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#sugar-meeting, 2014-09-10

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13:59 gonzalo_ ClaudiaU, hello, meeting time?
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14:22 <Aura-es> Hello To all!!
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14:25 <Irma_-es> Hello To tod@s!!
14:26 <irmasilva-es> Hello *Couretot!!!! Good day
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14:27 meeting <Irma_-es> *Hi! *IrmaS, *leiste my post?
14:27 <irmasilva-es> Good day Walter
14:27 walterbender sorry I am late :P   my mom dropped by for a coffee :)
14:27 meeting <Irma_-es> *Hi Walter!!
14:27 <irmasilva-es> If *couretot, recently
14:27 walterbender hi irma
14:27 meeting <irmasilva-es> We are the 2 *Irmas
14:28 <Irma_-es> I do not comprise Walter the of *your *mother?
14:29 * Aura-es has joined
14:29 <irmasilva-es> Hello Aura
14:29 <Irma_-es> There is a *IrmaS and another *IrmaC...*je..*je..
14:29 <irmasilva-es> So much time
14:29 <Irma_-es> *Hi Aura!
14:30 <Aura-es> Hello Irma!!
14:30 <Aura-es> hello To all!
14:30 <irmasilva-es> How you are?
14:30 <Aura-es> Very well and your?
14:30 <Irma_-es> ClaudiaU, where you are?
14:30 <irmasilva-es> Very thank heaven
14:30 <Aura-es> Already it began the meeting?
14:30 <irmasilva-es> No *todvía
14:31 <Irma_-es> No Aura, we are chatting
14:31 <irmasilva-es> How this Colombia
14:31 <Aura-es> Here everything well, with win to participate in the summit
14:31 <Aura-es> You will assist?
14:32 <irmasilva-es> It would love me!!!! To where you go you to lodge?
14:32 * Jose_Miguel-es has joined
14:32 <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello!
14:32 <irmasilva-es> Hello José!!!
14:32 <Irma_-es> *Hi José!
14:32 <icarito-es> Hello That such, here Sebastian
14:32 <Jose_Miguel-es> What such?
14:33 <Irma_-es> *Hi *SEbatián?
14:33 <Aura-es> Hello
14:33 <Irma_-es> They know if it comes Lorena Paz?
14:33 <icarito-es> Less bad that *josé broadcast the mail of *claudia, but had not known of this meeting
14:34 <icarito-es> But I think that it was very little time of anticipation
14:34 <Irma_-es> ;(
14:34 <Jose_Miguel-es> If, the times are complex, so near to the meeting.
14:34 <irmasilva-es> Jose could achieve me a *elemplar of the book of Guzman Trinidad?
14:35 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Mmmm. I think that it did not go out in paper, but *averiguo...
14:35 <kaametza-es> hello To all
14:35 <Jose_Miguel-es> I see it in a while.
14:36 <Irma_-es> Can give me the link of the Summit of Young Programmers, José?
14:36 <kaametza-es> thank you Jose_Miguel for broadcasting the post
14:36 <Jose_Miguel-es> The invitation is *caá: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gdz5[…]wide%20of%20*J%C3%*B3*venes%20Programmers%20Announcement_*r2.Pdf?*dl=0
14:36 <Aura-es> Hello Laura and Sebastian!
14:36 <Irma_-es> *Hi *Kaametza
14:36 <kaametza-es> Hello Irma!
14:37 <icarito-es> Hello Aura taste to greet you
14:37 <Aura-es> That well see them by *aqui!
14:37 <Aura-es> We are seeing if the city council of *Chía funds the trip of Johan
14:37 <kaametza-es> Hello Aura :D
14:37 <Irma_-es> Thank you very much José!
14:37 <Jose_Miguel-es> The registrations here: https://docs.google.com/forms/[…]_yqb9il0/viewform
14:37 <Aura-es> We are on the time
14:38 <Aura-es> But it sees  *genial the programming
14:38 <Irma_-es> *Kaametza, who are?
14:38 <kaametza-es> Aura, *cual of the 4 Johan?
14:38 <irmasilva-es> Being *pedagoga will have problems to inscribe me?
14:38 <Irma_-es> Thank you Again José
14:38 <Aura-es> Johan *Adames
14:38 <kaametza-es> Irma_, I am *co-founder of *Sugar *labs Peru and *Sugar *Labs Colombia, your?
