a wide open week
01:06 JT4sugar Tomorrow afternoon around 3pmest?
01:06 walterbender sure
01:06 you have my number, right?
01:06 JT4sugar Will call you then-Thanks!
01:07 JMGarcia has quit IRC
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22:09 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:11 adborden walterbender, tch__ gonzalo_ how about you guys give me some background about what brings you to SF. what days are you going to be there and when did you want to host the turtle art day?
22:12 gonzalo_ adborden, i think walterbender came on Tuesday
22:12 after OLPC SF
22:13 walterbender adborden, yes. I don't arrive until around mid-day of Tuesday, the 21st
22:13 gonzalo_ i will be there from Friday 17 to Friday 24
22:13 walterbender but we can do a Turtle Art Day w/o me
22:13 would be a problem if I was necessary
22:13 adborden ok, good to know
22:13 gonzalo_ adborden, depends on when we have people / place available
22:14 walterbender I can get as many LiveUSB keys as you need with a recent Sugar/TurtleBlocks i
22:14 the Toast image
22:14 gonzalo_ great
22:14 adborden okay, gonzalo_ are you around to organize and run it? are you looking to olpcsf for space or do you need some staff to run the program
22:15 walterbender adborden, the more mentors the better
22:15 tch__ +1,
22:15 walterbender how will be recruit kids (and parents)?
22:15 gonzalo_ adborden, how many people do you think can attend?
22:15 tch__ walterbender, gonzalo_ do we have space for the workshop yet?
22:16 walterbender rgs volunteered his apartment :)
22:16 tch__ walterbender, haha..
22:16 adborden gonzalo_: for mentors probably 2 or 3
22:16 gonzalo_ adborden, can be workshop in parallel wih olpc sf? or a activity for kids in the same event?
22:18 adborden gonzalo_: if you want, we can arrange that. we just need to make sure our mentors are not double booked for speaking
22:18 walterbender adborden, the mentors can go in an out as need be
22:18 adborden fwiw, sameer did not give me much background on what the event was, or what you guys needed
22:18 gonzalo_ adborden, true, i proposed do a talk too :)
22:18 tch__ adborden, me too
22:19 walterbender see http://people.sugarlabs.org/wa[…]es_10-08-2013.pdf
22:19 tch__ walterbender, I assisted walter 2 times, I have some ideas ;)
22:20 adborden gonzalo_: we're still working on getting sessions together, the virtual nature of the event makes the format a bit different. if you have suggestions, that would be great
22:20 thanks walterbender this is great
22:21 walterbender adborden, doesn't have to be as elaborate as that, but to give an idea
22:21 gonzalo_ adborden, we can choice a day for the TurtleDay and manage to get the mentors talks in the other 2 days
22:21 choose
22:22 adborden gonzalo_: yeah, that sounds like a good idea. it might make sense to have sunday be more focused on turtle art, and the local event (not virtual). and all the virtual talks on saturday
22:22 running the two at the same time sounds like it might be a lot of work
22:23 tch__ adborden, thats works for me, as I arrive on Sat 18, around noon
22:23 gonzalo_ adborden, ok, we don't want complicate the event you have organized
22:24 adborden, the most important part is have the place and do the promotion
22:24 adborden ok great, i have to double check with our team, i'm not sure if sameer had something else in mind
22:24 gonzalo_: right, we can publicize event with our summit.
22:25 gonzalo_ adborden, great
22:25 adborden i know sameer has booked space on the main SFSU campus  for saturday and sunday. I'm not sure how much capacity that space has
22:25 gonzalo_ ok
22:25 adborden do any of you have contacts in the area? have you guys been advertising the idea at all in san francisco?
22:25 gonzalo_ no :/
22:25 tch__ adborden, nope
22:26 gonzalo_ adborden, we just proposed the event to sameer
22:26 adborden gonzalo_: how many students were you hoping to attend?
22:27 gonzalo_ adborden, i think we can manage easily between 20 and 60
22:27 but depends on the space too
22:27 walterbender, do you agree?
22:27 adborden okay so assuming its gonzalo_ and tch__ plus two mentors, you think between 20-60 students?
22:28 gonzalo_ i think so
22:28 walterbender 20-60 is great
22:28 tch__ with I think 10-15 per mentor is doable
22:28 walterbender we need to make sure that they can run Turtle
22:29 so either in a VM or LiveUSB
22:29 I can prepare both
22:29 has lots of USB sticks
22:29 gonzalo_ walterbender, can you send usb by mail before your travel?
22:29 walterbender but it would be good to test on your end
22:29 gonzalo_, yes
22:29 tch__ walterbender, you could send it to rgs
22:30 walterbender tch__, or directly to adborden
22:30 tch__ walterbender, even better,
22:30 adborden these usb sticks can run on any machine? do we need XOs?
22:30 walterbender adborden, can you email me a shipping address?
22:30 adborden, if you have XOs, we need just run Turtle
22:30 the USBs are for PCs
22:31 and Live images for Apple stuff
22:31 err
22:31 the Live USBs are for PCs
22:31 gonzalo_ i think sameer have a few xo availables in the university
22:31 walterbender and the .IMG files are for VM on a Mac
22:32 adborden walterbender: i will email you my mailing address
22:32 walterbender if we have ubuntu or fedora, you can just run turtle
22:32 adborden, and if you can give me a sense of what hardware/OS is likely to be used I can take that into consideration.
22:33 adborden walterbender: sure, i'll have to check with sameer
22:36 ok, so it sounds like you guys are asking olpcsf for help with 1) physical location for up to 60 students 2) publicity 3) spare XOs and other laptops 4) volunteer mentors, the more the better
22:36 gonzalo_: does that sound right?
22:36 gonzalo_ adborden, exact
22:37 adborden great. i will see what i can do
22:37 i think publicity will be the hardest. what age group are we trying to get?
22:38 gonzalo_ walterbender, what ages you think would be better?
22:38 walterbender 6 to 60
22:38 gonzalo_ haha
22:38 adborden :)
22:38 walterbender but 6 to 12 would be best
22:38 gonzalo_ i would say 8 or more
22:38 :)
22:38 primary school kids is ok
22:39 if sameer bring the 3d printer, we can use turtle 3d :)
22:39 walterbender gonzalo_, could be risky
22:40 but maybe by then turtlejs will be in decent shape... who knows
22:40 gonzalo_ walterbender, you are a optimistic :)
22:42 adborden olpcsf has a conference call tonight, so I will bring this up during that call. we'll try to put something together for sunday oct 19th, but maybe later until gonzalo_ leaves on the 24th?
22:43 gonzalo_ adborden, ok
22:43 adborden, let me know when you have that defined
22:44 adborden gonzalo_: ok, we will do our best
22:44 gonzalo_ thanks!
22:44 adborden we have quite a few olpcsf volunteers who will be out of town during the conference. we're a bit short on people this year
22:45 anything else? i think that adjourns our meeting :)
22:45 gonzalo_:  i will send you an update after i talk to the group
22:46 gonzalo_ perfect
22:46 adborden thanks everyone
22:46 tch__ thanks to you :)
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