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#sugar-meeting, 2014-09-15

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13:05 tch__ hello everyone,
13:06 lets start the features proposal reviewing in 15 minutes, some people will arrive late
13:06 sorry for the inconveniences
13:17 gonzalo_ tch__, i am ready when you are
13:25 tch__ back
13:25 #startmeeting
13:25 puneet_kaur hi tch__ , gonzalo_ , I would be here to talk about the cordova proposal :-)
13:25 meeting Meeting started Mon Sep 15 13:25:14 2014 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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13:25 tch__ gonzalo_, lets start by puneet_kaur proposal then? :)
13:25 gonzalo_ hi puneet_kaur
13:25 puneet_kaur hi gonzalo_
13:25 gonzalo_ tch__, ok
13:26 tch__ #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ed_Features_for_0.104
13:27 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ntainer_for_Sugar
13:27 puneet_kaur tch__, gonzalo_ would be nice if some people can help us in testing
13:27 it
13:27 its almost through
13:27 sent a pull request to cordova team
13:27 and once thats done
13:27 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, can you explain what changes are need in sugar/toolkit?
13:28 puneet_kaur nothing in sugar/toolkit
13:28 only a function in apisocket.py
13:28 and a folder in jarabe
13:28 that folder in jarabe would have the code to access the device featuress
13:29 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, why in jarabe? if the activities will use it, would be in the toolkit
13:29 puneet_kaur oh okay
13:29 the folder can be anywhere , if it be in toolkit
13:30 then the import part in apisocket.py changes
13:30 rest remain the same
13:30 gonzalo_ ok
13:30 puneet_kaur so thats all the change
13:31 not much of interaction with sugar code
13:31 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, ok!
13:31 tch__ puneet_kaur, can you prepared those changes, update your proposal and sent us the links to the repo? :)
13:31 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, a question
13:31 puneet_kaur tch__, ok
13:31 gonzalo_, yes ?
13:31 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, with this feature, can we run cordova applications in sugar?
13:32 puneet_kaur yes
13:32 thats what the aim was
13:32 but you need to build the cordova applications for sugar
13:32 gonzalo_ there are a rpository of cordova apps?
13:32 puneet_kaur using the cordova cli tools
13:32 no not really
13:32 just a second
13:32 let me look
13:33 there are plenty of them out there
13:33 just a second
13:34 http://phonegap.com/app/
13:34 here are the apps created with phonegap
13:34 its same as cordova
13:34 basically all the webapps can run in sugar
13:34 by  a webapp I mean the ones with html,js and css
13:34 only a cli command to build the web app to an .xo
13:35 the developer doesnt need to have the knowledge of the sugar web architecture
13:35 to build the webapp
13:35 can simply use the cordova cli tools for the same
13:35 the process would be simpler once our code is merged into cordova repo
13:35 Sorry I wrote a lot :P
13:35 hope you got that
13:36 gonzalo_ thanks!
13:37 puneet_kaur :-)
13:37 also the webapp here had an andvantage
13:37 as it can use the cordova api to access the device feature
13:37 which by default web apps cant
13:37 someway to replace the naive app usage by webapp
13:38 but the accessing for device feature would be possible only for the ones we have plugins for
13:38 I made 6 plugins during gsoc
13:38 if I get time afterwards, would surely make more
13:39 gonzalo_ will be awesome :)
13:39 puneet_kaur yeah
13:39 tch__ we might need to look at the PR for final details, but I think is clear this do not require much sugar changes but impacts are great
13:39 puneet_kaur wishing to get it across to the users soon
13:40 tch__ impacts are great, in a good way ;)
13:40 puneet_kaur tch__, gonzalo_ we must wait and see for the user response once the feature is up
13:40 that would be great
13:41 gonzalo_ we will need some activity to test the framework
13:41 tch__ puneet_kaur, do you have example apps?
13:41 gonzalo_, +1
13:41 puneet_kaur yes
13:41 by apps you mean the activities right ?
13:41 yes I have
13:42 wait, I'll first show u the video
13:42 tch__ ok
13:42 puneet_kaur if u havent seen
13:42 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCdlKtoivH0
13:43 an activity with all the plugins
13:43 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylhXaQsm5dQ
13:43 converting a cordova app to sugar activity
13:43 and running it on the sugar
13:43 I have one more too
13:43 if you wanna see
13:43 I tried converting the social calc web app to sugar activity through cordova cli
13:45 http://youtu.be/8CdJAAQ-8C4
13:46 tch__,
13:46 sample apps -> https://github.com/puneetgkaur[…]ins/sample%20apps
13:47 gonzalo_, ^
13:47 the above link has all the sample cordova app you asked
13:48 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, great
13:48 tch__ looking
13:48 puneet_kaur each one of the folders would have platforms/sugar/cordova/<name of the app>.xo
13:49 but you need to have changes in your sugar environment to run the ones with plugins
13:49 if you run without that
13:49 the app would work
13:49 but the plugins wont
13:49 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, can you add all this information to http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ntainer_for_Sugar ?
