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#sugar-meeting, 2014-08-15

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17:53 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@pool-173-48-30-130.bstnma.fios.verizon.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:00 walterbender hello all
18:02 curiousguy13 hi
18:02 martian_ <martian_!~anon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:03 walterbender shall we begin?
18:03 I want to thank everyone for their contributions this summer. I think you've all made significant contributions and I expect most of the work to land in our 104 build
18:04 gp94 hello
18:04 walterbender I think this is the last meeting of the summer since we need to submit our evaluations beginning on Monday
18:04 curiousguy13, wanna start us off with your week summary?
18:05 curiousguy13 sure
18:05 this week i solved the issue i was facing while building sugar
18:06 and then i resolved some issues with sugar-artwork and both of them are building successfully now.
18:06 I am currently working on a problem that i am having in building sugar-datastore
18:07 i mentioned the problem in an e-mail to the ML yesterday
18:08 walterbender curiousguy13, it is really great the progress you have made
18:08 curiousguy13 also, i looked into the tests for sugar and made a unit-test and wanted to discuss further testing ....
18:08 walterbender, thanks! :)
18:08 walterbender while I don't think we will land Python 3 for Sugar 104, I think it will be the basis of Sugar 106
18:09 curiousguy13 yeah, i think that would be the best too
18:09 walterbender curiousguy13, as I said in my email, sychning up with the Activity unit tests would be good: an example port of one activity to Python 3 along with a unit test
18:10 curiousguy13 yeah, that makes sense
18:10 walterbender any questions for curiousguy13 ?
18:11 curiousguy13 walterbender, i also wanted to ask about the code samples that i eed to submit...
18:11 *need
18:11 native93 <native93!~native93@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:11 curiousguy13 should it be a diff with all the modules i have worked on?
18:11 walterbender curiousguy13, you should just submit your git repos
18:12 as tarballs, I think
18:12 curiousguy13 okay, thanks
18:12 walterbender and in your final report, link to your repos
18:12 curiousguy13 cool
18:14 walterbender martian_, want to go next?
18:14 martian_ sure
18:15 this week, i finished up the task of adding cameras into ta3d
18:15 which had been troubling me for a long time
18:15 walterbender martian_, did you push those changes to your git repo? I tried pulling yesterday: nada
18:15 martian_ not yet
18:16 i have added camera into GNOME version
18:16 need your help with adding to palettes
18:16 there are 8 views
18:16 walterbender push the code and I can help later today
18:16 aneeshdogra <aneeshdogra!~aneeshdog@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:16 aneeshdogra walterbender: ping
18:17 walterbender aneeshdogra, we are in the middle of the meeting
18:17 aneeshdogra walterbender: okay. sorry for being late!
18:17 martian_ front, top, right, left, top-front-right, top-front-left, bottom-front-right, bottom-front-left
18:17 walterbender martian_, I'd like to release a prelimary version of the activity ASAP
18:17 we can get some feedback re v2
18:18 martian_ sure
18:18 walterbender I am curious what reggini wll think
18:18 martian_ after adding cameras to palettes, i will merge code and send a pr
18:19 walterbender OK
18:19 martian_ http://imgur.com/egCprMj&pPiKCwW&B2I239n&Wx9czNn
18:19 walterbender looking good
18:20 martian_, very pleased with the progress
18:20 seems real now
18:20 martian_ I will probably discuss with you post-meeting if you are free
18:20 walterbender I'll be here
18:21 any questions for martian_ ?
18:21 martian_ walterbender, wouldn't have been possible without your help :)
18:21 walterbender worthwhile putting the time in
18:21 gp94, next?
18:22 gp94 sure :)
18:22 so i have written tests for all the activities
18:22 except chat and turtleart
18:22 currently many of them the tests have been pushed to my local repo
18:22 write and pippy is being refactored
18:23 write seems to be very unstable...
18:23 wroking on that
18:23 walterbender the interface to abiword is unstable, alas
18:23 gp94 otherwise coding phase seems to be completed...i think so
18:23 walterbender:  yes abiword is unstable
18:24 walterbender is there a wiki page describing to activity developers how to write a unit test?
18:24 gp94 i will be focusing on documentation in the last week and writing the testing guide for the activities
18:24 walterbender :)
18:26 a nice addition to Sugar... will help us maintain a robust project
18:26 gp94 yes...
18:26 walterbender gp94, can you submit push requests with the unit tests to the activity maintainers?
18:28 gp94 i have already submitted a few pr, since a week...it seems like the helper function for gtk3 toolkit hasn't been complete...will rebase the commits and i hope the other pr's will also get merged afterwards
18:28 walterbender gp94, makes sense
18:28 samdroid has been giving good feedback
18:29 gp94 gonzalo_: has been handling on my end :)
18:29 gonzalo_ gp94, happy to help :)
18:30 walterbender any questions for gp94 ? (I suspect curiousguy13 will have some next week)
18:30 gonzalo_ gp94, can you push your test to a github repository?
18:30 gp94 gonzalo_: all the tests in a single directory?
18:30 walterbender: not any as of now :)
18:30 gonzalo_ gp94, one dir by activity
18:31 gp94, but in a single repo, until we can push to the differnt activities
18:31 gp94 gonzalo_: ok will do so
18:31 gonzalo_ gp94, thanks
18:32 gp94, also, I make a question in your toolkit pr
18:32 gp94 gonzalo_: welcome and thanks for the support during the coding phase :)
18:32 gonzalo_: yes i hadn't rebased the commits in read pr so, hadn't answered the toolkit pr till now...