14:39 <kaametza-es> Irma_, I am Laura Vargas
14:39 <irmasilva-es> What *expereincia *Kaametza!!!
14:39 <kaametza-es> Aura, I have done follow-up to Johan and Laura and have not attained to advance in the *bolita :(
14:40 <Irma_-es> I explain you Laura that in the *Rioja are two *Irmas: Irma *Couretot and Irma Silva
14:40 <Jose_Miguel-es> No irmasilva, *inscribite *nomás...
14:40 <german-es> Hello, good day, a greeting from Nicaragua!!!
14:40 <irmasilva-es> A young and another no so much but very *ccharrera
14:40 <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello!
14:40 <icarito-es> #startmeeting
14:41 <icarito-es> hello well I present them to the *bot of meetings of *sugar *labs
14:41 <Irma_-es> *Hi Germán
14:41 <icarito-es> The carries the record of the meetings of *sugar *labs
14:41 <icarito-es> :-)
14:41 <kaametza-es> :D as a lot I like to know to the two! *ojalá A day the way carry us by the Argentinian earths
14:41 <Jose_Miguel-es> +1!
14:41 <german-es> hello Irma_Jose_Miguel.
14:41 <Irma_-es> A pleasure! :)
14:42 <icarito-es> Greetings Jose_Miguel , Irma_  and irmasilva, german
14:42 <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello <*german>
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14:42 <Irma_-es> *Ok Laura
14:42 * Aura-es has joined
14:42 <kaametza-es> Jose_Miguel, those that young programmers are inscribed up to now?
14:43 <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello Sebastián!
14:43 <Jose_Miguel-es> We do not have many still.
14:43 <irmasilva-es> Hello Gonzalo!!!
14:43 <Irma_-es> I comment them that I will not be able to assist, however explain with me
14:43 <gonzalo_-es> hello, irmasilva :)
14:43 <irmasilva-es> Of which ages are?
14:43 <Irma_-es> Hello Gonzalo!
14:44 <Jose_Miguel-es> I am reviewing this...
14:44 <Aura-es> It is a bit on the time to manage the trip
14:45 <irmasilva-es> To which hour begins the day?
14:45 <Jose_Miguel-es> For now only 4 teenagers...
14:45 <icarito-es> There is a diary for this meeting?
14:45 <Jose_Miguel-es> The day begins early the Saturday. It is foreseen a space of *bievenida the Friday of night.
14:45 <Jose_Miguel-es> And the exit for the Tuesday 23 of morning.
14:45 <irmasilva-es> And the Monday is all day?
14:46 <Jose_Miguel-es> We are working with Gonzalo and Daniel in the diary.
14:46 <Jose_Miguel-es> If, Monday all day. Perhaps a Tour to the morning, to change a bit of air.
14:46 <Jose_Miguel-es> We expect to have the prompt diary in these days.
14:46 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, I asked after diary for _this_ *reunion
14:46 <Jose_Miguel-es> Ah! Pardon...
14:47 <irmasilva-es> José Miguel could happen me your mail?
14:47 <Jose_Miguel-es> logobot@gmail.com
14:47 <Jose_Miguel-es> The one of the @evento is cumbrejuvenil@anep.edu.uy
14:48 <irmasilva-es> Thank you!!!
14:48 <Aura-es> icarito: in the document of *dropbox is the diary
14:48 <Jose_Miguel-es> For today it was the proposal of Aura to do a workshop, and the other that they can add.
14:48 walterbender dropbox o google docs?
14:49 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> The teenagers that are aimed are all of *UY
14:49 <Jose_Miguel-es> There is a general diary in *Dropbox, in the announcement.
14:49 <Jose_Miguel-es> And one that is working  in Google *Docs
14:49 icarito hola walterbender - I started meetbot to log the meeting, but you can take over if you like
14:50 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:50 Claudia_ Buenas...
14:50 meeting <icarito-es> All, east is a channel of *autotraducción of the channel #sugar-meeting
14:51 Claudia_ Apologies for being a few min late
14:51 meeting <icarito-es> *walter Is in *sugar-*meeting and the robot "meeting" does translation *simultanea
14:51 <icarito-es> ClaudiaU, we are in #sugar-meeting-es
14:51 Claudia_ ok
14:51 meeting <Irma_-es> *Hi Claudia!!