13:49 puneet_kaur gonzalo_, which information ?
13:50 gonzalo_ you can see all the questions we did :)
13:50 puneet_kaur okay
13:50 gonzalo_ would be great have all the information collected for future reference, and make easier involve others in testing
13:51 puneet_kaur okay sure
13:51 tch__ puneet_kaur, thanks !
13:51 puneet_kaur would send the pr to sugar
13:51 gonzalo_ I see your page http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Cordova
13:51 puneet_kaur and would love have the testing done
13:51 to oget the feedback
13:51 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, in all aspects, a excelent work
13:51 puneet_kaur gonzalo_, thanks :-)
13:52 but the aim wont be fulfilled till I can see the users using it
13:52 :-)
13:52 gonzalo_ of course :)
13:52 tch__ keep helping us so it can happen! haha
13:53 gonzalo_ tch__, next? :)
13:53 puneet_kaur tch__, yes
13:53 tch__ gonzalo_, we can start by yours, then mines, considering others didn't appear
13:53 gonzalo_ tch__, ok
13:54 i have only two features
13:54 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ptimize_TreeViews
13:54 and
13:54 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ch_In_The_Toolkit
13:55 tch__ gonzalo_, ok :)
13:55 gonzalo_ OptimizeTreeviews is about to and a work we started with manuq, to solve performance issues in the use of treeviews in sugar
13:55 in particular in the Journal and the activities list
13:55 the code is in good state, but need more work
13:56 probably is in 80%
13:56 the famous 80% :)
13:56 tch__ gonzalo_, in terms of changes, what will this impact?
13:57 gonzalo_ is a big change
13:57 for the user is not very visible, other a more responsive journal
13:58 tch__ gonzalo_, that will be noticeable
13:58 gonzalo_, hopefully, this requires to simplify the code behind all these lists
13:58 is really hard to read it
13:59 can you think of basic set of tests we can do to make sure nothing break?
14:00 because this looks like a sensible surgery  ;)
14:00 gonzalo_ tch__, it is
14:00 tch__, i can prepare a test case
14:00 a human test case
14:00 tch__ yes, that should do
14:01 gonzalo_ i am not sure if automated testing can help here
14:01 tch__, Text_To_Speech_In_The_Toolkit is much easier
14:02 are a few methods to make easier to implement tts in the activities
14:02 tch__ gonzalo_, looks good, and necessary to avoid all that repeat stuff
14:03 this will be moved to toolkit?
14:03 are sugar TTS in toolkit already?
14:03 or needs to be moved too
14:03 ?
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14:04 gonzalo_ tch__, tts is implemented in sugar, but the methods in the toolkit call to sugar by dbus, as we do with the joural
14:04 jornal
14:04 when you open the objectinspector
14:05 for the activity is only a method, the toolkit takes care of alll
14:06 tch__ gonzalo_, not sure I understand the architecture,
14:06 gonzalo_, the TTS bits are implemented in sugar then?
14:06 and toolkit uses it through dbus
14:06 gonzalo_ tch__, what you said, (move the code form sugar to the toolkit) have sense too
14:06 tch__ yeah
14:06 I was going to that
14:06 would be simper I think
14:07 dbus has its cost, and in this case I don't think is necessary
14:07 gonzalo_ that simplify one issue I had pending, how make two activities using tts don't mix parameters
14:08 tch__ yes
14:08 I think that should work fine
14:09 think that is possible for our features freeze :)?
14:10 gonzalo_ tch__, when is that?
14:11 tch__ December 1
14:12 gonzalo_ tch__, both features are doable. my main concern is how much time will i have available....
14:12 tch__ we do what we can :)
14:12 gonzalo_ yes
14:12 tch__ both seems important,
14:12 but is up to you what should prioritize
14:13 gonzalo_ tch__, i would like to show you the optimize treeview code in uy
14:13 tch__ gonzalo_, we could dedicate each day to one idea and full work on that haha
14:13 gonzalo_ two more eyes can help
14:14 tch__ we got many days
14:14 I will stay here until next wednesday
14:16 gonzalo_, ok, should we move on?
14:16 ;)
14:16 gonzalo_ tch__, please
14:17 tch__ gonzalo_, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]_activity_updates is about "marking" activities in the microformat back-end file, so it won't get installed automatically, also won;t be selected by default in the updater UI
14:17 gonzalo_ piece of cake :)
14:17 curiousguy13 <curiousguy13!~curiousgu@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:17 tch__ yeah, and its basically done
14:18 I could send the PR anytime,
14:18 gonzalo_ please do
14:18 tch__ ok
14:18 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]adhoc_autoconnect this one is about adding a new config so sugar won't automatically connect to adhoc networks..