18:33 need to fix code where the funcitons are used and then i will tell you
18:33 :)
18:33 gonzalo_ perfect
18:34 walterbender native93, you there?
18:34 native93 yeah ..
18:34 walterbender wanna give us an update?
18:34 native93 sure :) .
18:35 so last week I pushed in the all the codes .. this week was supposed to be a look at the bugs we were facing ..
18:36 last week I got an upperhand with  the module error one and got it solved and started a thread for another one
18:37 for this one got a hint from gonzalo .. what I could notice was it may be due to clipboard instance ..
18:37 it might happen that it may be referring  the original clipboard rather than bulletin .
18:38 walterbender seems a likely mishap
18:38 native93 still because it works on the original one .. couldn't find any satisfactory fix to it
18:39 walterbender, did you get time to pull the codes ?
18:40 walterbender native93, not this week
18:40 but the week is not over yet :)
18:40 native93 yeah . . maybe you can get some catch on it ..
18:41 otherwise .. I will also update the wiki page with the demo ..
18:41 the latest one with a one button interface ..
18:42 walterbender OK
18:42 native93 also what all will I have to submit on the melange portal ?
18:42 walterbender native93, there is a lot of interest in some of the deployments for this work... to help with training and collaboration
18:42 you can submit a tarball of your repo
18:43 native93 ok sure .. and I am looking for people interested in this who could also help with the deployment
18:43 we can get some feedback after testing and release and improve it more .
18:44 walterbender +1
18:45 any questions for native93 ?
18:45 native93 just one . should I document the bulletin clip board as well .?
18:46 because it works with the original clipboard .
18:47 walterbender I think both
18:48 native93 sure .. so I will also get a demo with the existing clipboard  ... showing file transfer back to the user
18:48 since I can't show it with other friends because of proxy issue ..
18:51 walterbender aneeshdogra, want to give an update?
18:51 aneeshdogra walterbender: Sure! :)
18:51 walterbender: Okay. So this week we finally have the playback recording running
18:52 walterbender: The thing I was stuck on since past 3 weeks
18:52 *2
18:52 walterbender: It looks pretty neat actually, you should check it out.
18:52 walterbender aneeshdogra, I'll pull
18:53 aneeshdogra walterbender: I am now trying to shepherd export to audio file code from TamTamEdit, which seems cryptic to me, into Music Keyboard.
18:53 walterbender: You already were a part of the discussion on why we left the api porting right?
18:54 walterbender aneeshdogra, you should tell the group
18:54 aneeshdogra walterbender: Okay.
18:55 So, I am working to add audio export in the music keyboard activity
18:55 you can record your keystrokes and then export them as an audio file.
18:56 the current csound API we have, which most of the activities are using, is the one implemented in TamTam
18:56 the API implemented there is short of any recording functionality
18:57 I was not able to find any documentation for the same
18:57 so, we had asked some guys.
18:58 and they suggested that we port to the new csound API - https://github.com/csound/csoundAPI_examples
18:59 although its a great idea, porting the activity to the next csound version is a big task in itself, and would take over a month.
18:59 so we though of dropping this idea.
18:59 Gonzalo and I discussed some approaches
18:59 one was recording through the command line
18:59 which is pretty simple to implement but not at all neat.
19:00 walterbender gonzalo_, any comments?
19:00 aneeshdogra Gonzalo also suggested me to look at some recording code in TamTamEdit
19:01 I have spent around a day trying to understand that, but neither do I understand it nor does the recording work for me on XO-4
19:01 I am trying again today
19:02 If it doesn't work I'll just go with the command line version
19:02 walterbender aneeshdogra, did you ever ask wu shi?
19:02 aneeshdogra walterbender: Gonzalo sent him an email asking him for alternatives, he never replied.
19:03 walterbender: I was cced in that email.
19:03 gonzalo_ aneeshdogra, have you tried make a simple test case with the recording code?
19:03 walterbender He was traveling the last couple of weeks -- to China
19:03 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: Test case?
19:04 gonzalo_: you mean tried incorporating in music keyboard?
19:04 yes I have
19:04 gonzalo_ aneeshdogra, yes, a minimal test case, trying to implement generate a .wav file
19:04 from csound
19:05 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: Oh no I haven't.
19:05 gonzalo_ aneeshdogra, that is the first step when you are stuck
19:05 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: Okay.
19:06 gonzalo_ aneeshdogra, in that way is easier request to other to reproduce the issue or how to follow
19:06 aneeshdogra, i am worried we are out of time now.....
19:06 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: I'll try to do that tonight.
19:07 walterbender is there anyone else here?
19:08 again, I want to thank everyone for their work this summer
19:08 aneeshdogra walterbender: Thanks!
19:08 walterbender don't forget to upload your work and write your evals next week
19:09 martian_, I need to run an errand... back in an hour?
19:09 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: I'll commit the code I have right now (the recording export one). Can you review?
19:09 martian_ ok
19:10 aneeshdogra and probably see if you find something flagrant <- gonzalo_
19:10 martian_ walterbender, ill be on gtalk
19:11 gonzalo_ aneeshdogra, please prepare a testcase, is very probable we will need ask to the csound guys
19:12 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: Okay will do.
19:12 gonzalo_ aneeshdogra, you can use the sound examples in pyppy as a base
19:12 aneeshdogra Alright.
19:12 gonzalo_ the random sound by example
19:12 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: I have some questions.
19:13 gonzalo_: the minimal test case just plays a sound and records it?
19:13 gonzalo_ aneeshdogra, yes
19:13 aneeshdogra gonzalo_: alrighty! I'll have it ready by tonight.
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