14:51 german <german!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:51 meeting <Claudia_-es> Good
14:51 <Jose_Miguel-es> Hello Claudia!
14:52 <Irma_-es> The *agena of *drop can change?
14:52 <irmasilva-es> Good day Claudia
14:52 <kaametza-es> Good *dia Claudia_
14:52 <icarito-es> Good Claudia_
14:53 <Claudia_-es> thank you By so much welcome
14:53 <kaametza-es> Claudia_, almost no us *enteramos of the meeting :D
14:53 <Jose_Miguel-es> No, the structure is defined, adding welcome the Friday 19, and exit of the hotel the Tuesday of morning for those who are lodged there.
14:53 <kaametza-es> I think that it happened you  copy to the list, maybe many others did not see the information to time
14:54 <Irma_-es> *Ok José, thank you
14:54 <gonzalo_-es> kaametza,  *envio to *olc-south...
14:54 <gonzalo_-es> *olpc-South
14:54 <icarito-es> I activated the meeting-bot -
14:54 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, it went Jose_Miguel the one who broadcast an email 4 hours ago
14:54 <kaametza-es> gonzalo_, you sent your? No meeting
14:54 <Irma_-es> I confirm *gonzalo, sent to *olpc-south
14:55 <icarito-es> Or there was another before?
14:55 <kaametza-es> Anyway the well is that Jose_Miguel *reenció the mail of Claudia_  :D
14:55 <kaametza-es> And already we are *auí
14:55 <Aura-es> Hello Claudia_
14:55 <Irma_-es> *Ok Laura, finding us
14:56 <gonzalo_-es> kaametza, sent by *claudia
14:56 <Aura-es> If it seems them we speak about the purposes of the summit
14:56 <Aura-es> Before that at all I celebrate this initiative
14:57 <irmasilva-es> *Ok Aura
14:57 <kaametza-es> Aura, +1
14:57 Claudia_ has quit IRC
14:57 walterbender Aura the idea of the summit came from some youth in UY
14:57 meeting * PabloB_-es has joined
14:58 <Irma_-es> It seems me that they are very *explicitados in *dropbox
14:58 <Aura-es> It is a bit on the time and if maybe we can not assist would like us collaborate
14:58 walterbender and we at SL and ANEP have been helping them develop the idea
14:58 meeting <Aura-es> Hello Walter!, very well
14:58 <Aura-es> I expect that it was the start of a big space
14:58 <Aura-es> There is a lot for doing for *Sugar
14:59 walterbender they want to demonstrate the power of youth involvement in defining their own leanring agenda and tools using software libre
14:59 meeting <kaametza-es> hello *walter! Those who / those that are these youngsters?
14:59 <Irma_-es> I suggest to change the title why participate? By: for what participate? As they would answer to the aims
14:59 walterbender Sugar has been one vehicle for that development
15:00 kaametza: the leader has been daniel francis
15:00 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> For now only we have of Uruguay, but expect that they can come of other countries!
15:00 <icarito-es> *walter, if you wish to understand something suggest to go in to #sugar-meeting-es and read the Spanish
15:00 <kaametza-es> Leader?
15:00 <icarito-es> The robot of *autotraducción is very bad
15:00 walterbender he wrote  a nice manifesto with richard stallman on the topic
15:00 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> ;)
15:01 <Irma_-es> Fix, that put like title why and the answers give  in stops what, are objective, no foundations
15:01 <gonzalo_-es> Jose_Miguel, walterbender, it wanted to do a comment
15:01 <gonzalo_-es> Without going through on of this aim, that is the main
15:02 <gonzalo_-es> Taking advantage of that it goes to have part of the community *sugar and already have confirmed people of distinct *deployments
15:02 <gonzalo_-es> We want to take advantage of for *discuti ideas about as work together and of form but *estrategica
15:03 <kaametza-es> Jose_Miguel, the 4 *adolecentes inscribed include to this group of young organiser?
15:03 <gonzalo_-es> *todavia Do not have this very clear-cut, but serious well can do it the Friday 19
15:03 <Jose_Miguel-es> In the organiser only is Daniel...