14:19 by default it will connect, so keep the current behavior
14:20 we just need to set a dconf key
14:20 to change that behavior,
14:20 this is another request from AU, as they don't see why laptops should connect when they don't collaborate
14:20 it wastes resources, network and battery
14:21 earias nice!
14:21 tch__ I think this could help other deployments,
14:22 gonzalo_, see? earias approves it!
14:22 :)
14:22 gonzalo_ hi earias!
14:22 earias hi!
14:22 tch__ it is also ready, I just need to send the PRs
14:23 is really small,
14:24 earias, estoy en uruguay por cierto,
14:24 earias, esta tarde voy a MVD
14:25 earias genial!
14:25 tch__ earias, voy a estar en udelar, por la conferencia CLEI y lo de sumo.uy
14:25 earias venis a visitarnos a ceibal?
14:26 puneet_kaur has quit IRC
14:26 tch__ earias, porque no, el miercoles podria :)
14:26 earias, creo que copsa 711 me deja enfrente,
14:26 earias sip
14:27 tch__ earias, te confirmo antes del miercoles !
14:27 gonzalo_, still there?
14:27 earias :)
14:28 gonzalo_ tch__, yes :)
14:28 earias, podemos organizar algo para el jueves?
14:29 yo llego al mediodia, walter el miercoles a la mañana
14:29 earias si claro!
14:29 avisen cuando puedan y los esperamos
14:30 gonzalo_ ok
14:30 tch__ mejor!
14:31 one more feature from my side
14:31 gonzalo_ go, tch__ :)
14:31 tch__ gonzalo_, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/Spent_Times basically, stores the amount of seconds for which the activity was on the main screen
14:31 is a small change too,
14:32 I am sure other deployments working with stats will find it useful,
14:32 gonzalo_ is already in use in au?
14:32 tch__ yes
14:32 something originally created by manu
14:32 gonzalo_ good, then is tested already
14:32 tch__ yes
14:32 iron tested
14:33 I will prepare these 3 PRs then,
14:33 I guess this enough for today,
14:33 we can review the others ones in the next session
14:34 3 from walter, 2 from sam, and 1 from prasoon
14:34 maybe we can do it in frinedlier time for sam
14:34 gonzalo_ tch__, looking at the features list, i am worried by the feature from manuq, and the big features, like social help and the bulletin board
14:35 tch__ gonzalo_, what concerns you ?
14:35 regarding manu's one
14:36 gonzalo_ manuq is not available
14:36 tch__ gonzalo_, well, yes.. thats certainly a problem,
14:36 but is someone depending on it?
14:36 I mean, the feature,
14:37 gonzalo_ tch__, the feature was proposed on 0.102, someone would take it
14:37 if we want land it
14:37 tch__ gonzalo_, can you review it, and see whats the status?
14:38 gonzalo_, then we decide depending on the changes it would need
14:38 gonzalo_, and see if its worth it, then we can find solutoins
14:38 like splitting the work, or convince someone to work on it
14:39 I am bit worried about sam's
14:39 3 big changes to notifications, I think they worth it,
14:39 but needs changes
14:39 gonzalo_ tch__, are really needed?
14:39 tch__ just as manu's I think,
14:40 no one using it
14:40 but if sams will work on it anyway, and it gets it to a point where is ready, why not land it
14:40 gonzalo_ tch__, i would prefer don't make notifications code more complex if is not _really_ needed
14:41 tch__ gonzalo_, lets decide next session then?
14:41 gonzalo_ tch__, that will take time from us to review and test
14:41 tch__ gonzalo_, to hear form sam and others,
14:41 para desempatar!
14:41 gonzalo_ yes,, let decide next meeeting
14:41 tch__ but yes, saving time is good
14:42 gonzalo_ tch__, when is next meeeting
14:42 two weeks from now?
14:42 tch__ gonzalo_, depends on us,
14:42 gonzalo_, probably next week,
14:42 gonzalo_,  I will talk to sam
14:42 gonzalo_ ok
14:42 tch__ gonzalo_, see if is possible for him in a friendlier time
14:42 because hes from AU
14:43 but lets no pass next week,
14:43 so we can all start hacking and polishing
14:43 gonzalo_ tch__, next monday we will still be on uy
14:44 tch__ gonzalo_, we could do a mix in-situ and irc? not sure how that would work
14:44 probably Thursday/friday?
14:44 for a IRC one,
14:45 gonzalo_ tch__, can work mix next monday
14:45 tch__ particular concerns for social help or bulletin-board?
14:46 gonzalo_ big features, needing a lot of work
14:47 tch__ gonzalo_, lets give it a look before the meeting
14:47 gonzalo_, so have some ideas of what really takes,
14:48 gonzalo_, I think both feature could be of great helps if the users can be encouraged to use them
14:52 thanks everyone for coming ! see you in the next session!
14:52 #endmeeting
14:52 meeting Meeting ended Mon Sep 15 14:52:32 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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14:52 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-09-15T13:25:14
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