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#sugar-meeting, 2014-09-05

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14:05 walterbender hi all
14:05 gonzalo_ hi walterbender
14:05 walterbender gonzalo_, how are your wrists?
14:06 gonzalo_ walterbender, better
14:06 walterbender good... but be sure to rest.
14:06 gonzalo_ walterbender, yes, trying ... :)
14:06 walterbender has an advantage since he cannot type his wrists don't hurt :P
14:06 tch__ gonzalo_, take care of these golden wrists :)
14:07 gonzalo_ :)
14:07 walterbender so, we are gathered to sum up the GSoC experience
14:07 and to make plans to ensure we capture all of the good work
14:08 gonzalo_ who else is here? lionel?
14:08 walterbender he was going to try to join us...
14:08 but he is not here :P
14:10 shall we begin by discussing the projects 1 by 1?
14:10 tch__ walterbender, sure
14:11 gonzalo_ here is the list:
14:11 walterbender gonzalo_, any comments re aneesh y music?
14:11 gonzalo_ Project       Student         Mentor
14:11 Music Suite       Aneesh Dogra       Gonzalo Odiard
14:11 Turtle Art 3D       Anubhav Jaiswal       Tony Forster
14:11 Activity Unit/UI Tests Gaurav Parida       Daniel Narvaez
14:11 Port to Python 3       Kunal Arora       Sameer Verma
14:11 Bulletin Board       Nazrul Haque Athar      Walter Bender
14:11 Hack a Stuffed Animal  Jade Garrett       Stephen Thomas
14:11 Social Help for Sugar  Prasoon Shukla       Paul Cotton
14:11 Cordova for Sugar      Puneet Kaur       Lionel Laské
14:11 Sugar Listens       Rodrigo Parra       Martin Abente
14:12 was a little difficult, he tried to do just the minimum. but what is done, can be released
14:12 walterbender so we got something useful at least
14:12 gonzalo_ yes
14:12 walterbender yes... seems his heart and mind were elsewhere this summer
14:12 I hope he learned something about keeping commitments
14:13 will you release a new version soon?
14:14 gonzalo_ i want add a visual representation of the music played in the canvas, in the style of music paint
14:14 walterbender nice idea
14:14 gonzalo_ and with that do a release
14:14 walterbender but don't make it too complex :P
14:15 gonzalo_ no
14:15 walterbender re Anubhav y Turtle 3D, I released the first version (still waiting for review in ASLO)
14:15 have some good feedback already
14:16 a couple of things I'd like to take care of sooner than later like making the turtle cursor 3D
14:16 but it works and it lots of fun
14:16 quite challenging
14:16 tony was a big help as mentor... asking good questions
14:17 I think Anubhav will continue to help with the development as well
14:18 And there seems to be some interest at Ceibal in integration with their 3D printer program... something to explore when I am in MVD
14:18 tch__ walterbender, nice
14:19 walterbender It is kind of cool that you can import .OBJ files too
14:20 re Gaurav and UI testing
14:20 gonzalo_ would be nice have the logic to show that 3d objects in a cairo canvas available for other activities
14:20 walterbender it was unfortunate that dnarvaez disappeared right as we got started
14:20 nonetheless, he did a very good job
14:21 gonzalo_ I tried to help where I could
14:21 walterbender tch__, I think he has a few patches to land for 104???
14:21 gonzalo_, yes... much appreciated
14:21 would be good to get his tests upstream
14:21 tch__ walterbender, I will look at his patches then
14:21 walterbender I think it is important for us
14:22 the more automated testing the better for support purposed
14:22 gonzalo_ yes. I think the toolkit patches need a little of cleanup
14:22 walterbender but there are not so far amiss
14:22 tch__ walterbender, are there docs for his work_
14:22 gonzalo_ I expressed my concern about the logic used to calculate the coordinates
14:23 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... I is not good
14:23 gonzalo_ but is easily solved I think
14:23 walterbender I^it
14:23 is not good either :P
14:24 regarding kunal and the Python 3 port
14:24 I think it is a very good start... lots of issues exposed and resolved
14:25 I don't think we can make this change in 104, but something to consider for 106 perhaps?
14:25 gonzalo_ Sameer did mentoring on that?