15:03 <Jose_Miguel-es> Irma: already it is corrected
15:04 <Irma_-es> Thank you very much José, but can not it see corrected in the *dropbox
15:04 <kaametza-es> Jose_Miguel, to 9 days of the start are not very few youngsters inscribed?
15:05 <Jose_Miguel-es> Irma: *Probá to download it again
15:05 * Claudia_2-es has joined
15:05 <Jose_Miguel-es> <*kaametza> If, are missing few days, therefore I am still concerned...
15:05 <Irma_-es> *ok, will do it, José
15:06 <Jose_Miguel-es> It had proposed of youngsters of Paraguay, but still there is not anybody *inscripto...
15:06 <kaametza-es> They have posed  some strategy to attract to the youngsters? Being a summit of Youngsters think that to explain his participation is the most important
15:07 <Claudia_2-es> Jose_Miguel: you have connected with Mary *Gomez?
15:07 <Jose_Miguel-es> I have not contacted in particular with Mary.
15:08 <Jose_Miguel-es> I follow insisting with the ones of *UY, that are the contacts that have...
15:08 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, and you spoke with *flavio?
15:08 <Jose_Miguel-es> If, in two opportunities. Yesterday it was the last...
15:09 <kaametza-es> The diary proposes strategic meetings on the future of *Sugar *Labs, can explain us *unpoco on this please
15:10 <Claudia_2-es> Jose_Miguel: I write him but afternoon..
15:10 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok <Claudia_2>
15:11 <gonzalo_-es> kaametza, it treats  to take advantage of the fact to be face to face, to treat to do a diagnose,exchange experiences, and treat to put us of agreement in priorities
15:11 <Irma_-es> You will send posts Claudia?
15:12 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, they think to do a meeting of directory? It would be possible to transmit it live and ask on-line participation?
15:12 <icarito-es> That is to say participate?
15:12 <Jose_Miguel-es> Walter proposed to take advantage of the presence of several people of *Sugar to realise meetings on "Con el objetivo de ayudar a definir el futuro del ambiente de aprendizaje Sugar y las futuras generaciones de software para aprendizaje. Para fortalecer la comunidad de usuarios del ambiente de aprendizaje Sugar alrededor del mundo. "
15:12 <Claudia_2-es> Irma_: if, I go to send runs to Mary *Gomez in *PY
15:13 <Jose_Miguel-es> Thank you <*gonzalo_>!
15:13 <Irma_-es> When it would be the meeting of *Sugar *Labs?
15:13 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, they do  meetings *semi-*periodicas of the board of *sugar *labs, which are published in http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/ - the question is, in this new modality proposed, how can participate, and if have a concrete diary to converse
15:13 <kaametza-es> This is a big initiative, maybe could  split with a survey on line to all the community
15:14 <Irma_-es> *ok Claudia, pardon had covered me  the screen and did not comprise
15:14 <icarito-es> kaametza, +1 good idea!
15:14 <Jose_Miguel-es> <*icarito>: IF, I participate in these meetings. There it arose the idea of this @evento. No  if we will be able to arrive with the logistics for *trasmitir live, but it *intenhtaremos.
15:14 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, *todavia do not have the place, but suppose that  *podria do if there is connectivity
15:14 <Jose_Miguel-es> They hear  offers of volunteers!
15:14 * Aura_-es has joined
15:15 <Jose_Miguel-es> If, have connectivity...
15:15 * Aura has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
15:16 <Jose_Miguel-es> Only that in Uruguay are only two people with the logistics, and complicates us  guarantee now this. But I reiterate: we listen offers of volunteers for *trasmitir live! ;)
15:17 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, if they invite me I can learn to transmit live
15:17 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, *sugar *labs does not have felt if it does not follow his own principles of transparency and opening
15:17 <icarito-es> Therefore meetings deprived do not serve a lot, in my opinion
15:18 <Jose_Miguel-es> <*icarito> Are invited!
15:18 <Claudia_2-es> icarito: they are not deprived
15:18 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, that have transparency, does not involve that they do not do  some *reuiones in a place *fisico
15:18 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, you did not understand me, I refer me to cover the costs of the trip
15:18 <Jose_Miguel-es> I agree with *Laudia: they are not deprived, and all the conversations go up  afterwards to the web...
15:18 <icarito-es> I do not have possibilities on my own
15:19 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, the conversations are live and open, no only "publicadas"
15:19 <icarito-es> This is what inspires me of *sugar *labs
15:19 <icarito-es> Therefore I insist in this
15:19 <Jose_Miguel-es> <*icarito>  From *ANEP can cover costs of accommodation and feeding. The ones of trip are out of our scope.
15:20 <kaametza-es> It would be well *concer the state of account of *SugarLabs to know if it has  bottoms to request the volunteers to travel
15:21 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, we want to contribute in what we can
15:21 <Claudia_2-es> kaametza: it seems me that they can look for  people locally if it is to help with things so punctual, do not believe?
15:21 <gonzalo_-es> kaametza, lamentably, we can not pay him the trip to all the *voluntaros
15:22 <kaametza-es> Claudia_2, the definition of future of *Sugar *Labs is much wider and would benefit  of a plurality in the spectrum
15:22 <Claudia_2-es> What need is can transmit the meeting, which involves connectivity (that have) and a person that of technical support, or make a mistake?
15:22 <Irma_-es> P
15:22 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, reason no? *sugar *labs Has a state of account and a budget, or say it by simple logical?
15:23 <Jose_Miguel-es> If. Like this it is. Perhaps we can see it, but to the date can not guarantee people so that it occupy  of this.
15:24 <Jose_Miguel-es> If there are bottoms in *Sugarlabs, would be excellent that could support  the come of the youngsters, that are the centre of the @evento...
15:24 <Claudia_2-es> kaametza: *crei that are speaking of technical support, by that it will not be able to  cover to all to travel, then to the one who invite would be the dilemma
15:25 <icarito-es> Jose_Miguel, I think that almost there is not young of the profile that look for
15:25 <Claudia_2-es> I do not go to travel... It take the decision with Walter by subjects of logistics and costs
15:25 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Uh. Which pity, <Claudia_2>
15:26 <icarito-es> If it goes  to do an important meeting on the future of *sugar *labs, think that has to be put the elder @cuidar in this point
15:26 <gonzalo_-es> Claudia_2, no wise this
15:26 <Claudia_2-es> gonzalo_: I command you email on this
15:26 <icarito-es> *sugar *labs Is *of the volunteers*
15:26 <irmasilva-es> Claudia, for us your presence is *fundmental!!!
15:27 <Claudia_2-es> irmasilva: thank you!
15:27 <irmasilva-es> Claudia for us your presence is fundamental!!!
15:27 <Aura_-es> This will be the first meeting,  see how can support like this can not be *fisicamente
15:27 <Jose_Miguel-es> If, I agree with irmasilva
15:27 <Claudia_2-es> The truth is that the trip from Ecuador is not at all easy (where will be the next week)... If I go out the Friday in the night arrive to *UY in the afternoon of the *sabado, and would have to return the Monday in the night...
15:28 <kaametza-es> I think that the most fundamental is to have young in a "cumbre de jóvenes" that is the point that I see more *álgido
15:28 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, you do not concern you, they do not go  to take decisions without consulting to the community
15:28 <Claudia_2-es> I can participate then two days and costs $1400
15:28 <gonzalo_-es> Claudia_2, it understands
15:28 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Uh Claudia_2. I understood that you arrived the Friday!
15:29 <Irma_-es> I think that It is confusing  the fundamental, that is the Summit, the meeting of the youngsters
15:29 <icarito-es> Irma_, apology, there are 4 youngsters inscribed
15:29 <gonzalo_-es> Irma_, by this is that the first that said, went that no *queria go through on this aim
15:29 <Claudia_2-es> Jose_Miguel: I finish in Ecuador the Friday in the afternoon and when we seat us with Walter to look the tickets that is the logistics...
15:30 <Claudia_2-es> Ecuador and Uruguay are not very near that we say
15:30 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Ok Claudia_2
15:30 <Jose_Miguel-es> No,  that it is complex...
15:30 <Claudia_2-es> I'm sorry a lot!!!!!
15:30 <gonzalo_-es> Irma_, but that it was well *provechar that went to have a number interesting of members of the community of distinct *paises
15:30 <Jose_Miguel-es> We also!
15:30 <Irma_-es> Well, icarito, they are four young programmers and is the First Summit
15:31 <Jose_Miguel-es> And we expect more still...
15:31 <gonzalo_-es> And *todavia did not finish the *inscripcion....