14:25 walterbender again, it is a shame that dnarvaez was not around to help
14:25 sameer tried to help some, but I think it was a bit too afar from his expertise
14:26 tch__ walterbender, definitely not for 104, so yeah 106 might be our next chance
14:26 walterbender it was perhaps a bad match for a mentor. my mistake
14:26 I was counting on daniel's help
14:27 gonzalo_ walterbender, daniel had few time anyway
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14:28 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... a lesson learned -- not to overextend the mentors
14:28 gonzalo_ hi llaske
14:28 walterbender hi lionel
14:28 llaske Sorry I'm late
14:28 tch__ llaske, walcome!
14:28 gonzalo_ llaske, nice to see you!
14:29 llaske Thanks to all
14:29 walterbender llaske, maybe you can comment re puneet and cordova?
14:29 llaske yep
14:30 Puneet is very impressive
14:30 She understand very easily tasks
14:31 As lot of young student, she always go to quick :-)
14:31 too
14:31 So my work was mainly to say her to take more time to think before coding !
14:32 At end she has completed the work:
14:32 walterbender has that problem too
14:32 llaske - apysocket.py update to integrate cordova call
14:33 - cordova core update to integrate sugar as a new platform (a pull request was sent to the cordova team)
14:33 tch__ llaske, nice
14:33 llaske - 5 plug-ins
14:33 - An activity sample to illustrate use of cordova into sugar-web
14:34 Two bonus:
14:34 - She work on Sugarizer integration
14:34 - Most important: she's okay to join us and integrate cordova container as a 0.104 feature
14:34 gonzalo_ llaske, great
14:35 llaske, we need your help with that
14:35 llaske Yes sure
14:35 walterbender llaske, as an aside, turtle art JS is much improved of late
14:36 llaske Yes, I've worked yesterday with Alberto on that and now TurtleJS save its content in the Journal !
14:36 walterbender llaske, thx
14:36 llaske TurtleJS is very great
14:36 walterbender not great yet, but good :)
14:36 it will be great
14:37 llaske Combined with Sugarizer it's really our best weapon to democratizer what is Sugar
14:37 walterbender :)
14:37 llaske democratize
14:37 walterbender llaske, I'd like to see integration with sensors
14:38 and media
14:38 llaske More: my next Sugarizer version is really responsive design so works very well on Android (4.2+) and (new) Firefox OS
14:38 walterbender then it will be pretty comprehensive
14:38 llaske Including on Smartphone !
14:39 walterbender llaske, we may want to make some UI changes for the smaller screens
14:39 llaske yes, sure
14:39 walterbender back on topic...
14:40 re nazrul and bulletin board
14:40 the code needs some work... I hope we can land some of it for 104
14:41 being able to do a chat overlay on shared activities is powerful
14:41 gonzalo_ walterbender, works in any activity?
14:41 walterbender would work with any activity...
14:42 but shared activities would be make more sense
14:42 an extension to the toolkit
14:42 and there is a separate extension to Sugar... a shared clipboard
14:43 gonzalo_ finallly :)
14:44 walterbender I think we could land them separately as we may want to think about our overall plan for classroon sharing
14:46 gonzalo_ anyway, we will need some work to have that ready.....
14:46 walterbender yes...
14:46 I will try to clean up the chat first, hopefully for 104
14:48 prasoon's project on social help
14:48 paul worked very closely with him
14:49 and we will have a server set up soon at sl.o
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14:50 walterbender native93, we just were discussing bulletin board
14:51 native93, the goal is to try to upstream the toolkit changes first
14:53 tch__ back, sorry, had a phone call
14:53 walterbender tch__, can you tell us about rodrigo y Sugar listens?
14:53 tch__ well, basically his works is split 4
14:54 he encapsulated the pocketsphinx recognizer in a dbus service, because it was expensive it launch one pipeline for each activity and sugar
14:54 then he created 3 clients
14:55 one for sugar, in the form of a device icon where the user can control the daemon (turn it off or on),
14:55 this device icon also allows the use to launch activities by voice commands
14:56 with minimal journal integration
14:56 walterbender tch__, should we consider this for 102?