15:32 <german-es> That is the idea to be able to participate from Nicaragua, here carry almost 5 years using *sugar in several schools
15:32 <Irma_-es> I think that it is important to put the accent in the Summit
15:32 <icarito-es> Irma_, Jose_Miguel , *diculpen did not want to hint any trial of value on the summit of *jovenes in himself
15:32 <Claudia_2-es> I think that we can use this money to have to somebody that can help with the part of connectivity...
15:32 <gonzalo_-es> german, perfect
15:32 <german-es> We want to contribute to the development of *sugar and can support in next summits :)
15:32 <Claudia_2-es> german, excellent!
15:33 <gonzalo_-es> german, *quizas the *proxima can be in centre *america
15:33 <Aura_-es> The another is can do it in another date with more time to manage the resources of the trip, see it possible?
15:33 <Irma_-es> I comprise the need to realise the meeting of *Sugar *Labs and the important presence of Claudia, but sometimes, there are limitations
15:33 <german-es> Exactly gonzalo_ we want to soak us of this, know to the rest of countries that implement *sugar
15:34 <Aura_-es> There is something important and is that it is the first version, I have some contributions that would like me take advantage of to do it
15:34 <german-es> And in a future organise @evento like these in *centroamérica
15:34 <Aura_-es> No in all deploy it there is a level of development and programming, but this is a powerful idea of *Sugar that it is necessary to promote
15:34 <Aura_-es> By this very important the contribution of german
15:34 <Claudia_2-es> german: it likes me this idea!!
15:35 <Jose_Miguel-es> +1 <*german>
15:35 <Irma_-es> Very well Germán!
15:36 <kaametza-es> Have a big responsibility in our hands, the young resultant programmers of these technological interventions turn into a powerful strength that has all the potential to reward to the platform
15:36 <kaametza-es> The question is if they are motivated to do it
15:37 <kaametza-es> And with so few inscribed seems that no, maybe the idea of Aura of *reprogramar the date us of space to formulate strategies and build of the hand of them ( the youngsters) a diary that was them notable
15:39 <irmasilva-es> They are thinking in *reprogramar the date of this meeting?
15:39 <irmasilva-es> Or we follow with the date stipulated?
15:39 <Jose_Miguel-es> *Repreogramar Is unfeasible now, at least from here. I think that the idea of the next is valuable...
15:40 <irmasilva-es> *Ok José!!!
15:41 <Claudia_2-es> Jose_Miguel: I think that there are several things that *suceden here and that we have to *aprovechat
15:41 <icarito-es> Aura_, it would like me read the contributions that have
15:41 <Jose_Miguel-es> If Claudia
15:42 <irmasilva-es> If Aura to my also
15:42 <Claudia_2-es> 1. In enthusiasm of *ANEP, that thanks to the effort of Jose_Miguel  has wanted to fund this meeting
15:42 <Claudia_2-es> 2. *Sugar *Labs Wants to takes advantage of this enthusiasm and accepts the invitation...
15:43 <Claudia_2-es> 3. We will be able to learn to do this meeting to do other regional...
15:43 walterbender well said, Claudia
15:44 meeting <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
15:44 <Claudia_2-es> 4. Finally.. We are here all convinced on the potential and the role that have the *jovenes...
15:45 <icarito-es> Of our part finally can have remote participation like members and promoters of *sugar *labs
15:45 <Irma_-es> I share, it is not necessary *reprogramar the @evento
15:45 <Claudia_2-es> But part of what want to do is to promote and support so that they can *apropiarse of this role. As it says Walter, take responsibility
15:45 <icarito-es> Claudia_2, I think that there are several groups in *sudamérica that assume the responsibility
15:45 <Claudia_2-es> No  if we do it a month or two but late go to have but young by that splits of the problem that have is that still there is not mass criticises...
15:45 <icarito-es> Of ours part have our experience organising @evento and *semilleros
15:46 <Irma_-es> Of my part, from The *Rioja, *tambien have my virtual participation
15:46 <Claudia_2-es> icarito: no me *referia to groups. Walter speaks of the free software like an opportunity for the boys take responsibility by his learning...