14:56 tch__ so you can start a new instance or kind of query a existing one using dates
14:56 walterbender would be nice to make the Turtle plugin available too
14:56 tch__ walterbender, I think it needs some UI polish but yes it could make it
14:56 walterbender, yes the other 2 clients are
14:57 a forked version of maze which is fully controlled by voice commands
14:57 this serves as an working example for other developers
14:57 and the third client is the TA plugin
14:57 the plugin allows writing recognizer kind of magically
14:58 is just one block
14:58 gonzalo_ tch__, this could be a great topic for the summit in UY
14:58 tch__ gonzalo_, definitely,
14:58 native93 hey walterbender .. just saw the discussion . .. Happy to hear about getting it upstream ..
14:58 gonzalo_ and would be great if you have a working demo to show to the deployments
14:59 tch__, willl rodrigo go?
14:59 tch__ gonzalo_, he was going to go, but today he told he might not go :( some personal problems
14:59 gonzalo_ ohh
15:00 tch__ gonzalo_, there is still the possibility though,
15:02 gonzalo_ walterbender, who is next?
15:02 walterbender jade is the last one
15:02 she did the stuffed animal interface to etoys
15:02 would be very useful to Mariana in .UY
15:03 some nice video documentation
15:03 tch__ walterbender, where is the video? :)
15:04 walterbender looks
15:05 https://www.youtube.com/watch?[…]&feature=youtu.be
15:05 there are more
15:06 llaske Where is Sugar in the video ?
15:07 walterbender llaske, this was not really Sugar... but something some Sugar users were interested in
15:08 a simple physical interface for children with diasabilities.
15:08 the first step...Jade's project...was to make the device
15:08 we need to think about how to best integrate into Sugar
15:08 llaske ok
15:09 walterbender we (Andres et al. at FING) have done some Turtle work with these types of interfaces
15:09 but we don't have a general Sugar solution yet
15:09 llaske yes, seen it
15:13 walterbender I think we covered all the projects
15:13 all in all, quite productive IMHO
15:13 gonzalo_ walterbender, yes
15:13 walterbender but we need to work hard to finish upstreaming
15:13 gonzalo_ walterbender, what have we learned?
15:14 walterbender we learned once again that having mentors with time and patience is critical
15:14 tch__ walterbender, +1
15:14 walterbender and I think we also learned that Sugar is easier and easier to approach as a hackable system
15:15 must of the students this year came in with very little experience -- almost no Sugar experience -- and yet they were productive
15:15 says a lot about our mentors and our project
15:16 tch__ walterbender, we all put a lot of effort, considering our limited time :)
15:16 walterbender feels like he could have done more this summer
15:16 llaske nice conclusion !
15:16 walterbender was off his game
15:17 gonzalo_ walterbender, even when all that is true, I think we need be more realistic about how many projects we can mentor
15:17 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... it was not expected to have 10 slots
15:17 we asked for 6
15:17 gonzalo_ walterbender, we can say no, too :)
15:17 walterbender not something I am good at
15:18 gonzalo_ walterbender, no, thanks :)
15:18 tch__ gonzalo_, I agree, this year experience was far better compared to the last year, it was kind of extreme difference though,
15:18 1-to-1 works really nice, for me at least, and face-to-face was even better hehe
15:18 gonzalo_ walterbender, my main concern now is, we have a lot of unmerged stuff, not just from this year, but from previous years
15:18 walterbender funny... last year I had an amazing student.. very productive but perhaps as a whole it was less productive
15:19 gonzalo_, I don't expect that GSoC is about merging
15:19 it is about exploring new ideas
15:19 merging is a bonus
15:19 tch__ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ed_Features_for_0.104 we are actually merging some already
15:19 or plan to
15:19 I see 3
15:19 gonzalo_ if is about explore, is ok, but I hope we can use that to our users finally
15:19 tch__ 4 adding speech stuff
15:20 walterbender tch__, and that doesn't include the activities
15:20 tch__ true
15:20 walterbender > 50% is pretty good in my book
15:20 gonzalo_ wow, 0.104 features is bigger now
15:21 tch__ gonzalo_, its replicating itself!
15:22 gonzalo_ anyway is good understand what are your expectations...
15:22 i always focused in have distributable stuff
15:25 walterbender gonzalo_, it is hard to ask developer time when things are not distributable... but we also need space to explore new ideas that may be dead ends... a good use of students
15:26 low risk and everyone learns
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15:32 walterbender I guess we are done?
15:32 thanks all for the help this summer
15:33 and please, let's help tch__ push these features upstream for 104 :P
15:33 tch__ walterbender, haha, please :)
15:35 walterbender goes back to chasing down some bugs
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