15:47 <icarito-es> Claudia_2, the boys is a thing, but needs  of people that do the sensitisation to all level
15:47 <Claudia_2-es> icarito: thank you!  I think that it does some weeks you had this same dilemma of the critical participation of the boys
15:47 <Aura_-es> it is strengthening  A way and seems me very well this initiative, this first experience is the start to follow developing these *encunetros
15:47 <icarito-es> Claudia_2, if you refer you to the @evento *Sugar *Camp *Chía, our dilemma was if *Sugar *Labs went to support the trip of Flavio and the boys-mentors
15:47 <Irma_-es> *Ok, Claudia
15:48 <Jose_Miguel-es> We expect also excite to more youngsters in Uruguay...
15:48 <icarito-es> They yes were engaged with the project from principles of year
15:48 <icarito-es> And finally thanks to *ANTEL could travel because *Sugar *Labs did not answer to time
15:50 <PabloB_-es> Irma_: *ping
15:50 <Claudia_2-es> icarito: well...I think that the best is to concentrate in being able to do the BEST effort to give him answer to the enthusiasm of *ANEP so that this summit go out well
15:50 <Aura_-es> *sii Of agreement
15:51 <Claudia_2-es> I have to go me in 5 min
15:51 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, *SugarLabs contributed *USD for the trip of Flavio and his boys
15:51 <Jose_Miguel-es> For us in very important, between other things, so that *ANEP of clear signals that this is valuable...
15:52 <icarito-es> Well to finalise, would like me take out in clean, if there are available bottoms so that the volunteers request to travel
15:52 <icarito-es> *gonzalo, your seems that you know
15:52 <Claudia_2-es> They explain with me and with all my positive energy!!
15:53 <icarito-es> +1 by the positive energy
15:53 <Jose_Miguel-es> +1
15:53 <kaametza-es> +1 by the data of the bottoms
15:54 <kaametza-es> To see if we encourage us to request :D
15:54 <Claudia_2-es> gonzalo_, Jose_Miguel maybe we can send a summary of the concrete actions
15:54 <Claudia_2-es> Marina *Orth do not arrive today, but  that they want to *regustrar a pair of people
15:54 <Irma_-es> We see, it remains me clear that silver for transfer there is not, but yes for accommodation and food
15:55 <Jose_Miguel-es> +1 <Claudia_2>
15:55 <gonzalo_-es> kaametza, icarito, in the *ultima *reunion of *SLOBS decided  not funding trips
15:55 <gonzalo_-es> For this @evento
15:55 <Claudia_2-es> I *have *to *go.. *sorry!
15:55 <kaametza-es> gonzalo_, *pudes explain us because?
15:56 <Claudia_2-es> We are in contact.
15:56 <Jose_Miguel-es> If, there is accommodation and feeding, although we have to leave defined very soon this list.
15:56 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, one of the reasons of the *demora in supporting *SugarCamp *Chía was that they went  to reserve bottoms for this @evento, said  in his moment
15:56 <kaametza-es> gonzalo_, this decision finishes with the possibilities that have the volunteers to participate :(
15:56 <Irma_-es> Goodbye Claudia!! We are in contact!1
15:57 <Claudia_2-es> Embraces
15:57 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, the board would have to be a bit more accurate in sharing his registers of meeting by the lists of post
15:57 <Jose_Miguel-es> I have to go also to another meeting...
15:57 <irmasilva-es> Greetings
15:57 <Jose_Miguel-es> Embraces, Claudia!
15:57 * irmasilva has quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:57 * Claudia_2 has quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:58 <icarito-es> well A taste greet them to all
15:58 <Jose_Miguel-es> Embraces
15:58 <Jose_Miguel-es> And we are still in contact!
15:58 <gonzalo_-es> kaametza, icarito, we can not fund to all the volunteers and all the @evento. Therefore it is necessary to take decisions. I think that *entenderan that this is reasonable
15:58 <kaametza-es> A lot of questions without resolving...
15:58 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, only it is reasonable with the *numeros in hand
15:59 <Jose_Miguel-es> I'm sorry, I have to leave them...
15:59 <Jose_Miguel-es> We see us!
15:59 * Jose_Miguel has quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:59 <kaametza-es> thank you Jose_Miguel !
15:59 <icarito-es> Thanks to all
15:59 <gonzalo_-es> Greetings
15:59 <icarito-es> #endmeeting
15:59 <Irma_-es> Embrace José
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16:04 * Aura_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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